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Bwound and Blank Saying Dumb Stuff in #mpower. by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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[8:51] *** blank (x@pool-207-205-175-26.snfr.grid.net) has joined #mpower
[8:51] *** cwound (charles@no.officer.this.domain.is.not.CARDED.NET) has joined
[8:51] <blank> ok this is the deal
[8:51] <blank> bwound and myself, would like leech
[8:51] <blank> oh wait your site got narced
[8:51] <blank> your down
[8:51] <blank> fuck you
[8:51] <cwound> no. we wont narc
[8:51] <blank> oh no wait again
[8:51] <cwound> we will just take the sites then
[8:52] <blank> they already got narced
[8:52] <cwound> then = down
[8:52] <cwound> FUCK
[8:52] <blank> but they are coming back in august
[8:52] <cwound> what site didnt get narced?
[8:52] <blank> we want leech then
[8:52] <blank> when you guys come back
[8:52] <cwound> bullshit. they didnt get narced.
[8:52] <blank> we want leech
[8:52] <cwound> they lied@$@
[8:52] <cwound> what other sites are there blank?
[8:52] <blank> shit.. umm hades ?
[8:52] <cwound> is falsehood a site still?
[8:52] <blank> lets get leech on hades
[8:52] <cwound> no, its down
[8:52] <blank> no falsehood is down too
[8:52] <cwound> exile was crying about it
[8:52] <blank> who the fuck is taking down all these sites, if its not us ?
[8:52] <cwound> i dont know?$#!@
[8:53] <cwound> we need to beat them up
[8:53] <cwound> they are doing our jobs =(
[8:53] <blank> 'k guys we want some site names
[8:53] <blank> vdr down ?>
[8:53] <cwound> hmmmm
[8:53] *** cwound (charles@no.officer.this.domain.is.not.CARDED.NET) has left
[8:53] *** blank (x@pool-207-205-175-26.snfr.grid.net) has left #mpower
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