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Nerds. by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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<grimr> grad.. on average how many hours a day are you on your computer?
<[SNap]> as much as i am
<grimr> which is snap?
<[SNap]> though he is bussy getting himself megz
<_aneurysm> someone gimmie pre so i can beat grade's ass like a red-headed
<[SNap]> i'm busy trying to move the megz he's putting
<grimr> what?? hahaha .... red-headed step child
<Grade> doing anything computer related?
<grimr> no..... actually sitting at a computer.
<Grade> let's see
<Grade> 2 hours between classes
<Grade> well
<Grade> 3 hours of class a day
<Grade> i sleep about 10 hours a day
<Grade> 2 hours for food
<Grade> so about 9
<Grade> maybe 10-11 depending
<[SNap]> hmm
<[SNap]> i do more :)
<Grade> sometimes less if i have an exam (like tomorrow)
<Grade> hey!
<[SNap]> i do 14 hours a day :)
<[SNap]> at least
<Grade> trying to come up with some pres :(
<[jess]> you spend 9 hours a day alone preing so dont lie
<[jess]> snap, that's not something to brag about
<_aneurysm> hehe
<_aneurysm> word jess
<grimr> jess...
<grimr> i agree :)
<grimr> btw... sup bitch :)
<zer0t> so basicaly u never leave ur house!
<zer0t> :)
<[jess]> nothing fag
<zer0t> jess u beat me to it
<zer0t> :)
<[SNap]> i never leave
<[SNap]> almost never
grimr wears his technocolour clubbing clothes... fag is me :P<zer0t> jess u beat
me to it
<zer0t> :)
<[SNap]> i almost never go to school :)
<[jess]> 0t ur lagged
<[SNap]> only for exams :)
<[SNap]> and like thursday i'll be going to watch some Videos at a friend..
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