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Well, its been a great 3 years! The legendary MnM (Millennium Couriers) has decided to shut down its doors after nearly 4 years of service to the scene. We are proud to say that we will be joining forces with the even more legenary Request To Send team. We look forward to helping to make RTS a major powerhouse! To settle any rumors, this was a mutual decision made by the current MnM leaders in conjunction with RTS leaders with near unanimous support on both sides. It came about as a result of a very simple occurrence. Time. Over the years, we have all grown up (maturity wise, age wise, legal wise etc..). With growing up comes more responsibilites. Many of us leaders now have full time jobs, college, or are otherwise commited to other activities for a large portion of thier time. This has slowly taken its toll on the group. We feel that rather than continue on to become another Fate (not that there's anything wrong with that <senifeld reference #1), it would be best to end MnM with dignity. We sincerley thank all our supporters over the years. Now for a fun surprise!! The following people were once proud No Limit Soldiers (Millennium Members)!: Dark Druid, Dragoth, Dire, Grind, Moonsabre, Nailz, Frznwater, Snakeeyes, Kruzin, ^dOT, Cedric, GregK, Citizen, Bohnz, Locker, Muggsy, Black Acid, HFB, SEMAJ, IronFar, c6, Juice, STIX, Malnut, Yako Not to mention the extrodinary talent that were MnM for life: MossyOak, Roller, Sacx, Union Fenris, Man From Mars, River, Zany, Sitez, Deezle, EctoMorph, ep80, nofx, Hereticx, Psyber, drivr, hestra, and countless loyal shell administrators of which we could not have functioned without. What other team has ever created so much talent? A special hello and thank you to Doobie for founding and leading us through our first 2 years! I am sure there are people we have left out, our sincerest gratitude goes to (most of) them. Keep it real and rocking to the next Millennium! -Sitez & Mossy 7.27.1999
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