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1990 October 19

One of paradox members going by the alias 'Rokman' was arrested in 1990 for using stolen credit card numbers to make $1 million in long-distance calls to other Paradox members for the purpose of file transfers.
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US agents arrest alleged thief of telephone credit cards - John Farrell, member of 'Paradox' software piracy ring arrested in New York state John F. McMullen US AGENTS ARREST ALLEGED THIEF OF TELEPHONE CREDIT CARDS BETHPAGE, NEW YORK, U.S.A.,1990 OCT 19 (NB) -- New York State Police, acting in concert with three other law enforcement agencies, have executed a search warrant in Bethpage, Long Island and arrested 17 year-old John Farrell who, through the use of computer algorithms, allegedly bilked telephone companies in excess of $1 million. In conjunction with the execution of the warrant, Major Timothy M. Rabbett of the NY State Police released a statement saying that Farrell had used computer programs to acquire over 100 valid telephone credit card numbers and had then used these numbers over 500 times. He said the credit card numbers were then posted on computer bulletin boards throughout the US, England, Australia, Germany and Denmark. New York State Police Special Investigator Donald Delaney, who led the arresting team, told Newsbytes that, in the course of the execution of the search warrant at 83 South 3rd Street in Bethpage, Long Island, a Commodore Amiga and a large number of floppy disks were impounded. Delaney said "Farrell, who operated under the handle "Rokman," is a member of a group called 'Paradox' which pirates software as soon as it is released and distributes it to its members. Paradox's members are located, among other places, in Long Island, Chicago, France and Denmark. Farrell was using the stolen credit card numbers for communications with other Paradox members." Delaney added that Farrell had admitted obtaining and using the credit card numbers. Delaney also said, "With the new technology that has been developed, telephone carriers can easily detect where these credit card calls are being made from and monitor the number making the calls. This information can then be passed on to the appropriate law enforcement agency for action. It seems foolish for people to continue activities like these." Other police agencies assisting in the investigation are the US Secret Service, the Nassau County, New York District Attorney's office, and the Suffolk County, New York District Attorney's office. (Barbara E. McMullen & John F. McMullen/199010019) COPYRIGHT 1990 Washingtonpost Newsweek Interactive COPYRIGHT 2004 Gale Group source: https://web.archive.org/web/20070513201648/http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0NEW/is_1990_Oct_19/ai_9589947
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