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Conquest of the Longbow cheat. by Federal Cracking Consortium (FCC)

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               ┌─────────────────── ⌐FCC¬ ───────────────────┐
               │         Federal Cracking Consortium         │
                           -   P R E S E N T S   -
                           Conquest of the Longbow
                                 Money Cheat

                                 By HAL9000 
  ┌                                                                      ┐
       Notes: Here's a quick cheat to solve your fiscal problems in 
              Conquest of the Longbow.  Load up the cheat before you
              play the game.  (A good way to do this is to put it in 
              the RUNME.BAT included with the FCC Release of CotLB.)
              Then right after you get some money for the first time,
              press the "/" key.  You will now have 28692 pennies, 
              ha'pennies and farthings.  If you haven't started playing
              yet, use the included savegame to begin.  It will start
              you out in the first room with all the money already 
              there.  Look for possible updates to this cheat as more
              info on the game becomes available.  Also, be sure to 
              contact any member of FCC if you discover any copy
              protection or would like another cheat.

   Greets:  INC- I do believe we beat you on this one.  

            USA/FLT- Looks like you have some "fiscal problems" of
                     your own.

            TDT/TRSI- Nice to see some more American wares from 
                      you guys.

       -<½»>-                  -<FCC Members>-                  -<½»>-
                    Nightshade   Suicidal   The Wildcard
               HAL9000   The Nazg–l   Dr. Feelgood   Cyberblade
                             Hammer  Dag Zalhastra                        

                          -<Those Who Make FCCDox>-
                       Suicidal                 Sam Hain
       -<½»>-                       -<>-                       -<½»>-
                               -<FCC  Boards>-
    The Nemesis                WHQ's     (THE) NEM-ESIS   Suicidal
    The Hydrogen Palace     Canadian HQ  (613) 523-7671   Lord Nuke  
    Maximum Security        Courier HQ   (408) 867-5139   The Warden
                                         (408) 867-9649   
           (3 Nodes)                     (408) MAX-IMUM
    Brotherhood of Thieves  Member Board (215) 374-0421   The Wildcard
           (2 Nodes)                     (215) 796-9327   Dag Zalhastra
    Use Your Illusion       Member Board (514) 694-5541   Dr. Feelgood
    Minas Morgul            Member Board (215) 867-6303   The Nazg–l
           (2 Nodes)                     (215) 867-7202    
    Disaster Area           Dist Site    (818) 547-6011   
       -<½»>-                       -<>-                       -<½»>-       
                     -<>-<>-   FCC Wants You!  -<>-<>-
        With the big rush of games expected from the Christams Season,
     we are in need of a few good couriers.  If you want to courier for
     us, you will need to be around quite a bit durring the day, and not 
     mind long tedious hours of long distance phone calls.  If you are
     interested, please contact us through one of our member boards.
                     -<>-     -     -<>-     -    -<>-
        FCC is always looking for new dist sites and members.  If you 
     have something helpful to offer FCC, then e-mail Nightshade on
     The Nemesis or Minas Morgul about becoming a member.  If you would 
     like to help out a bit, or have a decent respectable board, then
     e-mail Suicidal on The Nemesis about becoming a dist site.   
     -   -       -   -       -   -       -   -       -   -       -   - 
                      You can reach FCC at:

                         PO Box 61522
                         Potomac, MD 20859
  └                                                                      ┘
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