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Thε +100 Kb A(cr0nym Li$t by D Leria

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[+] Configuration Copy text
     __________           _____    __________ ______  ____      __          
    |           \        \     /  \     ___ /        \    /   /    \
    |            |        |   |    |   |   |          |  |  /        \
    |            |        |   |    |   |_  |       O  |  | |    O     |
    |         O  |        |   |    |    _> |     ____/|  | |          |
    |            |        |   |____|   |   |       \  |  | |   ____   |
    |            |   _    |         \  |___|     |\  \|  | |  |    |  |
    |___________/  /___\ /___________|______\___/  |__|___\|___\  /___|                
					      _ _    ___ _                
					 |)|)|_ \ |\| |  \     
					 | |\|_ _|| | |  _|..  
					THε +100 KB A(CR0NYM LI$T
					     ▒ 3.000 ACRONYMS



Isn't it difficult to remember ALL of those acronyms ya 
have to fill in on most of the eLiTe boards...
That's why I started on this list (released by D. Leria)
of the most important acronyms today.
First I'll start with the ordinary acronyms, followed by 
the eLiTe groups.

								The Bishop.

Yo, this is Black Muzi speakin'
So, Bishop, eheh. I completed this list a bit.. actually, not a little
bit. From 11K to 100K.. Not bad uh. So, If anyone else knows some other
acronyms, just put them in this list, write a letter (like I do know)
but let our names stand and then up it everywhere you ever call (then
you get some more creditz at least;)
So, at the end of Bishops list you'll find much other acronyms, not sorted
or anything, I just added it to this list, so it could be that you'll some 
acronyms twice. Anyway, enjoy it
								Black Muzi.

ACK:     Acknowledge
ALU:     Arithmetic and Logical  Unit
ANAC:    Automatic Number Announcer
ANI:     Automatic Number Identification
ANSI:    American National Standards Institute
APNSS:   Analogue Private Network Signalling System
ASAP:    As Soon As Possible
ASCII:   American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASM:     Assembler
ASPI:    Advanced SCSI programming interface
AT:      Advanced Technology
AT&T:    American Telephone & Telegraphe
BASIC:   Beginners All-purpose Symbloic Instruction Code
CAM:     Content Adressable Memory
CCIS:    Common Channel Interoffice Signalling
CCITT:   ComitΘ Consultatif International de TΘlΘgraphique  
CLI:     Command Line Interface
CN/A:    Customer Name/Adress
COSMOS:  AT&T Mainframe
CR:      Carriage Return
DWI:     Demo World Incorporation
ECMA:    European Compuer  Manufactures Association
EI:      Enable Interrupts
DTMF:    Dual Tone Multi Frequency
DSS:     Digital Switching System
EIA-RS:  Electronics  Industry Association Recommanded Standart
EISA:    Extented Industry Standard Architecture
ENQ:     Enquiry
ESS:     Electronic  Switching System
ETX:     End Of Text
FIRM:    First In Realizing most
FF:      Form Feed or File Find
FPU:     Floating Point Unit
ISA:     Industry Standard Architecture
ITT:     International Telephone & Telegraph
ITU:     International Telecommunications Union
LAMA:    Local Automatic Message Accounting
LF:      Line Feed
MCT:     Malicious Call Tracing
MDCT:    Mini Data Cartridge Tape
MFLOPS:  Millions of Floating Point Operations Per Second
NAK:     Negative AcKnowledge
NC:      No Carry
NPA:     Numeral Planning Area
NUA:     Network User Adress
ONI:     Operator Number Identification
PAD:     Public Acces Device
PSTN:    Public Switched Telephone Network
STX:     Start Of Text

Now follows a list with elite Acronyms...

AAB:     Amazing Astrofest Bunch
AHP:     AcidHell Productions
AB2:     Anarchy Burger ][
ANI      Automatic Number Identifier
AE:      Ascii Express
AAA:     Aces of Ansi Art
ACB:     Achtung!
AFB:     Amazing Astrofest Bunch
ACE:     Arcane Corporate Elite
ACID:    Ansi Creators In Demand
AD:      Altered Destiny
AI:      Artificial Intelligent
AMIGA:   A-Mere-Idiotic-Gaming-Apparatus
AFC:     Ansi Factory
AFL:     Alpha FLight
ALF:     Anti LAmers Foundation
AMD:     ADvanced Micro Designs
ANX:     Anoxia
AOD:     Academy of Deception
APHA:    American Phreak/Hack Association
API:     American Pirate Industries
ASB:     Astrofence Bunch
AVG:     Avengers
AVLHL:   Always Very Lubricated Happy Lemmins
AWA:     Anti-Warez Association
AWOL:    Artisits without Loyalty
BAD:     BBS'ers Against Dweebs
	 Bitchin' Ansi Design
BDC:     Breakdown Demo Crew       
BGR:     Brotherhoood of Gods and Retards
BLOT:    Black Out
BOW:     Best Of the Worst
BPI:     Blacklisting People Inc.
BVN:     Banned Vision
CBX:     Cybrix
CDC:     Cult of the Dead Cow
CCI:     Cyber Crime International
CEN:     Centaur
CF:      Cyber Force
CGI:     Console Gaming Informers
CHINA:   Communist Hackers In North Amerika
CIA:     Creators of Intense Art
	 Coders In Action
CLF:     Cyberpunk Liberation Front
COD:     Childeren Of Damnation
COJ:     Court Of Justice
COOL:    Croation Organization Of Leechers
COMA:    Community Of Moral Advancement
COR:     Corruption
CORE:    Criminals Of Radical Extremes
CP$:     Computer Pirates $yndicate
CRAC:    Crazed Artists Coalition
CRAM:    Citizens Revolting Against Motzah
CRUE:    Cheat Requests For Underground Elite
CTR:     Contour
CUD:     Computer Underground Digest
CUM:     Crazy Users on a Mission
DDD:     Dr. Death & Darkhawk
DEPBA:   Digital Exchange Pirate Board Alliance
DEAD:    Dame Excellent Ansi Design
DIE:     Dimented Images of Euphoria
DJP:     DefJam Productions
DL:      D. Leria       
DLC:     Dreadloc
DM:      Digital Masters
DOD:     Drink Or Die
DOM:     Dominators
DRD:     Dread
DS:      Dragon Society
DST:     Distortion
DUA:     Digital Underground Association
ECHO:    Elite Crackers/Hackers Organization
ECR:     Electronic Rats
EPAH:    Ethical Phreakers and Hackers
EPIC:    Excellence Produced in Creativity
ESW:     Every Strange Warez
ETA:     Express Traders Alliance
ETE:     Eternity
EVIL:    Exotic Visions in Liquid
EWR:     Elite Warez Review
FBC:     Fag-Bashing Crew
FC:      Future Crew
FDN:     Foundation
FIRM:    First In Realizing Most
FLT:     Fairlight
FRL:     Freelancers Guild
FS:      Fire Skull
FSH:     Flash
FTH:     Faith
FUAP:    Fucked-Up Average People
FUD:     Fucked-Up Dudes
GNX:     Gen-X
GOD:     Global Outdial
GODS:    Guild Of Distributors
GPA:     Gainseville Pirates Association
GRIP:    Graphic Revolution In Progress
GRIP/AD: GRIP/ Ansi Division
HASH:    Humans Against Society and Homework
HATE:    Highly Artistic and Talented
HBD:     Hybrid
HCH:     Hardcore Hackers
HEAT:    Hackers Enterprising Across Telecommunications
HEMP:    Hardcore Elite Mother Phuckers
HR:      High Rezolution
HSGMT:   High-Speed Global Mass Trading
IBP:     Igh Bah Poo
ICE:     Insane Creators Enterprise
IDG:     Indigo
IIRG:    International Information Retrieval Guild
ILL:     Illuminatus
ILS:     Illusion
IMG:     Image Ansi Artists
iMG:     Imagine
IMP:     Imperial
INC:     International Network of Crackers
	 International Carrier
IND:     Independence
INT:     Integrity
ISA:     International Softwware Alliance
ISD:     Insane Software Designers
ITU:     Infinity Traders Unlimited
IUD:     INC Utility Division
IVP:     Instant Virus Production
JB:      Japan Boys
KAOS:    Krackers Association Of Sweden
Kiss:    Krazy Image Scanning Sickoz
Kort:    Knights Of The Round Table
LANCE 2: Lancelot ][
LLL:     Local Lamers Limited
LGD:     Legend Production
LIFE:    Loyalty In Full Effect
LOD:     Legion Of Doom
LOH:     Legions Of Hackers
LOP:     Lamers of Power
LSD:     Lush Software Designs
	 Lethal Software Distributors
LTD:     License To Draw
LWV:     Lamers With Vision
MAD:     Massive Anarchistic Destruction
	 Malicious Art Domination
	 Mutual Assured Destruction
MAG:     Makings of Artistic Geniuses
MFT:     Manifest
MIC:     Master Image Creators
MNG:     Music N' Graphix
MP:      Micropirates
MPI:     Micro Pirates Incorporated
MRN:     Maroon
MSI:     More Stupid Initials
MVF:     MAD Virus Factory
NUAA:    National Underground Application Alliance
NTA:     Nocturnal Trading Alliance
HAP/PA:  North America Pirate/Phreak Association
NARC:    Nuclear Phreakers/Hackers Carders
NCA:     National Courier Alliance
NEUA:    National Elite Underground Alliance
NLA:     No Lamerz Allowed
NO:      New Order
NOT:     Nation Of Thieves
NT:      Needful Things
NTA:     Nokturnal Trading Alliance
NUAA:    National underground Application Alliance
NX:      Nexus
NYC:     New York Crackers
OASIS:   Outstanding Ansi Specialists Institution
ODA:     Overdosed Anarchists
OLR:     On-Line Revenge
OTL:     Outlaws
OX:      Outlaw Exchange
PAL:     Pirates At Large
PAM:     Pathetic Ansi Makers
PCI:     Power Crisis International
PDRC:    Primal Demented Review Crue
PDX:     Paradox
PE:      Public Enemy
PHA:     Phreakers/Hackers/Anarchists
PHAT:    Phunky Harcdcore Ansi Team
PHELA:   Phreakers Alite Association
PHT:     Phantasm
PHX:     Phoenix
PIC:     Partners In Crime
PIL:     Pirates In Legion
PIMP:    Phuckin' Insane Music Programs
POTMAN:  Pirates Of The Mid-Atlantic
POW:     Programmers Of War
PRI:     Primal
PSD:     Psychosquad
PSI:     Pirates Sick Of Initials
PSY:     Psychosis
PTG:     Pentagram
PTl:     Pirates That Live
PUR:     Pursuit
PW:      Physical Wish
PWA:     Pirates With Attitudes
QC:      Quality Cartel
QZR:     Quazar
RAID:    Rendundant Array Of Inexpensive Disks
RAM:     Really Awfull Music
RDC:     Radiance
REM:     Radical Elite Movement
REN:     Renaissance
REV:     Revolt
RIOT:    Revolution In Our Time
RISC:    Rise In Superior Couriering
RLT:     Reality
RMK:     Romkids
ROT:     Rebels Of Telecommunications
RPM:     Relentless Pursuit Of Magnificence
RR:      Rescue Leader
RZR:     Razor 1911
SAD:     Slick Ansi Designers
SCAM:    Society of Criminals, Anarchists, and misfits
SCL:     Scandal!
SCD:     Software Chronicles Digest
SCX:     Scoopex
SE:      Syntax Error
SKN:     Skillion
SIN:     Software Innovation Network
SLA:     Software Liberation Army
SMUT:    Syndrome's Mega Utility Team
SNB:     Stones n Bones
SNC:     Sonic
SOH:     Spirits Of Hell
SOUP:    Sea Otter Underground Productions
SPI:     Software Pirates Incorporated
SR:      Skid Raw
SSN:     Sysop Support Network
SUN:     Sight Unseen
SWAT:    Special Warez Acquisition Team
$YND:    The $yndicate
TCA:     The Couriers Association
TB:      Thrust Brothers
TCB:     Techn[+]Brains
TCOLB:   The Crackers Of Lame Boards
TCS:     The Crime Syndicate
TDA:     The Dark Alliance
TDD:     The Dirty Dozen
TDK:     The Destiny Knights
TDM:     The Drowning Man
TDN:     The Documentation Network
TDS:     The Devil's Spawn
TDT:     The Dream Team
TERR:    Terratron
TFYC     The Fuck You Crew
TGT:     The Guild Of Thieves
THG:     The Humble Guys
THP:     The Hill People
TIC:     The Inner Circle
TL:      Top Listings
TMM:     The Mental Midgets
TNKB:    Turbo Nutter Kiwi Bastards
TNO:     The New Order
TOAO:    The One And Only
TPO:     The Primal Order
TRA:     The Rebel Alliance
TRC:     The Review Crew
TRI:     Trinity
TRIC:    The Really Insane Couriers
TRM:     The Rim Merchants
TRSI:    Tristar Red Sector Incorporated
TSAN:    The Sysops Association Network
TSB:     The Silicon Bovine
TSD:     The Shining Darkness
TSS:     Tape Swappers Syndicate
TUC:     The Underworld Coorporation
TUN:     The Underground Network
TXC:     Toxic
TWA:     The Warez Alliance
TWAT:    Text Writers And Traders
TZU:     Terror Zone Underground
UBIC:    United Boards In Control
UC:      United Couriers
UCF:     United Cracking Force
UCR:     UC-Random
UFT:     United File Traders
	 Unity Federation Team
UHG:     Ultimate Hacking Group
UL:      Universal Labs
UNI:     Unity
UC-ID:   UC-Internet Division
UKT:     United Kiwi Traders
UNT:     Untouchables
UPI:     United Phreakers Incorporated
USA:     United Software Association
ASCA:    United Serbian Courier Associa
USSR:    Underground Software Systems Revolt
UTG:     United Traders of Germany
UXU:     Underground Experts United
UID      Utilities in Demand
VCI:     Vulcan Cultural International
VD:      Vital Dox
VS:      Virtual Shock
VSW:     Very Strange Warez
WAC:     Wild Ansi Creators
WBL:     Wild Balls
WC:      Wildcards
WWC:     Wide World Couriers
YAM:     Youngsters Against MAcAfee

────--That's All Folks! (eheh, look down -BLACK MUZI SPEAKIN' NOW!-)

Hope I got them all, and right... if it ain't, please 
contact me for any changes...

Well That leaves me with some greetz to:

Black Muzi                 (Syzo SoH: ++32 15 206749)
			    WHQ DL, Trinity,...  
Neon                       (SYzo Soundcave: ++32 89 not4u)
Spiritual Steven           (Syzo Bronx: ++32 16 Find it)
Mr Nobody                  (Syzo Chaos: ++32 16 ASk!) 

And everyone i've forgot...: 

Greetz From Bishop (Cosyzo SoH)!

--> Well, now the list of Black Muzi

A        Ampere   
A&SG     Accessoris and Supplies Group
A/D      Analog/Digital
AARNET   Australian Academic Research Network
AAX      Automated Attendant Exchange
AB2      Anarchy Burger ][
ABA      American Bankers Association
	 American Bar Association
ABATS    Automated Bit Access Test System
ABBS     Apple Bulletin Board System
ABHC     Average Busy Hour Calls
ABS      Alternative Billing Service
ABSBH    Average Busy Season Busy Hour
ABU      Application Business Unit
AC       Alternating Current
ACARB    Australian Computer Abuse Research Bureau
ACB      Annoyance Call Bureau
	 Automatic Call-Back
ACCOLC   Access Overload Class
ACCS     Automated Calling Card Service
ACD      Automatic Call Distributor
ACE      American Council on Education
	 Ansi Creation Enterprise
ACK      Acknowledge
ACM      Association for Computing Machinery
ACMS     Application Control Management System
ACN      Area Code Number
ACS      Application Control Services
	 Australian Computer Society
	 Automatic Clearing Houses
ACT      Application Center for Technology
ACTS     Automated Coin Toll Service
ACU      Automatic Call Unit
ACID     ANSI Creators In Demand
AD       Authorized Dealers
ADAPSO   Association of Data Processing Services Organizations
ADAS     Advanced Directory Assistance System
ADCCP    Advanced Data Communications Control Procedure
ADCI     Automatic Display Call Indicator
ADD      Authorized Digital Dealers
ADG      Authorized Distributor Group
ADM      Add-Drop MultiPlex
ADN      Abbreviated Dialing Number
ADS      Advanced Digital System
	 Audio Distribution System
	 Auxiliary Data System
ADTS     Automated Digital Terminal System
ADU      Application Definition Utility
AE       Ascii Express
AEA      American Electronics Association
AFACTS   Automated FACilities Test System
AFADS    Automatic Force Adjustment Data System
AFSK     Automatic Frequency Shift Keying
AG/EEE   Above Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosures
AI       Artificial Intelligence
AIA      Aerospace Industries Association
	 Application Integration Architecture
AIC      Automatic Intercept Center
AICC     Automatic Intercept Communications Controller
AICPA    American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
AIDS     Apple Infected Disk Syndrome
AIOD     Automatic Identification of Outward Dialing
AIS      Alarm Indication Signals
	 Automatic Intercept System
AITRC    Applied Information Technologies Research Center
ALBO     Automatic Line Build Out
ALC      Automatic Level Control
ALFE     Analog Line Front End
ALGOL    ALGOrhythmic Computer Language
ALI      Automatic Location Identification
ALIT     Automatic Line Insulation Testing
ALRU     Automatic Line Record Update
ALS      Automated List Service
ALU      Arithmetic Logic Unit
AM       Administrative Module
	 Amplitude Modulation
AMA      Automatic Message Accounting
AMACS    Automatic Message Accounting Collection System
AMARC    Automatic Message Accounting Recording Center
AMASE    Automatic Message Accounting Standard Entry
AMAT     Automatic Message Accounting Transmitter
AMATPS   Automatic Message Accounting Transmitter Teleprocessing System
AMC      Area Management Center
AMD      Advanced Micro Devices
AMERITECH American Information Technologies
AMI      American Microsystems Incorporated
AMIS     Atari Message and Information System
AMM      Area Manufacturing Manager
AMP      Ampere
AMPS     Advanced Mobile Phone Service
AMR      Automatic Meter Reading
AMWI     Active Message Waiting Indicator
AN       Aryan Nations
	 Associated Number
ANA      Automatic Number Announcement
ANC      All Number Calling
ANE      Anarchy 'N' Explosives
ANI      Automatic Number Identification
ANIF     Automatic Number Identification Failure
ANL      Argonne National Laboratory
ANN      Announcement Date
ANOI     A New Order of Intelligence
ANSI     American National Standards Institute
AOA      Anarchists of America
AOJ      Add one and do not Jump
AOM      Area Operations Manager
AOS      Add One and do not Skip
AOSS     Auxiliary Operator Service System
AOT      Art of Technology
AOV      Average Order Value
AP       Attached Processor
APC      AMARC Protocol Converter
APF      All PIN's Fail
API      American Pirate Industries
APL      A Programming Language
APP      Application
APPC     Advanced Peer to Peer Communication
	 Advanced Program to Program Communication
APPIX    Automated Part and Product Information Exchange
APS      Automatic Protection Switch
APSS     Automatic Protection Switching System
APT      Advanced Pirate Technology
	 American Phone Terrorists
AQS      Automatic Quote System
AR       Alarm Report
ARB      Application Review Board
ARC      Ames Research Center
	 Audio Response Controller
ARCV     Association of Really Cruel Viruses
ARIS     Audichron Recorded Information System
ARM      Area Revenue Manager
ARP      Address Resolution Protocol
ARPA     Advanced Research Projects Agency
ARQ      Automatic Repeat Request
ARRL     American Radio Relay League
ARS      Alternate Route Selection
	 Automatic Route Selection
ARSB     Automated Repair Service Bureau
ARU      Audio Response Unit
AS       Anarchy Society
ASC      Average System Cost or Average System Content
ASCII    American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASD      Advanced Semiconductor Development
ASIS     American Society for Industrial Security
ASMP     Asymmetrical Multi-Processing
ASOC     Administrative Service Oversight Center
ASPEN    Automatic System for Performance Evaluation of the Network
ASR      Access Service Request
ASV      Average System Value
AT       Access Tandem
	 Advanced Technology
AT&T     American Telephone and Telegraph Company
ATB      All Trunks Busy
ATC      Automatic Transmission Control
ATD      Authorized Terminal Distributor
ATH      Abbreviated Trouble History
ATI      Activist's Times Incorporated
	 Automatic Test Inhibit
ATIS     Automatic Transmitter Identification System
ATM      Automatic Teller Machine
ATMS     Automated Trunk Measurement System
ATP      All Tests Pass
	 Available to Promise
ATR      Alternate Trunk Routing
ATRS     Automated Trouble Reporting System
ATSE     Application Timesharing Software Engineering
ATTC     Automatic Transmission Test and Control Circuit
ATTIS    AT&T Information System
AUDIX    Audio Information Exchange
AUTODIN  Automatic Digital Network
AUTOVON  Automatic Voice network
AUXF     Auxiliary Frame
AVD      Alternate Voice Data
AVT      Architecture Verification Test
B/L      Backlog  
B6ZS     Bipolar with 6 Zero Substitution
B911     Basic 911
BAD      Broken As Designed
BAGS     Bristol's Anti-Gay Society
BAI      Bank Administration Institute
BAMAF    Bellcore AMA Format
BANCS    Bell Administrative Network Communications System
BAPCO    Bellsouth Advertising & Publishing Company
BASC     Bad Austrian Swapping Crew
BASIC    Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BB       Bad Brains
BBA      Budget By Account
BBS      Bulletin Board System
BBU      Battery Back-Up
BCC      Blocked Call Cleared
	 Boys from Company C
BCD      Binary Coded Decimal
	 Blocked Call Delayed
BCG      Business Center Group
BCS      Batch Change Supplement
	 British Computer Society
BDCS     Broadband Digital Cross-Connect System
BDS      Black Dragon Society
BDT      Billing Data Transmitter
BEF      Band Elimination Filter
BELLCORE Bell Communications Research
BER      Bit Error Rate
BERT     Bit Error Rate Test
BETRS    Basic Exchange Telecommunications Radio Service
BG/EEE   Below Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosures
BHC      Busy Hour Calls
BHS      Black Hand Society
BI       Backplane Interconnect or Beginning Inventory
BIM      Basic Industry Marketing
BIND     Berkeley Internet Name Domain
BIOS     Basic Input Output System
BISP     Business Information System Program
BIT      Binary Digit
BITNET   Because Its Time Network
BITNIC   BITNET Network Information Center
BIX      Byte Information Exchange
BJS      Bureau of Justice Statistics
BLAH     Big Long and Hairy
BLF      Busy Line Field
BLS      Business Listing Service
BLV      Busy Line Verification
BMC      Basic Monthly Charge
BMEWS    Ballistic Missile Early Warning System
BNF      Backus-Naur Form
BNL      Brookhaven National Laboratory
BNR      Bell National Research
BNS      Billed Number Screening
BOA      Bill of Aggregation
	 Blanket Order Agreement
BOC      Bell Operating Company
BOD      Board of Directors (Budget)
BOIS     Business Office Information Systems
BOM      Bill of Materials
BOO      Bill of Organization
BOR      Basic Output Report
BORSCHT  Battery,Overvoltage,Ringing,Supervision,Coding,Hybrid,Test
BOS      Business Office Supervisor
	 Business and Office Systems
BOSE     Business and Office Systems Engineering
BOSS     Billing and Order Support System
BOT      Beginning Of Tape
BOTE     Brothers of the Eye
BPI      Bits Per Inch
BPM      Business Planning Manager or Base Product Marketing
	 Bass Per Minute
BPN      Comstar Business Plan
BPOC     Bell Point Of Contact
BPS      Bits Per Second
BPSS     Basic Packet Switching Service
BQS      Berkeley Quality Software
BRATS    Business Residence Account Tracking System
BRCS     Business Residence Customer Service
BRI      Basic Rate Interface
BRM      Basic Remote Module
BRP      Blade Runner Productions
BRS      Bibliographic Research Service
	 Big Red Switch
BS       Banded Signaling
BSA      Basic Service Arrangements
	 Business Software Association
BSBH     Busy Season Busy Hour
BSC      Binary Synchronous Communication
	 Business Service Center
BSCM     BiSynchronous Communications Module
BSD      Berkeley Software Distribution
	 Berkeley System Distribution
BSE      Basic Service Elements
BSF      Bell Shock Force
BSOC     Bell Systems Operating Company
BSP      Bell Systems Practice
BSRFS    Bell Systems Frequency Reference Standard
BST      Basic Services Terminal
BSTJ     Bell Systems Technical Journal
BT       Bus Terminator
BTAM     Basic Telecommunications Access Message
BTL      Bell Telephone Laboratories
BTN      Billing Telephone Number
BTU      British Thermal Unit
BVA      Billing Validation Application
BVAPP    Billing Verification and Authorization for Payment Process
BVC      Billing Validation Center
BWM      Broadcast Warning Message
BWQ      Buzz Word Quotient
BWT      Broadcast Warning TWX
BWTS     BandWidth Test Set
C        Centigrade or Celsius
	 Program Language
C&ISM    Consultant and Information Systems Marketing Group
C-STEP   Cultural,Societal,Technological,Economic,Political
CA       Cable
CAA      Chaotic Ansi Artists
CABS     Carrier Access Billing System
CAC      Calling-card Authorization Center
	 Carrier Access Code
CAD      Computer Aided Design
	 Computer Aided Dispatch
	 Computer Aided Drafting
CADV     Combined Alternate Data/Voice
CAEM     Computer Aided Engineering and Manufacturing
CAFD     Controllers Automatic Message Accounting Format Description
CAFM     Computer Aided Facilities Management
CAI      Call Assembly Index
CAIS     Collocated Automatic Intercept System
CALRS    Centralized Automatic Loop Reporting System
CAM      Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAMA     Centralized Automatic Message Accounting
CAROT    Centralized Automatic Reporting On Trunks
CAS      Circuit Associated Signaling
	 Column Address Strobe
	 Computerized Autodial System
	 Customer Administrative Services
CASE     Computer Aided Software Engineering
CAT      Computer-aided Test
	 Craft Access Terminal
CATLAS   Centralized Automatic Trouble Locating & Analysis System
CAU      Computer Anarchists Underground
CBBS     Computerized Bulletin Board System
CBC      Cipher Block Chaining
CBI      Computer-based Instruction
CBM      Commodore Business Machines
CBPXI    Computer Private Branch Exchange Interface
CBS      Common Bom System
	 CrossBar Switching
CBX      Computerized Branch Exchange
	 Computerized Business Exchange
CC       Calling Card
	 Carbon Copy
	 Central Control
	 Common Control
	 Cost Center
	 Country Code
	 Courtesy Copy
	 Credit Card
	 Cryptic Criminals
CCC      Central Control Complex
	 Chaos Computer Club
	 Clear Channel Capability
	 Community Computer Center
	 Computer Control Center
CCD      Customer Configuration Document
CCEP     Commercial Communications Endorsement Program
CCH      Connections per Circuit per Hour
CCI      Cyber Crime International
CCIR     Comite Consultif Internationale des Radio Communications
CCIS     Common Channel Interoffice Signalling
CCITT    Committee Consultative International Telegraph and Telephone
	 Committee Consultif Internationale Telegraph et Telephonie
CCM      Customer Control Management
CCNC     Common Channel Network Controller
	 Computer Communications Network Center
CCOO     Comprehensive Cost of Ownership
CCR      Customer Controlled Reconfiguration
CCS      Calling Card Service
	 Common Channel Signaling
CCSA     Common Central Switching Arrangement
	 Common Control Switching Arrangement
CCSS     Common Channel Signalling System
CCT      Central Control Terminal
	 Cumulative Cycle Time
CCTAC    Computer Communications Trouble Analysis Center
CCU      COLT Computer Unit
CCUTF    Corrupt Computer Underground Taskforce
CCV      Calling Card Validation
CD       Compact Disk
CDA      Call Data Accumulator
	 Coin Detection and Announcement
	 Compound Document Architecture
	 Crash Dump Analyzer
CDAR     Customer Dialed Account Recording
CDC      Clark Development Company
	 Cult of the Dead Cat (Virus)
	 Cult of the Dead Cow (Text)
CDCF     Cumulative Discounted Cash Flow
CDD      Common Data Dictionary
CDI      Circle Digit Identification
CDO      Community Dial Office
CDPR     Customer Dial Pulse Receiver
CDR      Call Dial Routing
	 Compact Disk Reader
CDS      Circuit Design System
	 Craft Dispatch System
CDUGD    Computer Down Under Ground Digest
CEF      Cable Entrance Facility
CEI      Comparably Efficient Interconnection
CERT     Certified Order
	 Computer Emergency Response Team
CES      Computer Election Systems
CEV      Control Environmental Vault
CF       Coin First
CFB      Cipher Feedback
CFCA     Communications Fraud Control Association
CFM      Cubic Feet per Minute
CFO      Chief Financial Officer
CFR      Code of Federal Regulations
CGA      Color Graphics Adapter
CGN      Concentrator Group Number
CHINA    Communist Hackers In North America
CHIPS    Clearing House Interbank Payments System
CI       Cluster Interconnect or Computer Interconnect
CIA      Central Intelligence Agency
CIC      CSNET Information Center
	 Carrier Identification Codes
CICS     Customer Information Control System
CII      Call Identity Index
CIM      Computer Integrated Manufacturing
CIMT     Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Technology
CIR      Computer Integrated Research
CIRU     Computer Industry Research Unit
CIS      Commercial Instruction Set
	 Compuserve Information Service
	 Customer Intercept Service
CISA     Certified Information Systems Auditor
CISC     Complex Instruction Set Computing
CISSD    Canadian International Society for Social Deviancy
CIT      Computer Integrated Telephony
CKS      Celestial Knights
CLASS    Centralized Local Area Selective Signaling
	 Custom Local Area Signaling Service
CLDN     Calling Line Directory Number
CLEI     Common Language Equipment Identification
CLI      Calling Line Ident
CLID     Calling Line Identification
CLLI     Common Language Location Identification
CLM      Career Limiting Move
CLP      Country List Price
CMAC     Centralized Maintenance and Administration Center
CMAS     Central Massachusetts Administrative Services
CMC      Carry-in Monthly Charge
	 Cellular Mobile Carrier
	 Construction Maintenance Center
CMDF     Combined Main Distributing Frame
CMDS     Centralized Message Data System
CMOS     Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor(Silicon)
CMP      Cooperative Marketing Program or Partner
CMS      Call Management System
	 Circuit Maintenance System
	 Communications Management Subsystem
	 Conversational Monitoring System
CMT      Cellular Mobile Telephone
CN       Change Notice
CN/A     Customer Name & Address
CNA      Communications Network Application
CNAB     Customer Name Address Bureau
CNCC     Customer Network Control Center
CNI      Common Network Interface
CNMS     Cylink Network Management System
CNS      Central Nervous System
	 Complimentary Network Service
CO       Central Office
COAM     Customer Owned and Maintained
COBOL    Common Business Oriented Language
COC      Circuit Order Control
	 Corporate Operations Committee
COCOT    Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephone
COD      Career Opportunity Days
	 Cash on Delivery
CODCF    Central Office Data Connecting Facility
CODE     Crackers of Digital Equipment
CODEC    Coder-Decoder
COE      Central Office Equipment
COEES    Central Office Equipment Engineering System
COEM     Commercial Original Equipment Manufacturer
COLT     Central Office Line Tester
COM      Computer Output MicroFilm
COMSAT   Communications Satellite
COMSEC   Communications Security
COMSTAR  Common System for Technical Analysis & Reporting
CON      Central Office News
CONN     Connector
CONTACT  Central Office Network Access
CONUS    Continental United States
COPIS    Corporate Planning Information System
CORE     Criminals of Radical Extremes
CORNET   Corporate Network
CORP     Creators of Revolutionary Pictures
COS      Class Of Service
COSMIC   Common Systems Main InterConnection
COSMOS   Computerized System for Mainframe Operations
COT      Central Office Terminal
CP       Control Program
CP/M     Control Program Master
	 Control Program for Microcomputers
CPA      Centralized/Bulk Power Architecture
CPC      Cellular Phone Company
	 Circuit Provisioning Center
CPD      Central Pulse Distributor
CPE      Customer Premises Equipment
CPH      Cost Per Hour
CPI      Characters Per Inch
	 Corrupt Programming International
CPM      Cost-Per-Minute
CPMP     Carrier Performance Measurement Plan
CPO      Corporate Product Operations
CPP      Corporate Planning Process
CPS      Characters Per Second
CPSR     Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
CPU      Central Processing Unit
CRAS     Cable Repair Administrative System
CRC      Customer Record Center
	 Customer Return Center
	 Cyclic Redundancy Check
CREG     Concentrated Range Extension & Gain
CREN     Corporation for Research and Educational Networking
CRFMP    Cable Repair Force Management Plan
CRG      Central Resource Group
CRIS     Customer Record Information System
CRS      Centralized Results System
CRSAB    Centralized Repair Service Answering Bureau
CRT      Cathode Ray Tube
CSA      Carrier Servicing Area
	 Confederate States of America
	 Covenant,Sword,and Arm of the Lord
CSACC    Customer Service Administration Control Center
CSAR     Centralized System for Analysis Reporting
CSC      Cell Site Controller
	 Customer Support Center
CSDC     Circuit Switched Digital Capability
CSDN     Chinese Software Distribution Network
CSG      Corporate Systems Group
CSM      Computer Systems Manufacturing
	 Corrupt Society Magazine
CSMA/CD  Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection
CSNET    Computer Science network
	 Computer and Science Research Network
CSO      Central Services Organization
	 Complimentary Solutions Organization
CSP      Coin Sent Paid
CSR      Customer Service Records
CSS      Computer Special Systems
	 Computer Sub-System
CSSE     Computer Services System Engine
CSSG     Customer Service Solutions Group
CSU      Channel Service Unit
CT       Current Transformer
CTC      Central Test Center
CTM      Contact Trunk Module
CTMS     Carrier Transmission Measuring System
CTO      Call Transfer Outside
CTS      Clear to Send
	 Configuration Technical Specialists
CTSS     Compatible Time Sharing System
	 Cray Time Sharing System
CTT      Cartridge Tape Transport
CTTC     Cartridge Tape Transport Controller
CTTN     able Trunk Ticket Number
CTY      Console TeleType
CU       Computer derground
	 Control Unit
	 Customer Unit
CUCRIT   Capital Utilization Criteria
CUD      Celerity Utilities Division
	 Computer Underground Digest
CUM      Cult of the Uncircumcised Masterbater
CUNY     City University of New York
CVR      Compass Voice Response
CW       Cyber Warriors
CWC      City Wide Centrex
CWD      Call Waiting Deluxe
D/A:     Digital/Analog
DA:      Directory Assistance
DACC:    Directory Assistance Call Completion
DACS:    Digital Access Cross-Connect System
DACS:    Directory Assistance Charging System
DAG:     Defense Agencies Group
DAIS:    Distributed Automatic Intercept System
DAMP:    Demand Analysis Manufacturing Planning
DAO:     Directory Assistance Operator
DAP:     Document Application Profile
DARC:    Division Alarm Recording Center
DARPA:   Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DARU:    Distributed Automatic Response Unit
DAS:     Device Access Software
DAS:     Directory Assistance System
DAS:     Distributor And Scanner
DAS:     Dual Attachment Station
DAS-WAT: Distributor And Scanner - Watch Dog Timer
DASD:    Direct Access Storage Device
DASP:    Digital Assisted Services Program
DAT:     Digital Audio Tape
DAV:     Data Above Voice
DB:      Decibels
DBA:     Data Base Administrator
DBA:     Digital Business Architecture
DBAC:    Data Base Administration Center
DBAS:    Data Base Administration System
DBC:     Digital Business Center
DBM:     Database Manager
DBMS:    Data Base Management System
DBOD:    Distribution Board of Directors
DBS:     Duplex Bus Selector
DC       Direct Current
DCA      Defense Communications Agency
DCASR    Defense Contract Administration Services Region
DCC      Data Collection Computer
DCC      Digital Compact Cassette
DCC      Digital Customer Center
DCE      Data Circuit Terminal Equipment
DCE      Data Communications Equipment
DCL      Digital Command Language
DCLU     Digital Carrier Line Unit
DCM      Digital Carrier Module
DCMS     Distributed Call Measurement System
DCMU     Digital Concentrator Measurement Unit
DCO-CS   Digital Central Office-Carrier Switch
DCP      Demand for Critical Parts
DCP      Duplex Central Processor
DCS      Digital Cross-Connect System
DCSS     Digital Customized Support Services
DCSS     Discontiguous Shared Segments
DCT      Digital Carrier Trunk
DCTN     Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network
DCTS     Dimension Custom Telephone Service
DCU      Digital Credit Union
DDA      Disk Drive Adaptor
DDC      Direct Department Calling
DDD      Direct Distance Calling
DDE      Dynamic Data Exchange
DDH      Digital Distributed Hardware
DDIF     Digital Document Interchange Format
DDN      Defense Data Network
DDOV     Digital Data Over Voice
DDS      Dataphone Digital Service
DDS      Digital Data Service
DDS      Digital Data System
DDS      Digital Dataphone Service
DDS      Digital Distributed Software
DDT      DEC Debugging Tape
DDX      Distributed Data Exchange
DEA      Drug Enforcement Agency
DEC      Digital Equipment Corporation
DECDTM   Digital Distributed Transaction Manager
DECNMS   Digital Network Measurement System
DECTP    Digital Transaction Processing
DECUS    Digital Equipment Corporation User's Society
DEN      Digital Echo News
DEPBA    Digital Exchange Pirate Board Alliance
DERP     Defective Equipment Replacement Program
DES      Data Encryption Standard
DEW      Distant Early Warning
DF       Distributing Frame
DFA      Design for Assembly
DFI      Digital Facility Interface
DFM      Design for Manufacturing
DFMS     Digital Facility Management System
DFP      Digital Free Press
DFP      District Focus Person
DFT      Design for Test
DIA      Defense Intelligence Agency
DIAL     Digital Idle Asset Listing
DIBOL    Digital Business Oriented Language
DIC      Digital Interface Controller
DID      Direct Inward Dialing
DIF      Digital Interface Frame
DIM      Data In the Middle
DIM      Demand Integration Meeting
DIMA     Data Information Management Architecture
DIN      Deutsche Ingineering Normilization
DINS     Digital Information Network Service
DIP      Dual In-Line Package
DIS      Digital Information Systems or Defense Investigative Service
DISA     Direct Inward System Access
DISER    Digital Information Systems External Resources
DIU      Digital Interface Unit
DL       Direct Labor
DLC      Digital Loop Carrier
DLCU     Digital Line Carrier Unit
DLL      Dial Long Lines
DLN      Digital Library Network
DLOC     Dark Lords Of Chaos
DLS      Dial Line Service
DLS      Digital Link Service
DLTU     Digital Line Trunk Unit
DLU-PG   Digital Line Unit - Pair Gain
DM       Dead Memory
DM       Delta Modulation
DMA      Direct Memory Access
DMCL     Digital Modem Command Language
DME      Digital Management Education
DMI      Digital Multiplexed interface
DML      Data Manipulation Logic
DMM      Digital Multimeter
DMM      District Manufacturing Manager
DMS      Data Management Services
DMS      Data Management System
DMS      Digital Multiplexed System
DMS      Diskless Management Service
DMSS     Distribution, Marketing, Sales and Service
DMT      Design Maturity Test
DMU      Data Manipulation Unit
DN       Directory Number
DNA      Defense Nuclear Agency
DNA      Digital Named Accounts
DNA      Digital Network Architecture
DNA      Digital News Associates
DNA      Digital Noise Alliance
DNC      Dynamic Network Controller
DNHR     Dynamic Non Hierarchical Routing
DNIC     Data Network Identification Code
DNR      Dialed Number Recorder
DNS      Domain Name System
DNX      Dynamic Network Cross-Connect
DOA      Dead On Arrival
DOA      Distributors of Anarchy
DOC      Dynamic Overload Control
DOCS     Display Operator Control System
DOE      Department of Energy
DOJ      Department of Justice
DOM      Data On Master
DOM      District Operations Manager
DOS      Disk Operating System
DOTS     Digital Office Timing Supply
DOV      Data Over Voice
DP       Data Processing
DP       Demarcation Point
DP       Dial Pulse
DPA      Distributed Power Architecture
DPAC     Dedicated Plant Assignment Center
DPC      Destination Point Code
DPE      Data Path Extender
DPI      Dots Per Inch
DPMA     Data Processing Management Association
DPN-PH   Data Packet Network - Packet Handler
DPP      Discounted Payback Period
DPP      District Partner Program
DPSK     Differential Phased Shift Keying
DQT      Design Quality Test
DR       Data Ready
DR       Data Receive
DRAM     Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRC      Data Resource Center
DRMU     Digital Remote Measurement Unit
DRP      Distribution Resource Planning
DS       Digital Carrier Span
DS       Digital Signal
DS       Direct Signal
DS0      Digital Signal ZER0
DSA      Digital Storage Architecture or Decimal Shift and Add Algorithm
DSBAM    Double-SideBand Amplitude Module
DSDC     Direct Service Dial Capability
DSI      Data Subscriber Interface
DSI      Digital Speech Interpolation
DSIN     Digital Software Information
DSL      Digital Subscriber Line
DSLA     Digital Software Licensing Architecture
DSM      Digital Standard MUMPS
DSM      Distributed Systems Manufacturing
DSM      Distributed Systems Manufacturing
DSM      District Sales Manager
DSMC     Digital Service Monthly Charge
DSN      Digital Services Network
DSN      Digital Signal (Level N)
DSO      Days Sales Outstanding
DSO      Digital Storage Oscilloscope
DSP      Digital Signal Processor
DSR      Data Send Ready
DSR      Data Set Ready
DSR      Dynamic Service Register
DSRI     Digital Standard Relational Interface
DSS      Data Station Selector
DSSI     Digital Small Storage Interconnect
DSTAR    Digital System Technical Architecture Research
DSU      Data Service Unit
DSU      Digital Service Unit
DSUWG    Data Systems Users Working Group
DSX      Digital System Cross-Connect
DT       Data Transmit
DT       Di-group Terminal
DT       Dial Tone
DTAS     Digital Test Access System
DTC      Di-group Terminal Controller
DTC      Digital Trunk Controller
DTE      Data Terminal Equipment
DTF      Dial Tone First
DTG      Direct Trunk Group
DTI      Dark Towers International
DTI      Digital Trunk Interface
DTIF     Digital Tabular Interchange Format
DTIF     Digital Transmission Interface Frame
DTMF     Dual Tone Multi-Frequency
DTN      Digital Telephone Network
DTP      Desktop Publishing
DTR      Data Terminal Ready
DTS      Digital Termination System
DTST     Dial Tone Speed Test
DTU      Di-group Terminal Unit
DUA      Dallas Underground Association
DUV      Data Under Voice
DVI      Digital Video Interactive
DVM      Data Voice Multiplexor
DVN      Digital Video Network
DVT      Design Verification Test
DVX      Digital Voice Exchange
DWCI     DecWindows Compiler Interface
DWI      Doc Writers Incorporated
DWIM     Do What I Mean
E&M      Ear and Mouth
E-COM    Electronic Computer Originated Mail
E911     Enhanced 911
EA       Electronic Arts
EAAT     Equal Access Alternative Technologies
EADAS    Engineering and Administrative Acquisition System
EADAS    Engineering and Administrative Data Acquisition System
EADAS/NM EADAS/Network Management
EAEO     Equal Access End Office
EAP      Employee Assistance Program
EAR      Export Administration Regulations
EARN     European Academic Research Network
EAROM    Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory
EAS      Extended Announcement System
EASD     Equal Access Service Data
EBCDIC   Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interexchange Code
EBDI     Electronic Business Data Interchange
EC       Exchange Carriers
ECAD     Engineering Computer Aided Design
ECAP     Electronic Customes Access Program
ECC      East Coast Crackers
ECC      Enter Cable Change
ECC      Error Correction Code
ECCS     Economic C (Hundred) Call Seconds
ECF      Enhanced Connectivity Facility
ECFA     Electronic Communications Forwarding Act
ECL      Error Code Logging
ECO      Engineering Change Order
ECPT     Electronic Coin Public Telephone
ECS      Electronic Crossconnect System
EDAC     Electromechanical Digital Adaptor Circuit
EDC      Engineering Data Center
EDC      Error Detection Code
EDC      Error Detection and Correction
EDI      Electronic Data Interchange
EDI      Electronic Document Interchange or Electronic Data Interchange
EDP      Electronic Data Processing
EDP      Electronic Data Processing
EDRS     Engineering Data Resources Services
EDSX     Electronic Digital Signal Cross-Connect
EDU      Education Computer Systems
EDWG     ESnet DECnet Working Group
EE       End to End Signaling
EEC      Electronic Equipment
EECT     End-to-End Call Trace
EEDP     Expanded Electronic Dialing Plan
EEE      Electronic Equipment Enclosures
EEHO     Either End Hop Off
EEI      Equipment-to-Equipment Interface
EFF      Electronic Frontier Foundation
EFRAP    Electronic Feeder Route Analysis Program
EFT      Electronic Fund Transfer
EFTS     Electronic Funds Transfer System
EGA      Enhanced Graphics Adapter
EI       Ending Inventory
EIA      Electronics Industries Association
EIES     Electronic Information Exchange System
EIS      Enterprise Integration Services
EIS      Expanded Inband Signaling
EISA     Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture
EISS     Economic Impact Study System
EIU      Extended Interface Unit
EJS      Elite Justice Society
EKTS     Electronic Key Telephone Service
EKTS     Electronic Key Telephone Sets
EL       Electroluminescent
ELD      Electroluminescent Displays
ELDS     Exchange Line Data Service
ELF      Employee Locater Facility
EMA      Electronic Mail Association
EMA      Enterprise Management Architecture
EMACS    Editing Macros
EMC      ElectroMagnetic Capability
EMI      Electromagnetic Interference
EML      Expected Measured Loss
EMS      Expanded Memory Specification
ENET     Ethernet
ENFIA    Exchange Network Facility for Interstate Access
ENG      Engineering
ENQ      Enquire
EO       End Office
EOE      Electronic Order Exchange
EOF      End Of File
EOL      End Of Life
EOS      Extended Operating System
EOTT     End Office Toll Trunking
EOTT     End of Toll Trunking
EPA      Elite Programming Association
EPG      External Products Group
EPL      Electronic Program Language
EPLS     Engineering Price List System
EPP      Executive Partner Program
EPROM    Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EPSCS    Enhanced Private Switched Communications Service
ER       Error Register
ERAR     Error Return Address register
EREP     Environmental Recording Editing and Printing
ERF      Emergency Restoration Facility
ERL      Echo Return Loss
ERP      Effective Radiated Power
ERU      Error Return Update
ES       ElektroShok
ESA      European Space Agency
ESAC     Electronic Surveillance Assistance Center
ESB      Emergency Service Bureau (911)
ESB      Entry Systems Business
ESD      Electronic Systems Development
ESDI     Enhanced Small Device Interface
ESDP     Educational Services Development and Publishing
ESF      Extended SuperFrame
ESF      Extended SuperFrame Format
ESG      Engineering Systems Group
ESL      Emergency Stand-Alone
ESLF     Eastern Seaboard Liberation Front
ESN      Electronic Serial Number
ESN      Electronic Switched Network
ESO      Engineering Support Operations
ESOC     European Space Operations Center
ESP      Ecstatic Sound Productions
ESP      Enhanced Serial Port
ESP      Enhanced Service Providers
ESRIN    European Space Research Institute
ESS      Electronic Switching System
ESSX     Electronic Switching System Exchange
ESVN     Executive Secure Voice Network
ET&Q     Engineering, Technology and Quality
ETAS     Emergency Technical Assistance
ETF      Electronic Toll Fraud
ETN      Electronic Tandem Network
ETS      Electronic Tandem Switching
ETS      Electronic Translation System
ETSACI   Electronic Tandem Switching Administration Channel Interface
ETSSP    Electronic Tandem Switching Status Panel
EU       End User
EUPOT    End User-Point of Termination
EUSR     End User
EVGA     Expanded Video Graphics Array
EXCOM    Executive Committee
4GL      Fourth Generation Language
F        Fahrenheit
F & A    Finance and Accounting or Finance and Administration
F/G      Finished Goods
FA       Fuse Alarm
FA&T     Final Assembly and Test
FABS     Financial and Administration Business Systems
FACS     Facilities Assignment and Control System
FAR      Federal Acquisition regulation
FAST     Federation Against Software Theft
	 First Application System Test
FAT      File Allocation Table
FBI      Federal Bureau of Investigations
FBOD     Finance Board of Directors
FCAP     Facility Capacity
FCC      Federal Communications Commission
	 Federal Cracking Consortium
FCG      False Cross or Ground
FCO      Field Change Order
FCS      File Control System
	 First Customer Ship
	 Frame Check Sequence
FCST     Forecast
FDDI     Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDI      Feeder/Distribution Interfaces
FDM      Frequency Division Multiplexing
FDP      Field Development Program
FDX      Full Duplex
FED      Far End Data
FEMF     Foreign Electro-Motive Force
FEPS     Facility and Equipment Planning System
FEV      Far End Voice
FGA      Feature Group A
FGB      Feature Group B
FGC      Feature Group C
FGD      Feature Group D
FIFO     First In, First Out
FIMG     Finance Industry Marketing Group
FIOC     Frame Input/Output Controller
FIP      Facility Interface Processor
FIPS     Federal Information Processing Standards
FIRM     First In Releasing Most (Incorrect Acro)
FISG     Financial Industries Systems Group
FLT      Fairlight
FM       Frequency Modulation
FMAC     Facility Maintenance And Control
FMAP     Field Manufacturing Automated Process
FMC      Financial Management Center
FMEA     Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
FMIC     Field Manufacturing Information Center
FMMC     Field Manufacturing Management Committee
FMP      Field Manufacturing Plan
FNAL     Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
FNPA     Foreign Numbering plan Area
FOA      Fiber Optic Adapter
FOA      First Office Application
FOAF     Friend Of A Friend
FOC      Fiber Optic Communications
FOD      Finger of Death
FOE      Fucking Operator Error
FOMC     Field Operations Management Committee
FON      Fiber Optics Network
FPA      Floating Point Adapter
FPCP     Funky Pack of Cyberpunks
FPM      Feet Per Minute
FPP      Floating Point Processor
FR       Flat rate
FRPS     Field Reliability Performance Studies
FRS      First Revenue Ship
FRS      Flexible Route Selection
FRU      Field Replaceable Unit
FS       Field Service
FS       Full Scale
FSF      Free Software Foundation
FSG      Financial Systems Group
FSK      Frequency Shift Keying
FSL      Field Service Logistics
FT       Field Test
FTG      Final Trunk Group
FTP      File Transfer Protocol
FTPD     File Transfer Protocol Daemon
FTS      Federal Telecommunications Service
FTS      Federal Telecommunications System
FUBAR    Failed UniBus Address Register
FUBAR    Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
FUD      Fear,Uncertainty,and Doubt
FVC      First Volume Commit
FX       Foreign Exchange
FY       Fiscal Year
FZG      Folo Zone Gang
FIRM     Five-O is Rigor Mortis
FIVE-O   Cracking Group - (formerly the Imperial Warlords)
GAO      Governmen Accounting Office
GB       Gigabyte
GBS      Group Bridging Service
GCOS     Gods Chosen Operating System
GCS      Group Control System
GDU      Grave Dancers Union
GECOS    General Electric Comprehensive Operating System
GEISCO   General Electric Information Services Company
GFCI     Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
GFR      Grim File Reaper
GHZ      Gigahertz
GIA      General International Area
GID      Group Identification
GIF      Graphics Interchange Format
GIGO     Garbage In Garbage Out
GIM      Group Identification Mark
GIPS     Giga Instructions Per Second
GKS      Graphics Kernal System
GLIB     Gay and Lesbian Information Bureau
GMG      Government Manufacturing Group
GND      Ground
GNU      GNU's Not Unix
GOD      Givers of Destruction
	 Global Outdial
GOP      Grand Old Pirates
GOS      Grade Of Service
GOSIP    Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile
GOVT     Government
GP       Group Processor
GPD      Gas Plasma Display
GPIB     General Purpose Interface Bus
GPL      General Public License
GPS      Global Positioning System
GPV      General Public Virus
GPX      Graphics Processor Accelerator
GRD      Ground
GRP MOD  Group Modulator
GS       Games Society
GSA      General Services Administration
GSAT     General Telephone and Electronics Satellite Corporation
GSB      General Systems Business
GSFC     Goddard Space Flight Center
GSG      Government Systems Group
GSIM     General Services Industry Marketing Group
GSSP     General Systems Security Principles
GTC      General Telephone Company
GTE      General Telephone Electronics
GTS      Gamma Transfer Service
GTT      Global Title Transmission
GURPS    Generic Universal Roleplaying Systems
H/M      Hotel/Motel
HA       Horn Alert
HACK     Hacking Add Computer Krashing
HAGS     Herbally Aroused Gynecological Squad
HALE     Hacker's Against Law Enforcement
HATE     Highly Artistically Talented Enterprises
HBO      Home Box Office
HCDS     High Capacity Digital Service
HCF      Halt and Catch Fire
HCIG     Health Care Industry Group
HCSDS    High Capacity Satellite Digital Service
HCTDS    High Capacity Terrestrial Digital Service
HDA      Head Disk Assembly
HDK      Hippy Dippy Klub
HDLC     High-Level Data Link Control
HDSC     High-Density Signal Carrier
HDTV     High Definition Television
HDX      Half Duplex
HEAP     Home Energy Assistance Program
HEHO     High End Hop Off
HEPNET   High Energy Physics Network
HF       Hands Free
HIC      Hybrid Integrated Circuit
HIT      Hackers In Touch
HLI      High-speed LAN Interconnect
HLL      High Level Language
HNPA     Home Numbering Plan Area
HNS      Hospitality Network Service
HOBIC    Hotel Billing Information Center
HOBIS    Hotel Billing Information System
HP       Hewlett-Packard
HPA      Hacker/Phreakers Association
HPO      High Performance Option
HPS      Hardware Product Services
HPS      High Performance Systems
HQ       Headquarters
HRU      Hackers 'R' Us
HSC      Hierarchical Storage Controller
HSSDS    High-Speed Switched Digital Service
HST      High Speed Technology
HU       High Usage
HUTG     High Usage Trunk Group
HVM      High Volume Manufacturing
HW       Hardware
HZ       Hertz
I&M      Installaton and Maintenance
I/O      Input/Output
IB       Instruction Buffer
IBM      Inferior But Marketable
IBM      Insidious Black Magic
IBM      International Business Machines
IBM      Its Been Malfunctioning
IBM      Its Better Manually
IBN      Integrated Business Network
IC       Independent Carrier
IC       Inner Circle
IC       Integrated Circuit
IC       Inter-Exchange Carrier
ICAN     Individual Circuit Analysis
ICC      Interstate Commerce Commission
ICD      Interactive Call Distribution
ICE      Inner Circle Elite
	 Insane Creator Enterprises
	 International Communications Echomail
	 Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics
	 International Cracking Elite
ICH      International Call Handling
ICLID    Individual Calling Line Identification
ICM      Integrated Call Management
ICMP     Internet Control Message Protocol
ICN      Interconnecting Network
ICPOT    InterExchange Carrier-Point of Termination
ICR      Inductance,Capacitance,Resistance
ICS      Italian Cracking Service
ICST     Institute for Computer Sciences and Technology
ICUG     International Closed User Groups
ICVT     InComing Verification Trunk
IDA      Integrated Digital Access
IDC      Information Distribution Companies
IDCI     Interim Defined Central Office Interface
IDDD     International Direct Distance Dialing
IDECUS   Internal Digital Equipment Corporation User's Society
IDH      Inpherno Data Haven
IDI      Intergalactic Dismantling Incorporated
IDLC     Integrated Digital Loop Carrier
IDN      Integrated Digital Networks
IEC      International ElectroTechnical Commission
IED      International Engineering Development
IEEE     Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IEG      Internal Equipment Group
IF       Intermediate Frequency
IFIP     International Federation for Information Processing
IFRPS    Intercity Facility Relief Planning System
IHA      International Hackers Association
IIN      Integrated Information Network
IIRG     International Information Retrieval Guild
IISF     International Information Security Foundation
IL       Indirect Labor
IM       Interface Module
IM&T     Information and Technology Management
IMAS     Integrated Mass Announcement System
IMM      Idle Material Management
IMM      Input Message Manual
IMS      Integrated Management Systems
IMT      Inter-Machine Trunk
IMTS     Improved Mobile Telephone Service
IN       Inch
IN       Intelligent Network
IN/1     Intelligent Network/1
INAP     Intelligent Network Access Point
INC      International Carrier
INC      International Network of Crackers
INL      Inter Node Link
INN      Inter Node Network
INS      Information Network System
INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium
INTT     Incoming No Test Trunks
INV      Inventory
INWATS   Inward Wide Area Telecommunications Service
INWATS   Inward Wide Area Telephone Service
IO       Independent Option or Input/Output
IO       Inward operator
IOC      Input/Output Controller
IOCC     International Overseas Completion Center
IOP      Input-Output Processor
IOT      Inter-Office Trunk
IOWA     Inmates of the World Asylum
IP       Information Provider
IP       Intermediate Point
IP       Internet Protocol
IPCH     Initial Paging Channel
IPCS     Interactive Problem Control System
IPDP     Industrial Peripheral Data Processing
IPDS     Intelligent Printer Data Stream
IPG      Image Processing Group
IPL      Initial Program Load
IPLAN    Integrated Planning And Analysis
IPLS     InterLATA Private Line Services
IPM      Impulses Per Minute
IPM      Interruptions Per Minute
IPMO     Industry Program Management Office
IPS      Inches Per Second
IPSG     Internal Product Strategies Group
IPT      Inventory Program Team
IPX      Integrated Packet Exchange
IR       Immortal Riot
IRC      International Record Carrier
IRC      Internet Relay Chat
IRG      International Rogues Guild
IROR     Internal Rate of Return
IRQ      Interrupt Request
IRR      Internal Rate of Return
IS       Information Systems
IS       Interrupt Set
ISA      Industry Standard Architecture
ISBS     Information Systems Business Segment
ISC      Inter-Nation Switching Center
ISC      International Switching Center
ISDN     Integrated Service Digital network
ISDN     Integrated Services Digital Network
ISF      Information Security Foundation
ISLM     Integrated Services Line Module
ISLU     Integrated Services Line Unit
ISM      Installed Systems Marketing
ISN      Information Systems Network
ISN      Integrated Systems Network
ISO      International Standards Organization
ISPN     INFO Security Product News
ISPS     Information System Production Systems
ISS      Initial System Sale or Internal Special Systems
ISS      Integrated Switching System
ISSA     Information Systems Security Association
ISSM     Information Systems Security Monitor
ISSN     Integrated Special Services Network
ISU      Integrated Service Unit
ISUP     Integrated Services User Part
ISWS     Internal Software Services
IT       Information Technology
ITAP     Information and Technology Architecture Plan
ITAR     International Traffic in Arms Regulation
ITS      Incompatible Time-Sharing System
ITS      Institute of Telecommunication Science
ITS      Internal Theft Syndicate
ITSO     Incoming Trunk Service Observation
IUD      INC Utilities Division
IVIS     Interactive Video Interface System
IVP      Installation Verification Program
IVPC     International Virus Prevention Conference
IVTS     International Video Teleconferencing Service
IW       Imperial Warlords
IX       Interactive Executive
IXM      Interexchange Mileage
JANET    Joint Acaemic Network
JCL      Job Control Language
JEC      Job Evaluation Classification
JES      Job Entry System
JIM      Job Information Memorandum
JIS      Jurisdictional Interstate Services
JIT      Just In Time
JMX      Jumbogroup Multiplex
JPEG     Joint Photographic Experts Group
JPL      Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JSC      Johnson Space Center
JSN      Junction Switch Number
JSW      Junctor Switch
K        Kilobit
KB       Kilobyte
KBPS     KiloBits per Second
KDT      Keyboard Display
KFT      Kilofeet
KHZ      Kilohertz
KKC      Ku Klux Connecticut
KKHPAC   Ku Klux Hackers, Phreakers, Anarchists of Connecticut
KKK      Ku Klux Klan
KOS      Knights of Shadow
KP       Key Pulse
KPL      Kit Parts List
KSR      Keyboard Send Receive
KTS      Key Telephone Set
	 Key Telephone System
LAC      Loop Assinment Center
LADS     Local Area Data Service
LADT     Local Access Data Transport
LADT     Local Area Data Transport
LAIS     Local Automatic Intercept System
LAMA     Local Automatic Message Accounting
LAN      Local Area Network
LANL     Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratories
LAP      Link Access Protocol
LAPB     Link Access Protocol Balanced
LAPD     Link Access Procedure on the D Channel
LASS     Local Area Signaling Service
LASS     Local Area Switching Service
LAST     Local Area System Transport
LAT      Local Area Transport
LATA     Local Access Transport Area
LATA     Local Access and Transport Area
LATIS    Loop Activity Tracking Information
LAVC     Local Area Vax Cluster
LAW      Lyrical Association of Writers
LB       Pounds
LBL      Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
LBO      Line Buildout
LBO      Little Big One
LBRV     Low Bit Rate Voice
LBS      Load Balance System
LCAMOS   Loop Cable Maintenance Operation System
LCC      Leadless Chip Carrier
LCCIS    Local Common Channel Interoffice Signing
LCCL     Line Card Cable
LCCLN    Line Card Cable Narrative
LCD      Liquid Crystal Display
LCDN     Last Call Directory Number
LCDN     Last Called Directory Number
LCIE     Lightguide Cable Interconnection Equipment
LCLOC    Line Card Location
LCN      Logical Channel Numbers
LCR      Least Cost Routing
LCRMKR   Line Card Remarks, Retained
LCSE     Line Card Service and Equipment
LCSEN    Line Card Service and Equipment Narrative
LD       Long Distance
LDM      Limited Distance Modem
LDMTS    Long Distance Message Telecommunications Service
LDP      Laboratory Data Products
LDS      Local Digital Switch
LEAS     LATA Equal Access System
LEBC     Low End Business Center
LEC      Local Exchange Carrier
LED      Light Emitting Diode
LED      Lightly Educated Dudes
LEDS     Low End Disk Systems
LEEP     Large Expanse Extra Perspective
LEGSS    Low End Graphics Sub-System
LEN      Low End Networks
LENCL    Line Equipment Number Class
LEST     Low End Systems and Technologies
LF       Line Finder
LFACS    Loop Facilities Assignment And Control System
LIDB     Line Information Database
LIFO     Last In, First Out
LIK      Legends In Kaos
LLC      Logical Link Control
LLI      Lunatic Labs Incorporated
LLN      Line Link Network
LMF      License Management Facility or Low Magnetic Field
LMF      Low Magnetic Field
LMI      Local Memory Interconnect
LMMS     Local Message Metering System
LMOS     Loop Maintenance Operating System
LOC      Local Operating Company
LOCAP    Low Capacitance
LOD      Legion of Doom
LOD/H    Legion of Doom/Hackers
LOF      Lock Off-line
LOL      Legion of Lucifer
LON      Lock On-line
LOTSAB   Legion Opposed to Stupid Asshole Botanists
LPCDF    Low Profile Combined Distributing Frame
LPM      Lines Per Minute
LRAP     Long Route Analysis Program
LRC      Longitudinal Redundancy Check
LRP      Long Range Plan
LRS      Line Repeater Station
LRSS     Long Range Switching Studies
LSB      Lower Side Band
LSD      Least Significant Digit
LSE      Language Sensitive Editor
LSI      Large Scale Integrated
LSI      Large Scale Integration
LSRP     Local Switching Replacement Planning
LSS      Loop Switching System
LSV      Line Status Verifier
LTAB     Line Test Access Bus
LTC      Local Test Cabinet
LTD      Local Test Desk
LTF      Lightwave Terminating Frame
LTF      Line Trunk Frame
LTG      Line Trunk Group
LTS      Loss Test Set
LU       Local Use
LVM      Line Verification Module
LXE      Lightguide Express Entry
M/W      Microwave
M2       Mondo 200
MA       Ma Bell
MA       Maintenance Administrator
MAC      Macintosh Computer
	 Media Access Control
	 Message Authentication
	 Multi Access Computers
MACBS    Multi-Access Cable Billing System
MADN     Multiple Access Directory Numbers
MAI      Masters of Abstractions and Illusions
MAN      Metropolitan Area Network
MAP      Maintenance and Administration Position
MAP      Manufacturing Automation Protocol
MAPSS    Maintenance & Analysis Plan for Special Services
MAR      Microprogram Address Register
MARC     Market Analysis of Revenue and Customers System
MARCOM   Marketing Communications
MAS      Main Store
MAS      Mass Announcement System
MASB     Mass Announcement System Bus
MASC     Mass Announcement System Controller
MASM     Mass Announcement System Memory
MASS     Mid-Atlantic and Southern States
MATAC    Material Acquisition
MATFAP   Metropolitan Area Transmission Facility Analysis Program
MAU      Multistation Access Unit
MB       Megabyte
MBOD     Manufacturing Board of Directors
MBPS     Mega-Bits Per Second
MBU      Manufacturing Business Unit
MCA      Micro Channel Architecture
MCAM     Manufacturing Corporate Account Manager
MCC      Master Control Center
MCCS     Mechanized Calling card Service
MCESS    Mechanical Component Engineering Support Service
MCGA     Multi-Color Graphics Array or (Adaptor)
MCH      Maintenance Channel
MCHB     Maintenance Channel Buffer
MCI      Microwave Communications Incorporated
MCIAS    Multi-Channel Intelligent Announcement System
MCN      Metropolitan Campus Network
MCP      Master Control Program
MCS      Meeting Communications Service
MCS      Multinational Character Set
MCT      Manufacturing Cycle Time
MCTRAP   Mechanized Customer Trouble Report Analysis Program
MCU      Multi Chip Unit
MDA      Monochrome Display Adapter
MDACS    Modular Digital Access Control System
MDC      Market Distributor Control
MDC      Meridian Digital Centrex
MDD      Marshals of Dynamic Discord
MDDS     Media and Documentation Update Service
MDF      Main Distribution Frame
MDR      Message Detail Record
MDS      Message Design Systems
MDU      Marker Decoder Unit
MDX      Modular Digital Exchange
ME       Mechanical Engineering
MEC      Mobile Equipment Console
MELD     Mechanized Engineering and Layout for Distributing Frame
MEM      Manufacturing Engineering and Marketing
MERS     Most Economic Route Selection
MET      Multibutton Electronic Telephone
MF       Multi-Frequency
MFENET   Magnetic Fusion Energy Network
MFG      Manufacturing
MFJ      Modification of Final Judgement
MFLOPS   Millions of Floating Point Operations Per Second
MFM      Modified Frequency Modulation
MFR      Multi-Frequency Receivers
MFT      Metallic Facility Terminal
MG       Mastergroup
MGT      Mastergroup Translator
MHS      Message Handling System
MHZ      Mega-Hertz
MI       Machine Interface
MIC      Management Information Center
MICE     Modular Integrated Communications Environment
MIDAS    Master Integrated Distribution Subcontracting Agreement
MIF      Master Item File
MIMG     Media Industry Marketing Group
MIN      Mobile Identification Number
MINX     Multimedia Information Network Exchange
MIPS     Millions of Instructions Per Second
MIR      Material Increase Request
MIR      Micro-Instruction Register
MIS      Management Information System
MIS      Management Information Systems
MISCF    Miscellaneous Frame
MISG     Market Information Services Group
MIT      Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MITS     Microcomputer Interactive Test System
MJU      MultiPoint Junction Unit
MLC      Miniline Card
MLCD     Multi-Line Call Detail
MLDS     Medium Large Disk Systems
MLHG     Multiline Hunt Group
MLP      Maynard List Price
MLPC     Model Level planning Committee
MLT      Mechanized Loop Testing
MMC      Mickey Mouse Club
MMC      Minicomputer Maintenance Center
MMGT     Multimaster Group Translator
MMOC     Minicomputer Maintenance Operations Center
MMS      Main Memory Status
MMS      Memory Management System
MMX      Mastergroup Multiplex
MNP      Microcom Networking Protocol
MOB      Men of Business
MODEM    Modulator/Demodulator
MOF      Master Order Form
MOG      Minicomputer Operations Group
MOS      Material Order System
MOS      Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MP       Multi-Processor
MPCH     Main Parallel Channel
MPEG     Motion Pictures Experts Group
MPME     Manufacturing Process and Material Engineering
MPOW     Multiple Purpose Operator Workstation
MPPD     Multi-Purpose Peripheral Device
MPS      Master Production Schedule
MPSC     Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems
MRAA     Meter Reading Access Arrangement
MRC      Management Response Center
MRC      Manufacturing Resource Center
MRC      Market Research Center
MRF      Maintenance Reset Function
MRP      Manufacturing Resource Planning
MS       Maintenance State
MS       Milli-Seconds
MSB      Mid-Range Systems Business
MSC      Media Stimulated Calling
MSCP     Mass Storage Control Protocol
MSD      Micro Systems Development
MSD      Most Significant Digit
MSFC     Marshall Space Flight Center
MSPM     Manufacturing System Program Manager
MSSC     Marketing Sales Strategy Committee
MT       Mitel
MTB      Magnetic Tape Billing
MTBF     Mean Time Between Failures
MTBSI    Mean Time Between System Interruptions
MTF      Master Test Frame
MTP      Message Transfer Part
MTR      Mechanized Time Reporting
MTS      Message Telecommunications Service
MTS      Message Telephone Service
MTS      Message Transport Service
MTS      Mobile Telephone Service
MTSO     Mobile Telephone Switching Office
MTTR     Mean Time to Repair
MTU      Maintenance Termination Unit
MTU      Media Tech Unit
MTX      Mobile Telephone Exchange
MU       Message Unit
MULDEM   Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
MUX      Multiplexer
MVB      MicroVax Business
MVP      Multiline Variety Package
MVS      Multiple Virtual Storage
MW       Multiwink
MWI      Message Waiting Indicator
MXU      Multiplexer Unit
MOD      Master's of Destruction
MOD      Master's of Disaster
NA       Next Address
NAC      Network Administration Center
NAC      Networks and Communications
NAC      New Age Crackers
NACM     Networks and Communications Marketing
NAG      Network Architecture Group
NAM      Number Assignment Module
NAND     Not-And Gate
NAPE     National Pirate Exchange
NAPLPS   North American Presentation Level Protocol Syntax
NAPPA    Northern American Phreakers/Piraters Association
NARC     Nuclear Phreakers/Hackers/Carders
NAS      Network Application Support
NAS      Numerical and Atmospheric Sciences Network
NASA     National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASM     Named Account Sales Manager
NBS      National Bureau of Standards
NC       Network Channel
NCC      Network Control Center
NCC      Norwegian Cracking Company
NCCF     Network Communications Control Facility
NCI      Network Channel Interface
NCIC     National Crime Information Center
NCP      Network Control Point
NCP      Network Control Program
NCS      National Communications System
	 Network Computing System
NCSA     National Computer Security Association
NCSC     National Computer Security Center
NCTE     Network Channel Terminating Equipment
NDA      Network Delivery Access
NDC      Network Data Collection
NDCC     Network Data Collection Center
NDIS     Network Device Interface Specification
NDN      National Distribution Network
NDS      Network Data System
NDU      Network Device Utility
NE       Network Element
NEAS     Northeast Atlantic States
NEBS     Network Equipment Building System
	 New Equipment Building System
NEC      Nippon Electronic Company
NES      Net Equipment Sales
NESAC    National Electronic Switching Assistance Center
NESC     National Electric Safety Code
NEUA     National Elite Underground Alliance
NEXT     Near End X-Talk
NFS      Network File System
NFSP     National Federation of Software Pirates
NFT      Network File Transfer
NH       Nazi Hackers
NHAS     New Hampshire Administrative Services
NHR      Non Hierarchical Routing
NHTSA    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NI       Network Interconnect
	 Network Interface
NIA      Network Information Access
NIC      Network Information Center
NIDL     Network Interface Definition Language
NIH      National Institutes of Health
NIST     National Institute of Standards and Technology
NJE      Network Job Entry
NLM      Netware Loadable Modules
NM       Network Module
NMC      Network Management Center
NMI      Nautilus Memory Interconnect
NMR      Normal Mode Rejection
NNX      Network Numbering Exchange
NOAA     National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
NOC      Network Operations Center
NOCS     Network Operations Center System
NOF      Network Operations Forum
NOR      Net Operating Revenue
NORGEN   Network Operations Report Generator
NOT!     Nation Of Thieves
NOTIS    Network Operator Trouble Information System
NPA      National Phreaker's Alliance
NPA      No Power Alarm
NPA      Northern Phreaker's Alliance
NPA      Number Planning Area
NPA      Numbering Plan Area
NPC      Northern Phun Company
NPIP     New Product Integration Process
NPO      New Product Operations
NPSS     NASA Packet Switching System
NPSU     New Product Start Up
NPV      Net Present Value
NRC      National Research Council
NRCS     National Replacement Character Set
NRZ      Non Return to Zero
NS       Nano-Seconds
NSA      National Security Agency
NSA      National Security Anarchists
NSC      National Security Council
NSC      National Semiconductor
NSC      Network Service Center
NSCS     Network Service Center System
NSDD     National Security Decision Directive
NSEC     Network Switching Engineering Center
NSF      National Science Foundation
NSFNET   National Science Foundation Network
NSPMP    Network Switching Performance Measurement Plan
NT       Network Termination
NT       New Technology
NT       Northern Telecom
NTA      Nokturnal Trading Alliance
NTE      Network Terminal Equipment
NTEC     Network Technical Equipment Center
NTIA     National Telecommunications and Information Administration
	 National Telecommunications and Information Agency
NTISSC   National Telecommunications and Information Systems Steering
NTS      Network Technical Support
	 Network Test System
NUA      Network User Address
	 Network User Address
NUI      Network User ID
	 Network User Identification
NUP      New User Password
NUV      New User Vote
NVN      National Videtex Network
NWSS     Networks & Site Services
NYC      New York Crackers
NYNEX    New York,New England Exchange
NYSHII   New York Safehouse II
O/S      Operating System
OA       Order Administration or Office Automation
OAGEE    Official Airlines Guide Electronic Edition
OASYS    Office Automation System
OBU      Option Business Unit
OC       Operator Centralization
OCAP     Orange Cats Are Pretty
OCC      Other Common Carrier
OCE      Other Common Equipment
OCRC     Option Change Review Committee
OCU      Office Channel Unit
OD       Outdial
ODA      Office Document Architecture
ODAC     Operations Distribution Administration Center
ODD      Operator Distance Dialing
ODDD     Operator Direct Distance Dialing
ODI      Open Data Interface
ODS      Overhead Data Stream
OEM      Original Equipment Manufacturer
OFG      Originally Funny Guys
OFNPS    Outstate Facility Network Planning System
OGT      Out-Going Trunk
OGVT     OutGoing Verification Trunk
OIP      Opportunity Investment Planning
OIS      Office and Information Systems
OLTM     Optical Line Terminating Multiplexer
OLTP     On-Line Transaction Processing
OMC      Office of Munitions Control
OMM      Output Message Manual
OMPF     Operation and Maintenance Processor Frame
ONAC     Operations Network Administration Center
ONAL     Off Network Access Line
ONI      Operator Number Identification
ONI      Operator Number Identification
OOD      Office of Development (Central Engineering)
OOFNet   Our Own Fucking Net
OP       Option
OP       Outside Plant
OPAL     On-line Presentation Access Library
OPC      Originating Point Codes
OPCR     Operator Actions Program
OPEN     Open Protocol Enhanced Networks
OPEOS    Outside Plant Engineering and Operations System
OPM      Outage Performance Monitoring
OPM      Outside Plant Module
OPOM     Organizational Program Office Manager
OPS      Off Premises Station
OPS      Operations
OPSM     Outside Plant Subscriber Module
OPX      Off Premises Extension
OR       Originating Register
ORB      Office Repeater Bay
ORM      Optical Remote Module
OTL      Outlaws
OS       Operator Service
	 Operating System
OSAC     Operator Services Assistance Center
OSC      Operator Services Center
OSDS     Operating System for Distributed Switching
OSF      Open Software Foundation
OSI      Open System Interconnection
	 Open Systems Interconnection
OSO      Originating Signaling Office
OSP      Office of Sales Programs
	 Outside Plant
OSPS     Operator Service Position System
OSS      Operator Service System
	 Operator Services System
OST      Originating Station Treatment
OTA      Office of Technology Assessment
OTC      Operating Telephone Company
OTD      Off the Dock
OTDR     Optical Time Domain Reflectometers
OTP      Order Transaction Processing
	 Operational Trouble Report
OTS      Off The Shelf
OUTWATS  Outward Wide Area Telecommunications Service
OW       Over-Write
P&L      Profit an Loss
P/AR     Peak-to-Average Radio
P/H/A    Phreaker's/Hacker's/Anarchist's
PA       Power Alarm
PA       Program Address
PABX     Private Automatic Branch Exchange
PAC      Pricing and Announcement Committee
PACE     Program for Arrangement of Cables and Equipment
PACT     Prefix Access Code Translator
PAD      Packet Assembly/Disassembly
PADSX    Partially Automated Digital Signal Cross-Connect
PAG      Phreak's Against Geeks
PAIN     Pirating Artistically Intrepid Newsmongers
PAL      Programmable Array Logic
PAM      Pulse Amplitude Modulation
PAN      Personal Account Number
PANS     Pretty Advanced New Stuff
PAPAG    Phreak's Against Phreak's Against Geeks
PAS      Public Announcement System
PASI     Production, Availability, Shipments, Inventory
PAT      Power Alarm Test
PAW      Pirates Analyze Warez
PAX      Private Automatic Exchange
PB       Pacific Brigade
PBC      Peripheral Bus Computer
PBC      Processor Bus Controller
PBD      Pacific Bell Directory
PBM      Product Business Manager
PBT      Profit Before Tax
PBU      Product Business Unit
PBX      Personal Branch Exchange
	 Private Branch Exchange
	 Product Branch Exchange
PC       Personal Computer
PC       Primary Center
PC       Production Control
PCB      Printed Circuit Board
PCDA     Program Controlled Data Acquisition
PCH      Parallel Channel
PCI      Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCM      Plug Compatible Manufacturer
PCM      Product Capacity Manager
PCM      Profit Contribution Margin
PCM      Pulse Code Modulation
PCO      Peg Count and Overflow
PCP      PC Pursuit
PCP      Pyscho Corporate Productions
PCR      Personal Computer Rats
PCR      Post Call Ratio
PCSA     Personal Computing System Architecture
PCSG     Personal Computing Systems Group
PCTV     Program Controlled Transverters
PD       Peripheral Decoder
PD       Public Domain
PDF      Power Distribution Frame
PDI      Power and Data interface
PDN      Public Data Network
PDP      Peripheral Data Processing
PDSP     Peripheral Data Storage Processor
PE       Peripheral Equipment
PE       Public Enemy
PECC     Product Engineering Control Center
PEP      Performance Enhancement Package
	 Personal Enrichment Program
PFM      Pulse Frequency Modulation
PFPU     Processor Frame Power Unit
PGA      Pin Grid Array
PH       Parity High
PHACT    Phreakers/Hackers/Anarchists/Cyberpunks/Technologists
PHANTSY  Phantasy Magazine
PHUCK    Phone Hackers United Crash Kill
PHUN     Phreaker Hackers Underground Network
	 Phoney Underground Nation
PI       Physical Inventory
	 Pirate Incorporated
PIA      Plug-In Administrator
PIC      Plastic Insulated cable
	 Polyolefin Insulated Cables
	 Primary Independent Carrier
PICS     Plug-In Inventory Control System
PID      Proprietary Information Disclosure
PIL      Pirates In Legion
PIN      Personal Identification Number
PIP      Packet Interface Port
PITS     Pie In The Sky
PL       Parity Low
PLA      Programmed Logic Array
PLCC     Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier
PLD      Programmable Logic Device
PLS      Programmable Logic Sequencer
PM       Peripheral Module
PM       Plant Management
PMAC     Peripheral Module Access Controller
PMG      Product Marketing Group
PMI      Private Memory Interconnect
PMR      Poor Mans Routing
PMS      Paranoid Media Scrutinization
PMS      Peoples Message Service
PMT      Planning Methodology Team
PMU      Precision Measurement Unit
PNB      Pacific Northwest Bell
PNPN     Positive-Negative-Positive-Negative
PO       Purchase Order
POB      Peripheral Order Buffer
POC      Point of Contact
POD      Piece of Data
POF      Programmable Operator Facility
POM      Point of Manufacturing
POOR     Protector's Of Our Rights
POP      Point of Presence
POT      Point of Termination
POTS     Plain Old Telephone Service
PP       Post Pay
PP&E     Production, Planning, and Execution
PPD      Peripheral Pulse Distributor
	 Product Phase Down
PPL      Periodic Payment License
	 Professional PC-Board Language
PPM      Pages Per Minute
	 Parts Per Million
PPN      Project Program Number
	 Public Packet Switching
PPP      Point to Point Protocol
PPS      Product Performance Surveys
	 Public Packet Switching
	 Public Packet Switching Network
	 Pulses Per Second
PPSN     Public Packet Switched Network
PPSU     Personal Printer Spooling Utility
PRCA     Puerto Rico Communication Authority
PRE      Prefix
PREMIS   Premises Information System
PRI      Primary Rate Interface
PROFS    Professional Office Systems
PROM     Programmable Read-Only Memory
PROMATS  Programmable Magnetic Tape System
PROMIS   Prosecutors Management Information Systems
PROTEL   Procedure Oriented Type Enforcing Language
PRS      Personal Response System
PRTC     Puerto Rico Telephone Company
PS       Personal System
	 Preferred Service
	 Program Store
PSAP     Public Safety Answering Point
PSAP     Public Safety Answering Point (911)
PSC      Prime Service Contractor
	 Public Safety Calling System
	 Public Service Commission
PSDC     Public Switched Digital Capability
PSDS     Public Switched Digital Service
PSE      Packet Switch Exchange
PSG      Peripheral and Supplies Group
	 Product Shipping Guide
PSIU     Packet Switch Interface Unit
PSK      Phase-Shift Keying
PSM      Packet Service Module
	 Position Switching Module
PSN      Packet Switched Network
	 Public Switched Network
PSO      Pending Service Order
PSS      Packet Switch Stream
	 Packet Switched Services
	 Professional Software Services
PSTN     Public Switched Telephone Network
PSU      Portable Storage Unit
	 Program Storage Unit
PSW      Program Status Word
PT       Program Timer
PTAT     Private Trans Atlantic Telecommunications
PTC      Part Time Crackers
PTE      Packet Transport Equipment
PTG      Physical Technology Group
PTL      Pirates That Live
	 Praise The Lord
PTS      Position and Trunk Scanner
PTT      Postal Telephone Telegraph
PTW      Primary Translation Word
PUC      Peripheral Unit Controller
PUC      Public Utilities Commission
PVC      Permanent Virtual Circuits
PVN      Private Virtual Network
PHD      Phreak/Hacker Destroyers
QAM      Quadrature-Amplitude Modulation
QAS      Quasi-Associated Signaling
QBOD     Quality Board of Directors
QC       Quality Control
QDSS     Q-Bus Dragon Sub-System
QMP      Quality Measurement Plan
QPA      Quality Program Analysis
QPSK     Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying
QRSS     Quasi Random Signal Source
QSO      QWK Support Option
QSS      Quality Solution Systems
QSS      Quality Surveillance System
QVSS     Q-Bus Viper Sub-System
R&R:     Rate & Route                                                     
R&SE:    Research & Systems Engineering
R/O:     Read/Only
R/W:     Read Write
R/WM:    Read/Write Memory
RABID:   Rebellion Against Big Irrepressible Dweebs
RAM:     Random Access Memory
RAM:     Random-Access Memory
RAMP:    Reliability, Availability, Maintainability Program
RAND:    Rural Area Network Design
RAO:     Regional Accounting Office
RAO:     Revenue Accounting Office
RAR:     Return Address Register
RASC:    Residence Account Service Center
RBG:     Realtime Business Group
RBHC:    Regional Bell Holding Company
RBOC:    Regional Bell Operating Company
RBOR:    Request Basic Output Report
RC:      Reduced Cost
RC:      Regional Center
RC:      Resistance-Capacitance
RC MAC:  Recent Change Memory Administration Center
RCC:     Radio Common Carrier
RCC:     Remote Cluster Controller
RCC:     Reverse Command Channel
RCF:     Remote Call Forwarding
RCLDN:   Retrieval of Calling Line Directory Number
RCM:     Remote Carrier Module
RCSC:    Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem
RCU:     Radio Channel Unit
RCVR:    Receiver
RDB:     Relational Database
RDES:    Remote Data Entry System
RDS:     Radio Digital System
RDSN:    Region Digital Switched Network
RDT:     Radio Digital Terminal
RDT:     Remote Digital Terminal
RDT:     Restricted Data Transmissions
REC:     Regional Engineering Center
REM:     Remote Equipment Module
REMOBS:  Remote Observation System
REN:     Ring Equivalence Number
REP:     Repertory Dialing
REV:     Revenue or Revision
REXX:    Restructured Extended Executer Language
RF:      Radio Frequency
RF:      Radio Frequency
RFC:     Request For Comments
RFI:     Radio Frequency Interference or Request for Information
RFP:     Request for Proposal
RGB:     Red Green Blue
RH:      Relative Humidity
RID:     Remote Isolation Device
RIOT:    Revolution In Our Time
RIP:     Revolutionizing International Piracy
RIP:     Routing Information Protocol
RIS:     Remote Installation Service
RISC:    Reduced Instruction Set Computer
RISD:    Reference Information Systems Development
RISLU:   Remote Integrated Services Line Unit
RJE:     Remote Job Entry
RLCM:    Remote Line Concentrating Module
RLL:     Run Length Limited
RLT:     Remote Line Test
RMAS:    Remote Memory Administration System
RMR:     Remote Message Registers
RMS:     Root Mean Squared
RMS:     Root-Mean-Square
RN:      Reference Noise
RNOC:    Regional Network Operations Center
RO:      Read Only
RO:      Receive Only
ROA:     Return On Assets
ROB:     Remote Order Buffer
ROC:     Regional Operating Company
ROH:     Receiver Off Hook
ROI:     Return On Investment
ROM:     Read Only Memory
ROT:     Reign of Terror
ROTL:    Remote Office Test Lines
RPC:     Remote Procedure Call
RPE:     Remote Peripheral Equipment
RPM:     Reduced Parts Menu
RPM:     Relentless Pursuit of Magnificence
RPM:     Revolution Per Minute or Rotations Per Minute
RPV:     Remotely Piloted Vehicle
RQS:     Rate/Quote System
RQS:     The Rate Quote System
RQSM:    Regional Quality Service Management
RQT:     Reliability Quality Test
RRO:     Reports Receiving Office
RSA:     Reference System Architecture
RSA:     Repair Service Attendant
RSAT:    Reliability and System Architecture Testing
RSB:     Repair Service Bureau
RSC:     Remote Switching Center
RSC:     Residence Service Center
RSCS:    Remote Source Control System
RSCS:    Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem
RSE:     Removable Storage Elements
RSL:     Remote Ship List
RSLE:    Remote Subscriber Line Equipment
RSLM :   Remote Subscriber Line Module
RSM:     Remote Switching Module
RSS:     Remote Switching System
RSTE/E:  Resource System Time Sharing / Enhanced
RSTS/E:  Resource Sharing Time Sharing / Extended
RSTS/E:  Resource System Time Sharing / Environment
RSU:     Remote Switching Unit
RSVP:    RDB Solu tions Vendor Program
RSVP:    Revolutionary Surrealist Vandal Party
RT:      Real Time
RTA:     Real-Time Accelerator
RTA:     Remote Trunk Arrangement
RTBG:    Real Time Business Group
RTD:     Resistance Temperature Detector
RTE:     Remote Terminal Emulation
RTL:     Resistor-Transistor Logic
RTM:     Regional Telecommunications Management
RTM:     Remote Test Module
RTS:     Remote Testing System
RTS:     Request to Send
RTU:     Remote Trunking Unit
RUM:     Remote User Multiplex
RWC:     Remote Work Center
RX:      Receive Data
RX:      Remote Exchange
S        Sleeve   
S-Box    Skunk Box
SA       Storage Array
SABB     Storage Array Building Block
SAC      Service Area Code
	 Service Area Computer
	 Special Area Code
SAFE     Security Awareness From Education
SAG      Street Address Guide
SAI      Serving Area Interface
SAIL     Stanfords Artificial Intelligence Lab
SALI     Standalone Automatic Location Information
SAM      Secure Access Multiport
SAMA     Step by step Automatic Message Accounting
SAP      Secondary or Separate Audio Program
SAR      Store Address Register
SARTS    Switched Access Remote Test System
SAS      Single Attachment System
	 Switched Access Services
SASE     Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
	 System and Support Engineering
SAT      Special Access Termination
	 Supervisory Audio Tone
SBA      Shipping and Billing Authorization
SBB      System Building Block
SBC      Single Board Computer
SBDN     Southern Bell Data Network
SBI      Storage Bus Interconnect
SBMS     Southwestern Bell Mobile Service
SBR      Storage Business Review
SBS      Skyline Business Systems
SBT      Software Business Technologies
SC       Scanner Controller 
	 Sectional Center
SCA      Strategic Capital Acquisitions
	 Swiss Cracking Association
SCAT     Stromberg-Carlson Assistance Team
SCC      Specialized Common Carriers
	 Switching Control Center
SCCP     Signaling Connection Control Part
SCCS     Specialized Common Carrier Service
	 Switching Control Center System
SCD      Software Chronicle Digest
SCF      Selective Call Forwarding
	 Selective Call Forwarding
SCI      Strategic Computing Initiative
SCIT     Semi-Conductor and Interconnect Technologies
SCM      Station Class Mark
	 Subscriber Carrier Module
SCMP     System Cooperative Marketing Program
SCO      Semiconductor Operations
	 Serving Central Office
SCOT     Stepper Central Office Tester
SCOTS    Surveillance and Control of Transmissions System
SCP      Service Control Point
	 Signal Control Point
	 Signal Conversion Point
	 System Control Program
SCPC     Signal Channel Per Carrier
SCPD     Supplementary Central Pulse Distributor
SCR      Selective Call Rejection
SCSI     Small Computer Storage Interface
	 Small Computer Systems Interface
SCU      Selector Control Unit
SCX      Specialized Communications Exchange
SD&D     Specific Development & Design
SDA      Silicon Dream Artists
	 Software Design Automation
SDC      Software Distribution Center
SDI      Standard Disk Interconnect
	 Standard Drive Interface
	 Strategic Defense Initiative
SDIS     Switched Digital Integrated Service
SDL      Specification and Description Language
SDLC     Synchronous Data Link Control
SDN      Software Defined Network
SDNS     Secure Data System Network
SDOC     Selective Dynamic Overload Controls
SDP      Store Delivery Point
SDR      Store Data Register
SDS      Sales and Distribution Systems
	 Switched Data Service
	 Synchronous Data Set
SDSC     Synchronous Data Set Controller
SE       Society Elite
SEA      System Enhancement Associates
SEAS     Signaling Engineering and Administration System
SEE      Systems Equipment Engineering
SEG      Semiconductor Engineering Organization
SEL      Selector
SES      Service Evaluation System
SF       Single Frequency
	 Supervision Control Frequency
SFE      Secure Front End
SFI      Society for the Freedom of Information
SFMC     Satellite Facility Management Center
SG       Supergroup
SGA      Sysops Guild Association
SGML     Standard Generic Markup Language
SGMP     Simple Gateway Management Protocol
SHA      Swedish Hackers Association
SHIBNI   Shipped But Not Invoiced
SI       Status Indicator
SIA      Semiconductor Industry Association
SIC      Silicon Integrated Circuit
SID      Satanic Incarnate of Doom
	 System Identification
SIDH     System Identification Home
SIG      Special Interest Group
SIM      Service Industry Marketing
SIMM     Single Inline Memory Module
SIT      Special Information Tones
SK       Sofdox Krackers
SKISM    Smart Kids Into Sick Methods
SLA      Service Level Agreement
SLAC     Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory
SLC      Service Level Contract or Software License Configurator
	 Subscriber Loop Carrier
SLE      Screen List Editing
	 Screening Line Editor
SLF      Smurf Liberation Front
SLIC     Subscriber Line Interface Card
	 Subscriber Line Interface Circuit
SLIM     Subscriber Line Interface Module
SLIP     Serial Line Internet Protocol
SLS      Storage Library System
SLU      Serial Line Unit
SM       Switching Module
SMAS     Supplementary Main Store
	 Switched Maintenance Access System
SMASF    Switched Maintenance Access System Frame
SMASPU   Switched Maintenance Access System Power Unit
SMDF     Subscriber Main Distributing Frame
SMDI     Storage Module Disk Interconnect
	 Subscriber Message Desk Interface
SMDR     Station Message Detailing Recording
SMDS     Switched Multi-Megabit Data Service
SME      Society of Manufacturing Engineering
SMG      Super Master Group
SMI      System Management Interrupt
SMP      Symmetrical Multi-Processing
SMS      Self Maintenance Services
	 Service Management System
	 Station Management System
SMSA     Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area
SMTP     Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SMU      Strategic Marketing Unit
SNA      System Network Architecture
SNADS    System Network Architecture Distribution Service
SNET     Southern New England Telephone
SNMP     Simple Network Management Protocol
SNPC     Software New Products Committee
SO       System Option
SOAC     Service Order Analysis Control
SOC      Service Oversight Center
	 Systems and Option Catalog
SOCC     Standard Optical Cable Code
SOE      Standards of Excellence
SOE      Standard Operating Environment
SOL      Sons Of Liberty.
SONAR    Service Order Negotiation and Retrieval
SONDS    Small Office Network Data System
SONET    Synchronous Optical Network
SOP      Standard Operating Procedure
	 Sum of the Pieces
SOST     Special Operator Service Treatment
SP       Sharp Private
	 Signal Processor
	 Signaling Point
SPA      Software Publishers Association
SPAN     Space Physics Analysis Network
SPC      Southern Pacific Communications
	 Stored Program Control
SPCS     Stored Program Control Systems
SPCSS    Stored Program Control Switching System
SPD      Software Product Description
SPDA     Supplier Data Program
SPG      Software Product Group
SPI      Safeguarding Proprietary Information
	 Self-Paced Instruction
	 Serial Peripheral Interface
SPLAT    Society for the Preservation of Lasting Anarchy and Terrorism
SPM      Software Performance Monitor
SPP      Ship Plan
SPS      Self Preservation Society
	 Software Product Services
SPUC/DL  Serial Peripheral Unit Controller / Data Link
SQL      Structural Query Language
SQL/DS   Structured Query Language / Data System
SQM      Software Quality Management
SRA      Selective Routing Arrangement
SRC      System Resource Center
SRG      Strategic Relations Group
SRTC     Service Right-to-Copy
SS       Secret Service
	 Signaling System
	 Special Services
	 Standard System
SSAN     Social Security Account Number
SSAS     Station Signaling and Announcement Subsystem
	 Station Signaling and Announcement System
SSB      Single-Side Band
	 Software Supply Business
SSBAM    Single-Side Band Amplitude Modulation
SSC      Special Services Carrier
SSCP     Subsystem Services Control Point
SSD      Solid State Disk
SSG      Software Systems Group
	 Strategic Studies Group
	 Suburban Survival Guide
SSL      Standard Security Label
SSN      Social Security Number
SSO      Satellite Switching Office
SSODB    Secret Society of Dark Birds
SSP      Signal Switching Point
	 Switching Service Points
	 System Status Panel
SSPC     System Status Panel Controller
SSPRU    System Status Panel Relay Unit
SSS      Software Support Services
	 Strowger Switching System
SSTTSS   Space-Space-Time-Time-Space-Space Network
ST       Start
STAR     Systems and Technology Applications Requirements
STC      Serving Test Center
	 Switching Technical Center
STD      Subscriber Trunk Dialing
STDM     Statistical Time Division Multiplexing
STG      Strategic Technologies Group
STP      Signal Transfer Point
STS      Shared Tenant Service
	 Space-Time-Space Network
	 Synchronous Transport Signal
SUFF     Suffix
SUNET    Stanford University Network
SVC      Switched Virtual Circuits
SVGA     Super Video Graphics Array
SVS      Switched Voice Service
SWB      Southwestern Bell
SWG      Sub Working Group
SWIFT    Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications
SWM      Semiconductor Worldwide Management
SWS      Software Services
SX       Simplex Signaling
SXS      Step By (X) Step
SYC      System Control
SYS      System
SYSGEN   System Generation
SOT      The Sea of Tranquility
SXS      Step-by-Step
	 Strowger Switch
3GL      Third Generation Language
T        Tip      
T&C      Time and Charge
T's & C's Terms and Conditions
T1/OS    T1 Carrier Outstate
T1FE     T1 Carrier Front End
TA       Terminal Adaptor
	 Transfer Allowed
TAC      Terminal Access Circuit
TAMU     Texas A&M University
TAN      Telecomm and Networks
TANJ     There Ain't No Justice
TAP      Technological Assistance Party
	 Telephone Assistance Plan
	 Trans-Atlantic Project
TAS      Telephone Answering Service
	 The Apostle Syndicate
TASC     Technical Assistance Service Center
	 Telecommunications Alarm Surveillance and Control System
TASD     The Association of Social Disorder
TASI     Time Assignment Speech Interpolation
TAT      Trans-Atlantic Telephone
TBBS     The Bread Board System
TBG      Telecomm Business Group
TBH      The Black Hole
TBU      Terminals Business Unit
TC       Timing Center
	 Toll Center
	 Transfer Cost
TCAP     Telecommunications Alarm Surveillance
	 Transaction Capabilities Application Part
	 Transaction Capabilities Applications Port
TCAS     T-Carrier Administration System
TCC      Technical Consulting Center
	 Trunk Class Code
TCE      The Cutting Edge
TCG      Test Call Generation
TCH      The Crowbar Hotel
TCIF     Telecommunications Industry Forum
TCM      Time Compression Multiplexor
	 Trellis Coded Modulation
TCP      Transmission Control Protocol
TCR      Transient Call Record
TCS      The Criminal Syndicate (The Crime Syndicate)
TDAS     Traffic Data Administration System
TDC      Tape Data Controller
	 Terrestrial Data Circuit
TDCC     Transport Data Coordinating Committee
TDD      Telecommunications Device for the Deaf
TDM      Time Division Multiplexing
TDMS     Terminal Data Management System
TDT      The Dream Team
TDWP     Think Dream Wonder Ponder
TE       Terminal Equipment
	 Transverse Electric
TEHO     Tail End Hop Off
TELSAM   Telephone Service Attitude Measurement
TERM     Terminal
TFBS     The Fucking Boy Scouts
	 The Fucking Boy Scouts
TFLAP    T-Carrier Fault Locating Applications Program
TFS      Trunk Forecasting System
TFT      Thin Film Transistor
TGC      Terminal Group Controller
TGITM    The Ghost In The Machine
TGL      Third Generation Language (3GL)
TGN      Trunk Group Number
TH       Trouble History
	 Trouble history
THC      The Hellfire Club
THENET   Texas Higher Education Network
THG      The Humble Guys
THP      The Hill People
TI       Texas Instruments
TIA      Telephone Information Access
TIDE     Traffic Information Distributor & Editor
TIRKS    Trunk Integrated Record Keeping System
TIS      Technical Information Systems
TKK      The Kiwi Killers
TLB      TransLAN Bridge
TLM      Trouble Locating Manual
TLN      Trunk Line Network
TLP      Transmission Level Point
TLTP     Trunk Line and Test Panel
TM       Transverse Magnetic
TMC      Telemarketing Communications
	 The Movie Channel
TMDF     Trunk Main Distributing Frame
TMMS     Telephone Message Management System
TMS      Transient Memory Record
TMSCP    Tape Mass Storage Control Protocol
TNDS     Total Network Data System
TNO      The New Order
TNOP     Traffic Network Operation Plan
TNPC     Traffic Network Planning Center
TNS      Tolmes News Service
TOEM     Technical Original Equipment Manufacturer
TOM:     Trance-O-Mania
TOP      Technical Office Protocol
	 Technology and Organizational Performance
TOPS     Tapes and Optical Products
	 Timesharing Operating System
	 Traffic Operator Position System
TP       Toll Point
	 Transaction Processing
TPC      The Phoney Coders
	 Transaction Processing Performance Council
	 Two Phase Commit
TPI      Tracks Per Inch
TPL      Traditional Product Line
	 Top Piracy League
TPMP     Total Performance Measurement Plan
TPS      Transactions Per Second
TQC      Total Quality Control
TR       Test Register
	 Transfer Register
TREAT    Trouble Report Evaluation Analysis Tool
TRI      The Remote Informer
TRIN     Trinity
TRMTR    Transmitter
TRR      Tip-Ring Reverse
TRS      The RapeWare Syndicate
TRSI     The Red Sector Inc
TRWS     The Rape Ware Syndicate
TS       Toxic Shock
TSAN     The Sysop's Area Network
	 The Sysops Association Network
	 Tri-State Area Sysop's Network
TSC      Telecommunications Security Council
TSCPF    Time Switch and Call Processor Frame
TSCPF    Time Switch and Central Processor Frame
TSG      Telecommunications Systems Group
	 Timing Signal Generator
TSI      Time Slot Interchanger
TSN      Terminal Switching Network
TSO      Technical Services Organization
	 Time Sharing Option
TSORT    Transmission System Optimum Relief Tool
TSP      Technology Strategy and Planning
	 Test Supervisor
	 Traffic Service Position
TSPS     Traffic Service Position System
TSR      The Syndicate Report
TSS      Trunk Servicing System
TSST     Time-Space-Space-Time Network
TST      Time-Space-Time Network
TT       Trunk Type
TTAP     Trust Technology Assessment Program
TTC      Terminating Toll Center
TTL      Transistor-to-Transistor Logic
TTM      Time to Market
TTP      Trunk Test Panel
TTS      Trunk Time Switch
TTTN     Tandem Tie Trunk Network
TTY      Teletypewriter
TTYC     Teletypewriter Controller
TUFF     The Underground Fone Foundation
TUGOS    The United Guild Of Sysops
TUIMG    Telecom/Utilities Industry Marketing Group
TUR      Traffic Usage Recording
	 Trunk Usage Recording
TV-H     TV Line
TV-V     TV Frame
TWA      The Warez Alliance
TWCB     The Whacko Cracko Brothers
TWX      Teletypewriter Exchange
	 Telex II
TX       Transmit Data
YAM      Youngsters Against McAfee
	 Youths Against McAfee
UA       Underground America
UAA      United Anarchists of America
UAE      Unrecoverable Application Error
UART     Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
UC       United Couriers
UCD      Uniform Call Distribution
UCF      Underground Computing Foundation
	 Untouchable Cracking Force
UCS      Uniform Communication Standard
UDC      Universal Digital Channel
UDP      User Datagram Protocol
UDVM     Universal Data Voice Multiplexer
UFD      User Friendly Diagnostics
UIC      User Identification Code
UID      User Identification
UIF      United Ignorance Front
UITP     Universal Information Transport Plan
ULTRA    Underground Legion of Terroristic Research Activists
UN       United Nations
UNISTAR  Universal Single-Call Telecommunications Answering & Repairing
UNN      Urine Nation News
UOF      Unusual Order Form
UPC      Utility Port Conditioner
UPI      United Phreaker's Incorporated
UPS      Uninterruptable Power Supply
	 Uninterruptable Power System
	 United Pirate Syndicate
URN      Underground Rip-Off Network
USA      United Software Association
	 United States Alliance (Amiga Group)
USA/FLT  United Software Association/Fairlight
USB      Upper Side Band
USC      User Steering Committee
USCIC    U.S. Country Information Center
USDA     Uncle Sam's Demo Agency
USDN     United States Digital Network
USFDC    U.S. Financial Data Center
USIBC    U.S. Integrated Business Center
USITA    United States Independent Telephone Association
USMP     U.S. Manufacturing Planning
USO      Universal Service Order
USOC     Universal Service Order Code
USP      Universal Sampling Plan
USPL     U.S. Price List
USR      USRobotics
UTMC     United Technologies Microelectronics Center
UUCICO   Unix to Unix Copy Incoming Copy Outgoing
UUCP     Unix to Unix Copy Program
UUT      User to User Signaling
UVC      Universal Voice Channel
UXU      Underground Experts United
VAN      Value Add Network
VAR      Value Added Reseller
VAX      Virtual Address Extension
VAXFT    VAX Fault Tolerant
VC       Virtual Circuit
VCPI     Virtual Control Program Interface
VCS      Virtual Circuit System
VD       Video Dox
VDT      Visual Display Terminal
VDU      Visual Display Unit
VESA     Video Electronics Standards Association
VF       Voice Frequency
VFP      Vertical Forms Printing
VFU      Vertical Forms Unit
VFY      Verify
VG       Voice Grade
VGA      Video Graphics Array
VGB      Voice Grade Budget
VGF      Voice Grade Facility
VHF      Very High Frequency
VIA      Vax Information Architecture
VIN      Vehicle Identification Number
VINES    Virtual Network Software
VIPS     Video Image Printer Systems
VIS      Video Information System
VIU      Voiceband Interface Unit
VLSI     Very Large Scale Integration
VM/SP    Virtual Machine/System product
VMB      Voice Mail Box
VMCF     Virtual Machine Communications Facility
VMR      Volt-Meter Reverse
VMRS     Voice Message Relay System
VMS      Virtual Memory Operation System
VMS      Virtual Memory System
VMS      Voice Mail System
VMS      Voice Management System
VMS      Voice Message System
VNF      Virtual Network Feature
VNLF     Via Net Loss Factor
VNLP     Via Net Loss Plan
VODAS    Voice Over Data Access Station
VOLM     Volume
VOM      Volt Ohm Meter
VPA      VAX Performance Advisor
VPL      Visual Programming Language
VPN      Virtual Private Network
VPS      Voice Processing System
VR       Virtual Reality
VRAM     Video Random Access Memory
VRS      Voice Response System
VSAM     Virtual Storage Access Method
VSAT     Very Small Aperture Terminal
VSB      Vestigial Sideband
VSE      Virtual Storage Extended
VSR      Voice Storage and Retrieval
VSS      Voice Storage System
VSSP     Voice Switch Signaling Point
VT       Video Terminal
VTAM     Virtual Telecommunications Access Method
VTI      Virtual Terminal Interface
VTOC     Volume Table of Contents
VTS      Video Teleconferencing System
VTX      Videotex 
VUIT     Visual User Interface Tool
VUP      Vax Unit of Processing
WACS     Western and Central States
WAN      Wide Area Network
WASP     Warriors Against Software Protection
WATS     Wide Area Telecommunications Service
	 Wide Area Telephone Service
WC       Wire Center
WCPC     Wire Center Planning Center
WCU      Water Cooling Unit
WDCS     Wideband Digital Cross-Connect System
WDF      World Domination Force
WDM      Wavelength Division MultiPlexing
WDT      Watch Dog Timer
WES      Western Electronics Switching
WINS     Warehouse Information Network Standards
WIP      Work In Process
	 Workcenter Information Package
WIPO     World Intellectual Property Organization
WM       Work Manager
WORM     Write Once Read Many
WPE      World Pirate Echo
WPS      Word Processing Software
WTM      White Trash Magazine
WVIEW    World View Magazine
WW       Weenie Warriors
	 Wankers of Wimbledon
WYSIWYG  What You See Is What You Get
GL       Second Generation Language
XB       X-Bar (Crossbar)
XBAR     X-Bar (Crossbar)
XBT      Crossbar Tandem
XCOST    Transfer Cost
XFE      X-Bar Front End
XFMC     Cross Functional Management Committee
XGA      Extended Graphics Array
XMS      Extended Multiprocessor System
XNS      Xerox Network Systems
XSV      Transfer Cost System Value
XTC      Extended Test Controller


Few, so.. this was my part. Yeah, I know, this are not only groups or 
anything, but I think you can use the others too. Anyway, I wanna thank
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Also some greetinx (I hate it, but anyway):

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