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Chasing a narq for The Crazed Asylum (TCA) by Corner Deli FTP

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Final hop in narc-email return path: Received: from [] by send1b; Wed, 04 Feb 1998 19:48:14 PST Name: TOMCAT.CADIF.CORNELL.EDU Address: http://cadif.cornell.edu = Holister Computer Labs, where scytale works -------------------------------------------------------------------- >From narc-email: 250- | 2 | 8m 58s | 1/1.2M | /incoming/utils/Compression.Plus.v5.0.32-Bit.F | drwxrwxrwx 2 frznwate RISC 1024 Feb 5 03:14 Compression.Plus.v5.0.32-Bit.For.VB-GPF rftpd uses GMT, thats 10:14pm EST, + 9 mins = Feb 4th approx 10:23pm EST when the new/ls was done Feb 4 21:51:59 gorchfock in.ftpd[32695]: connect from Feb 4 21:52:53 gorchfock in.ftpd[32718]: connect from Feb 4 21:53:08 gorchfock in.ftpd[32725]: connect from Feb 4 22:07:14 gorchfock in.fingerd[314]: connect from -------------------------------------------------------------------- <chor> thanks man, i just hope this whole thing blows over [0:21] <sCytale> yeah me too <chor> so how well do you know your cositeops? [0:23] <sCytale> not very well [0:35] <sCytale> does chor knows the e-mail was sent from cornell? <chor> yes <chor> i hope that was the right window <chor> otherwise, i htink you've just incriminated yourself <chor> you do know that i know you work in the hollister labs, right? ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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