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Hittin' it up in '94! by Quantum Traders

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...Simply the fastest!
 _/\_______ __________ __________ ___________________________ ______ ___/\_
 \__       \\__   |   \\__   _   \\__       ____  ____   |   \\__   Y   __/
  /    T    \/    |    \/   _j    \/    T    \/    \/    |    \/         \
 /     ! _   \    !     \   l_     \    |     \     \    !     \   T T    \
 \______/     \_________/____l_____/____l_____/_____/__________/___l_j     \
       l______/             Hittin' it up in '94!                 sctl_____/
                    ^=^  MoRTaL WiSH/FEoE (818) WHQ  ^=^

   Yet another file spread by the best trading group around!  Quantum is
   looking for more good traders and sites so look around for an application!
   Get in touch with us by calling our WHQ, 818.282.3911 and log on as the
   following:       Handle: QUANTUM
                    PW: QUANTUM
   Then leave mail/comment to QuaziModem!

   Note:  Concept Elite is now totally independant from all groups for the
          time being.  So Mortal Wish/FEoE is now the WHQ until we find a
          new one.  The scene is real slow these days.  Not too many "major"
          releases, lots of dups and fakes out there...

   Greets to: Lord Thinker, Moz, LiON, YELLMAN, EOS, STUBBORN, White Viper,
              Shinobi, Prophet, Tsunami, Razor Blade, Air-Fu, Cipher, The
              Legend, and the rest of our gang!

   Outcuts to: The REAL groups on the scene.
               Thanks for allowing us to exist! ;)

   And a special shout-out to all the other trading groups: RiSC, GoDS, UC,
   CRiMSON, Alpha, and SPECTRUM.  Thanks for the competition.

   - QuaziModem
                                                       - Updated 01/30/94
QUANTUM.DIS 80x35 Font