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1998 March 29

  • Text / Community drama
  • Fearflajt, Psyber, writer credits
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<Psyber> fearflajt <Psyber> i will not let you courier one disk this whole next week. <Psyber> sorry. <fEARfLAjt> psyber:oh really....lets race on the next 60+ disks on bld then <Psyber> ok :) <Psyber> winner takes all? <fEARfLAjt> sure <fEARfLAjt> or lets have a bet <Psyber> if i win, you leave the scene? <Psyber> you win, i leave? <fEARfLAjt> if i win u leave the scene? <fEARfLAjt> sure <fEARfLAjt> its agreed <fEARfLAjt> next week <denude> fft: u'll loose :-) <Psyber> and i want the pink slip to your car. <fEARfLAjt> first 60+ release <Psyber> and fft...you will loose. <MR_Y> fft will win.. i know that :D <denude> bah,, he has some 60+ disk pre <Psyber> mry...side bet with the same with you too? <NovoPiMP> fft loses or psyb loses, comes back as a different nick <Grin> <fEARfLAjt> psyber:pack the bag,u r out of the scene <Psyber> even if he had a pre <fEARfLAjt> haha <Psyber> i'd still prolly beat him :) <fEARfLAjt> a lame guy like me would have pre????? <fEARfLAjt> haha <fEARfLAjt> psyber:r u writing your quit msg on scenelink?? <Psyber> fft...have you ever beaten me on a release when i'm up? <riches> i wanna get in on the bets <Psyber> even like a 2 disker? <fEARfLAjt> psyber:hehe....i guess i have to win now <fEARfLAjt> riches:ok...who r u betting on....me or psyber? <Psyber> <---100:1 favorite <fEARfLAjt> ok sounds good to me <Psyber> actually...how about this fft <Psyber> i'll spot you a 3:1 ratio <riches> fEARfLAjt, i go wit longshots .. my money is riding on you and your tradin skillz ok? <fEARfLAjt> riches:ok....i luv u:) <Psyber> you only have to get 1 disk for every 3 i up and you win <fEARfLAjt> psyber:no.... <Grada> smurf Psyber <Grada> hehe <Psyber> ok so fft looses, riches and fft leave the scene <Grada> :P <Psyber> anyone else in on the bet? <Grada> ok fear wins <fEARfLAjt> go for a 1:1 bet <Grada> HOW ABOUT I ENTER THE RACE! <MrPuMPkiN> whats the bet? <MrPuMPkiN> GO [email protected]@ <Psyber> if i ever only supported one site at a time <Psyber> you should fear that <fEARfLAjt> psyber:dont underestimate me plz:) <fjalar> there is no chance in underestimating you fft :) <Psyber> ahahahhaahah <Psyber> p0w <Psyber> wh0mp <TimmyG> PSYBER IS LEAVING? <[SNap]> -fEARfLAjt:#mpower- EVERYBODY: SAY GOODBYE TO PSYBER WHO iS LEAViNG THE SCENE <Psyber> fft...your're not stupid enough to think you could take me <Psyber> i should hope not anyways <fEARfLAjt> psyber:oh yes but i dont care <MrPuMPkiN> psyber: i thought u dont trade in weekends? <Psyber> mrp...gf is working :) <MrPuMPkiN> i seem to recall u saying that.. <TimmyG> EVERYBODY TODAY IS LIKE A MEMORY FOR ALL PSYBER IS LEAVING! <Wintrhwk> you all are retarded <fEARfLAjt> psyber:from now.....next release over 60 disks..... <fEARfLAjt> oki? <Psyber> gn0uf <fEARfLAjt> on blade <Psyber> fft...if i'm here <Psyber> i won't be here much longer <Psyber> and i'm going to protect you. <fEARfLAjt> exactly....cause u r leaving the scene <Psyber> i will make it a gentlemans bet <Psyber> because you must be a maniac if you think you can beat me <Wintrhwk> fear: are you naturally this stupid, or do you work at it? <fEARfLAjt> wintrhwk:both... <fEARfLAjt> :) <fEARfLAjt> psyber:no we agreed that some of us will leave the scene <fEARfLAjt> u still in? <fEARfLAjt> or r u a coward?:) <Psyber> aahahha <Psyber> yeah whatever <Wintrhwk> it's a retarded bet <Wintrhwk> that is what i is <Nepenthe> i bet that whoever loses won't leave the scene <Psyber> i know nep <Nepenthe> and if i lose, i leave....not =p <Psyber> fft has never beat me on release <Psyber> there's no real stakes for me to win. <fEARfLAjt> psyber:u wont leave the scene <fEARfLAjt> sting:shall we show the power of DE?:) <Psyber> i won't bet you...i have to much to loose and you too little for it to be worthwhile <fEARfLAjt> so u r a coward?? <Nepenthe> laugh, nice justification <Psyber> no, you're a nobody. <Psyber> you're not worth my bet <fEARfLAjt> yes....so thats why u cant loose <Psyber> no grad...that WOULD be some stakes <Grada> <Psyber> you're not worth my bet <Grada> <Psyber> no grad...that WOULD be some stakes <Grada> huh? *** Grada is now known as Grade <Grade> now grad <Grade> hehehe <dnd> is someone logging this ? :-) <dnd> hopefully blackacid :-) <BlackAcd> hrm? <BlackAcd> i just got on <BlackAcd> so i missed it <BlackAcd> :( <dnd> damnyou :) <Psyber> that would be some competition <dnd> hope someone logged it :-) <fjalar> i did :) <Psyber> only way you'd bet me fft is if you had a pre or a shot at one... <fEARfLAjt> everybody who knows says i am lame <fEARfLAjt> so i cant get pre┤s Session Close: Sun Mar 29 00:08:15 199
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