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An argument between Riches, HTW, Sparc. by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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Session Start: Wed Jul 15 13:18:33 1998
* Logging #riches to '#riches.log'
[13:18] <riches> hiGH
[13:18] <riches> gonna nuke me now?=[
<htw> koyote's coming
<htw> not koyote
<htw> i mean sparc
<htw> i'm just eh mediator:)
[13:19] <riches> ya hah mediator
[13:19] <riches> haha
[13:19] *** Sparc (sdfsdf@sfo-ca47-32.ix.netcom.com) has joined #riches
<htw> ok
[13:20] <Sparc> well riches knows how i feel
[13:21] *** htw- (htw@ has joined #riches
[13:21] *** htw sets mode: +o htw-
<htw> perhaps he doesn't
<htw> say it again
[13:21] <riches> heaty
[13:21] <riches> u packeting me=]?
<htw> riches, no, i told them to hold them off
[13:21] *** htw- sets mode: +o htw
[13:22] <Sparc> nobody is packeting you
[13:22] <Sparc> just stay behind your fukcing minutes.net shell and you will be
<htw> speak and make up boys :)
[13:23] <Sparc> i have..
[13:23] <Sparc> koyote stays oped..
[13:23] <Sparc> cause he has contributed to the channel far more than
<htw> fuck, don't tell me they packetd him
sent ctcp Ping request to riches
[13:23] <Sparc> have em stay behind his fucking firewall and it won'thappen
[13:24] *** riches has quit IRC (Broken pipe)
<htw> shit
[13:24] *** [riches] (bigkid@I-ll.do.it.in.a.MINUTE.NET) has joined #riches
[13:25] *** [riches] is now known as laff
[13:25] *** htw sets mode: +v laff
[13:25] *** htw sets mode: +v laff
<htw> ok, i told them to stop packeting AGAIN
[13:25] <laff> i show u my ppp
[13:25] <laff> and u gotta packet that shit is fUnny
[13:25] <laff> like you guys could do anything
[13:25] <laff> unles im on the ppp ;)
[13:26] <Sparc> i told you
[13:26] <Sparc> hide behind your firewall
[13:26] <Sparc> and nobody can touch you
[sparc]: i th ink you have to repeat, he probably missed it
<htw> i could:)
[13:26] <laff> uhm i logged on irc with my ppp
[13:26] <laff> onpurpose
[13:26] <Sparc> why?
[13:26] <laff> i dont care if iget packeted ;)
[13:26] <laff> its not liek i care.
[13:26] <Sparc> riches know the deall.
[13:26] <Sparc> koyote stays oped..
[13:27] <laff> the more use packet the more i dont wanna give the chan back
[13:27] <laff> hahahahahhaa
[13:27] <Sparc> b/c he as contributed just as much to the channel
[13:27] <laff> uhm go smoke your drugs;)
[13:27] <laff> he didnt contribute shit :)
[13:27] <laff> and i dont care if he contributed just as much or even MORe than
[13:27] <laff> fact is the little c0dekiddie found aexploit and deleted my
[13:27] *** htw- sets mode: +o htw
<htw> i've talked to koyote, and he said it wasn't him
[13:28] <Sparc> it is your problem
[13:28] <laff> see sparc saying stupid shit like that , just makes me wanna own
your channel even more,
<htw> he DID empty your recycling bin though, he doesn't deny that
[13:28] <laff> htw uhm i dont care what he said=]
[13:28] <laff> ya then the next thing i know my comp crashes
[13:28] <laff> and 70% of the drive is deleted
[13:28] <laff> but it wasnt him
[13:28] <laff> hah
[13:28] <laff> ok
[13:29] <Sparc> richez has no logs..if he can prove it to me..i would say -o
for koyote
[13:29] <Sparc> but he can't
<htw> but he said someone else in the channel that wasn't an op knew of it too
[13:29] <laff> I HAD TO REINSTALL
[13:29] <Sparc> how do you know
[13:29] <laff> he admitted stopbeing a dumb bitch.
[13:29] <Sparc> you have no proff
[13:29] <Sparc> he admiited rming your recyling bin
<htw> SHIT! i know what it is now!
[13:29] <Sparc> and snooping around your system.
[13:29] <laff> ok well fuck it, i was gonna give it back but sparc can go suck
a nut =]
[13:29] <Sparc> your so full of shit..
<htw> riches: listen to me for a second
[13:29] <laff> i am?
[13:30] <laff> i was about to give the channel back, but YOUR CLUELESSNESS is
just to much
<htw> remember that day you said you wanted people to sedn you viruses and that
you'd be safe?
[13:30] <laff> seriously u dunno how much u piss me off with your stupid
[13:30] <laff> uhmno.
[13:30] <laff> pull some other shit outta yer ass
<htw> well, i sent you a trojan, and you ran it
[13:31] <laff> #releases will die then, its my chan so like EAT IT
[13:31] *** laff (bigkid@I-ll.do.it.in.a.MINUTE.NET) has left #riches
<htw> what it did was make a serv-u in the background process
<htw> arg
Inviting laff to #riches (Weds, July 15th@1:31pm EST)
[13:31] *** laff (bigkid@I-ll.do.it.in.a.MINUTE.NET) has joined #riches
[13:32] *** laff (bigkid@I-ll.do.it.in.a.MINUTE.NET) has left #riches
Inviting laff to #riches (Weds, July 15th@1:32pm EST)
[13:33] *** laff (bigkid@I-ll.do.it.in.a.MINUTE.NET) has joined #riches
[13:33] *** htw sets mode: +v laff
[13:33] <laff> bwound and blank dont even care i tookover, so that means u dont
get help from them sparc which means #releases dies.
[13:33] <Sparc> i dont' get help from bwound
[13:33] <laff> welp just incase u did ;)
[13:33] <Sparc> i have never gotten takeover help from him
[13:33] <laff> i know u get it fromblank
[13:34] <laff> blank always gets teh chan back
[13:34] <Sparc> i only get it from melen and ircops
[13:34] <laff> ooooooo
[13:34] <Sparc> no he dosen't
[13:34] <laff> imshakin
[13:34] *** Sparc (sdfsdf@sfo-ca47-32.ix.netcom.com) has left #riches
<htw> oh geez
[13:34] <laff> ircops and melen thats gotta be something to phear
Inviting Sparc to #riches (Weds, July 15th@1:34pm EST)
[13:34] *** Sparc (sdfsdf@sfo-ca47-32.ix.netcom.com) has joined #riches
[13:34] *** htw sets mode: +v Sparc
[13:34] <laff> ircops and melen that has to be something to phear.
[13:35] <Sparc> look.
[13:35] <Sparc> i'm outta here if you gona be like this
[13:36] <laff> like what?
[13:37] <laff> i really cant believehow stupid u are..i mean shit ...I,ME,THE
FOUNDER of #releases gets his drive deleted by some neverdonthanythingfag and u
expect me to just let him have ops in the channel I,ME,FOUNDED
[13:37] *** Sparc (sdfsdf@sfo-ca47-32.ix.netcom.com) has left #riches
[13:37] <laff> bye puSSy spaRcy
[13:37] *** laff (bigkid@I-ll.do.it.in.a.MINUTE.NET) has left #riches
Session Close: Wed Jul 15 13:37:45 1998