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Puffy tries to join Warrior. for The Crazed Asylum (TCA) by Warrior

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Session Start: Tue Dec 15 22:13:35 1998
<Puffy-> hey sup
< > nuttin u?
<Puffy-> can i join warrior
< > as?
<Puffy-> hey sup
<Puffy-> hehe
<Puffy-> i am a 0sec courier
<Puffy-> hehe
< > what affils?
<Puffy-> hey sup
< > U
<Puffy-> i was in dms
<Puffy-> mnm
<Puffy-> and i was in qsr
<Puffy-> now qsr died so i am going back 2 mnm
< > whats MnM?
< > QSR?
< > DMS?
< > sorry
< > never heard of them
< > maybe
< > i will know with full group names

Session Start: Tue Dec 15 22:50:43 1998
<AsfGS> i dont know those groups U named
<Puffy-> ye
<AsfGS> maybe if U give me full names
<Puffy-> k
<Puffy-> kewl
<AsfGS> of groups i will know
<Puffy-> hey sup
<AsfGS> <AsfGS> i dont know those groups U named
<AsfGS> <AsfGS> DMS
<AsfGS> <AsfGS> MNM
<AsfGS> <AsfGS> QSR
<AsfGS> <Puffy-> ye
<AsfGS> <AsfGS> maybe if U give me full names
<Puffy-> dms-dimnisoinal
<Puffy-> i spelledit wrong
<Puffy-> mnm-mullnuim
<AsfGS> spell them right then
<Puffy-> qsr-quicksilver
<AsfGS> mullnuim?
<AsfGS> dimnisoinal
<Puffy-> dude hold up
<AsfGS> sorry i havent heard of any =[
<Puffy-> let me get them right
* AsfGS must go soon.
<Puffy-> mnm- MiLLENNiUM
<Puffy-> qsr-QuickSilver
<AsfGS> hmm
<AsfGS> never heard of them
<Puffy-> dam
<AsfGS> or actually
<Puffy-> top courier groups
<AsfGS> what sites are U on?
<Puffy-> mg,redux,cod,qc,ned
<AsfGS> im in REPUBLiC
<Puffy-> and few others
<AsfGS> we have ALOT of good sites
<Puffy-> so u aint in warrior
<AsfGS> yes i am
<Puffy-> so can i join it
<AsfGS> what other groups are U in?
<AsfGS> cuz i have never heard of those groups
<Puffy-> dsi
<AsfGS> they are small or sumtin
<Puffy-> no dude
<Puffy-> those ar the top courier group in the world
<AsfGS> what U mean?
<AsfGS> ive never heard of them
<Puffy-> mean wat
<AsfGS> and im in REPUBLiC
<AsfGS> we are one of the Best
<Puffy-> haha
<Puffy-> i now rory101
<Puffy-> something like that
<AsfGS> who?
<Puffy-> n/m
<Puffy-> wat site i got
<Puffy-> err
<Puffy-> u
<AsfGS> i have badlands/wasteland/coliseum/matrix/koren
<AsfGS> they are MAD Fast
<AsfGS> best couriers in world
<AsfGS> courier there
<AsfGS> T1's..
<AsfGS> VERY fast
<Puffy-> dude
<Puffy-> invite me into ur channel
<AsfGS> sorry 
<AsfGS> i cant
<AsfGS> cuz only if couriers
<AsfGS> with weektops
<Puffy-> oh my good
<Puffy-> dude u are so stupid
<Puffy-> forget
<Puffy-> bye
<AsfGS> bye
<AsfGS> whatever
<AsfGS> U suck
<AsfGS> Warrior dont need U
<Puffy-> oh my good
<Puffy-> i told u 100 time i am on the site on a 0sec sites
<Puffy-> and i aint intesting 2 join republic
<AsfGS> so are mine
<Puffy-> because i now wat site u gopt
<Puffy-> matrix i now that site
<Puffy-> i now those site
<Puffy-> i wanna join warrior
<Puffy-> that it
<Puffy-> dude
<Puffy-> and u start talking about ur republic
<AsfGS> its cuz im telling U
<AsfGS> U said courier groups
<Puffy-> i dont need 2 now bro
<AsfGS> that are unknown
<Puffy-> ye
<AsfGS> to the world
<Puffy-> haha
<AsfGS> and i just telling U
<AsfGS> U need to be in big groups
<Puffy-> dam go ask anybody
<Puffy-> who are those group
<AsfGS> i did
<AsfGS> and people dont know
<Puffy-> i bet u aint in warrior
<AsfGS> how U figure?
<AsfGS> oh yeh
<Puffy-> skillz
<AsfGS> and im also in KYLIN
<AsfGS> really big group
<AsfGS> and i just telling U
<Puffy-> i now krazey
<AsfGS> dood i can out courier U any day
<Puffy-> haha
<Puffy-> wanna race mofo
<AsfGS> sure
<AsfGS> ..
<AsfGS> just when U get leet enuff to courier on my sites
<AsfGS> i bet U couldnt get on one of my sites..
<AsfGS> too much competition
<AsfGS> U think U can beat me?
<AsfGS> HAhahahaha
<Puffy-> dude u are 1 dum mofo
<Puffy-> tell me wat site are u on
<AsfGS> badlands/wasteland/coliseum/matrix/koren
<AsfGS> oh yeh
<AsfGS> and SBC
<Puffy-> wow
<AsfGS> SBC is SUPER fast
<Puffy-> i got a leech on sbc
<Puffy-> hehe
<Puffy-> u are mad dum
<Puffy-> ask krazey
<AsfGS> sure U do..
<Puffy-> if i can beat u or not
<AsfGS> krazey will say me of course
<Puffy-> haha
<Puffy-> ask him
<AsfGS> <krazey> U can kick his ass
<Puffy-> haha
<Puffy-> u made that up
<Puffy-> and first of all
<Puffy-> caps K
<Puffy-> u dum fuck
<Puffy-> now lower case
<Puffy-> hehe
<AsfGS> he changed his nick
<AsfGS> when U came
<Puffy-> how come i only see 1 krazey in #kylin
<Puffy-> with caps K
<Puffy-> haha
<AsfGS> U calling me a liar?
<Puffy-> if he would of chage it
<Puffy-> it would of said
<AsfGS> blah
<AsfGS> whatever
<AsfGS> on what basis
<AsfGS> do U think U can beat me in couriering
<AsfGS> ?
<Puffy-> i can bte u 10000000 dollars u will never beat me
<Puffy-> because i got better site then u
<AsfGS> hahaa
<AsfGS> dood
<AsfGS> my sites are 0 second
<AsfGS> the BEST couriers in the WORLD
<AsfGS> courier there
<Puffy-> haha
<Puffy-> u just named ur site
<AsfGS> has TONS of affils
<AsfGS> same like my other sites
<AsfGS> what have yer sites got?
<AsfGS> for affils?
<AsfGS> i bet nothing big
<Puffy-> razor
<Puffy-> class
<Puffy-> mfd
<Puffy-> pft
<AsfGS> sure... whatever
<Puffy-> haha
<Puffy-> oh my got
<Puffy-> ask krazey
<Puffy-> dude u cant even get into #couriers
<AsfGS> i can
<AsfGS> but i dont wanna
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