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#fack [0:29] <clubhi> i was told to come in here and talk about my red red wine [0:29] <clubhi> that makes me feel so fine [0:29] <Moz-> i c [0:30] <clubhi> they said u guys can help me [0:30] <clubhi> but uhmm [0:30] <clubhi> not all things come from cheese [0:30] <clubhi> cuz [0:30] <clubhi> some are a state of being [0:30] <Moz-> Blackacd helps everyone in a sexual kinda way <-- not true! [0:30] <clubhi> i am not gay [0:30] <clubhi> they said i was gay [0:30] <Moz-> oh [0:30] <Moz-> =/ [0:30] <clubhi> i dont even like gays [0:31] <Moz-> oh well.. you can always learn to like [0:31] <clubhi> i suppose so [0:31] <clubhi> but [0:31] <clubhi> im only fond of red red wine [0:31] <clubhi> oh [0:32] <clubhi> i was also told to tell u [0:32] <clubhi> that im the best courier int he world [0:32] <clubhi> but i dont script [0:32] <clubhi> some people say i do [0:32] <clubhi> but i fxp [0:33] <clubhi> is anyone in here talk? [0:33] <clubhi> You see [0:33] <clubhi> I use to run Anthill [0:33] <clubhi> a site [0:33] <clubhi> i made it good...Until American Most wanted wanted TInny [0:33] <clubhi> cuz he was cuban [0:34] <clubhi> I use the [0:34] <clubhi> cuz he is cuban they want him [0:34] <clubhi> like its bad to be cuban? [0:34] <clubhi> my friend is cuban [0:34] <clubhi> Dave Justice is [0:34] <clubhi> reachoutftp [0:34] <Moz-> I know some cubans eh [0:34] <clubhi> but uhh [0:34] <clubhi> he is a baseball player [0:34] <clubhi> my favorite [0:34] <clubhi> braves [0:35] <clubhi> but he moved to cleveland....said said story [0:35] <clubhi> but that has nothing to do with my red red wine [0:35] <Moz-> I have white white wine.. [0:37] <Moz-> clubhi im guessing you have had a little to much to drink tonight [0:37] <clubhi> red is better then whine [0:37] <clubhi> white [0:37] <clubhi> i dont even like red [0:37] <clubhi> but more u drink [0:37] <clubhi> more u like [0:37] <clubhi> but [0:37] <clubhi> yet [0:37] <clubhi> it tastte bad [0:38] <Moz-> Its all good [0:38] <Moz-> Was it Red Red Wine [0:38] <Moz-> or just Red Wine [0:41] *** Quits: clubhi (Ping timeout) [0:43] *** Joins: clubhi ([email protected]) [0:43] <clubhi> dwd [0:43] <clubhi> a bro try to walk [0:43] <clubhi> and he reboot computer [0:44] <clubhi> my friend dewbie left [0:44] <clubhi> he is cool and all [0:44] <clubhi> but we havent talked much since we are in diff groups [0:45] <clubhi> who was i talking to? [0:46] <clubhi> i am rebuilding fate [0:46] <clubhi> we are getting good couriers and sites [0:46] <clubhi> startin to rock [0:46] <clubhi> but im not always gonne be there to hold everyones hand #mnm [0:35] <Moz-> clubhi is strange... [0:35] <Dewbie> jsut when you think you got me figured out.... the season changes [0:35] <dymentia> hehe [0:35] <Dewbie> why Moz :) [0:36] <Berzerker> uhm [0:36] <Moz-> because hes talking about cubans.. and red wine in #fack [0:36] <Moz-> I dunno what hes talking about [0:36] <Moz-> just keeps going and going <BlackAcd> hes drunk <BlackAcd> i'm gonna log <BlackAcd> :P [0:36] <Moz-> prolly [0:36] <Moz-> Red red wine? [0:36] <Moz-> Cubans? [0:36] <Dewbie> *clubhi* doobie! [0:36] <Dewbie> *clubhi* i am [0:36] <Dewbie> *clubhi* under the influence of alchohol [0:47] *** Joins: clubhi ([email protected]) [0:47] <clubhi> wow [0:47] <Crypts> heya [0:47] <clubhi> do they have #snickers too? [0:47] <clubhi> hehe [0:47] <Dewbie> heyya clubby :) [0:47] <clubhi> dewbz =) [0:49] <clubhi> duz anyone know who i was talking too b4 i rebooted [0:50] * Dewbie psychically says... nobody but doobie :) [0:52] <clubhi> im not gay [0:52] <clubhi> they thought i was bi in #sodom [0:52] <Crypts> BlackAcd: have you considered a regular street whore? [0:52] <clubhi> but im not <BlackAcd> clubhi! <BlackAcd> u are normal looking! <BlackAcd> :P [0:53] <clubhi> eH? [0:53] <clubhi> u just gave me a big headache [0:53] <clubhi> besides [0:54] <clubhi> im incredibly black [0:54] <clubhi> cuz i wear my blue sheat on my head [0:54] <clubhi> and i talk with rhyming words [0:54] <clubhi> big bird talks with rhyming words [0:54] <clubhi> is he cool? [0:54] <clubhi> does he do drive byes? [0:55] <clubhi> blackacid i want u to know im a big fan [0:55] <clubhi> i luv ur webpage...my whole family gathers around and constantly presses the refresh buttom [0:56] <clubhi> just hopeing...hopeing and praying that your wonderful news will be updated [0:56] <clubhi> and one day,we all will be equal [0:56] <clubhi> amen <BlackAcd> [0:56] <clubhi> i dont understand <BlackAcd> [0:56] <clubhi> how do i look normal? <BlackAcd> BWAHAHAHA <BlackAcd> HAHA <BlackAcd> i'm gonnna have da BOM"B log <BlackAcd> :P <BlackAcd> clubhi is drunk as hell [0:58] <clubhi> <BlackAcd> im using doobie to get to his elephant [1:03] <clubhi> ;nd? [1:04] <clubhi> lnd? [1:04] <clubhi> hey dewbie [1:04] <Moz-> Very red wine [1:04] <clubhi> u were supposed to get em in lnd [1:04] <clubhi> last year [1:04] <clubhi> red wine for sure [1:04] <clubhi> moz u are my new best friend [1:04] <clubhi> u understand <BlackAcd> [1:05] <clubhi> uhh <BlackAcd> [1:05] <clubhi> i probally gave u a pic of a shepard boy from england <BlackAcd> [1:05] <clubhi> so u can delete it <BlackAcd> [1:05] <clubhi> its not me <BlackAcd> [1:05] <clubhi> i dont look normal <BlackAcd> [1:05] <clubhi> i weigh 400 pounds <BlackAcd> BWAHAHHAHA <BlackAcd> [1:06] <clubhi> have a girly voice <BlackAcd> [1:06] <clubhi> and still am in training pants <BlackAcd> BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH * BlackAcd cries laughing [1:06] <clubhi> hehe [1:06] <clubhi> its funny when u see urself say it [1:08] <clubhi> uhh [1:09] <clubhi> i had that same prob [1:09] <clubhi> in 4th grade [1:11] <clubhi> bye guys [1:12] <clubhi> i must get ready to go [1:12] <clubhi> i dont know where im going [1:12] <clubhi> i hope to bed... [1:12] <Dewbie> clubhi.. i do.. your going to go spin in bed [1:12] <Dewbie> and pass out [1:12] <clubhi> but my navigation skillz arnt wut they use to be [1:12] <clubhi> john walsh is out to get us all though [1:13] <clubhi> espically tinny [1:13] <clubhi> I had the dream [1:13] <clubhi> it had something to do with cuba [1:13] <clubhi> neways [1:13] <clubhi> i gotta go [1:14] <clubhi> makes me feel bad to shut off my comptuer though,a sad empty feeling like my blood supply was shut oof [1:14] <clubhi> but here goes nothing! [1:14] <Moz-> you lub me? [1:14] *** Quits: clubhi ([email protected]) private msg with clubhi [0:56] <clubhi> i dont understand [0:56] <clubhi> how do i look normal? <BlackAcd> yer pic [0:57] <clubhi> u dont have my pic [0:58] <clubhi> how would u get my pic [0:58] <clubhi> did i send u my pic? <BlackAcd> yes [0:59] <clubhi> why would i do that [0:59] <clubhi> i did not [1:00] <clubhi> u must of gotten it off... [1:00] <clubhi> www.supermodels.com <BlackAcd> u dcced to me [1:00] <clubhi> wait [1:00] <clubhi> supermodel.com <BlackAcd> BWAHAHAH [1:01] <clubhi> supermodels just tells u that u are not at supermodel.com [1:01] <clubhi> it can be quite confusing [1:01] <clubhi> im not dumb enuff to dcc u a pic of me [1:02] <clubhi> who gave u ma pic? [1:02] <clubhi> not that im ashamed of my loox [1:02] <clubhi> cuzim not [1:03] <clubhi> i have beatiful female friends [1:03] <clubhi> most people joke about couriers dont have lives [1:03] <clubhi> well i happen to be very cool... [1:03] <clubhi> I got 2nd place in cross countrty in regionals [1:03] <clubhi> but im homeschooled now,and my looser friends go to shcool [1:03] <clubhi> so i have nothing to do but curry <BlackAcd> ya ya who cares :P <BlackAcd> u gave me yer pic [1:05] <clubhi> uhh [1:05] <clubhi> i probally gave u a pic of a shepard boy from england [1:05] <clubhi> so u can delete it [1:05] <clubhi> its not me [1:05] <clubhi> i dont look normal [1:05] <clubhi> i weigh 400 pounds [1:06] <clubhi> have a girly voice [1:06] <clubhi> and still am in training pants <BlackAcd> please stop <BlackAcd> my stomach is hurting from laughing [1:06] <clubhi> btw [1:06] <clubhi> where do i know u from? [1:06] <clubhi> vdr? [1:07] <clubhi> ur prolly one of those guys i suck up too [1:07] <clubhi> to geton leeto sites [1:07] <clubhi> wait [1:07] <clubhi> ur not in fate are u? <BlackAcd> no :P <BlackAcd> from #fack [1:10] <clubhi> i have like [1:10] <clubhi> the biggest head pain [1:10] <clubhi> and i must sleep [1:10] <clubhi> and find a way to break this wine Session Close: Sun Mar 15 01:10:27 1998
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