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Grad fights in #mpower for The Crazed Asylum (TCA) by Mpower FTP

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#mpower buffer saved on Fri Mar 13 14:04:43 1998 *** Now talking in #mpower <Grade> 6. mossyoak [ANTi SCRiPT SUPeRSTaR 5:16:05 Idling for 0:05 <Grade> i made him look <Grade> haha <fusion_> back in SIEGE? <fusion_> HAHAHAHA <Psyber> mpowah! <togh> instead of fithing someone get me ADOBE.PREMIERE.V5.0.0.X36-XFORCE <togh> [980220] (6338 KBytes) <togh> :) <[SNap]> psyber created it on all sites already :) <[SNap]> ahh he didn't :) <MossyOak> ahh damn.. hate that <Psyber> created what? <Grade> awww poor mossy <Grade> :( <Psyber> i didn't create anything <Grade> i abuse you <MossyOak> i ls -lart'd <MossyOak> damn.. del me! <Grade> you are at my whim <Psyber> damn you mossy! <Psyber> mossy...can you invite me :) <Grade> you'll never know if those dirs are real or not <Grade> psyber: i dont like you go join mnm :) <Psyber> hrmmm <MossyOak> sure psyber <Psyber> merci <MossyOak> grad.. so what.. like anybody likes you <Grade> nobody likes me you're right <Grade> i dont have my nose up anyone's ass like you do <togh> Grade i'll love you if you get me the adobe premiere :P <Grade> that makes me the contender and not pretender <MossyOak> and whom's ass might that be ? <Grade> everyone in general <MossyOak> wtf you even talking about ? <Grade> you're just like all the rest in the scene <Grade> kissing ass <fusion_> laf <Grade> i bet if a cop knocked on your door you'd be running scared <[SNap]> hehe <[SNap]> someone logging this ? <MossyOak> if they did.. I know it would be Grad the narq <Grade> i'm sitting here trading a razor release yesterday and a cop knocks on my door <Grade> courtesy of nola duffy <MossyOak> ofcoz we all know your the most notorious narq ever <Grade> aka oylpatch <Grade> yes i'm a narc <Grade> sue me End of #mpower buffer Fri Mar 13 14:04:43 1998
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