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United States Courier Report, 46. by United States Courier Report (uscr)

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:   ,aS$$$; $$$$$$$,   ,aS$$$; $$$$$$$,   ,aS$$$; $$$$$$$,   ,aS$$$; $$$$$$$, :
. ,$$$$$$$; $$$$$$$$ ,$$$$$$$; $$$$$$$$ ,$$$$$$$; $$$$$$$$ ,$$$$$$$; $$$$$$$$ .
  $$$$$$$$; $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$aaaaaaaa,  $$$$$$$$; cccccc,  $$$$$$$$aaaaaaaa,
. $$$$$$$$; $$$$$$$$  ,aaaaaa; $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$; $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$; $$$$$$$$ .
  $$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$
  $$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$
aaggggggggaaggggggggaggggggggaagggggggg ggggggggaaggggggggaggggggggaaggggggggaa
. $$$$$$$$ .$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ .$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ .$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ .$$$$$$$$ .
  $$$$$$$$ ;$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ ;$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ ;$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ ;$$$$$$$$
. $$$$$$$$ ;$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ ;$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ ;$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ ;$$$$$$$$ .
: $$$$$$$$ ;$$$$S▓'  $$$$$$$$ ;$$$$S▓'  $$$$$$$$ ;$$$$S▓'  $$$$$$$$ ;$$$$S▓'  :
+- `▓S$$$$," ---------`▓S$$$$," ---------`▓S$$$$," ---------`▓S$$$$ " ------ -+
|                                                                             |
|      =[USCR]=          United States Courier Report           =[USCR]=      |
|                          Week of Jan 23 - Jan 29                            |
+- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -+

        USCR-45.TXT     1) News
                        2) Interviews
			3) Quotes
        		4) Avalanche's Group Review
                        5) Weekly Top 50 US Couriers
                        6) Weekly Top 10 US Groups
                        7) Sites Used This Week
                        8) Editor's Notes

        CURYSTAT.ZIP    1) Weektop Stats Used
                        2) Full US Couriers Scores

        GRPSTAT.ZIP     1) Grouptop Stats Used
                        2) Full US Groups Scores

			1) How To Use USCR-01 Bot

        USCR's official auditors are the voters representing the groups.
All weektop scores are presented to the reader of this emag, as proof of
accuracy of the tally.

 This section will cover Sites and Scene News so if you have anything 
 interesting to spread please msg me prior to our issue releases.

 O_Matador leaves Motiv8..... Sad News :( Good Luck with any new undertakings.

 Fubar is on it's way back and I hear the link upgrade is guaranteed and 
 being set up soon.

 RadioRTS after leaving RTS for a short while to visit Risc has gone back
 to RTS and from what I see he was warmly welcomed.

 COD and Lx2 were down this week.

 Each week I will speak to some top traders from different groups and get
 their ratings for sites ....Couriers know they work it !!!.

 This is a new section Hodd from PHX will be interviewing people about
 their contributions in the scene.

 Cracking groups come and go, but a group that seems to be here for the long haul
 is ORiON.  Pumping out releases on almost a daily basis, I thought it would
 be cool to see how they operate.  I spoke with Wallace and found out the details
 of how he operates such a consist process.

 (hodd) Let's start off by a brief pre-cursor to your ORiON days....how did you
 begin in this thing we call the scene?

 (Wallace`) Well, I didn't really start to get into the scene until around early 96.
 I entered it as a siteop at the time, and was really moving around in what i now
 know was  very unknown groups.  I guess the moment when I really was introduced to
 the  scene as I know it today, was when a guy name MetallicX came to me and offered
 to get my site to be a top one it was called TE, and with that site i was introduced
 to many great groups at the time PDM, TRPS, etc.. From that point on, I still siteop
 US sites... currently ** and ***.  While I was siteop, i started to get curious about
 how the groups got releases out and such and decided to pursue into that in TRPS. 
 In that group (during its prime over year ago) i learned the inner workings of the 
 scene and after that started to die down.. i decided I wanted to see the games and
 cracking part of the scene thats when I jumped into Class and ORiON. A fellow old 
 member of TRPS named Capslock is definitely the guy the brought me into ORiON at the
 time he described it as a building time for the group.  So that covers most of my
 history up till joining ORiON, most of details I have forgot :)

 (hodd) quite a story...heh...ORiON tends to release on an almost daily basis, how do
 you it? Maybe a better question is how do you keep up? :)

 (Wallace`) Well, i think the key to that is how organized and automated we have made
 everything in the  group, along with the fact that there is never a shortage of brand
 new supplies.  Most of time, its very fun for the crackers and others to hang out and
 chat.. along with getting work done so it makes it very easy for us to get releases 
 out while relaxing and chatting. Btw, currently I and [B|aZe] lead ORiON, I feel it 
 is important to mention him since he is also a very important part in running the group.

 (hodd) Would you say that other groups have this kind of relaxed attitude, or do you 
 think the majority just tries to get the meggage?

 (Wallace`) Well, yeah I think there probably is. However, in all my years in the
 scene and experiences with groups as siteop.. I have noticed it to be pretty rare.

 (hodd) Most Utils/Cracking groups have a particular type of software they focus on.
 What's ORiON's mandate?

 (Wallace`) heh :) we have none, but we are cracking group. We don't want to limit
 ourselves to a certain field.  Sure , it would be great to completely own one 
 thing.. but i think that would take away from our crackers. It would probably get
 boring for them.. and they wouldn't see so many different kinds of protections 
 to learn and get better from.

 (hodd) What role do you personally play in the group?
 Do you have a hands on approach?

 (Wallace`) Well, I am a leader in ORiON ([B|aZe] is the other one), and i most
 definitely have a hands  on approach.  If you come into the group, you'll see 
 me working just as hard (if not more) than anyone. I'll be packing releases 
 sometimes, duping our supplies, etc... Just because I am leader shouldn't mean 
 i sit back and give orders. That is just stupid in my opinion. If one is 
 capable of leading he should also show those he leads that he will work just 
 as hard as them on the small (sometimes boring) stuff.

 (hodd) I'm sure alot of courier leaders would agree with you there....has ORiON
 ever had a merger with another group?

 (Wallace`) Well, a very long time ago. even before i entered ORiON there was a 
 failed merger with a group called magnum. However, I am happy to say we have 
 lately had a very successful one at the beginning of this month. All KAC members
 have merged into ORiON, and I must say it is great to have more talented  
 crackers and people around to help.

 (hodd) What would you say is ORiON's greatest success?

 (Wallace`) Wow, hard question....I would have to say what I am most proud of is
 the success of our teamwork and the attitude we all have towards each other. 
 It really makes the group fun to be in. However, I am also proud of the week 
 we got 66 releases out. But I see that record falling soon since we have been 
 getting 40+ a week in 2000 :)

 (hodd) the 66 week rocked :)....any release that you cracked that made 
 you go "Hell Ya!"?

 (Wallace`) Well, first thing that comes to mind is the Secure CRT 3 release that
 one of our oldest cracker Da_DiABLO did. SCRT was eagerly awaited to get out of
 beta for that version since it took so long. So that felt pretty good.

 (hodd) yah for sure since 85% of traders need it :)...It seems these days that 
 group hopping seems to be a norm, in the courier scene at least, does ORiON 
 have this problem?

 (Wallace`) No, we are fortunate to not have this problem at all. Since I have 
 been leader I think we have only had 1 person leave our group for another I 
 believe most of this is due to the attitude of everyone in the group. Everyone 
 has fun.  However, we have had many of our crackers approached by other groups.. 
 sometimes repeatedly. It is funny.. cause i have them keep lists of the groups 
 and how many times they ask them, just so we can look back and laugh.

 (hodd) Does or has ORiON recruit using this method?

 (Wallace`) No, we never have. I believe anyone who has come to our group directly
 from another already knew someone in the group.  So most of our new people, are 
 either not in groups.. or joining cause they have a friend or know someone in 
 ORiON that they have talked with.

 (hodd) With sooooo many cracking groups out there, is there competition for 
 releases? and if so does arguments start?

 (Wallace`) Definitely! There are many cracking groups out their competing every
 day on releases. Unfortunately I have seen arguments come out of this competition
 before between groups. However, I am glad to say that ORiON does not engage in
 public slandering or arguments with other groups. We wont sink down to that 
 immaturity and try to say bad things about others.

 (hodd) Ok enough about the scene....What does Wallace do when he's not leading
 in ORiON?

 (Wallace`) Well, when im not handling all the day to day stuff in ORiON, I just
 try to have fun and talk with everyone in various channels. But recently I been
 spending a lot of time on a little project that everyone will be seeing 
 shortly :) I and TecH have been putting together what everyone will know as MCR.
 Monthly Cracking Report. Until now.. no one has consistently handled information
 about the cracking scene well. This Monthly report will contain every cracking 
 group with more than 10 releases entire list for the month. And have ranking for
 most releases, most keygens, and most cracks. We are also going to have a little
 chat with a different cracker each month :)

 (hodd) not unless I get to them first :).....welp that wraps it up, thanks for
 your time and telling the readers a little bit about the scenes best kept secret :)

 (Wallace`) Sure thing. Greetz to everyone i know :)

 Well there you have it...let me know what you guys think of this.  And if you think your
 story is worth telling, get in touch with me.

 <kevboy> fuck i was so wasted
 <kevboy> i was thinking what if the cells in ya body were a scene
 <kevboy> like the warez scene
 <kevboy> like red, white and blue ones
 <kevboy> and nukes were viruses
 <kevboy> i tripped out
 <OnlyRed> ahahahahaha

 <ScOoBy|> theres a quote for NWR
 <ScOoBy|> <tHE_aZeL> wot does +n do for ya anyway?
 <DopeStar> ;]
 <ScOoBy|> serious quote it :)

 <xxxxxxxx> [xxx] New Release by lord of WLW : Find_dirname_from_token_three
 <xxxxxxxx> [xxx] New Release by lord of WLW : Not
 <xxxxxxxx> [xxx] New Release by lord of WLW : Found
 <xxxxxxxx> [xxx] New Release by lord of WLW : (line
 <xxxxxxxx> [xxx] New Release by lord of WLW : 83,

 <kevboy> Brii & Red: I am slipping my panties off.. mmm
 * kevboy runs towards the closet
 <kevboy> i wasnt ready!!!!!

WLW seems to be unstoppable, what is up with the US groups FIGHT THE

AMN (Amnesia): IDLE

Criminal (CRM): Off of top 10, don't know what is up with these gusy

Dark Side Couriers (DSC): On top 10! Is it true you guys got banned
on some sites? Wierd. Dunno what you did. Shouts out to my main man
Shamu for getting #33. (04/10)

iNTENSiTY (iNT): IDLE (00/10)

Moonshine (MSN):  Back up to #5. As i have said b4 these guys have the
potential to be in top 3. Need to start trading some more and they will
be there cause they have the talent. Boring is back at #9, lets hope he
doesn't get too big of a head. Good week overall for MSN (7/10)

MOTiV8 (M8):  Thank god, back on top 10. Infact even #7  Neo is trading
good for them. (06/10)

Phase (PHS):  Slipped a bit this week, but still doing good. No couiers
in top 10 again though :/ (05/10)

Rise In Superior Couriering (RiSC): Seem to be focusing on euro! Still
should be higher in the rankings but it seems they are slipping. Duff
did good this week though. #3 :/ (06/10)

Request to Send (RTS):  WHOAAOAOOA! #2 this week, Dmon did good for them
this week. How many groups has he been in? and Dvader!!!! 2 RTS in top 10.
At the beginning of the week things might have been looking bad for them, 
but now all things are restored and are in a position to challenge WLW for
#1. Great week for these guys. And K1ng didn't evey courry!!!! (10/10)

Vice (Vice):  #4 seem to be getting consistant. I like what i see from this
group. Citizen is trading US and euro? He owns! Light is also pumping in 
some nice megs.  (08/10)

Volition (VLN): IDLE (NA/10)

We Love Warez (WLW):  #1 again! whats new? Punkster put up his regular #1
courier numbers and C4g3 got in on the act too placing #2!!!! Can we say
Dominant? I don't see them slowing down anytime soon! (10/10)

XCrypt (XC?): First time i am EVER reviewing this group, doing great work. 
I remember when i was in XCrypt running a lame WarFTPd site, damn they have 
come along way since then. Very Impressive guys. (09/10)

This weeks nicest guy award goes to: Punkster
This weeks Best courier award goes to: C4g3
This weeks most surprising group: XCrypt 


+- ------------------- ,"$Sa,-------- ,"$Sa,--------- ,"$$$$$$ ----- ,"$Sa,- -+
:   ,aS$;          ,aS$; $$$$$,   ,aS$; $$$$$,    ,aS$; $$$$$$   ,aS$; $$$$$, :
. ,$$$$$aaaaaaaa ,$$$$$; $$$$$$ ,$$$$$; $$$$$$  ,$$$$$; $$$$$$ ,$$$$$; $$$$$$ .
  $$$$$$;        $$$$$$; $$$$$$ $$$$$$; $$$$$$  $$$$$$ssssss,  $$$$$$; $$$$$$
. $$$$$$. $$$$$$ $$$$$$. $$$$$$ $$$$$$.,$$S▓'    ,ssss  $$$$$$ $$$$$$, $$$$$$ .
aaggggggggggggggaggggggaaggggggaggggggaa      aaggggggaaggggggaggggggaaggggggaa
. $$$$$$ .$$$$$$ $$$$$$ .$$$$$$ $$$$$$          $$$$$$ .$$$$$$ $$$$$$ .$$$$$$ .
  $$$$$$ ;$$$$$$ $$$$$$ ;$$$$$$ $$$$$$          $$$$$$ ;$$$$$$ $$$$$$ ;$$$$$$
. $$$$$$ ;$$$$$$ $$$$$$ ;$$$$$$ $$$$$$          $$$$$$ ;$$$$$$ $$$$$$ ;$$$$$$ .
: $$$$$$ ;$$S▓'  $$$$$$ ;$$S▓'  $$$$$$          $$$$$$ ;$$S▓'  $$$$$$ ;$$S▓'  :
+- `▓S$$," -------`▓S$$," -------`▓S$$ ----------`▓S$$," -------`▓S$$," ---- -+
|                                                                             |
|      =[USCR]=          Top 50 United States Couriers          =[USCR]=      |
|                                                                             |
+- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -+

      1  punkstar       156.5   WLW         26 valient        12    MSN
      2  c4g3           127.5   WLW         27 ORiON          12    IND
      3  dmon           55      RTS         28 dow            10.5  VLN
      4  ls             43.5    AMN         29 the_dude       10    IND
      5  Dufff          42      RiSC        30 djmp3          10    ViCE
      6  lordburn       35      IND         31 aldog          9     RiSC
      7  dvader         32      RTS         32 axion          9     MSN
      8  citizen        31      ViCE        33 shamu          8     DSC
      9  boring         30      MSN         34 kevboy         8     VLN
      10 hapan          25      M8          35 radio          8     RTS
      11 neo            22.5    M8          36 mrzed          7.5   WLW
      12 Garoto         22.5    DEV         37 godbless       7.5   DEV
      13 SJ             20      DEV         38 Misanthro      6     DSC
      14 sauron         19.5    CRM         39 sforce         6     M8
      15 light          19      ViCE        40 loop           6     PHS
      16 worp           18      RiSC        41 poacher        6     IND
      17 cedric         16      AOD         42 corbier        5     IND
      18 primal         16      AMB         43 pure           5     IND
      19 avalanch       14.5    RiSC        44 Indica         4.5   TFA
      20 citizenc       14      IND         45 seizure        4     IND
      21 sunscar        13.5    IND         46 rivendel       3     AMB
      22 tazola         12.5    IND         47 drunkkid       3     AMN
      23 whoppie        12.5    WLW         48 crippler       2.5   IND
      24 skimp          12.5    ViCE        49 Eagle_Fire     1.5   IND
      25 nzo            12.5    M8          50 dolt           1.5   PHX

 ****NOTE**** If your group is wrong type !uscrhelp in #USCR

      Weektop stats are collected from 12 US sites which have been chosen by
 the staff to "best represent" the US couriering scene. Depending on the
 placement on the weektop, the trader is allotted points. A #1 position gets
 10 points multiplied by the site multiplier. A #10 position gets 1 point
 multiplied by the site multiplier.

+- ------------------- ,"$Sa,-------- ,"$Sa,------------------------ ,"$Sa,- -+
:   ,aS$;          ,aS$; $$$$$,   ,aS$; $$$$$,            ,aS$;  ,aS$; $$$$$, :
  $$$$$$;        $$$$$$; $$$$$$ $$$$$$; $$$$$$          $$$$$$ $$$$$$; $$$$$$
. $$$$$$. $$$$$$ $$$$$$. $$$$$$ $$$$$$.,$$S▓'           $$$$$$ $$$$$$, $$$$$$ .
aaggggggggggggggaggggggaaggggggaggggggaa              aagggggg ggggggaaggggggaa
. $$$$$$ .$$$$$$ $$$$$$ .$$$$$$ $$$$$$                  $$$$$$ $$$$$$ .$$$$$$ .
  $$$$$$ ;$$$$$$ $$$$$$ ;$$$$$$ $$$$$$                  $$$$$$ $$$$$$ ;$$$$$$
. $$$$$$ ;$$$$$$ $$$$$$ ;$$$$$$ $$$$$$                  $$$$$$ $$$$$$ ;$$$$$$ .
: $$$$$$ ;$$S▓'  $$$$$$ ;$$S▓'  $$$$$$                  $$$$$$ $$$$$$ ;$$S▓'  :
+- `▓S$$," -------`▓S$$," -------`▓S$$ ------------------`▓S$$ -`▓S$$," ---- -+
|                                                                             |
|      =[USCR]=       Top 10 United States Courier Groups       =[USCR]=      |
|                                                                             |
+- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -+

                     	        1  WLW            167.5
				2  RTS            122
				3  RISC           109.5
				4  VICE           80
				5  MSN            62
				6  PHS            54
				7  M8             45
				8  XCRYPT         37
				9  AOD            31.5
				10 DSC            29


(2.5x) S** B**** C*** - R*** H*** - T** O**** S*******
(2.0x> D**** B* Z***  - T** G****** - T** C*****X 
(1.5x) R**** F**** O**** - Q***C** - A*T**A 

(This Week's Sites Were Rated By) : United States Courier Report Staff 
 with the assistance of RadioRTS, Duff, C4G3 , Kevboy

 Next weeks sites based on the vote are :

                                  USCR STAFF


  This will be an issue in the history books of USCR.  As we approach our 1
 year aniversary we've decided to change things around a 'lil.  Prozax is off
 to pursue his own creation EUCR, so in his place, we bring the very talented
 Brianna. *Cheer*.  As most of you know, Brianna is a very skilled candidate
 for the job and I wish you all enjoy her editorialship.  I, myself, have
 been very idle as of late but will continue to show up on saturday nights to
 check you guys out :)  I've had a lot of fun with the mag, Prozax has had a
 lot of fun with the mag, and now it's time to pass the torch.

 She's all yours bri.

						KerTo [USCR EdiTor]

        Well this is my first week so be gentle with me. I took this job on for 
 a few reasons but I would say the main reason is because couriers really love
 to see how they ranked and I wanted to be part of that fair process.

        The mag is nearly the same this week but will undergo a few changes in coming
 weeks as I find my feet. Nothing drastic,  this week I have included new section 
 Hodd's Scene Interviews.. and welcome Wallace and Hodd as staff..

                                               [USCR EdiToR]

	Everyone go check out #EUCR for my new mag!

                                        -ProzaX[EUCR Editor]

        Founder : KerTo

        Editors : KerTo , O_Matador, Prozax, Brianna

        Staff   : Avalanche, ChexZ, Deadeye, LS, Nzo, 
                  punx, XorbX , Hodd , Wallace

        Greets  : OtherZeuS(You Rule), TecH, Deadeye for the graffix,
                  Camp, Citizen, CubanPete, Gawajn, Gotan,
                  [Shark], Vulcan, Whoopass.

                  And other people that have good things to say about 
                  USCR, and help me out:)

    No GREETS:  PEOPLE THAT BUG ME FOR ISSUE, you know who you are;) 

    Huge Shout out to Mgoh for doing this great Ascii for us!

 Full Disclosure Policy
        At USCR we have a policy to always give full disclosure.  All releases
 and/or updates will be provided alongside with multipliers for sites and site
 stats that were used for the final compile.  Site stats will ONLY be
 collected by USCR staff to ensure that nobody cheats.

         ________ _____________________ _____________ ___________
         \_______\  ______    ________/_   _________/______     _\_
           /     /     \________    \/     \      \/     _/       /
         _/     /       \      /     \      \      \     \_______/
         \________    _//_____/    _//______/    _//____/     _\\
+- ------------ \______/---- \______/----- \______/--- \________/ ---------- -+
| [EOF]                                   [USCR Artwork & Layout (c) MG 1999] |
+- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -+
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