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Grad vs Fusion part 1. by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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[0:19] *** Joins: [dee] (HondaCRX@user-38lc2sq.dialup.mindspring.com)
[0:19] <***> [MPower] - (lester - DiMENSiON) -
<BlackAcd> Netscape.Calendar.Sever.V3.5.FINAL.WinNT-DOD
<BlackAcd> thats cutting it close :/
[0:21] <fusion_> ??
[0:21] <Barndejew> ??
[0:21] <Machv> cant talk with big words you will confuse fusion
[0:22] <fusion_> Machv: haha , its more true to say the same thing about u
[0:22] <fusion_> u cant properly spell a complete english sentence
[0:22] <Barndejew> hehe
[0:22] <Barndejew> machv
[0:22] <Barndejew> your right
[0:22] <Barndejew> fusion is dumb
[0:22] <Barndejew> :P
[0:22] <Barndejew> but his a niglet
[0:22] <Barndejew> :P
[0:22] <fusion_> bleh
[0:25] <fusion_> barnlame ani met miraav
[0:25] <Barndejew> hehe
[0:25] <Machv> he cleans up after my gerbils niglets :)
[0:25] <Barndejew> ani harega ahalti
[0:25] <fusion_> aim ata yachol lakachat et a aotobus arishon velavo lenafis? ;)
[0:25] <fusion_> errr
[0:25] <Barndejew> hehe
[0:25] <Barndejew> LO!
[0:25] <Barndejew> lo bishvilha
[0:25] <Grade> │ Props: PWA for Win98 Final, and Siege for the recent kickass
releases.    │
[0:25] <Grade> │ Slops: PREMIERE for thinking www.tucows.com is a great supplier
[0:25] <Grade> │        PREMIERE for having absolutely no quality control
whatsoever       │
[0:25] <Grade> │         Fusion for sucking major dick
[0:25] <Grade> hahaha
[0:25] <Grade> │ Installation Instructions:
[0:25] <Grade> │  Unzip, unrar, rar pw = "prmsucks" then run setup.exe
[0:25] <St-LiN> ehhe
<BlackAcd> lafff
<BlackAcd> what release is that?
[0:26] <Grade> hahahahahaha
[0:26] <MrPuMPkiN> hahahahah
[0:26] <fusion_> grad u wont laf when u'll be banned :)
[0:26] <Grade> so
[0:26] <Barndejew> hahaha
[0:26] <Machv> hahahahhaha
[0:26] <Grade> i dont care about this scene, they are the minority
[0:26] <Grade> it's the people who will actually use this that will know the
[0:26] <fusion_> and thats how he thanks me for getting him removed from MP <G>
[0:26] <fusion_> laf
[0:26] <fusion_> Grade: EXACTLY
[0:26] <Machv> fusion its the truth
[0:26] <Machv> man
[0:26] <Grade> btw, new rule
[0:26] <Grade> lnd rels to lnd sitesonly
[0:26] <fusion_> hahahahaahah
[0:27] <fusion_> lester preing to MP kinda conflicts this rule :)
[0:27] <Grade> he didn't pre
[0:27] <Grade> check his disks
[0:27] <Grade> they're tagged
[0:27] <[Sketch]> and sth too
[0:29] <Machv> lester my dms hero
[0:29] <Machv> heheheh
[0:29] <[Sketch]> :]
[0:29] <[dee]> what are lnd sites?
[0:29] <Grade> tar valon and vision factory
[0:29] <Basec|w> every site grad wants
[0:29] <[dee]> Grade, which is whq?
[0:29] <fusion_> the best sites on the net :P
[0:31] <Machv> never even herd of umm
[0:31] <Grade> well
[0:31] <Machv> :(
[0:31] <Grade> who cares
[0:31] <Machv> tar valon i have
[0:31] <Grade> tar valon kicks much ass
[0:31] <Machv> hehehe
[0:31] <Machv> sure
[0:31] <Grade> not these edu craps
[0:31] <Grade> hmm
[0:31] <Grade> i coulda swore i had another cd
[0:31] <fusion_> yeayea grad, everything u do and got and say and try to achieve
is the best, right?
[0:31] <fusion_> look for your dick, maybe u'll find it for a change
[0:34] <Machv> words from wise fusion
[0:34] <Grade> i own you fusion
[0:34] <Grade> you're just a little imp
[0:34] <fusion_> ^^ words from trying-to-be-wise machv
[0:34] <buj> gimp
[0:34] <Basec|w> IMP!!!!
[0:34] <Basec|w> doom2!!!
[0:34] <Machv> you 2 own eachother i think you were ment for eachother
[0:34] <fusion_> Machv: it more like u 2
[0:34] <fusion_> one that cant spell and its oposite - a "perfect" speller
[0:34] <fusion_> oposites attract, remmember? ;)
[0:34] <Grade> hahha
[0:34] <Grade> two mispellings
[0:34] <Grade> misspellings
[0:34] <Grade> hahaha
[0:34] <fusion_> and based on the fact that grad has no dick and you had yours
cut when u were 1 day old u kinda fit together :)
[0:35] <fusion_> Grade: yea! if u didnt get it yet U ARE THE "PERFECT" SPELLER!
[0:35] <fusion_> the one i was talking about
[0:36] <fusion_> so go with it
[0:36] <Juice> grade take me out of that legends.nfo
[0:36] <Juice> i dont want to be associated with you at all
[0:36] <buj> 0uch
[0:36] <[dee]> lollll
[0:38] <Grade> oh
[0:39] <Grade> sorry
[0:39] <Grade> lester did it
[0:39] <Grade> blame him