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Robelisk retires by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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6/22/98 To anyone who still gives a shit, and Azazel of course, This morning after waking up and checking BlackAcid's page (as usual), I was very interested to find that Azazel had announced his retirement in the scene. I was very touched by his letter, and although I do believe in God, or religion for that matter, I do respect his newfound freedom from the scene. After speaking with IdyllWild [<IdyllWild> I'm soo happy :) <IdyllWild> this has soo made my day :)], I decided that my time has come as well. For those of you who know me, then you know that I have not always spent the most time moving files, but when I did it seemed as though I had some talent. Over the last school year, I have moved back into track and field, and the time available to me is very slim. I am also tired of seeing the sites that I put this time into, disappearing because of a few people who didn't know what the real spirit or meaning of the scene was. Brotherhood, respect, friendship and GOOD TIMES! Instead we are now dominated by egos, narqs and overall bad attitudes. I would like to pay my respects to the sites which have been taken down (narqed) over the last year or so of my FTP trading existance. TNT, PC, TRS, TCD, FH, TRM, NOS, SS, MS and of course.... DL. I would like to especially thank the former staff of DL for giving me a special kickstart into the FTP scene... it truly is sad to see the first site I was on go down for such a silly reason. I have taken a long journey to end up where I am today. As a BBS courier, who was taken into the greatest courier group of alltime, Amnesia, I gained a new respect for the scene. I then felt that after Amnesia's untimely death that it would be interesting to pursue a group of my own. Thanks to sL, IdyllWild, Neuroman, Knoweffex, AZAZEL of course!!! and whoever else is still around out there for the great times we had a little less than a year ago in Hostile Couriers. Shortly after that I spent a week or so in Perplex (Atomic-X), and I would like to thank Dee, GaL and whoever else I met there in the short time I had the pleasure of being in Perplex. Also a big thanks to Apocalypse (most of DMS I guess that would be) for the fun times I had there. And finally, to the group that I will remain a member of, Millennium, I give my utmost respects to the hard work through the ups-and-downs to: Doobie, Union, Roller, MossyOak most importantly, and to anyone else who is, has or will ever be a part of the greatest, friendliest and only true courier group who is all about the friendship and family atmosphere. I will remain on IRC, and in MnM & F4CG, but I will never be seen moving a file again, as it is not worth it in these dark days of the scene. Feel free to message me on IRC as Red_O if you really do still care about the state of our once productive scene. Azazel: Thanks a lot for the kind compliments, it was a blast working with you in Hostile. Keep up the running, but don't get any more stress fractures :) I'm up to about 90 kilometres+ a week now... I'm taking it easy and running with my girlfriend tonight though... don't think I told you but she runs the 1500 and 3000 >:) Look forward to seeing you in the Olympics... who knows, maybe we can run the NYC Marathon :P 800 metres 4 [email protected]#$% Biggy: Too bad I was never in EXD with you and Azazel. Who knows *maybe* you will get that N64 some day :) Good luck with MW bud... IdyllWild: Good luck with whatever the hell it is you do :P and thanks for putting up with me for however long its been. My log of you is 493k now hehehe.... and thanks for the support with Hostile. Toast & Tough Guy: To both of you, thanks a lot for pulling my sorry ass out of 905 and into the wide, wide world of internet life... and Amnesia of course :P Give me a call sometime if you still got my number ;) Lester: Thanks for all the help you gave me in Apocalypse and Amnesia... it is not forgotten by any means. I owe a lot of my "success" to you. Good luck with DMS! And to anyone else who I ever had the chance of being with, and sharing all the good times... Red Obelisk ([email protected]) HIAC 800m bronze medalist <--- look what happens when you do something else but trade ;p
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