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Kruzin caught cheating by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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cHr0NiK> why did u cheat on FS
<Kruz> dude
<cHr0NiK> and dont try to lie to me about some bullshit
<Kruz> its called taking advantage
<cHr0NiK> I have it loged
<cHr0NiK> takin advantage?
<Kruz> hehe so who gives a fuck
<cHr0NiK> WHUT?
<Kruz> if someone made a .ok on another site
<Kruz> u up it to take advantage
<Kruz> as long as u dont make the .ok
<Kruz> who gives a fuck
<cHr0NiK> omG
<cHr0NiK> u are still the same lamer as before
<cHr0NiK> thats fucking gay
<cHr0NiK> u u/led the files like 3 days later
<cHr0NiK> -rw-r--r--   1 Muggsy   ftp       2918775 Apr 30 20:39 sklif982.zip.ok
<cHr0NiK> -rw-r--r--   1 Garoto   ftp       2922964 Apr 30 20:36 sklif983.zip
<cHr0NiK> -rw-r--r--   1 kruzin   ftp       2922170 May  2 05:23 sklif983.zip.ok
<cHr0NiK> -rw-r--r--   1 Garoto   ftp       2920362 Apr 30 20:36 sklif984.zip
<cHr0NiK> -rw-r--r--   1 kruzin   ftp       2919568 May  2 05:24 sklif984.zip.ok
<Kruz> hehe
<Kruz> suck me
<cHr0NiK> see those dates
<cHr0NiK> thats fucking lame

[18:59] <CoSMiC> MJJ in that moment
[18:59] <CoSMiC> <[CoSMiC]> hi dude^!
[18:59] <CoSMiC> <[CoSMiC]> so.. ya changed yer nick.. eheheh
[18:59] <CoSMiC> <_Mike_> SUP!
[18:59] <CoSMiC> <_Mike_> sure did:P
[19:00] <CoSMiC> Kruzin ([email protected]
[19:00] <CoSMiC> do ya see..

<_Skully_> *** Parts: Kruz-bull ([email protected])
<_Skully_> <_Skully_> BBP: what happened to id4?
<_Skully_> <_Skully_> i havent seen him in ages
<_Skully_> <BBP> he left the scene
<_Skully_> <BBP> he got caught by 5-0 and he is in like some mad trouble with it
<_Skully_> *** Joins: Kruz-bull ([email protected])
<_Skully_> *** Joins: BBP ([email protected])
<_Skully_> bammm

---hahah BBP and id4 best friends from awhile ago...we got him right there.
Kruzin = Red Dragon, id4, MJJ, Sublinic, or whatever he calls himself
nowadays :)
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