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Jaydee vs Drivr. by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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[20:47] <drivR> <Jaydee> [20:18] <HDS-DEViL> [NewUtil] Hades
[20:47] <drivR> <Jaydee->   (drivr - NONE) 0509
[20:47] <drivR> <Jaydee-> <Jaydee> [20:19] <thgrtmilo> [Digital Overload]
[20:47] <drivR> <Jaydee->   -Utils- (drivr - MiLLENiUM) 0509
[20:47] <drivR> <Jaydee-> <Jaydee> [20:18] <FiRESiTE> [Firesite]
[20:47] <drivR> <Jaydee->   - NewUtil - (drivr - mnm) - 0509
[20:47] <drivR> <Jaydee-> any siteop alive to delete his ass ?
[20:47] <drivR> <Honker> ftp> site udel drivr
[20:47] <drivR> <Honker> 200 User 'drivr' removed.
[20:47] <drivR> <Honker> blah
[20:47] <drivR> wut the fuk is this?
[20:47] <drivR> since when is mm not allowed?
[20:47] <drivR> it is a proggy anyone can use
[20:47] <drivR> and does use
<Jaydee-> its scripting
<Jaydee-> and u fucked up
<Jaydee-> so go away
[20:47] <drivR> bullshit...
[20:48] <drivR> it is somethin that anyone can and does use
[20:48] <drivR> in fact sites asked and was told IT WAS LEAGEL
[20:49] <drivR> macros are not scripting...
[20:49] <drivR> and u fukin no it
<Jaydee-> how come u set the macromagic to make a 0509 dir ?
[20:50] <drivR> because i hit the key i had assinded to run a macro by
[20:50] <drivR> and when u do that the macro runs....
<Jaydee-> bullshit
[20:50] <drivR> i cant stop it...
<Jaydee-> I saw logs of sitez using linfxp
<Jaydee-> U prolly use the same
[20:50] <drivR> mm starts auto maticlly when i start my pc...
[20:50] <drivR> and if i hit a key asssigned to a macro....
[20:51] <drivR> it riuns
[20:51] <drivR> and some times i mistakenly assign a key to a macro that i use
when i trade...
[20:51] <drivR> and bammm   it runs....
[20:51] <drivR> u think if i used pftp i would be weektop somewhere?
[20:51] <drivR> or everywhere
[20:52] <drivR> hell  im was #1 on cong.....
[20:52] <drivR> last week.....
[20:52] <drivR> i am still trying to make it werk so it will return to a natural
[20:52] <drivR> and sites told me linfxp v3 is still legal
<Jaydee-> its not
<Jaydee-> U know
<Jaydee-> sitez is deleted everywhere to
<Jaydee-> Now you joined his club
[20:54] <drivR> macro majic is leagal
[20:54] <drivR> i dont use linfxp
[20:54] <drivR> i use screen
[20:54] <drivR> fxp
[20:54] <drivR> riscftp
[20:54] <drivR> and macromajic in screen
[20:55] <drivR> look at my creds on your site....
[20:55] <drivR> look how much i win on it....
[20:56] <drivR> wdf....
[20:56] <drivR> does that LOOK like im CHEATIN?
[20:56] <drivR> 200mb>?
[20:56] <drivR> jusus christ....look at the creds on hds....
[20:56] <drivR> smae fukin thing....
[20:57] <drivR> im really cheating to have 43mbs creds right?
<Jaydee-> I dont care
<Jaydee-> to me it looked like u cheated
<Jaydee-> also to others
<Jaydee-> so...I dont want you doing on mine or any other site.
[20:58] <drivR> so im being deleted cause it LOOKED like it
<Jaydee-> didnt only look like it
[20:58] <drivR> cuase u dont understand how im tradin?
<Jaydee-> It was it
<Jaydee-> I know how MM works
[20:59] <drivR> casue a macro got away from me?
<Jaydee-> and making 0509 dirs isnt VERY normal
[20:59] <drivR> no shit....
[20:59] <drivR> u think id make a stupid mistake like that normally?
<Jaydee-> pftp prolly did it for you
[21:00] <drivR> ah shit  jaydee
Session Close: Sat May 09 21:00:47 1998
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