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Can you kill someone for me by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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<`911> rice <`911> can you kill someone for me/ <`911> <`911> :] <rice> no box up <rice> nice job of braggin wit ls tho <rice> =p <`911> dammit <rice> heh..wha? <`911> i didn't fuckin brag <`911> how did i brag? <rice> that's wut webpage says <rice> =D <`911> i simply stated it was hacked, i didn't even say I hacked it <`911> but i helped, and took it down <`911> yeah, well i am in a situation <rice> so ur sayin sum1 like made fake logs? <`911> i have about 233789 friends that are power linux users, and just love to kill people, and we are gonna own #arise soon.... <rice> why? <`911> no, they are real logs, but tell me the part that has me saying " YEAH I HACKED THAT SHIT" <`911> "I HACKED IT BAD" <rice> ok <rice> one sec <`911> because evil is a pussy bitch <`911> he had to go tell his mommy, and couldn't take it like a man <`911> he ratted friends out <`911> so he must pay <rice> how u fig? <`911> well <rice> <EViL`> <`911> me and eless hacked it, then cracked out more shells, and leeched <rice> everything off of it. <`911> he is so gay, who cares if i am on a site, listen to what he is saying <`911> he is trying to deny the fact that fuckin he was fucked over bad, and lost cash <`911> he is trying to take the focus off himself <rice> so ur gonna get him again? is that wut ur sayin? <`911> [EViL` ) silly little boy you turned out to be <`911> he is talkin like a pussy <`911> [EViL` ) lol go away little boy <`911> [EViL` ) your obsessed <`911> [EViL` ) hahahah <`911> i am not gonna hack his gay #46 site <`911> i am gonna own him, yesterday was fun <`911> i killed him like 4 times <`911> then he called an ircop in to watch me <`911> he is a pussy <`911> he tries to deny being killed yesterday, when i fuckin watched him reboot like 4 times <`911> old man, his name is Ed, and i have his phone number and address <rice> y u all pissed at him? thought u 2 usta be good friends? <`911> he is a backstabber <`911> he turns on people <rice> o then in chan... *** Quits: `911 (syntax: BBL)
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