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A plea by the site-op. for The Crazed Asylum (TCA) by Corner Deli FTP

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With the recent events in the scene, specifically the narcing of TCD, TRS, ASP,
cracking.net, and the numerous others, I feel the need to say something.  This
is not a letter to clear plead a defense, but a letter to plead the scene to
stop this insane trend that seems present.

What we do has an inherent danger in that there are a large group of people, law
enforcement agents, software publishers, large anti-piracy organizations, and
ISPs, that do not tolerate our actions, and retaliate with very severe measures.
This measures include things as mild as losing ISP accounts and getting thrown
out of school, to things as severe as EXTREME monetary penalty and jail time.
This are not insignificant things, and do not try to convince yourself that they
don't happen.  It is only someone that does not understand these penalties,
someone unaware of the consequences, that would even consider narcing someone in
the scene.

I would never consider doing this.  I would put this person, friend,
acquaintance, or stranger, on the same level as the people that narced me.

So I present my request.  The scene has grown to incredible sizes with the
expansion of the internet, and with that, the brotherhood that the days of BBS's
contained has been lost.  My major concern, is that people will come to consider
this kind of behavior normal, and appropriate.  This is the furthest thing from
the truth.  It has no place anywhere near the scene. The motives are invariably
selfish.  And while you may not realize this, these actions can only hurt
everyone and the scene as a whole.

So I ask that if these ridiculous thoughts enter our mind as an option, please
take a second and realize that there will be a consequence to your actions, a
person on the receiving end, who probably doesn't deserve the harm you're
sending to him.  I understand that this scene is driven by competition, and
that's a great driving force.  But if we work together, when it comes to our
safety, we'll all be a lot better off.  I don't mean to preach, but if you think
of what has happened, it is quite disturbing.

-- Chorizo
-- TCD Siteop
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