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[22:25] <{Master1}> buggy needs to go play bbal for a few hours everyday [22:25] <chinablu^> i bet you smell horrible master 1 [22:25] <{Master1}> lose a few hundread pounds [22:25] <{Master1}> I took a shower as soon as I came home :-) [22:25] <Psyber> m1's a phatty [22:25] <Thug-> AHAAHAHHHAAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA [22:25] <chinablu^> hehe [22:25] <chinablu^> good! [22:25] <[morbid]> hehe [22:26] <chinablu^> cuz psyber and morbie would want pictures or smth [22:26] <chinablu^> they like weird stuff [22:26] <[morbid]> how many pounds does buggy weight ? [22:26] <{Master1}> thug was laughing at my buggy joke right :-) [22:26] <Thug-> hell yea [22:26] <Thug-> that shit was fucking funny [22:26] <Thug-> <{Master1}> lose a few hundread pounds [22:26] <Thug-> LOL <S^J> haha [22:26] <Psyber> i've got a spycam on gollie taking a shit right now...i'll post vivo's later [22:26] <{Master1}> heh you think I'm kidding too [22:26] <{Master1}> buggy is a big mofo <S^J> HAHAHHAHHAHAH [22:26] <Thug-> m1 [22:26] <chinablu^> commmon [22:26] <Thug-> i heard [22:26] <chinablu^> be nice =(( <S^J> !info [22:26] <Psyber> i've got a spycam on gollie taking a shit right now...i'll post vivo's later [22:26] <chinablu^> i luv buggie [22:26] <Thug-> that he cant drive cause he cant fit into a car [22:27] <{Master1}> you heard right [22:27] <[morbid]> heh [22:27] <Thug-> is he that fat ??? <S^J> whers buggie????????????????? [22:27] <[morbid]> is he that big ? [22:27] <{Master1}> He barely fit in mine [22:27] <{Master1}> and fucked up my suspension I think [22:27] <{Master1}> My car is tilted now [22:27] <[morbid]> hahahha [22:27] <Thug-> AHAAHAHAHAAHAHAH [22:27] <[morbid]> man [22:27] <[morbid]> like how tall is he ? [22:27] <chinablu^> u r SO mean! [22:27] <Thug-> 5'2'' [22:27] <chinablu^> =( [22:27] <[morbid]> yea wtf [22:27] <{Master1}> Hes 6'5" [22:27] <{Master1}> bout 350 [22:27] <[morbid]> i need cm [22:27] <Thug-> GOD DAMN <S^J> 160 [22:27] <[morbid]> no feet [22:27] <scan-> morbi [22:27] <{Master1}> CB I'm nICE [22:27] <scan-> enforcer or coup awake? [22:27] <{Master1}> I took his ass to new jersey [22:28] <chinablu^> hehe [22:28] <[morbid]> scan : no :( [22:28] <{Master1}> and he almost broke my car [22:28] <{Master1}> so I'm extremly nice [22:28] <Thug-> HAHHAHAHAH [22:28] <{Master1}> for letting him live [22:28] <chinablu^> haha [22:28] <chinablu^> no! [22:28] <chinablu^> dont say all that <S^J> hehe [22:28] <[morbid]> hahaha [22:28] <Thug-> mn1 [22:28] <chinablu^> =) u R exxaggerating [22:28] <Thug-> m1 [22:28] <[morbid]> did u smoke some dope with him ? [22:28] <Thug-> where he been ? [22:28] <{Master1}> I'm not exagerating shit [22:28] <BlackAcd> morbby sux [22:28] <Thug-> jenny craig ? [22:28] <{Master1}> I'm gonna go take a picture of my car [22:28] <{Master1}> and you'll see it slanted <S^J> hAHA [22:29] <{Master1}> on the RIGHT side [22:29] <Thug-> LOL [22:29] <[morbid]> blackacid : hi to you too! :) [22:29] <chinablu^> oh jeez [22:29] <chinablu^> hi B A ! [22:29] <chinablu^> hows it goin [22:29] <Thug-> the wheels are in the air [22:29] <Thug-> lol [22:29] <[morbid]> ah man [22:29] <[morbid]> m1 [22:29] <[morbid]> is it really true [22:29] <{Master1}> yes [22:29] <[morbid]> or are u kiddin [22:29] <{Master1}> I'm 100% serious <S^J> HAHA [22:29] <BlackAcd> suppps cb :) [22:29] <{Master1}> I have a appointment with bmw to check it out next week [22:29] <BlackAcd> buggys that fat [22:29] <BlackAcd> we need pics [22:29] <BlackAcd> :) [22:29] <[morbid]> heheheh [22:30] <[morbid]> poor bmw z3 <S^J> haahah [22:30] <sugar_> heh that south park was hilarious [22:30] <{Master1}> Its m3 bitch [22:30] <Thug-> bacid [22:30] <[morbid]> eh [22:30] <{Master1}> and I missed southpark [22:30] <[morbid]> m3 [22:30] <[morbid]> :P [22:30] <BlackAcd> bmw place says 'our suspension system aint made to support fatasses' :) [22:30] <{Master1}> fuck me running [22:30] <Dual> master: m3?! [22:30] <sugar_> m1 u idiot.. [22:30] <BlackAcd> hey thugg [22:30] <Dual> masteR: what color <S^J> hahaha [22:30] <Thug-> how you gonna fit his big ass in a pic ?? [22:30] <sugar_> it was funny as hell [22:30] <{Master1}> silver [22:30] <sugar_> ut wasnt fucked up either.. [22:30] <Dual> kewl..... [22:30] <Dual> m3 rox [22:30] <{Master1}> Theres a reason no one has buggy's pic [22:30] <{Master1}> he can't fit in that little box [22:30] <sugar_> and it involved drugs, you would've loved it.. <S^J> HAHA [22:30] <[morbid]> hehehee [22:30] <BlackAcd> Thug▼-▼▼☻,▼☻ u'll prolly have to scroll 2-3 screens, but thats fine :) [22:30] <Thug-> HAHAH [22:30] <Thug-> ROFL [22:30] <[morbid]> poor buggy [22:31] <{Master1}> I'm just comedy central here [22:31] <MossyOak> OMG!!! [22:31] <Thug-> poor fat guy [22:31] <BlackAcd> i wonder if buggy's stomach covers his knees :/ [22:31] <{Master1}> Hes not poor [22:31] <BlackAcd> so he has to waddle around [22:31] <{Master1}> he has cb supporting him [22:31] <Thug-> HAHHA [22:31] <[morbid]> you usa ppl are all insane [22:31] <BlackAcd> cb = rich :) [22:31] <{Master1}> and I gotta network these 2 lawyers' offices tomorrow [22:32] <BlackAcd> [morbid▼]▼▼☻,▼☻ u r, u quit RISC then rejoined, u shoulda never quit :) [22:32] <chinablu^> im rich? [22:32] <sugar_> drugs are bad.. mm-k.. [22:32] <[morbid]> errr [22:32] <[morbid]> u are still insane =) [22:32] <BlackAcd> chinablu▼^▼▼☻,▼☻ dotn deny it [22:32] <chinablu^> i dont support buglord [22:32] <BlackAcd> chinablu▼^▼▼☻,▼☻ yer dad = mafia boss [22:32] <chinablu^> yer nutz [22:32] <MossyOak> I don't wanna be a part of your weewee choppin faimly! [22:32] <MossyOak> I don't wanna be a part of your weewee choppin faimly! [22:32] <BlackAcd> chinablu▼^▼▼☻,▼☻ u dont support buggy? support me! :) [22:32] <MossyOak> bwhahahahahahahah [22:32] <{Master1}> heh [22:32] <chinablu^> ciao [22:32] <{Master1}> don't leave cb [22:32] <chinablu^> you guys are being real assholes [22:32] <BlackAcd> chinablu▼^▼▼☻,▼☻ buy me more tommy shirts! :) [22:32] <Thug-> cb [22:32] *** chinablu^ (azizam@*.flinet.com) has left #falsehood [22:32] * BlackAcd bites cb [22:33] <Thug-> stop buying him McDonald's [22:33] <{Master1}> must be that time of the month :( [22:33] <sugar_> fuck all of you.. [22:33] <sugar_> fir being mean to cb.. [22:33] <BlackAcd> dun worry [22:33] <BlackAcd> she shall return [22:33] <BlackAcd> i was only joking too :/ [22:33] <{Master1}> When I went to visit buggy the 1st time [22:33] <{Master1}> We went to Roy Rogers [22:33] <{Master1}> and I asked him what he wanted and he goes a #1 [22:33] <{Master1}> I wuz like thats it? [22:33] <{Master1}> the lady in the mic started laughing [22:33] <{Master1}> tis wuz quite a site [22:34] <{Master1}> where is ol fat ass anyways [22:34] <BlackAcd> roy rogers [22:34] <BlackAcd> wtf is that? [22:34] <[morbid]> a #1 ? [22:34] <{Master1}> its like a mcdonalds [22:34] <[morbid]> what do u mean m1 [22:34] <{Master1}> its a value meal sorta thing [22:34] <BlackAcd> {Master1▼}▼▼☻,▼☻ ahh
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