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Wordtris. by United Software Association, Fairlight (USA/FLT)

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 USA/FLT                  United Software Association                  USA/FLT
                             Fairlight PC Division

                               Proudly Presents



                               Spectrum Holobyte


                               - USA Members -

     The NotSoHumble Babe, Silencer, Genesis, Suicidal, Strider, R. Bubba
   Magillicutty, The Necromancer, Static, Harry Lime, Drone #5, Captain Kirk

                              - USA Couriers -

                Morpheus, The Bartender, Crime Slave, Snuggles  

                               - USA Boards -

    BOARD NAME          POSITION       NUMBER         SYSOP
    BBS-A-Holic         Western Home   213-PRI-VATE   Genesis
    Enterprize Elite    Eastern Home   313-442-7543   Static / The NSH Babe 
    The Inferno         Member Board   416-841-1933   Harry Lime
    The Rush Board      Member Board   313-348-6057   The Necromancer
    Hidden Empire       Dist Site      301-926-6131   The Emperor
    tHe CrAcK iN tImE   Dist Site      2o1-573-o449   The Punisher
    Support HQ          Dist Site      415-692-6037   X-Terminator
    The Red Sector      Dist Site      713-952-7682   The Guardian
    Radioactive Decay   Dist Site      213-923-4447   Repo Man

Game Notes: OK here's the latest "tris" game from Spectrum Holobyte.  You
            may have caught the demo of this that was floating around last
            month.  It's a fairly decent game and has 256-VGA, Soundblaster
            and Roland support.  Have fun!

            A few words on Larry 5 - This game is a BITCH to crack.  We are
            working on a crack for it, and it's my understanding that about
            every other crack group out there is also working on it, so there
            should be a fix out soon, so hang in there.  SCD-Dox put the
            scanned doc check codes out so pick those up if you're desperate
            to play the game before the crack is released.

            Welcome to our newest Dist Site- Radioactive Decay, SysOp: Repo Man

Greets: INC - Heard you ordered Larry 5 and your supplier was able to download
              the USA version before the UPS man even got to his house... haha
      RAZOR - Here's another one you "could" have released.  Tsk tsk.
        THG - Thanks for the "Don't get too big for your pants" advice.  Maybe
              you should practice what you preach.

   TRSI/TDT - Reader Rabbit ][ - Wow!  The new NEUA!

     Nimbus - Blow me - _/\!/\_

     Bookie - ><anth BBS is not a site as you claim.  Congratulations on
              joining the growing number of poseur USA boards.  Call Joker's
              board, you two have alot in common.

Pirate World- There seems to be alot of SysOps going around claiming they
              are USA/FLT sites when they aren't.  We're getting a little
              sick of this.  If your board isn't in our NFO file, you're
              not a site - It's simple as that.


                So you wanna be a Dist Site or Member huh?

   If you are interested in becoming a USA/FLT Dist Site or Member, please
   contact Genesis at BBS-A-Holic or TNSH Babe at Enterprise Elite.  Tell
   us what you have to offer to USA/FLT and you will be considered.  All
   of our members and dist sites are completely functional.  If you can't
   or don't want to do anything to help out, and just want to sit there
   and run a dist site, then forget it.  But if think you have something to
   offer and you want to help the newest up and coming group reach the top,
   give us a call.

                      So you wanna be a Courier huh?

   Fill out a USA/FLT courier application and send it up to one of the Home
   boards reserved for our courier leader, Suicidal.


                        You may contact us by mail at:

                         35526 Grand River, Suite 104
                         Farmington Hills, MI  48335


                        "All's Fair In Love And Warez"