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Elite Plus. by The Humble Guys (THG)


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                                 - ELITE -
                               From Realtime

Cracking: Doc Check
Supplier: Funakoshi
Graphics: EGA/VGA/MCGA
Controls: Keyboard / Joystick / Mouse
Sound: Squeeker / Adlib / Roland

JROK's Cracking/Game Notes:
A very simple doc check which on passing modifies some code so it wont exit
to DOS when you try to play. This is an excellent game about as good as the
original with colour and nice sound ( in fact up to the Amiga version
released years ago !). I have taken out the commander file .CDR checksum
routine so someone else can write a commander editor or such like.
Have fun...

Hi to.. ADS,Hazel,Dr.Pepper,Funakoshi,TomCat..

The Humble Guys are: The Candyman, Fabulous Furlough, NightWriter, Magnetic
The Slavelord, Predator, Mr. Plato, Fletcher Christian, Lord Blix, Barimor,
The Viper, BamBam, Lord Zombie, The Guch, Eddie Haskel, Funakoshi, Wico
The Humble Sysop, Drool Master Rick, - JROK -, Mr.M, Mace Mandella, Belgarion,
The Humble Babe and our HUMBLE leader, Gods Gift to the IBM !

                               |The Humble Boards|
Members  |Candyland                   (***) ***-****  The Candyman        |
         |The Slave Den               (904) 376-1117  The Slavelord       |
         |HMS Bounty (2 nodes)        (215) 873-7287  Fletch              |
         |The Humble Review           (319) 372-5987  The Humble Sysop    |
         |Plato's Place (3 nodes)     (618) 254-5263  Mr. Plato           |
         |Iron Fortress               (508) 798-3363  Predator            |
         |SpamLand                    (508) 831-0131  Eddie Haskel        |
 Boards  |Final Frontier              (602) 491-0703  Barimor             |
         |DownTown                    31-5750-29313   BamBam              |
         |TinselTown Rebellion        (713) 453-2153  The Viper           |
         |Enterprize Elite            (313) 442-7543  The Humble Babe     |
        *|Festering Pit               (206) 481-2728  Belgarion           |
Dist.    |The P.I.T.S. (2 Nodes)      (718) 921-3107  The PieMaN          |
         |                            (718) PRI-VATE  Don't U DARE Call!  |
         |Elusive Dream               (317) 452-1257  The Toyman          |
  Sites  |The Wall                    (716) PRI-VATE  Pink Floyd          |
         |Twilight Zone               (617) ???-????  Raistlin            |
         |The Ice Castle              47-PRI-VATE     The Iceman          |
         |Black Ice BBS               (904) 377-1325  Chaos               |
         |Paradise City               (416) 479-9879  Mongolian Cannibal  |
         |Swindler's Stronghold       (703) 722-6051  Loan $hark          |
         |Software Conspiracy         (305) 235-4335  Sparrowhawk         |
         |The Phortress System I      (914) 221-0035  The FREEZE          |
         |The Phortress System II     (914) 227-6847  Mephistopheles      |
         |Access Denied!              (313) 977-5880  Access              |
         |The Cove                    (317) 743-1168  Viper               |
         |BBS a Holic                 (213) PRI-VATE  Genesis             |
         |& New in Italy                                                  |
         |Dark Data Security        (+39) 2 29510751  Tom Cat             |
         |Nemesis                   (+39) 382 935967                      |
         + ---------------------------------------------------------------+

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stamped envelope to:

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         P.O.Box 24541          or     Post Restante
         Nashville, TN 37202           p.o. box 99960
                                       7200 NA Zutphen Holland

Send us any letters thanking us for being so incredibly great!!  We know
you guys worship the ground we walk above, but it's good for you guys
to tell us.  All letters will be posted on the LSDnet (tm) arts and letters
section!  Please send any computer hardware you don't need!  We can use it!
Especially modems and hard drives!!

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