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mysql-pre-database. by Independent (IND)

7102 of 32,621 files
This is a MySQL database dump that was probably stolen from an IRC bot network or a dupe-check website. The database covers nearly a million scene releases from 1999 to July 2007. While there are earlier releases listed, these are often either inaccurate and incomplete. Unfortunately the database also suffers from duplicate entries. The easiest way to browse this collection is to use a portable copy of XAMPP (search: XAMPP). Use phpMyAdmin to Import predb.sql.bz2. You can then select predb and Browse it from within phpMyAdmin.
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mysql-pre-database with over 2,6mil pres. hf.

some stats: 

- 1980-01-01-2002-12-31 336.188 pres
- DEVIANCE: 2.369 pres ... first: GRIM.FANDANGO-DEViANCE
- 1980-01-01-2007-12-31 ~2.680.000 rls with ~370mb
- ~1.350.000 rls have files and size info

last pre: Damien_Rice_and_David_Gray-Que_Sera_Sera_(at_Live_Earth_07-07-07)-XviD-2007-PmV


bzip2 -d predb.bz2
vi pred.bz2 (look inside)
mysql --user=r00t --pass=l33tpW --host=localhost l33t < predb.sql
feel free to join with your nice bot a cool colocated-p2p-site with some nice affils :D
backup your nice db:
mysqldump --user=r00t --password=l33tpW --database l33t --table predb >predb.sql && bzip2 predb.sql

botowners: feel free to merge. and fuckoff (use the phpscript -> edit -> shell: php move_table.php)

others: get your 'own' prescript on http://pastebin.ca/search.php?q=prebot,
http://pastebin.ca/search.php?q=addpre or use the example one.

enjoy the l33t-scene leaked db.

ps: is the prescene good enough for you guys?
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