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Privacy policy

Other than the exceptions listed in the "Cookies" box below we do not track visitors to this site.

Running the site in a Chrome incognito window or a FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari private browsing session will stop all 3rd party tracking. Otherwise, you could use the browser plug-in Ghostery or the EFF Privacy Badger which can selectively halt specific 3rd party functionality.

Our web server generates one or two cookies onto your web browser, CFID CFTOKEN. CFID contains a sequential client identifier. CFTOKEN holds a random-number client security token. These are used internally by the web server for keeping browser sessions.
Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to gain anonymous statistical information on visitors to our website. This data is only viewed internally for our personal curiosity. We do not sell or give out this information nor is any data on individual visitors viewable by us. If your browser has Do Not Track (DNT) set then Analytics will not be loaded.
The Twitter widget on the Home page does implement a twitter.com cookie. Twitter has more information of the cookie at their privacy page. Twitter claims to acknowledge the Do Not Track (DNT) browser setting.
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