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  • BBS Ads Collection v1.0.
    This is the most complete collection of BBS adverts including PC and Amiga scene boards, legal as well as illegal ones. All the ads were found in release packages and are thereby authentical.
  • BBS Archives. The largest resource of BBS Utilities on the internet,.
  • Bell Labs Journals, 1922-present | Nokia Networks. The scientific discoveries and technological innovations produced by Bell Labs research and engineering have been critical not only to the evolution of global telecommunications but, more widely, they had a considerable impact on the technological base of the global economy and, indeed, on our daily lives.
    With this posting of the Bell System Technical Journal from volume 1 issue 1 in July 1922 to the final issue published in December 1983, we are pleased to be able to open the vault of this knowledge to our global technical colleagues.
  • HTTP Error 403.
    A wiki about bulletin board systems.
  • An overview of BBS program. This directory is an outgrowth of the BBS documentary. To help in my research about BBSes, I am attempting to make a canonical list of all the BBS Software Packages there ever were for any platform, excepting one-off "custom" sets that weren't distributed. The priority is on dial-up software created before 1995, although additions for any and all BBS programs are welcome.
  • The History of Phone Phreaking.
    How did phone phreaking start? Who were the first phone phreaks? What motivated people to undertake this interesting but illegal hobby? What did the telephone company think about them? How did the government view them?
  • glFTPd :: We make files transfer! glFTPd - A great FTP server for anyone on a *NIX platform.
    glFTPd is a free FTP server that historically has been commonly used by the warez scene.
  • "BBS: The Documentary" is an 8 episode series about all aspects of the history of the dial-up Bulletin Board System, or BBS. 3 years in the making and the result of over 200 interviews, this collection puts in one convenient package a sense of the variety and wide-reaching effects of the BBS phenomenon. All in all, over seven and a half hours of material is included across the three region-free DVDs.
  • BBS: The Documentary : Jason Scott : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive. Long before the Internet escaped from the lab, connected the planet and redefined what it meant to use a computer there was a brave and pioneering band of...
    Legally download all 8 episodes and extras of BBS: The Documentary by Jason Scott. Available in multiple formats, DivX, Ogg Video 256Kb MPEG4, 512Kb MPEG4 and 64Kb MPEG4.