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Mid-Nite-Oil III Doxs List 1. A10CHEAT.ZIP 191k A-10 Tank Killer Cheat 2. A10DOC .ZIP 24k A-10 Tank Killer Doxs 3. A10EDOC .ZIP 27k A10 Tank Killer Enhanced Dox 4. A10TRN0 .ZIP 6k A-10 Tank Killer v1.5 [TRAINER] 5. AATRN0 .ZIP 6k Armour Alley Trainer [INC] 6. ARACTRN .ZIP 47k Arachnaphobia Trainer 7. ATOMMESS.ZIP 20k Atomino Fix 8. ATOMTRN .ZIP 4k Atomino Trainer 9. BATCHT .ZIP 12k B.A.T. Cheat 10. BATDOX .ZIP 32k B.A.T. Doxs 11. BCCDOX .ZIP 4k Baseball Card Collector Doxs [INC] 12. BCCDOX .ZIP 4k Doxs for Baseball Card Collector 13. BCII15-F.ZIP 75k Battle Chess ][ {FIX} 14. BEHOLDER.ZIP 17k Eye of The Beholder Quick Doxs 15. BEHOLDPE.ZIP 28k Eye of The Beholder Doxs 16. BENC-FIX.ZIP 2k NASCAR Fix [INC] 17. BILLFIX .ZIP 4k Fix for Nascar Challenge 18. BMTRN0 .ZIP 6k Battle Masters Trainer 19. BOXDOX .ZIP 4k 4-D Boxing Dox 20. BOXFIX .ZIP 24k 4D Sports Boxing Fix 21. CASTLES .ZIP 126k Fix for Castles. 22. CHINADOX.ZIP 60k Heart of China Complete Doxs 23. CHUCKDOX.ZIP 15k Yeager's Air Combat Complete Dox [THG] 24. CM2TRN0 .ZIP 6k Castle Master II EGA Trainer 25. COMCHT .ZIP 5k Operation Combat Editor/Dox [PHX] 26. CORPDOCS.ZIP 16k Corporation Dox 27. CORPDOX .ZIP 29k Corperation Doxs 28. CRIMETRN.ZIP 4k Crime Does Not Pay Trainer 29. CY3-POWR.ZIP 1k Dox for Chuck Yeager 3 30. DKOK-FIX.ZIP 4k Death Knights of Krynn FIX 31. DL2CHEAT.ZIP 6k Dragon's Lair II Cheat 32. DL2DOCS .ZIP 2k Dragon's Lair II Docs 33. DL2TRNR2.ZIP 14k Dragon's Lair II Trainer 34. DLORDDOC.ZIP 8k Dragon Lord Doxs 35. DLORDFIX.ZIP 19k Dragon Lord Fix 36. DRMTMVD .ZIP 18k Dream Team Dox 37. DUKETRN1.ZIP 10k Duke Nukem Trainer 38. ELITEDOC.ZIP 31k Elite Dox 39. EOBCHT .ZIP 3k Eye of The Beholder Cheat 40. EOBFIX .ZIP 5k Eye of The Beholder Fix 41. EOTBFIX .ZIP 114k Eye of The Beholder Fix 42. EOTBREF .ZIP 4k Eye of The Beholder Reference Card 43. EOTBSG .ZIP 17k Eye of The Beholder Save Game 44. EPCREDCT.ZIP 33k Elite Plus Finacial Credit Cheat 45. EXTCRUE .ZIP 12k Exterminator Cheat 46. EXTRMTRN.ZIP 4k Exterminator Trainer 47. F117ADOX.ZIP 2k F-117a Doxs 48. F15ODSFX.ZIP 25k F15 Desert Shield Fix 49. F15ODSFX.ZIP 25k F15 ODS Dox 50. F29DOX .ZIP 47k F-29 Retaliator Dox 51. FABFIX .ZIP 51k Falcon AT Beta Fix 52. FIREFIX .ZIP 93k Fireteam 2200 Fix 53. FTCRUE .ZIP 2k Trainer for Forgotten Worlds [CRUE] 54. GATEEDIT.ZIP 22k Gateway Savage Frontier Editor 55. GATETRN0.ZIP 5k Gateway Savage Frontier Trainer 56. GOLD-DOX.ZIP 10k Gold of the Aztecs Doxs [SCD-DOXS] 57. GOLD-DOX.ZIP 14k Dox to Gold of the Aztecs 58. GREM2DOX.ZIP 8k Gremlins II Doxs 59. GSFJRNLS.ZIP 50k Gateway Savage Frontier Journals 60. HFVGATRN.ZIP 4k Hover Force Trainer 61. HISTTRN .ZIP 3k Historik Trainer [THG] 62. HOCDOX .ZIP 25k Heart of China Doxs and Hints 63. HOVERDOX.ZIP 17k Hover Force Dox 64. HUGO2HNT.ZIP 4k Hugo's House of Horrors Cheat 65. HUNTCHT .ZIP 10k Hunt for The Red October Cheat 66. INTPATCH.ZIP 1k Patch for THG intro maker 67. IRNCHT .ZIP 1k Iron Lord Cheat 68. IRONCHT .ZIP 7k Iron Lord Cheat 69. JETIITRN.ZIP 5k Jet Fighter II Release Trainer 70. JF2CHT .ZIP 13k Jet Fighter II Cheat 71. JF2DOXWS.ZIP 8k Jet Fighter II Dox 72. JF2R-DOX.ZIP 37k Jet Fighter II Release Dox 73. JFFIX .ZIP 32k Jet Fighter II Date Fix 74. KQ5CRACK.ZIP 12k King's Quest V Fix 75. KQ5HINTS.ZIP 9k King's Quest V Hints 76. KRYNNDOC.ZIP 26k Death Knights of Krynn Doxs 77. L&D2DOX .ZIP 8k Life & Death II Doxs 78. L&D2FIX .ZIP 36k Life & Death II Fix 79. LEMDOCS .ZIP 24k Docs for Lemmings 80. LEMFIX .ZIP 3k Lemming Fix [PHX] 81. LEMMDOX .ZIP 12k Lemmings Dox 82. LEMMSOLV.ZIP 23k Lemmings Solv 83. LEMMTHG!.ZIP 5k Lemming Doxs 84. LEMMTRN .ZIP 21k Trainer for Lemmings 85. LEMMTRN .ZIP 7k Lemmings Trainer [RR] 86. LEXC-DOX.ZIP 23k Lexi-Cross Dox 87. LINKS14 .ZIP 61k Links Golf Update v1.4 88. LOGCTRN1.ZIP 5k Logical Trainer v1.1 [INC] 89. LOGICTRN.ZIP 6k Logical Trainer v1.0 [INC] 90. LXCRCDOX.ZIP 44k Lexi-Cross Dox 91. M29VDDOX.ZIP 53k Mig 29 Fulcrum Doxs [VD] 92. MACHT .ZIP 5k Mario Andretti's Racing Cheat 93. MARDRMDX.ZIP 32k Martain Dream Dox 94. MARDRMDX.ZIP 32k Martian Dreams Dox 95. MARIO .ZIP 18k Docs for Mario Andredi [Humble-Dox] 96. MEGA2DOX.ZIP 174k Mega Traveller ][ }DOX{ 97. MEGAP-T .ZIP 4k Dox 98. METLCRUE.ZIP 5k Metal Gear Trainer 99. MEW-FIX .ZIP 1k Midevil Warriors - fix [INC] 100.MIG29DOC.ZIP 15k Mig 29 Fulcrum Docs 101.MLBGMO .ZIP 101k MicroLeague Baseball Gen. Manager 102.MONKDOC .ZIP 14k Secret of Monkey Island Docs 103.MOONHACK.ZIP 126k Moon Base Cheat 104.MOONTRN0.ZIP 6k Moonshine Racer Trainer [INC] 105.MS500R-R.ZIP 12k MS Dos 5.0 Documentation 106.MT2-MAPS.ZIP 260k MegaTraveler II Maps 107.MT2CHEAT.ZIP 8k MegaTraveller II Cheat 108.MTCRUE .ZIP 2k Trainer for Martian Dreams [CRUE] 109.MYSTFIX .ZIP 1k Mystic Fix 110.NASFANG0.ZIP 5k NASCAR Fix 111.NB-DOXS .ZIP 4k Night Breed Doxs 112.NCFIX .ZIP 4k Nascar Challenge Fix 113.NINJAG-T.ZIP 64k Ninja Gaiden Trainer 114.NINJCRUE.ZIP 5k Ninja Rabbits Cheat 115.NXITCRUE.ZIP 18k No Exit Malfunction Cheat 116.OPSTELTH.ZIP 18k Operation Stealth Walk Thru 117.OVERCHT .ZIP 6k Overlord Cheat 118.OVERLDOC.ZIP 54k Overlord Doxs 119.PICKTRN .ZIP 2k Pick N' Pile Trainer 120.PNPDOX .ZIP 3k Pick & Pile Doxs [INC] 121.PRED2CHT.ZIP 21k Predator II Trainer ( Works ) [PHX] 122.PRED2TRN.ZIP 4k Predator II Trainer 123.PREDATOR.DOC 8k Predator II Doxs 124.REVVD .ZIP 13k Revelation Doxs 125.RICK2FRM.ZIP 10k Rick Dangerous II Cheat 126.RICKTRN .ZIP 5k Rick Dangerous II Trainer 127.ROBOCRUE.ZIP 4k Robot Monsters Cheat 128.ROBOTTRN.ZIP 59k Robot Monsters Trainer 129.ROCKCRUE.ZIP 4k Rockin Magic Ball Cheat 130.ROCKROLL.ZIP 85k Rock 'n Roll Level 3 Crack -TRSI/TDT- 131.ROTOX-T .ZIP 16k Rotox English Trainer 132.ROUTCRUE.ZIP 5k Route 66 Cheat 133.RT66CDOX.ZIP 44k Route 66 Complete Dox 134.SHADOTRN.ZIP 5k Shadow Knight Trainer 135.SIME-PAT.ZIP 12k Sim Earth Patch 136.SIMFIX .ZIP 122k Sim Earth Fix 137.SKULLTRN.ZIP 6k Skull and Bones Trainer 138.SLORTRN .ZIP 4k Trainer for Slordax 139.SM2CRUE .ZIP 18k Wing Commander Missions Disk II Fix 140.SMIIDOX .ZIP 8k Wing Commander Secret Missions II Dox 141.SMIITRN .ZIP 5k WC Secret Missions Disk II Trainer 142.SMRTHDOC.ZIP 1k Sim Earth Docs 143.SP3-DOC .ZIP 16k Strip Poker III Doxs 144.SPCPCDOX.ZIP 13k Super Spellicopter Doxs 145.SQ4BETVD.ZIP 19k Space Quest IV Commands 146.SQ4CRUE .ZIP 4k Space Quest IV Official Release FIX 147.SQ4DEBUG.ZIP 4k Space Quest IV Fix 148.SQ4HNTVD.ZIP 18k Space Quest IV Hints 149.SQ4INC .ZIP 262k Space Quest IV Save Games & Hints [INC] 150.SQ4SG .ZIP 137k Space Quest Save Games 151.SQ4WT .ZIP 38k Space Quest IV Walk Thru 152.SQIVSOL .ZIP 8k Space Quest IV Solve 153.SROD2CHT.ZIP 4k Street Rod II Cheat 154.STR2TRN .ZIP 6k Street Rod II Trainer 155.STR3CHT .ZIP 14k Strip Poker III Cheat 156.STROD2H1.ZIP 4k Street Rod II Cheat 1 157.STROD2H2.ZIP 1k Street Rod II Cheat 2 158.STRP3TRN.ZIP 4k Strip Poker III Trainer 159.SWL-DOX .ZIP 16k SWOTL dox commands and such Humbledox 160.SWORDCT .ZIP 8k Sword of The King Cheat 161.SXBINC .ZIP 2k Skull and Cross Bones Crack and Cheat 162.TD32FIX .ZIP 83k Test Drive III Rev. 2 Fix 163.TDJOYFIX.ZIP 10k Test Drive III Joystix Fix 164.TERMTRN0.ZIP 31k Terminator Trainer [1/1] 165.TERMTRN1.ZIP 11k Terminator Trainer -INC- 166.TOMTRN0 .ZIP 6k Tom and The Ghost [TRAINER] 167.TROIKAFX.ZIP 14k Troika Russian Game PAK Fix 168.TURNTRNR.ZIP 43k Turn' N Burn Trainer 169.UFOFIX .ZIP 72k Fix for UFO Sighting 170.VENG1TRN.ZIP 7k Trainer 171.VENGTRN1.ZIP 7k Vengence of Excalibur Trainer 172.VIKINGTR.ZIP 3k Prophecy I:The Viking Child Trainer 173.VIKTRN1 .ZIP 6k Trainer for Vivking Child 174.WARLRDOX.ZIP 3k Warlord Doxs 175.WARLRDOX.ZIP 3k Warlord Docs 176.WC2FIX .ZIP 156k Wing Commander Missions Disk II Fix 177.WRATHFIX.ZIP 15k Wrath of The Demon FIX [RAZOR] 178.WRTHTRN0.ZIP 6k Wrath of The Demon Trainer 179.XENOCHT .ZIP 4k Xenocide Cheat 180.XENOCI-T.ZIP 9k Xenocide Trainer 181.ZELDOX .ZIP 2k Zeliard Doxs 182.ZELTRAIN.ZIP 4k Zeliard Trainer 183.ZELTRNR2.ZIP 4k Zeliard Trainer II 184.ZOMBCRUE.ZIP 12k Horror Zombies from the Crypt Cheat 185.ZYCACRCK.ZIP 49k The Legend of Zyca FIX [THG]
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