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Defacto2 is a website committed to preserving the historic PC cracking and warez scene subcultures. It covers digital objects including text files, demos, music, art, magazines, and other projects. While a seldom-discussed subject, this element of the underground computer subculture could be lost and forgotten without a preservation effort. The nature of digital piracy, with its high churn for participants, means it is a community that is not well documented nor explained. Learn more…

Unfortunately, some files have inappropriate or harmful comments or imagery—a possible consequence of the era and the ages of the people involved, often kids.

Scene milestones

In the early days of modern computing, the terms microcomputer and personal computer were interchangeable. This site defines the PC as the Intel-compatible x86 architecture known initially as the IBM PC but evolved to MS-DOS and Windows. All other personal computer platforms get referenced as microcomputers.
These milestones are for the PC underground and cracking scenes. They are not definitive but are based on the digital artifacts collected.
The more notable communities on other microcomputer platforms are seldom mentioned here, including the famed Apple II, Commodore 64, and Commodore Amiga communities, which were often poorly imitated by the underground communities on the PC.








Earliest PC loaders

Loaders were named as they would be the first thing to display each time a cracked game is run. These screens were static images in the early days and sometimes contained ripped screens from other games. Some users found these annoying and a cause of file bloat.

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