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divine intro introduction by neoman of chemical-reaction -------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- hi guys, this is the help for my new intro: -you can write in the divine.dll with the following chars: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789:;/-().,?!\"'#+ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ i send greetz to made who made this charset :) -a example for a divine.dll (remember '\n' is used as the ENTER key) DVNDATAFILE 4 30 250 1 + D I V I N E + is proud to present ------------------------ release name by company ------------------------ released on 11/15/2000 DVNENDPART -------------------------- . supplied by supplier . . cracked by cracker . . packaged by packager . -------------------------- DVNENDPART greetz to our friends in: ------------------------- razor 1911 . class . cro myth . lkcc . trsi . pdx DVNENDPART credits for this intro: ----------------------- coding...........neoman(cRO) gfx.............dj-saru(DVN) music...............mtc(cRO) don't for get to visit us at: ----------------------------- http://www.divinegods.com http://www.chemical-reaction.de DVNENDPART DVNDATAFILEEND or you can look in the example file divine.dll: first you MUST start your divine.dll with 'DVNDATAFILE', that's the identification. then you add e.g. '4 30 250 1'...the first number is to defining the number of parts, the second is the X position for the text scroller and the third the Y position. The fourth number is very interesting. you can choose between: 1 - twirl 2 - rotzoomer After this,you enter your first part, then you add 'DVNENDPART', and then go on... Finally you must write 'DVNDATAFILEEND'! IT MUST BE THERE! Yeh, perhaps i will add more features later, like patching and an encrypted divine.dll, but we'll see...so if you wanna contact me, then write to [email protected] or ask your question in #cro IF you have some questions. cya..........neoman [cRo]
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