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    Unlike other systems of the era, audio for DOS was unfortunately complicated for both programmers and end users alike. A lot of early scene software didn't bother including it. While those that did often didn't test it on all the hardware they supposedly supported.

DOSee pronounced dos/see, is our emulator used to run MS-DOS based software in your web browser.

MS-DOS (Microsoft DOS) was the primary operating system used by PCs during the 1980s to the early 1990s and is the precursor to Microsoft Windows.

DOSee is a slimmed down, modified port of The Emularity.

The Emularity is a multi-platform JavaScript emulator that supports the running of software for legacy computer platforms in a web browser. It is the same platform that's running emulation on the Internet Archive.

EM-DOSBox is a discontinued, high-performance JavaScript port of DOSBox that is applied by The Emularity for its emulation of the MS-DOS platform.

DOSee uses BrowserFS ZipFS and ZipFS Extras to simulate zip file archives as hard disks within EM-DOSBox.

DOSBox is the most popular MS-DOS emulator in use today and is frequently used by commercial game publishers to run games from their back-catalogues on modern computers.

DOSee, built on The Emularity, EM-DOSBox and DOSBox. Capture screenshot and save function built on canvas-toBlob.js.

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///////////////// ///////////// ///////////////// ///////////// ///// ///// ///// ///// ///////////// ///// ///// ///////////// ///// ///// ///// ///////////// ///// ///// ///////////// The Humble Guy's HumbleDox Presents Lure of the Teptress: Complete Game Manual Lure of the Teptress CONTENTS PART ONE. ABOUT THIS MANUAL............................7 PART TWO. SO WHAT'S THIS "VIRTUAL THEATRE" ALL ABOUT?..9 PART THREE. WHO AN EARTH AM I?........................13 PART FOUR. WHERE ON EARTH AM I?.......................15 PART FIVE. THE CONTROLS. THE MOUSE. POINT AND CLICK...16 HOW TO CONTROL DIERMOT................................16 MOVEMENT..............................................17 DRINK, EXAMINE, LOOK OR STATUS........................18 LOOK AT...(AN OBJECT OR A CHARACTER)..................19 MANIPULAING OBJECTS...................................19 LOOKING THROUGH WINDOWS...............................20 TALKING TO PEOPLE.....................................20 ISSUING COMMANDS......................................22 GIVING AND TAKING.....................................24 MORTAL COMBAT.........................................25 PART SIX. SAVING AND LOADING YOUR GAME................27 PART SEVEN. QUICK START REFERENCE.....................29 PART EIGHT. WHAT AM I MEANT TO DO?....................30 PART NINE. AND FINALLY................................32 APPENDIX..............................................36 PART ONE. ABOUT THIS MANUAL. HELLO! My name's Ratpouch, the real star of the game, and t the very beginning of the game I'm very near to where ou're pacing around in your cell. Honest! I'm that close hat I'm in spitting distance-which is very apt as i am the ort of person who usually gets spat at, especially since he Skorl have come to town. They don't care too much for my okes and this is always getting me into trouble! The spitting i could take, but being stretched on ye lde rack i just don't find very amusing! Still I don't want o burden you with my troubles-though if you could somehow escue me i would be paternally grateful. I'd better explain what's going on, and where you come n, or i'll be stuck here forever........ Prepare to enter the village of Turnvale. Prepare ourself for the experience known as virtual theatre! SO WHAT'S THIS "VIRTUAL THEATRE" ALL ABOUT? It's a very good question, and it's one that hasn't been nswered before, because Lure of the Temptress is the first irtual theatre game ever written. Imagine for a moment that you are involved in a real life cenario-you're standing in a room which looks out, through window, onto a village courtyard. Yes! A village courtyard ith cobblestones. And let's say that there are three people tanding in the courtyard;Stuka,Python and Bagpuss. If you were to look out of your window you might notice hat Stuka and Python were having a conversation-about, how any Atari st owners it would take to change a lightbulb? You might also notice that Bagpuss, who is only interested n not getting his long hair wet,and is not interested in tari owners, is sauntering towards the building that you re in. Sure enough, he dissappears from the courtyard and click", the door to your right opens. In walks Bagpuss. et's say that Bagpuss wants to talk to you, about hair wash ay or something, then you would turn to face him-as one ould. Once your conversation with Bagpuss is over he turns way from you and, with a flash of golden curls, exits hrough the door, closing it behind him, and, you presume, as strolled back into the courtyard. So you look through he window to check and "horror" he isn't there! Not a sign f him. The courtyard is Bagpuss-less! Stuka and Python are here, waffling on about how two Atari st owners linked heir machines up and made a calculator, but Bagpuss is owhere to be seen. So where is he? If this real life scenario you've just read could easily appen in the Lure of the Temptress, I'll now ask this uestion. Where would Bagpuss be if he were in the world of irtual Theatre? Give up? Well, if the Lure Of the Temptress was called Totally maginary Theatre, you would probably just decide that agpuss had just "dissappeared". Other adventure games are ike "that" after all. However, this game is Virtual Theatre, and things are ust a little bit more realistic. People just don't issappear, and if Bagpuss is not in the courtyard then one f two things must have happened..... e's either (A) waiting on the other side of the door, or B) he's taken another exit from the building - an exit hich leads away from the courtyard and which cannot be seen rom the window. So you open the door to find out. Except you can't. agpuss has obviously locked the door after him. Typical! n your pockets you find a spare key and so you open the oor to find out what has happened to Bagpuss. He's not here but, as you expexted, there is another exit which ypasses the courtyard, so you set off in hot pursuit. You find yourself in an alleyway. It's empty! Then nother alleyway. Empty. Then you find yourself by a airdressers. Has Bagpuss gone inside? Or has he taken nother route and gone somewhere totally different, like o buy a pair of new earings from some shady man in a pub? You'll never catch him now if he has, so you decide to ook inside the hairdressers (after opening the door of ourse) and there is Bagpuss, his hair in rollers and a pina olada in one hand. He stares at you angrily. Suddenly you eel like talking about atari st owners, so you decide to etrace your steps and find Stuka and Python again, back at he cobbled courtyard. But they're not there! The loons! ack you go, into the room you started from, to see if you an see them from the window. Nope they're gone! What did ou expect though? This is virtual theatre, it's like life. You can't see something if it isn't there anymore! All the characters involved in the story( and there are any ) lead little lives of their own. They walk here, the alk there, they do this, they do that and they talk to ther characters, exchanging bits of gossip and nformation....and you, of course, can join in. But before you dive in wait as i explain who you are, here you are, what to do and how to do it! You are Diermot, an unwilling hero who'd prefer a quiet ife, and are, to all intents and purposes, a good man. After decades of unrest the king has united the warring actions in his kingdom and all his lands are at peace. Well nearly all of them, because there's still one dodgy area eft-a remote region around a town called Turnvale. A revolt as recently taken place in Turnvale, a revolt orchastrated y an apprentice sorceress called Selena. That's all that is nown! The king, not very pleased with this, rounds up his inest horsemen and, with you in tow, they set off for urnvale. As night turns to dawn and the riders draw near to urnvale, the mists rise to reveal not, as expected, a athetic resistance force made up of peasants with itchforks, but an army of grotesque creatures, the likes of hich have never been seen before. They are, as it happens, ellish mercenary monsters known as the Skorl. The Skorl are all armed to the teeth. The battle which nsues is less of a battle and more of a massacre in which he horsemen are slaughtered and the king is killed. You, owever, aren't even hurt-well, not much, anyway-you fall ff your horse and bang your head on the ground. Everything uddenly so suidgy in the old braincells. It's almost like oing to sleep, only a little bit more of the old pain is nvolved. Your lights, as they say, go out! PART FOUR. WHERE ON EARTH AM I You are gonna be on your own for this. Because due to a rinting error the exact manual i have got hold of has, in act, got an almost blank page............. THE MOUSE Lure Of The Temptress is entirely mouse controlled. On a ouse with three buttons, the middle one is as much use as a ead weight when you're drowning, so forget it exists and oncentrate soley on the left and right buttons. POINT AND CLICK Pointing and clicking is easy-peasy and you must be an tari user if you think it's how the fonz gets his birds. You POINT the on-screen pointer to the part of the screen ou wish to interact with, and then you CLICK one of the two uttons. From now on i'll be calling the left button Button A and he right, Button B. HOW TO CONTROL DIERMOT Diermot can do many things. All you need to know is that he on-screen pointer, your direct link with the Lure of the emptress world, changes into different shapes at different imes and allows you to perform different actions. MOVEMENT First of all you will want to make Diermot move about n his enviroment, and it couldn't be easier. The mouse ointer is generally shown on screen as a little white rrow. POINT this to the location you wish to more Diermot o, click BUTTON A, and he will walk there. Don't worry if here are any objects in his path he is clever enough to go round them. If there is an exit available from the screen you're on nd you point to it, the the small white pointer will change nto a LARGE WHITE ARROW. You can't miss it, it's big and ndicates the direction in which you'll be travelling. lick as bove, using BUTTON A, and Diermot will walk to the ext screen. DRINK, EXAMINE, LOOK or STATUS This is a menu which you can bring up at any time during he game simply by moving your pointer anywhere on the creen( but NOT on a charater or an object) and pressing UTTON B. If you decide you don't want this menu after all hen simply press BUTTON B again, and the menu will issapear.If you do wish to use this option then highlight he option you want and Click BUTTON A. The options you can choose are as follows; DRINK This allows Diermot to drink-water, potions or hatever. When BUTTON A is clicked on "drink" Diermot will ake a swig of whatever liquid he is carrying. If Diermot as more than one drinkable liquid on his person you will be iven the option th scroll through them by pushing the mouse ackwards or forewords-one item will be highlighted at a ime. Click on the item you require, using BUTTON A, and iermot will take a swig. EXAMINE Click BUTTON A on this option and a list of everthing hat Diermot is carrying will appear. Scroll through a large ist using the mouse as above. Click BUTTON A on the object f your desire and, hey presto!, a description will appear. LOOK Selecting this (BUTTON A) will give you a text escription on Diermots location. It's not unusual(to be oved by anyone....quit clowning..ed) for a location escription to include a "HINT" of some sort, so I'd use his option fairly regulary if i was me. STATUS CLICK on this with BUTTON A and you'll be given an nformation screen which tells you, with no scrolling, of ll the objects Diermot is carrying about his person, ncluding money. PLEASE NOTE At the beginning of the game, when you do not ossess and drinks or carry any objects, only LOOK and TATUS will be available to you. LOOK AT....(AN OBJECT OR A CHARACTER) If you move the pointer over a person or a certain object hen the pointer will turn into a small crosshair. This means you can look at whatever is highlighted, be it uman, vegatable,or mineral-so CLICK BUTTON A and Diermot ill walk to, and examine, the object in question. CLICKING BUTTON A again clears the text window containing he description of the object. MANIPULATING OBJECTS It's often the case that Diermot is able to manipulate an bject as well as look at it. While the crosshair is ositioned over an object, CLICK BUTTON B, and a menu should ppear. Move the mouse up and down to scroll through the ist of available commands, then select BUTTON A to select he required action. BUTTON B on the other hand will cancel the menu box and eturn you to the main screen. LOOKING THROUGH WINDOWS It's worth mentioning that if you want to look hrough a crack or a window, you treat it as if you are anipulating an object. Once your crosshair appears CLICK UTTON B and you will be offered the option to "look through he crack" or "look through the window". Press BUTTON A to elect this action or BUTTON B to cancel. By the way, you AN'T interact with people or objects you see in this ode-all you can do is observe, and pressing either botton ill take you back to your actual location. TALKING TO PEOPLE Talking to other characters in Lure of the Temptress orks in a similar way to interacting with the objects. Move he pointer over a character and the pointer will change nto the crosshair sight. At the same time, in the left hand orner of the screen, the characters name-or their escription-will appear. Clicking BUTTON A will make Diermot XAMINE the character, but to talk to them CLICK BUTTON B nstead. A TALK menu will appear allowing you to converse ith the character, ask them for something, give them omething or in some cases tell them to do something-to ssue commands. When characters are engaged in onversation(whether with you,me, or each other) they'll ave a small word balloon above their heads so you'll know. CONVERSING IN GENERAL I'd better explain a little further about the actual onversing, because i hope it's something you'll be doing a ot of in this adventure. Having selected the character you ish to interact with, you then select TALK TO from the TALK enu i mentioned earlier. One of two things will appen...... (1) A conversation will unfold in front of your eyes, ontained within dialogue boxes. If you've read what's been aid by one character and you want to advance the onversation, then position you pointer over the name at the op of the dialogue box, and press EITHER BUTTON. (If you do othing at all then the conversation will advance utomatically after a short period of time anyway.) (2) When talking to certain characters you may be given a hoice of questions or statements-the relevant lines of text ill appear at the top of the screen. After deciding what ou are going to say(and DO be careful), move the pointer to he line you have chosen and click BUTTON A. You will mmediately get a response from the other party and may be iven another list of questions or statements. Do the same, gain and again, until the conversation is terminated. If ou decide that you do not want to continue the conversation t any time then CLICK BUTTON B-the talk option will be ancelled and you will be returned to the main game window. I recommend that you save your position before you enter n a conversation with the more unsavoury characters. ISSUING COMMANDS If you're talking to certain characters in the game, ou'll notice that the TALK menu contains not just the GIVE, SK and TALK TO commands, but also the TELL command. By sing this TELL command you can get a character to do xactly as you want. ( You can command me, Ratpouch, for ne-so here's how to make me do things.) Having Clicked on me and selected TELL in the TALK enu(with BUTTON A), the beginning of a sentence appears at he top of the screen. It says "TELL Ratpouch to....." But o what? Tell me to what? Okay, so you'll notice that a new enu has opened up, containing a list of verbs which you can croll through by moving the mouse back and forth. Find one hat you like the look of and highlight it and press BUTTON Let's say you picked "GO TO", so now the example reads TELL RATPOUCH TO GO TO..." And now the menu has changed to list of locations. How about the sewer outlet? Okay, ighlight it and CLICK BUTTON A. "TELL RATPOUCH TO GO TO HE SEWER OUTLET AND...." Back comes the verb menu. ighlight "GET". A menu of gettable items appears....choose ewerage. The verb menu reappears....choose drink. A rinkable menu appears...choose sewerage. Then choose return". Your command now reads "TELL RATPOUCH TO GO TO THE EWER OUTLET AND THEN GET SEWERAGE AND THEN DRINK SEWERAGE ND THEN RETURN." IF YOU WANT ME TO CARRY OUT THE ORDER, IGHLIGHT THE WORD "FINISH", CLICK BUTTON A, AND OFF I'LL ROT TO DO YOUR BIDDING. If you do not like the choice of options that you have et up use BUTTON B which, upon each click, will backspace hrough the commands allowing you to make corrections. USE OF THE TELL COMMAND You will discover some very sophisticated effects using he "TELL" command, and you can save yourself some time to oot-by getting someone like me to to do things for you. ccasionally you may actually need to use the TELL command, or example when Diermot is unable to carry out an action imself. At other times the TELL command is necessary ecause although Diermot is capable of doing something, he eally ought to be somewhere else, doing something else. GIVING AND TAKING If you CLICK BUTTON A on GIVE in the TALK MENU, it will e assumed that you want to give something to the character ou have selected, and a menu containing your inventory will e shown. Scroll through, if necessary, and highlight the bject you wish to get rid of by CLICKING with BUTTON A gain. If the person that you are trying to give the item to ants it then they will take it. If not, they won't. It's the same process for taking an object from a person. nce you've selected a character, highlight ASK in the TALK ENU and then a menu of things you have seen or heard about ill appear. Click on the object you require with BUTTON A nd if the person you ask (a) has the object and (b) wants o give it to you, then they will. If they don't, they on't. MORTAL COMBAT As soon as a combat situation is entered, the pointer ystem will change. The pointer is now displayed as an Advance Arrow", a "retreat arrow" or an "axe icon"...It all epends on the positioning of the mouse. Let's do a walk hrough. ADVANCE ARROW If the pointer is in front of Diermots body, you'll get his, the advance arrow. It still works in the same way as he pointer insofar as you need to press BUTTON A to make iermot move. He'll advance. RETREAT ARROW It's obviously the exact opposite of the advance arrow. f the pointer is behind Diermot and BUTTON A is pressed hen he will retreat. HE AXE ICON This is trickier, because the icon appears in three ifferent locations, depending on the position of the ointer. To get the axe icon at all, the pointer has to be ver(or very near) Diermot's body. If the pointer is near iermot's head you'll get the axe icon in a high position. f the pointer is at Diermot's waist level, you'll get an xe icon in a central position, while if you drag the mouse own towards Diermot's feet you'll get the axe in a low osition. These three positions are both attack and defend ositions. Here's how to use them... Whether Diermot will attack or defend depends entirely on hich button is pressed, and which button you press depends n what side Diermot is being attacked from. THE ATTACK BUTTON IS THE BUTTON NEAREST YOUR ENEMY THE DEFEND BUTTON IS THE BUTTON FURTHEST FROM YOUR ENEMY TWO MINOR ICONS EXPLAINED IN CASE YOU WET YOUR PANTS So as not to worry you you should know that an icon of a ovie camera will appear as the machine gets ready to do a raphic sequence. Also when you have clicked for Diermot to move somewhere clock icon will appear as the computer thinks out his oute. SAVING AND LOADING YOUR GAME First you'll need to make a data disc. Insert a blank isc into the drive (DF0) and move your pointer to the top f the screen. A menu bar will appear. Point to FILE, hold own BUTTON A and select FORMAT DISC, then release the utton. Press BUTTON A to make a data disc. If you want to save your position, select SAVE GAME from he FILE menu, release the BUTTON, then select one of the ine save slots on your data disc. When a slot is empty the ame of the slot appears in lower case, and when used it ill cahange to capitals. To RESTORE a game follow the same procedure, selecting he required saved position from the list of slots. TEXT SPEED I nearly forgot, if you want to change the speed at which he text is printed on screen simply select the HELP menu rom the top of the screen. Two options are available: slow ext and fast text. PART SEVEN-QUICK START REFEREANCE When dealing with the menus the general rule to follow is hat the LEFT BUTTON acts as the selector while the RIGHT UTTON acts as the deselector. When the pointer is a small arrow the mouse acts as ollows: LEFT: WALK to the selected spot RIGHT: DRINK, EXAMINE, LOOK, and list STATUS (inventory). When the pointer is a crosshair: LEFT: EXAMINE object or character. RIGHT: interact with an object.....GET,PULL, etc. interact with a character...TALK TO, GIVE, TELL, etc. WHAT AM I MEANT TO DO? IT'S AN ADVENTURE. YOU'LL FIND OUT AS YOU GO ALONG. FOR HOSE WHO ARE NOT HARDENED VETERANS OF ADVENTURE GAMES THERE RE A FEW PAGES OF HINTS TO HELP YOU. HINTS TALK: Talk to everyone. Even boring characters may hold recious information. But be careful what YOU say....see nemies. LOOK: Some items are obvious, some are not. search your ocations carefully. PEEK: Peek through anything you find peekable. It's handy to ind out things like (a) what people are saying behind your ack, or (b) who is or is not in a room before you do omething, and (c)if you have SEEN an object it will be dded to your noun inventory. You can then ask someone about t even though you have not been in it's actual location. BRIBE: You can be a bit LIBERAL with your cash just before ou ask them a question. But don't be too liberal or you'll ave no cash to be liberal with! HELP: Don't be too proud to ask someone for help. If you hink you can't do something yourself, then maybe you could alk someone into giving you a hand or, heaven forbid, even oing it for you. ENEMIES: If you're talking to someone and annoy them in some ay, it might not end there- they may meet someone on THEIR ravels and relay the incident: "That Diermot," they might ay, "There's something fishy about him!" That sort of hing. Rumours and gossip can travel like wildfire, and ou'll be oblivious to it until it's too late. EXAMINE: You've got an object and can't work out what to do ith it. So examine it. And don't forget it's not only the bjects that you are carrying that can be examined.
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