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1997 February 25

Interview with Bush and Crazy on his FTP site SWMP being hacked, Interview with Charley on the merge between Rebels and CellBlock4.
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____ ___ _______ _______ ________ ________ ___ ____________ | |__| | ____| | _____| ____ | \/ | _____| | | | | __|__ | | | | | ___|_ |___ | |____ |___ |___ |___ | |___|| |___ | |_____/ |____/ |_____| |_____| |______| |___/ |____/ __ __| |__ _____ |_ ____ _ | | | | | | |___ | | |__| |____/ ___ __ ____ _______ ________ ____ ________ |__ ______ __ | | ___| | ____| _____| \ | ____/ __| ___ | | || | | __ | ____|_ ___| | \| | |__ | | | || | | | |____ |____ |_____ \__ |__ |___ | | ||__| |_______/ |____/ |__/ |____/ |____/ \__| |____/ |__| -+ FEBRUARY +- Welcome to the new Defacto. --------------------------- If you have access to a graphical capable web browser I suggest that you stop reading this text edition of DF2 right now and go to www.defacto2.com and read the online version. It has color, graphics, disco music and is a lot easier to read then ASCII text. Defacto2 in the future will be available to read using three different mediums. - There will be a coded PC version supporting SVGA graphics, digital music and all that other jazz. - A plain ASCII / text version for all you UNIX users or people who feel the coded edition is too big to download. - And finally each issue will be viewable on our web page at www.defacto2.com. Unfortunately for this issue their is no coded version available due to unforeseen difficulties, again. Every month we will hope to release a issue, exactly when during the month we will release will not be decided until we have enough quality content to warrant a release. Each issue will be released on the day of release on most major ftp sites and on our web page. We don't have and are not planing on having an IRC channel, IRC offer bots or anonymous ftp sites. If you wish to contact Defacto2 please email us at [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _____ __ ______ _\____|________ _| |_ _________________ _____\____|______ ___ __ | | | _| _____| ____/ | | | ___| |_| | | | | | |___ __|_ | | | | __|_ | | | |____ |___ |___|__ | /____ |____|___ |____ |____ |___| | \___/ \__| \____/ |____/ \____/ \___/ |____/ |___/ Interview with Bush Conducted by Saint Tok SWMP hacked DEFACTO2: Welcome Bush, introduce yourself to our readers please. BUSH: I am Bush, Motiv8 council and Reflux/Onyx member. DEFACTO2: A while ago there's was stuff up on a popular site. I've heard that you where apart of the problem. Can you go into more details about this incident? BUSH: Someone has my password on SWM, I do not know how they got it. I dont know why it was done, it was pretty cruel. Anyway one person I believe was bob226 (not sure though) had my password on SWM and gave it out on #survival (rapier channel), although I have heard two other stories. Someone from Devotion was scrolling it in #survival and I heard someone from MNM was scrolling it in #survival too. The original event happened about 3 weeks ago when I noticed my unfo was changed to motiv8 sucks. I got kind of mad, and I thought it was the siteop. That week I finished #1 on SWM. Then it kept on continuing for about three weeks or so, I got mad and contacted the SWM siteop and I asked him "My unfo was changed and I didn't change it, any idea how it was done?". This was what he replied with <SwedeMike> it was changed 17:58 today (Bush]]) well who did it? <SwedeMike> I am going to check it out He told me 4 people logged in UNDER the bush account ******.******** = bob226, main suspect. *******.******** = Real, Rapier member former AMN member. *****.***.***.*** = MNM Shell account. And one of those leftover ip's is kali from Rapier. Swedemike got pissed and he asked me if I use that pw alot I told him I used it on only 2 SITES, his and my whq (which is secure). He asked me if I recognize those ISP I said "No". I decided to go around and do a /whois on people and I found them all in #survival channel with ops they were identified as kali, real, zerot from Rapier and bob226, Rapier friend. First thing Swedemike did was contact Rapier and he was ALL OVER THEM. Then he investigated, it got worse *****.***.***.edu, one ip that logged into my account was a shell machine in a collage. Thousands of people probably logged in, and one MNM member logged in and stole all my credits and gave it to a user jess. Real was kicked out of Rapier as a result, and investigations are going on for one more week. DEFACTO2: Did you get your credits back, the ones which where given to Jess? BUSH: No, Swedemike wouldn't give them to me, and Rapier didn't fix what was stolen. DEFACTO2: Isn't that a bit unfair, why didn't the siteop give you the credits that where stolen from you? BUSH: He said its a policy to not fix hacked accounts. DEFACTO2: I thought hacked accounts always got deleted? BUSH: No, but my password was changed. DEFACTO2: Well, since you was fucked on this site, will you be supporting SWM in the future? BUSH: Yes :) DEFACTO2: Thanks for the interview, any last words, or probably greets to anyone? BUSH: Greets to Motiv8, Swedemike, Reflux, and Onyx. And I'd like to say Rapier didn't handle the situation well either. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _____ __ ______ _\____|________ _| |_ _________________ _____\____|______ ___ __ | | | _| _____| ____/ | | | ___| |_| | | | | | |___ __|_ | | | | __|_ | | | |____ |___ |___|__ | /____ |____|___ |____ |____ |___| | \___/ \__| \____/ |____/ \____/ \___/ |____/ |___/ Interview with Charley Conducted by IPggi (over email) The Merge of CellBlock4 into Rebels +-+---------------------------------------------------------------------+-+ -▌-+ +-▌- ▌ What's up!? ▌ ▌ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ▌ ▌ The Rebels has set the prisoners in CellBlock 4 free!!! ▌ ▌ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ Yiiiihaaaa!!! Happy new year to all the fellow pirates and ▌ ▌ also to the fans of Rebels and CB4!! We're starting out ▌ ▌ this new year with some great news for ya'll! ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ First some background information... ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ One year ago, three Rebels members left Rebels to start ▌ ▌ up a new cracking/release group called CELLBLOCK 4. ▌ ▌ After a short time CB4 merged with a small group from ▌ ▌ which Charley, def_fred and a few other members came from... ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ At the same time, REBELS merged with a ▌ ▌ group called Pantera in which Doson, Skater and many other ▌ ▌ members originated... ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ One year has passed, and as you all know, one year in the ▌ ▌ scene is like 10 years in real life, so A LOT has happened ▌ ▌ during this past year.. Both groups have had a ▌ ▌ great year through hard work and fantastic releases. One ▌ ▌ year later, both CB4 and Rebels are well known, respected ▌ ▌ groups with great leadership, organization, and ▌ ▌ releasing power.. so.. why not make it simple?!? ;) ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ CB4 and Rebels have always been very close groups. Discussions ▌ ▌ revolving around merging and working together has been a part ▌ ▌ of the daily routine.. ;) But the time was never right.. ▌ ▌ until NOW!!!! ;) ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ THE REBELS HAVE RESCUED THE PRISONERS IN CELLBLOCK 4 !!! ▌ ▌ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ All the ex-cons will now work as the cracking ▌ ▌ team of rebels.. ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ The circle is complete! We're starting up a new era! :) ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ We have what it takes to give all of you what you want and need.. ▌ ▌ Great releases from ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY!! ;) ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ //The leaders of the new Rebels ▌ ▌ ▌ -▌-+ +-▌- +-+---------------------------------------------------------------------+-+ DEFACTO2: Welcome Charley can you please tell the readers a little bit about yourself, don't forget to mention passed and current affiliations. CHARLEY: Hi all readers of Defacto2! I'm Charley now one of the leaders of Rebels... I started out in a really small group called 'oG' as a supplier.. that group merged in to CB4 where I later became the president.. I have always been in to this computer stuff. I got my first computer when I was 8 and I started up my first BBS when I was 14. hew.. that's like a long time ago now.. ;) It's only been something like one and a half years since my ex-boyfriend first showed me the IRC.. so I guess I'm still kind of a newbe ;P DEFACTO2: Lets start off by talking about Cell Block 4. I heard CB4 originally was formed because of a split with Rebels. Are there any truths into this statement and can you go into further details about CB4's founding? CHARLEY: Well.. I wouldn't call it a split.. one of the leaders of 'the old Rebels' (Letherman) founded Cell Block 4 as a cracking group while he still was a part of Rebels (this was like November 1995). later on (early 1996).. Letherman left Rebels to work with his new group full time.. and two more members left Rebels with him.. About February 1996 the group that I came from originally merged in to CB4.. And by that merge CB4 became the group that later on was well known and respected out there.. ;) DEFACTO2: Who came up with the name of Cell Block 4 and the jail theme(1)? Was the name Cell Block 4 taken from the movie with the same name(2)? CHARLEY: The founder named the group before any of the rest of us joined... and yes.. the name is from that movie.. I have never seen that movie myself (I heard that it stinks though;>).. I'm the woman behind the jail theme ;) I wanted to add some feeling in to the NFO.. and I wanted it to be special... DEFACTO2: During CB4's time who where it's main competitors? Where they cracking groups such as Prozen Crew or utility groups? CHARLEY: ahh.. that's a hard question.. we never really competed with anyone but ourselves.. I would say that we were a mix between a cracking group such as PC and a util group such as DOD.. but CB4 was a very special group.. and anyone who have visit our channel knows what I'm talking about.. our main goal was to make CB4 a well known and respected group without turning in to 'leet egos.. and we reached that goal... DEFACTO2: Why did CB4 decide it was better for themselves to merge into another group rather then continuing on? CHARLEY: Hummm.. that's a long story.. but as I said.. we had reached our goals.. and we needed new challenges.. CB4 was a small group in size.. we only had something like 20 members.. and that means that all members had to work hard.. and.. I guess.. in the end.. CB4 was too big to handle by just a few ppl.. and two small to have a huge organization.. it became really hard for me and def_fred (ex CB4 council) to handle the daily business and the rest of the council wasn't motivated at that time I guess.. so.. in order for us to get new motivation and new goals we needed to do something.. and the merge with rebels both gave us all a new kick and it also gave me and def_fred a chance to relax.. DEFACTO2: Why was Rebels the best choice for CB4 to merge into? CHARLEY: Well.. Rebels and CB4 has always been two very close groups.. actually.. in the early days of CB4 when I didn't know much about the life outside our happy little family.. Doson (one of the leaders of Rebels) told me a lot about the scene and he always helped me out.. we talked a lot about everything from releases, courier groups, dupechecks, the scene in general AND we even at that time talked about merging our groups.. and as the time went by we have continued talking about merging every now and then.. but the time was never right.. ;) DEFACTO2: Did everyone survive the merge into Rebels? What happened to CB4's couriers seeing Devotion are Rebels official couriers? CHARLEY: We 'only' lost one member in that merge.. but.. as I explained earlier.. CB4 was going through a lot of changes at this time.. so two or three other members left the group before we merged in to Rebels... but that had nothing to do with the merge itself.. We didn't have any couriers in CB4 that only moved files for us... all our couriers also was either packers, suppliers or crackers.. besides we have worked with courier groups before and CB4 shared the WHQ site with devotion.. so like no problems at all ;) DEFACTO2: What are CB4/Rebels future plans for 1997? CHARLEY: We're planning to growing in to our new suite.. ;) and to continue to deliver both some heavy quality releases that Rebels are known for and to give you all the great cracked goodies that CB4 was know for AND last but not least, to do this as one BIG HAPPY FAMILY with a great attitude! ;) DEFACTO2: Any comments or greets you wish to mention before we go? CHARLEY: Yah.. I would like to say that CB4 didn't die with this merge, all the prisoners are still here.. just on the other side of the iron bars.. ;)) The greets goes to all of the member of the new and rocking family of Rebels.. '!familyhug' ;) aaand.. special thanks to def_fred, Mercury and Apollo.. ;> bah bye!! ;) (1) Take a look at some old Cell Block 4 NFO's. (2) Cell Block 4 made in 1993 (gansta/rap comedy) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _____ __ ______ _\____|________ _| |_ _________________ _____\____|______ ___ __ | | | _| _____| ____/ | | | ___| |_| | | | | | |___ __|_ | | | | __|_ | | | |____ |___ |___|__ | /____ |____|___ |____ |____ |___| | \___/ \__| \____/ |____/ \____/ \___/ |____/ |___/ Interview with Comwood (Siteop of Pirates Cove[1]) Conducted by Saint Tok The Kicking of Nemesis From Pirates Cove NOTE: Since the interview took place, there was found to be a miscommunication problem between the two parties involved. They are now on good terms with each other and Master1 has been re-added to the site. The siteop involved wishes Master1 and Nemesis the best of luck and Master1 wishes the same goodwill to the siteop. DEFACTO2: Your site Pirates Cove used to be the WHQ for Nemesis. But after an incident you dropped Nemesis for another group, please go into the details of these incidents. COMWOOD: Two reasons led us to drop Nemesis. (1) My personal relationship with Master1 (2) My views on NMS as a whole. Let me go into detail.. As you may or may not know, I've gotten a lot of requests to join other utils groups... and I've declined them out of loyalty. But as of lately my relationship with Master1 (leader of NMS) has faltered a bit. I trusted him with a shell account on my site and he hacked root and created accounts with tons of credits and shit like that. But I just simply deleted his shell account and turned a blind eye. Over the past few weeks he demanded his shell account back. Which I said no to. But he persisted, even offering me a 1 gig drive to give it back (which I said no to). It got to be too much with him after a while. The other guys in NMS are great people... and I've never had a problem with them. But Master1 was just too much of a conflict with myself. In comes Legends Never Die... LND offered more to PC then NMS could, at least me and my other co's agreed. I sought to seek a peaceful end to my relationship with Master1 and NMS.. even offering to keep NMS leech accounts on my site. But as soon as I told them that I made a business decision (which is what it is when you own a $20,000 site), Master1 claimed to have created my site and said he was going to ruin it now that I left. Pretty mature attitude eh? He told me he was going to remove half the support from PC and was going to make it worth shit and was never gonna log in again. NS a co-siteop, asked him if we should remove NMS accounts on the site... He said yes. So we did. Then I find out he changed his story again. See, I just couldn't trust him anymore. Master1 was the one who insisted XDC was dead, he was the one who hacked root... How can one stay in a group who's leader is a constant liar? Now he says I deleted his account. He didn't even earn all of the megs upped on the site. (Though to his credit he earned most of them) I just wanted to go our own separate ways like adults. He had to bring it to this level of childish bickering. He didn't create the site. The users did, and anyone that takes that credit away from the users is just an ass. And like I told him... it's my site. I pay for it. I run it. I take the risks involved with it. He has no right, nor does anyone else have the right to tell me or any other siteop what he should or should not do. He could have stayed on the site with leech. He chose not to. DEFACTO2: Master1 was the person who uploaded the first gigabite worth of files to Pirates Cove, don't you think it was unfair to nuke his account? COMWOOD: He wanted it deleted. What would you do if someone told you he was going to ruin your site? I would have been happy to give him leech and have a happy ending to it. He said and I quote "No member of NMS is ever going to log in there again". DEFACTO2: True deleting accounts from a site is nothing, but you can ruin a site without access? COMWOOD: Oh I agree. But we asked him if we should delete the NMS accounts then he said yes (paraphrasing his exact words). DEFACTO2: What if you are wrong, what if he is innocent and did not hack you? COMWOOD: I could be wrong... But I believe he tried to pawn it off on XDC and then said that he had hacked it with "good intentions". How do you hack with good intentions? DEFACTO2: Tell our readers who or what "XDC" is. COMWOOD: XDC was a user I made in charge of my security (very close friends with Master1). He pulled this fake death thing on the scene(2) and I killed him from the site because of that. He had many people upset and Master1 knew about it and tried to convince me afterwards that XDC had nothing to do with it. The two of them are trouble together. Too much for me. DEFACTO2: Your site is now co World Head Quarters for LND. Don't you think it's very stupid having two WHQ for one group? COMWOOD: Yea but isn't the idea of Courier WHQ, US HQ, European HQ etc. just as idiotic? CO-WHQ is something new we're giving a try. Nothing to make big fuss over. Also takes the load off the site when a release comes out cause you always know it's going to be on one site or the other when it's out. But like I said, we're just experimenting. DEFACTO2: You know perfectly well the reasons for a Courier HQ, WHQ, EHQ etc. but to have two WHQ on the net is just a silly idea. But I can accept your view, we know that you most likely didn't want anything less then a World HeadQuarters status, and seeing LND already had a WHQ you decided to try two WHQ's. Agreed? COMWOOD: In a nutshell, yeah. DEFACTO2: Thanks for your time, any last works or greets before we go? COMWOOD: Yeah, out to Elmo and Nightsky. They have as much to do with the success of the site as I do. I just wish everyone could just get along without fighting all the time. It solves nothing and just creates more problems. (1) Pirates Cove is the World Headquarters for Reflux, Empire and co-WHQ for Legends Never Die. (2) Some people claimed that XDC died in a road accident after New Years. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _____ __ ______ _\____|________ _| |_ _________________ _____\____|______ ___ __ | | | _| _____| ____/ | | | ___| |_| | | | | | |___ __|_ | | | | __|_ | | | |____ |___ |___|__ | /____ |____|___ |____ |____ |___| | \___/ \__| \____/ |____/ \____/ \___/ |____/ |___/ Interview with Crazy Conducted by Saint Tok SWMP hacked, Rapiers view. DEFACTO2: Welcome again Crazy, tell about the resent troubles between Rapier and SWMP? CRAZY: Well one person from Rapier was pissed at Bush(1) and passed his login and password on the private rapier channel, so some kid logged into his account and totally fucked his account. Some people from Rapier and others groups also logged in. SWMP was not IP checking at this time, anyone was able to log into bush's account, DEFACTO2: Did you ever find out who this kid was? CRAZY: Yes, REAL gave it on the private Rapier channel, so some Rapier and non Rapier people tried Bush's account on SWMP and it's was working and so they totally fucked his account. DEFACTO2: What has happened to Real since then? CRAZY: I don't see him on the Net anymore, but as soon as I reach him, I will kick him out of Rapier. I don't want this kind of people in my group, we got accused because of one person. DEFACTO2: You said "in my group", I thought Rapier has more leaders then just yourself. CRAZY: Yes three others lead with me, but they are not really informed about this problem because they are busy in real life. So I take care of it. All seniors of Rapier know about it but the leaders have not been here lately. DEFACTO2: Is everything clear in Rapier now? After this incident a lot of people are mad at Rapier, especially the siteop of Swmp. He was mad as hell. CRAZY: Nothing is really clear, I cant reach REAL but as soon as I see him, Im gonna kick him out of Rapier. Yes Swedemike was mad and I understood his attitude, it's really lame to doing this. Well the scene got too many new kid's nowadays. I've talked with Swedemike and we will fix everything really soon. DEFACTO2: What can you tell us about Rapier in general? CRAZY: Well Rapier is a good group. We have good net couriers and overall a great team. We reformed in September and we have kicked ass already. We are a friendly group, I love this group. DEFACTO2: Any comments or greets before we go? CRAZY: Okay I just want to let everyone know that this bad thing with Swmp will not happened again. I am really sorry about it. Some greet goes out to Jimmy Jamez, Tok, Eviltea, Mach1 Stingray, Mercury, Lester, and all people I forgot :) (1) Read the Bush interview in this issue for further information. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _____ __ ______ _\____|________ _| |_ _________________ _____\____|______ ___ __ | | | _| _____| ____/ | | | ___| |_| | | | | | |___ __|_ | | | | __|_ | | | |____ |___ |___|__ | /____ |____|___ |____ |____ |___| | \___/ \__| \____/ |____/ \____/ \___/ |____/ |___/ Interview with Crazy Conducted by Saint-Tok Leaving Devotion and Xforce DEFACTO2: Please introduce yourself to our readers please and what are your current and past affiliations? CRAZY: I am Crazy and I am currently in Rapier and Class, I was in few groups including RISC, Amnesia, Devotion, X-force and Sodom. DEFACTO2: Why have you recently left Devotion and X-force? CRAZY: Devotion is the best group of courier nowadays, I love this group but I left them for good, me and nine cant get along in a same group and I decided to quit devotion cuz I think nine was more important for them than me since I don't trade anymore, and I still have all my friend here and dizzident understood the situation. DEFACTO2: Why can't you cope being in the same group as Nine? CRAZY: Ok in fact me and nine cant get along in a same group for some reason people don't need to know. so I didn't wanted to start fight public on the channel cuz this group Devotion is the best in my mind and have really good relation. DEFACTO2: Okay, tell us why you left X-Force? CRAZY: Ok about X-force, I quit them RECENTLY after 6 or 7 months. I was co-leader, and recently few problem happened. But I got few friends in X-force and I don't want to blast this group in any way. They are good and I wish the best for them in the future. The problem has started when many newbie got accepted in X-force . DEFACTO2: Why didn't leaders listen you when you disagreed about accepting newbies? CRAZY: I Told them about few ways.. but they told me always you need to LISTEN and approve your leadership, so I was disagree. DEFACTO2: Let's talk about scene in general, what are your favorite groups (util, game or courier) and why are they so? CRAZY: My favorite courier group is Devotion for sure. I love them cuz they know what is friendship and respect. But you know I am Rapier leader so I love them also :)) My favorite games groups is Class, I used to be in Prestige but they are dead. Shadow Master is a great leader but many people hate him maybe because he is the best supplier of games. Class is the best forever. As for utils there are many groups that are good and I respect groups such as Drink or Die, X-force, Pirates with Attitude, Sodom and Legends Never Die, they are all good. DEFACTO2: Just before we go how is Class going, we have seen a fair few releases from them lately? CRAZY: You know CLASS is a new game group formed in 1997. They have already released a few titles this yeah. They maybe new but very soon they will be number one. Of cause to me they are already the best. Class being formed by Shadow Master again will rox just as Prestige did in 1996. DEFACTO2: Any comments about our magazine Defacto2 and some greets before we we go? CRAZY: I've read the first issue of DF2, seems a great mag with good organization, not like Reality Check Network (bullshit mag) who where here to try to get into fights between certain groups and tell lies. I want to great some friends: Stingray, Mach One, Immortal Jimmy Jamez, Zer0_T, Hawkeye, Lester and all other people I forget :) Note: Since this interview was conducted Crazy left Rapier just before they died. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _____ __ ______ _\____|________ _| |_ _________________ _____\____|______ ___ __ | | | _| _____| ____/ | | | ___| |_| | | | | | |___ __|_ | | | | __|_ | | | |____ |___ |___|__ | /____ |____|___ |____ |____ |___| | \___/ \__| \____/ |____/ \____/ \___/ |____/ |___/ Interview with The Crazy Little Punk Conducted by Saint Tok Reflux Dominates the Newyear. DEFACTO2: I believe everyone already knows you so you don't need to introduce yourself. How New Year for Reflux? TKLP: Well we closed down releasing for the last week or so in December 96 to plan for the new Year. We debuted at midnight for the new year with 5 releases. We did extremely well I believe in January until the end of the month with the busts, etc. We did 3 releases today (2/9/97) and are ready to do a lot more now that things have blown over. DEFACTO2: I noticed that Razor1911, Class and Hybrid are doing a bit and Reflux release out a lot of games. I can't say for sure about quality because I did not check them by myself, but I have not seen any dupes, or unworkable releases. What was the reason of success in January of 97? TKLP: Motivation, Dedication, Loyalty, and Organization is what lead us to it. DEFACTO2: But why only now has it happened? TKLP: Busy time for the leaders, (myself and Tai Pan) and the not very good member/senior support or organization on who's going for what releases. But all that has been taken care of, that's why we are doing so well. DEFACTO2: After "Cyber Strike" a lot of the public group channels went to invite only, including #reflux, why haven't you reopened your channel? TKLP: Well if the feds are going to watch us, they'll get into our channel secretly and not let us know it. Invite only isn't going to keep them out. DEFACTO2: What is your personal opinion about Cyber Strike, you believe they will start some busts on sites soon? TKLP: It all depends on... 1) if the feds are satisfied so far . 2) what lamers siteops let on their sites. 3) how much the IP gets out/how big the site. 4) if the site is making money from warez. 5) if the site doesn't use a ip bouncer or firewall. DEFACTO2: Has anyone from Reflux been busted? TKLP: No, not from Cyberstrike. DEFACTO2: What do you think about electronic magazines? TKLP: I think, like all EMags that publicly distribute themselves, are BAD. Emags should ONLY be given to people who are something in the scene. Not every Joe Smith out there on the net. That's how Feds get a lot of their info. Warez mags should be completely UNDERGROUND. That's why I don't think highly of ANM/RCN/AFT/ETC. DEFACTO2: Well I hope we don't go that way. Lets hope Reflux releases the best game for February. Any last words before we go? TKLP: Yeah, the way of the reflux: Pain Is Temporary, But Pride Is Forever! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _____ __ ______ _\____|________ _| |_ _________________ _____\____|______ ___ __ | | | _| _____| ____/ | | | ___| |_| | | | | | |___ __|_ | | | | __|_ | | | |____ |___ |___|__ | /____ |____|___ |____ |____ |___| | \___/ \__| \____/ |____/ \____/ \___/ |____/ |___/ Interview with Zero Tolerance Conducted by Saint Tok Zero Tolerance Leaving Rapier DEFACTO2: Please introduce yourself to the Defacto2 readers. ZERO TOL: Hi readers, my name is [Zer0_T] on IRC and it's short for Zero Tolerance. My current affils are Amnesia net trader and Legends Never Die net trader. DEFACTO2: You where in Rapier not so long ago, and you where probably their best courier. Why did you leave Rapier? ZERO TOL: Well I don't know about being the best, I am rather modest :)), but I was one of their more active traders. I joined RPR about 2-3 months ago. Then I was on like a couple of semi-decent sites. Little by little a traded and got added to bigger and better sites.. Well to make it short I though I would never leave RPR. I thought I would be the last one left in the group if it ever died cause like loyalty and shit is important to me. If you've ever looked at a Rapier NFO, you would see that Rapier is a group based on friendship and loyalty. Well last week, we were in the Rapier secret channel (which is not so secret anymore) just messing around with a few of the mates, when suddenly out of the blue, one of the Rapier traders (I wont say his nick) messaged me and like told me to fuck off and shit. I mean this was a dude who was like one of my best friends in the group from the start and just suddenly turned on me. So, like I tried talking to him to see what was up with him, and he just continued to like freak out and tell me shit like "never talk to me again" and "we are through as friends" which sort of upsetted me. He was like get lost etc... so that's what I did. I left! DEFACTO2: I heard you left the group without giving notice, why didn't you tell anyone? ZERO TOL: Well I don't know what you've heard from Hawk or Sam or any of the other leaders, but I explained to Hawk when I had a chat with him two days after this happened. I told him why I left, this incident was like the cherry on the cake. There where problems in Rapier's developing for about 2 weeks before. Leaders were never in the channel, siteops were bitching about lack of support on sites and were threatening to leave the group. When I approached one of the leaders at the time with these problems he just set himself away and went to play Diablo or whatever net game he was hooked on! This was a common occurrence. Cq had not been on IRC for over four weeks and Hawk was there only once every 2 weeks. Sam was there on a daily basis could never be reached because he was playing Diablo 24/7, instead of taking care of his group. Many Rapier couriers were upset with him and have threatened to leave. DEFACTO2: I can imagine that you were upset with Rapiers internal problems and this rubbish from your ex-friend was the icing on the cake. But don't you think that every group can have it's up and down times. Maybe if you waited it out the group would have sorted it's self out? Don't you also think that leaving Rapier without talking to the leaders first was a bit of a rash response on your side? I'm sure the leaders could have sorted this person out even if it meant that he had to be kicked from the group. ZERO TOL: Well I was a senior in Rapier and if you asked Sam I had all the power in the group to act as a leader. I was able to accept whoever I wanted and kick whoever I wanted at anytime. Even Sam could tell you that. You are right, all groups have their ups and downs, and I know Rapier was in that mode. But like I said, the shit that was told to me by this "so-called" friend was too much. Friendship to me is very important, and what was said had upsetted me a lot. This person has tried messaging me often on IRC since this incident trying to excuse himself, but I simply ignore him. He even admits making the mistake and being wrong. Of cause this might sound pathetic and boring to some readers, but people that know me will tell you that I am a very friendly guy.. I don't look for trouble unless it looks for me. DEFACTO2: Why did you join Amnesia after leaving Rapier? ZERO TOL: When I left Rapier I did so with no intention of joining a courier group for a while. I refused all offers from groups for six days, then I decided to join one. I had hunged out in #amnesia for a while and the people there made me feel right at home, they were very friendly to me. So after almost one week of idling on IRC I decided to join up with them. I want to emphasize though, that I did not leave Rapier to join Amnesia. When I left RPR I wasn't thinking of joining any group, actually I had RPR people offer me ideas of starting a new group with some other friends and stuff, including CRAZY (heheh I want to see his reaction when he sees his name mentioned :)). But I quickly lost interest in that idea due to the great number of groups out there. DEFACTO2: What country are you from? ZERO TOL: I'm from Canada. DEFACTO2: What is your opinion of "Cyber Strike" and has it effect you in anyway? ZERO TOL: Well Canada hasn't been hit by it, not yet at least. It's been mostly our southern bordered friends the USA. But I don't no, it's got people all freaked out and shit. But they haven't done anything to sites or traders as far as I know! I think people are just over-reacting over a few BBS busts. In my area code there where seven BBS's that where busted two years ago. It totally wrecked the scene there. Cyber Strike had five BBS's busted in the whole country I believe, so you can see the difference! I think it was just there to tell the software pirates that the cops are watching and stuff, but they well know that this has grown to big to be stoped. Their busts just put a small dent in warez, we will recover shortly and be back on track as before! DEFACTO2: Thanks for you time, any last greets or final words? ZERO TOL: I'd like to greet all my buds on IRC, they know who they are, and tell certain individuals in RAPIER to stop acting like asses and shit. I still have many friends left in that group, and a couple of them are trying to break off this friendship so I ask them to chill. Bye to all :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Legends Never Die Vs Sodom -------------------------- Not that long ago Legends Never Die released a pre-release beta of Vermilion FTPD (see the nfo capture below). Apparently LND has no crackers who are willing or are capable of creating a quality serial crack. They instead decided to use Sodom's crack which was made for an older version of the same program. They where even kind enough to to mention Sodom in their NFO of the release (though they only used the abbreviated form, SDM). (LND part NFO for their Vermillion FTP Daemon pre-release.) ╔═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ ║ Release Title: Vermillion FTP Daemon v1.14 - pre-release ║ ║───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────║ ║ Released at: 01:00am on 01/17/97 Operating System: WIN95/NT ║ ║ Supplied by: Watch Dog Video Modes: ALL ║ ║ Cracked by: SDM (SN generator) Serial/Protection: SN generator ║ ║ Packaged by: Watch Dog Overall Rating: [XXXXXXXXXO] ║ ╚═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════1/4 When I found out about this I asked a leader from LND why they used a Sodom crack without permission, they gave us a simple reply... "Guys, we are best, and we was fast, so don't cry that you did not release it". Now this is not the point, I don't think they can or are willing to accept the fact that the stole a crack. Next they said "We where smart and put SDM as cracker, next time we don't go to do that". After which I laugh, does this mean they are going to steal more cracks? And they still didn't understand the problem, and I still believe they don't understand. Maybe they have no idea about the scene tradition, maybe it's not the whole group but only a few selected members. But it's not acceptable to steal other peoples work with out first gaining their permission, in which case it's not stealing anymore but borrowing or using. Legends Never Die Vs Sodom Part II ---------------------------------- Sodom (the group I am the leader of) released a big release. A release that was over the standard disk limit for utility releases (our release was 150megs). Everyone understood that this release could and would be nuked on some sites. Firstly because it was a Novell release and secondly because it was over the disk limit. But before spreading this release I personally spoke to the siteops of LND's sites and asked their permission to upload this release to their sites. They said it was okay and everything seemed fine. Once we started spreading this release the LND leaders decided to flex some muscle (because of the above incident) and show Sodom who has the power. They sent a message to their siteops saying to nuke that Sodom shit since you are LND. So the siteop's did what they where asked and nuked the release, their reason being and I quote "BIG". This in my opinion is stupid, not because these siteops nuked the release on request but because they nuked it after saying it was okay to be uploaded to their sites. It kind of makes them look stupid and it makes me wonder if the siteops are just puppets for their affiliated leaders. A siteop has the right to do what they wish to their site. If they allow a release to their site and someone does not like it the siteop's should not be forced into nuking it just because it was released by an opposing group. Why should a group decide what a siteop allows on their site? After this incident a few couriers asked the siteop's involved to remove their accounts from the siteop's sites because of these siteops lied to them about this release. Written by Saint-Tok. Rewritten by IPggi. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ .x#$$#x. `:$$$$:' The Game Review! THE $$ gg $$ $$Pg. j$"$c $$""" .x%#$$$$$$#%x. .x#$$$$#x. .x#$$$#x. ::::: $$ $ $$ gg $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ ::::: `""""$$$$""""' .S$$$$$$$$S.$$$$$$$$$Ss $$ $ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ggg $$$$.sS$Ss.$$$$ $$$$$`$$$$ $$$$$ ?$g$g$P $$ $$ $$ $$g$$ gg $$ mc $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$',$$$$ ------------------- $$ gg $$ $$ $$ $$$$$$$$$$$ """"`$$$$ $$$$$$ ... ?$g$P ?$g$P GR! $$$$$$$$$ sS$Ss."$$$ $$$$$$ pn `-------------- $$$$$$$$$$$ ------------' $$$$$$$$'` PRESENTS THE GAME REVIEW MONTHLY SUMMARY FOR DEFACTO2 ( January / February ) Welcome to The Game Review Monthly Summary. This report will go through TGR's reviews to bring you the best games of the month. Due to size restrictions we will only give you quotes from the reviews, if the game sounds interesting go and get the full TGR and read the full review. But this reports main purpose will be to list the best game of the month for both Windows and DOS format and to also name the best group of the month. The best group will be decided on who has the highest number of quality releases. These awards will be based on the reviews done by TGR (not including guess reviews). Hopefully will we will use this system to eventually work out the best group of the year when the time comes. IPggi. - * - * - * - * - * * - * - * - * - * - THE MONTH GAME REVIEW SUMMERY WITH RATINGS AND UN-BIASED OPINIONS. [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] -Rating scale: (60-69)/100 = Pretty decent game. Might want to check it out. (70-79)/100 = Worth the download if you like that type. (80-89)/100 = Very good, 9 out of 10 its worth the download. (90-99)/100 = Excellent game, a MUST download. 100/100 = Ecstasy on your hard drive. RATINGS are based on the game idea, graphics, sound, playability, ingenuity, versatility, and a lot of other words ending in `ity'. These games are based on what happens on the TGR computers only, unless stated otherwise. TGR always first follows .nfo directions, and if those don't work or are not available, they then try other ways. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -<*><*> THE BEST GAMES REVIEWED FOR DOS ON THIS MONTH <*><*>- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTO THE VOID (c) PIE [33/33] /\______ /\______ ____/\______ __ \____ \/ \__ \/ _ \____ \ __/ \____ / _/ _/ \/ / / / _/ _// / / / / / / \ \ /\ / /\ / / \ \/ /\ / / / \__/\ \/RTX______\___/\__/\ \/ / /_/_/ =====\___)===\__)============\___)=\/======= -Filenames: ITVOID??.ZIP "I couldn't agree more with the Razor.nfo when they say: "Can I say Master of Orion 2 clone? YES! Only smaller..." This is just like MOO2, except it is a lot better, has music, better graphics and a lot cooler all around." RATING: 68/100 ::::::::::::::▀▀:::::::::::::: :ECLIPSE INTERACTIVE PRESENTS: ------------------------------ Scrabble (xx/13) -Filenames: EPI-SCR?.ZIP "When I first saw this, I figured, it would be some barely english, really low level budget scrabble game. And, OH BOY, HOW THRILLED I was to have the opportunity to review that. But then to my surprisement, I found out that this was actually a very good, english, quality scrabble game, from the original "Scrabble (tm)" makers themselves." RATING: 64/100 DAWN PATROL 2: FLYING CORPS [XX/33] _______ ___ _______ _____ _____ _\ _ /_\ |_____\___ /_/ ___/_ / ___/_ | |__/__ | | | |\____ |\____ | | |. | |. | _ _ |/ | |/ | | |: | |: | |: | |. | |. | | |: | |. | |. | |: | | | |_______|___________|___|_______|_______| [MM!===========[Class '97]==============] -Filenames: CLSFLY??.ZIP "It's a definite must if you have a love for flight-sim games. But if you don't, you won't get much enjoyment out of it. With plenty of missions and lots of scenarios, you won't get bored quickly." RATING: 73/100 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -<*><*> THE BEST GAMES REVIEWED FOR WIN '95 ON THIS MONTH <*><*>- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIE HARD TRILOGY [XX/30] _______ ___ _______ _____ _____ _\ _ /_\ |_____\___ /_/ ___/_ / ___/_ | |__/__ | | | |\____ |\____ | | |. | |. | _ _ |/ | |/ | | |: | |: | |: | |. | |. | | |: | |. | |. | |: | | | |_______|___________|___|_______|_______| [MM!===========[Class '97]==============] FileNames: CLSDHT??.ZIP Release Date: 22 JAN 1997 "All three games have pretty good/funny voice remarks that come up when you get shot, or do something wrong.. Also this could've very easily been one of those monstrous 50 disk rips, but I feel this one was ripped really good. Dare I say it?? Good job guys." POINTS: 86 -Decently ripped, good grafix, and cool gameplay. If you have a shitty system, don't try this at home! VIRTUAL POOL for Windows 95 [XX/02] _______ ___ _______ _____ _____ _\ _ /_\ |_____\___ /_/ ___/_ / ___/_ | |__/__ | | | |\____ |\____ | | |. | |. | _ _ |/ | |/ | | |: | |: | |: | |. | |. | | |: | |. | |. | |: | | | |_______|___________|___|_______|_______| [MM!===========[Class '97]==============] FileNames: CLSVP95??.ZIP Release Date: 22 JAN 1997 "The object of the game is pool (duh!).. Plain and simple. You can do just about everything you can in a pool hall, with the exception of laying yer cigarette on the table." POINTS: 84 -Fuck man, it's 2 disks and kept me occupied for over an hour. Sega Rally Championship (c) Sega [01/08] _ ________________________ _____ ________ _ \\_____ \_____ \_____ \/ . \\_____ \\ dZG/\ __// _ |/ ____/. | \/\ __/ _/ \ \/ /_ _/ /_ | ! _/ \ \ \____\ \______\_________|_____\____\ \_ =======\___/===-1911-CD-DIVISION-======\___/ File Names: RZRSRC?.zip Release Date: 16 JAN 1997 "It's pretty much exactly like Network-Q rally was, with the co-pilot telling you which way the next turn is and shit. So this one really ain't nothing too special.." "Really the only thing that saved this release was that it was only 8 disks. So I gotta give it a few points for that." POINTS: 75 -Decent grafix, easy to play, easy to leech, and easy to beat :( _____ Helicops (c) Paragon Soft. [01/33] \____ \/ \__ \/ _ \____ \ __/ \____ / _/ _/ \/ / / / _/ _// / / / / / / \ \ /\ / /\ / / \ \/ /\ / / / \__/\ \/RTX______\___/\__/\ \/ / /_/_/ =====\___)===\__)============\___)=\/======= File Names: HCOPS??.ZIP Release Date: 12 FEB 1997 "As far as leechability goes, it's definately a unique game, something I really haven't seen before, but it is rather frustrating at times. It just seems like the helicopter doesn't go as fast as it should, and that whole deal with the altitude change sucks too." POINTS: 64 -Nice grafix (mostly), but just really isn't a fast, seat of your pants type of game like you'd expect. G-Nome (c) 7th Level Inc. [40/40] \____ \/ \__ \/ _ \____ \ __/ \____ / _/ _/ \/ / / / _/ _// / / / / / / \ \ /\ / /\ / / \ \/ /\ / / / \__/\ \/RTX______\___/\__/\ \/ / /_/_/ =====\___)===\__)============\___)=\/======= File Names: GNOME??.ZIP Release Date: 10 FEB 1997 "Probably the coolest thing about this is that you can get out of your Mech and walk around. In the off chance your mech gets blown up, you don't die, you just get auto-ejected out of your mech. When that happens, the other guy gets out of his mech and ya go man to man with grenades and a laser rifle. If you happen to beat him, well, hey, free enemy mech to strut around in!" ** POINTS: 82 -Good speed, and somewhat unique.. Decent game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <*>THE GAME OF MONTH<*> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's been pretty dull in the game scene for the past month, normally we get those big name titles that didn't make it for Christmas but it seems those games (Xcom3, XWing vs Tie Fighter, Theme Hospital etc.) just keep being delayed so we are left with some very average games. Not to say the whole month was a waste, the sequel to the popular Dawn Patrol was released and for action gamers there was Die Hard Trilogy. Lets just hope we never have a week like we did two weeks ago (read TGR 45 or 46). The award for the group with the highest number of quality games for the month goes to "CLASS" The best Windows95 game for January/February goes to "Die Hard Trilogy" which was released by CLASS. The best DOS game for January/February goes to "Dawn Patrol" which was also released by CLASS. IPggi. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <*>CORRECTIONS<*> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any mistakes, contact [email protected] (Don't bug TGR about it). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <*>HOW DO GET THE WEEKLY TGR ON A REGULAR BASIS<*> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- TGR is released on Sundays, at a new time of 8pm (EST). TGR weekly will tell you the latest news and reviews on games, what works and what doesn't, what the gaming companies have planned to release in the near future and the odd cheat for those more popular games. So to get the TGR weekly try one of these more popular methods. #1 TGR Web Page: (Over 50,000 Served) http://tgr.clever.net (Note: Contains all issues and gets 'em 1st) (The ns2.clever.net/~ionizer is the same thing, but tgr. is easier.) #2 Through irc, you can dcc from me the newest issue only, simply type: /msg ionizer xdcc send #1 On the day of release (Sunday), you may also use IonDcc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <*>LEGAL MUMBO JUMBO<*> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS MAGAZINE IN NO WAY WHATSOEVER, CONDONES THE PIRATING, STEALING, OR ANY OTHER ILLEGAL MEANS OF OBTAINING SOFTWARE. WE ARE IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS AS A RESULT OF READING THIS MAGAZINE, NOR HAVE WE DONE ANYTHING ILLEGAL TO OBTAIN THE REVIEWED GAMES. IF YOU LIKE HOW THE REVIEW OF A GAME SOUNDS THEN BY ALL MEANS PURCHASE IT AND SUPPORT THE SOFTWARE COMPANY. THE GAME REVIEW MONTHLY IS COMPILED BY DEFACTO2, IS MADE EXCLUCIVELY FOR DEFACTO2 AND CAN NOT BE USED BY ANY OTHER PUBLISHMENT OR INCLUDED IN ANY PUBLISHING MEDIUM WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM BOTH TGR AND DEFACTO2. Reviews where taken from TGR 43, 44, 45 and 46. Any comments or complaints, email [email protected] Comments on the actual game reviews will be forwarded to TGR but please read the full review first. No game requests what so ever! .a$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$a. $$' . `$$' `$$ ' `$$' s `$$ $' $ $$ $ $$ a a $$ $ $$ $ $ssss$$ $ $$ $ $ $$ $ $$ $ o $$ $$ $ $ $$ sssss$$ $. $ $$ $ $$ $ $ $$ $ $$ $$. $ ,$$ $ $$ $ $ $$. $ ,$$ $$&@%o%@&$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&@%o%@&$$$ $$' o '$$$ $ $$' s `$$ `$$$$$ $$ $ $$$ $ $$ $ $$ $o $$$$$ $$ $ $$$ $ $$ $ $$ ~' o$$$$$ $$ $ $$$ $ $$ sssss$$ %. ^$$$$$ $$ $ $$$s s$$ $ $$ $$ $$$$$ $$. $ ,$$$$@. .@$$$. $ ,$$ $$ $$$$$ `$$&@%o%@&$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&@%o%@&$$$$$$$$$$$$$$hd' Copyright 1997 Ionizer Inc and Defacto2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ January/February Month in Review -------------------------------- The old Defacto was the first to bring you The Week In Review (which has been copied by every magazine since). Now we are back we give you The Month In Review. Cell Block 4 merge into Rebels. Read our interview with Charley for further information. Cyberstrike, an operation by the FBI to take down the pirating scene in the USA cause major panic in the scene. Surprisingly most people first heard about this operation on CNN. The operation Cyberstrike was successful in the taking down of 5 BBS/Telnet boards located in the United States. It was also successful in getting a lot of Americans scene members into a panic. Many public channels went to invite, some major group web pages went off-line. A lot of sites located in Colleges and schools around the country temporally went down. And people even changed their online nicks and email addresses. Inept the first web based scene report, became major contributors to this Cyberstrike hype by claiming the FBI had their own IRC server and logged all our messages both private and in channels (except DCC chats). These claims where later all proven false. Marbz retires from his position as Empire Leader. After some Rapier leaders call it quits it's members decide to follow (to either join Amnesia or Empire). Rapier is officially dead, again. Manhunter, one of the leaders of the original Rapier was apparently thinking of restarting the group, but after he discovered there was nothing in Rapier to run, he realized it was best left dead. Continuing the tradition of previous years, the game scene for the month of January and February has been pretty slow to say the least. Not surprisingly Prestige has not released anything this year. Can we now consider them officially dead? CP reformed Mortality, though nothing much has been shown by them since their reformation. Remember all those rumors of Reality Check Network making a come back a few weeks ago (With Rebel Chicken and Code)? Well the rumors where false, Rebel Chicken re-opened the #RCN channel and pretended the magazine was back so he could personally find out about Cyberstrike. The quote of the month goes to a person on irc called Denial, who in the #inept channel asked "What is UNIX? Is it better than AOL ?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well that was our first issue for you. Any questions, comments, etc please email IPggi at [email protected] Dont forget to visit our web page at www.defacto2.com Defacto2 Issue February 1997 (c) 1997 LINE1253|25TH
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