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1995 December 4

Interview with Orion the PWA Founder.
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▄███▄ ▄ ▄▄▄ ▄█▄ ▄██▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄█▓█▄▀█▓█████████▄▄▄ ▄▄███▄ ▄█▀▓██▀▀ ▄▄▄██▀▄▄███▀ ▀ ▐████▄▀█▀ ▀▄██████▄ ▀█▀▄█ ▀▀▀▄▀█▀▀▀▄ ▀█▀▄██▄▀█▀▄ ███ ▀█▀ ▄▄█████▀▄██ ▄▄ ▄██ ███▄▀ ▄▓ ▐███ ▓██▀▀▄▄██▌ ▓█ ▄██ ▀▄█▀ ██▌ ▓█ ███ ▄▄████▓██▀▄▐███ ▓█▐▌█▓ ████ ▄███ ▀▀▀▀█▄▄▄▀▀▓███ ██ ▀███ ███ ▓██ ██ ███ ▀█▀▄ ▀▓█████ ███ ██ ▀██ ███▌ ███▐███▓ ████▌▐▓██ ▄██ ▓██▌▐██ ██▌▄██ ███▌ ▀ ██████ ▀████ ▀████▀▄▄████ ▀███▄▓████ ████▄▀▀▀██▄▀███▌ ▀█ ▄█▀ ▀▀ ████ ▄ ▐█████ ██ ▀▄ ▀ ▀██▄ ▀▀███▀▀▄▀▀ ▀ ▀▄ ▀▀█▄▀▄▀▀ ▀▀▀███▌ ▄██▄▄▀████▀▄█▄ ██▄███ JDaniels ▀ ▀▄▄███████▄██▄█████▄ ▀█▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀████▀▀▀ ▀ ---=[ Introduction ]=---------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Inquisition issue #8. Well here is our eighth edition of this warez publication. Basically we are always looking for Artists and Writers. If you want to join, please send us a sample of your work or provide us a site/URL to view your work along with an E-mail address. We still want YOU to write in comments on our publication, even if they are negative. We prolly will publish them in our next issue and one of the editors will reply to them. To state to the scene, we are a news publication here to bring you the lastest in the scene, whether good or bad. It's best to keep everyone informed even the lamers. We also offer a subscription now - look for info in the Internet Section Please welcome our new staff members in INQ! - Raptor & Lester Send your articles, comments or suggestions to: - [email protected] - ---=[ Contents ]=-------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Letters to the Editor.....Raptor & Lester 2. Utils Warez Report........Jimmy Jamez - "Special Biased Edition" 3. Games Warez Report........Ionizer 4. Reviews...................Various Writers 5. Interview.................Raptor - "Orion - PWA Founder" 6. Articles..................Pixar Corporation Net vs. Boards - Write-In Reply 7. Internet..................INQUiSITION WEB Site, Plus More 8. Announcements.............TDUJam and Company Retires Druidkin's Reply to TDUJAM Bashing 9. Weekly Releases...........Weekly Warez Listing 10. Top 5 Boards..............Ratings of the Top 5 Boards 11. Closing...................Raptor & Lester ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ._____. ._______.________.________________.______________________. |___ | |Oo. |_ Oo. |___Oo. |__. |______. |_______. |_. |O | |_____. |o |: | : .o| |Oo. |__. |__ : | |o _|___|_. |___|__| |____|_|: |___| |____| _______|O__ |____| |. | __| ___| |. | |. |__o ___| |Oo _. | o |__. | | | |: | __|: |. ._| | |.oO |_. | _|_. | | |_______|_______|______| |______|__________|__|______|________| ---=[ 1. Letters to the Editor ]---------------------------------------------- We still receive mail from far and wide - let it poor in with any complaint you might have or comment too. This was a piece of mail from last week but our other reviewer, Avalon Blue had a comment. I think your mag is pretty good, though the game review section you should really be taken out. The game warez release section is cool, but the review one is really stupid. I mean all I have to do is pick up a gaming magazine from a newstand and read the same thing, and also, you should cut down on the length of the interviews a bit. There are too many stupid questions asked, but for the most part its a great mag .SpEeD. Avalon Blue - I kind of think that that guy SpEeD was ragging on me more than Ionizer in that comment about killing the review section. I think he said that the warez reviews were cool but the long game reviews were the same kind of crap you see in game review mags on the newstands. That may be so, but he won't see Warcraft 2 reviewed in a game mag til February because they have a 3 month press time lag. He'll see mine next week. Maybe he forgot about how quickly INQ reviews things after their release. Anyway, I take it as a compliment that my reviews sound like the stuff you'd read in a magazine. I can't imagine anything I'd rather do than make 85K a year for reviewing games. Maybe somebody should turn him on to the concept of text editors so he can edit out the parts that offend him so much. In regards to Ionizers game review of the game Druid, he said that he couldn't get the game to run, and there was no fix for it. Well I have the very same SVGA Trident video card, and I encounterd the very same problem, but it can be fixed. Just obtain a registerd copy of univbe21.a VESA SVGA emulater 32-bit, install it and then run druid. It works like a charm - this game feels alot like Ultima 8 - The Pagan, but runs a hell of a lot better. I just thought I put this in maybe you can put this note in the next article of INQ, so people won't get upset that they can't get the game to run. Also I love this magazine and i must say issue 7 was the best. The list of what comes out in Apps and Games for each day is very helpfull. So, keep up the good work, and thanx for the weeks on enjoyment from this great warez mag! *Anonymous* Raptor - I am sure Ionizer will try this if he attempts to install Druid again and, I like to tank you for giving us this information. We also will be improving our Apps and Games List by including a dupes/fakes section also. It rox! The best mag out there for sure. But, why not make some interviews with the I-net trading elite, I mean with the guys who actually move the wares. Like with some top-names from RiSC and MAliCE (don't think HTC and FATE are in the same division). And a special hiho goes to JJ for writing the Utils Warez Report the way he does. Yours Truly Northern Uproar Raptor - We have interviewed both Ordnance and Dorian Hawkmoon. As for some the elite traders, we have made some attempts on some of the independent couriers and some RiSC people, but we do plan to obtain interviews from others who lead the scene in moving files. Hi! Thanx for your great issue! Keep on doing your nice work dudes! Only a little bigger and a more often... ;) Your homepage is great, but I think you could make it bigger with lots of connection to other groups, warez-place and other cool stuff on the net. Why don't make it like a center for those of us who have learned have to enjoy life. Judge Ito - [JUDGE iTO] Raptor - We continually increase the size of the mag with awesome articles, reports and other nice features, so that is a plus. As for our website - we need some HTML people to help us enhance our site, until then - we cannot reallt expand in the graphics area, but we are adding more links. Well here I am, my handle is and was Valer and I was deeply involved in the scene over a year ago. Since my withdrawl I have been monitoring what has been going on from afar. First of all, I wanted to comment on how well I think INQ has done. It was always a thought of mine to do something for the whole scene and not just the game guys. Lester has moved up a lot since our days in Vengeance and Prophecy. The warez scene has really sagnated since I left or was forced out by the likes of Unforgiven and others in Prophecy. It was no longer fun and it still seems that way. The scene should always be about fun and not strictly business. That is partly why Fanfagits comments don't surprise me much. He has always acted like a petty child. He has always been on the offensive against Razor ever since his days in Genesis and the group before who's name escapes me. He deserves to be ignored and should be forced to leave the scene for his "crime" against all of us. Another thing that angers me is the abudance of non working releases. These have always been around by small groups and independent releases but never in the big groups like they are now. I could never remember the old Razor releasing a non working game until recently. Names like Razor and Hybrid (and that other one that I hate to give props) have always signified quality and its a shame that this is no longer so. Another gripe of mine is towards Jimmy Jamez. He is a great guy and I have dealt with him in the past but his reviews are really lacking. He just concetrates on releases and never goes into the quality of them. Betas should not be accepted and they are by him. He attacks groups that are small and just starting in a uncivilized manner. Groups need time to develope and shouldn't be shot down by him just because they aren't the fastest with releases or can't release 200 megs of shit like he can. Thats all of my ranting and raving for now. Ignore the spelling and other such errrors since I just don't give a fuck. Valer (old dude who was started Prophecy before its lame incarnation now) Skank on Rude Brothers Hey, this is not any sorta complaint or anything, because I think that your mag rocks. Well I just happened to be reading the "Game Review" section of the mag and see that some of the games you review and say that they are "messed up" or "not playable" are in fact playable on my machine. And they work fine. Like in the review of NBAJAM TE final [hbd], I saw that you couldn't play it cause it beeped at you or something. I got the same game and it seems to work much much better and the previous release. The same with the review of "PBA bowling" [tdu], you say that it wasn't playable because it needed a crack, but tdu did supply a crack in one of the disks, and I was able to play it fine, and I think that it's a 80/100 game. Well my point is being, that if this game review section is a 'one-man-team' then maybe the mag can get more game reviewers (hint hint). Well, other than that, I think that the mag rules! Thanks for your time. Raptor - On the Review section - this is totally Ionizer's area and he has picked a few reviewers along with him, so I believe that some cases like those above will be dealt with accordingly in the future. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ .__. .__._____._____.__. ___.__. ._____. .__. .__._____._____._____.______. l |_l l __l __l |/ /l | l | | l |_l l l __ l __l_ / | : : | __| __| _/ | :__|___ | | : : | _| | _| __|/ /_ | | | | . \| · | | | | . | _ | | | |___|___|_____|_____|__|____|_____|_____| |___|___|__|__|__|__|_____|______| ________________.________._____________.________.______________.___________. \ __ l ___\ __ l \ __ l . \ \_____ /| ___\____ . | . |____ /___: :____\ | __ \| \ | :___/ : | | __ \ | | | | \ \ | | | | | | | \ | | |_____|______|_________\|_____| |__________| |_____|______| |_____| ··:=============================================================[MaNoWaR!]=:·· ---=[ 2. Util Warez Report - "Special Biased Edition" ]=---------------------- Unfortunately - Jimmy Jamez ran into a few obstacles and was unable to get his report in on time. Nevertheless, you can pick up from where Jimmy left off with next week's issue. * All complaints/questions send to: [email protected] * ---=[ 3. Games Warez Report - Ionizer ]=-------------------------------------- .a$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&$$$$$a. $$' . `$$' `$$ ' `$$' s `$$' s `$$ $' $ $$ $ $$ a a $$ $ $$ $ $$ SERIES #2 $ $ssss$$ $ $$ $ $ $$ $ $$ $ssss$$ $ o o$ $$ $ $ $$ sssss$$ssss. $$ ISSUE #5 $. $ $$ $ $$ $ $ $$ $ $$ $ $$ $$. $ ,$$ $ $$ $ $ $$. $ ,$$. $ ,$$ 12/03/95 `$&@%o%@&$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&@%o%@&$$$$&@%o%@&hd' Un-Releastic: "I have never played a game I didn't like." -Stu Pid Fewl Realistic : "This game sucks more than 3 lesbians and a blow pop!" -Ionizer (*) SPECIAL NOTE (*) -Since I started this review/magazine about 4 months ago (with WWN), there have been a lot of other wannabe's with their neat little coded reviews that require you to actually download the 130k review <for just one game> and then unzip it and then run it. The Game Review has a simple concept, to inform you of what is what in the gaming world, what works, what doesn't work, how to fix things, and an occasional game hint. The idea is simple, making it easier for you the reader to get a hold of it, and view it. No need for unnecesary color viewers. It's released on a consistent basis every Sunday, and even has the latest game on Sunday in the review. Sometimes you have to wait weeks just to get ONE game review from another group. This review/ magazine allows you to evaluate the weeks games and then decided what to download after having heard everything you need to know. Other groups put information that you never could possibly dream of needing to know and they seem to think that EVERY game is a 8 or 9 out of 10. What was the point of me writing this? Absolutely none, but it was something to do. And that's another thing, The Game Review is honest, and is not bias to any group whatsoever. What the game got or criticism a group got, is what they deserved. I also try to add a touch of humor to it, because we could all use some of it during our day. ("Where and when can I get The Game Review?" The Game Review (c) Ionizer,) (will be released every SUNDAY, in IRC, in #warez5 and other channels and) (can be obtained by /m iondcc xdcc list or /m ionizer xdcc list on Sunday) (This magazine is also released in the magazine Inquisition) -Do you live for games? Do you want to play games every second of your life? Do you find yourself picturing me playing these games and reviewing them?, If so I'm calling the police and filing a suit against you for stalking, but that's besides the point... - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * GAME REVIEWS, RATINGS, UN-BIASED OPINIONS, HELP/TIPS FOR INSTALLING GAMES! [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] -Rating scale: (0-19)/100 = In a nutshell, it sucked! (20-39)/100 = Still crap but slightly better. (40-49)/100 = Possibly worth downloading. (50-69)/100 = Pretty decent game. Might want to check it out. (70-79)/100 = Worth the download if you like that type. (80-89)/100 = Very good, 9 outta 10 its worth the download. (90-99)/100 = Excellent game, a MUST download. 100/100 = HOLY SHIT I'VE NEVER SEEN A BETTER GAME! -It's time for the reviews. The format is like this: Name of game, group, # of disks, review, rating. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -<*><*> THE GAME REVIEW <*><*>- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- =The Last Eicchof= Uhhhhh. Who are the wackos that come up with these ideas? It's an asteroids game, but with beer. Your not a ship, your a beer bottle and you shoot beer, you buy beer weapons and you shoot more beer. Strange. RATING: 42/100 =Powerslave Playable Demo= Another doom type. It's a little different then others, but still the same 'ole thing. Might keep you occupied for like 5 minutes. RATING: 38/100 =Descent 2 (Nonplayable Preview)= Looks like descent all over again. Sure it may appear to have cooler graphics and all, but when it comes down to it, there can't possible be too much difference b/t this one and the first one. =Virtual Karts= RazorCD, 22 disks. Tisk Tisk Tisk! Poor packaging = a game that orig does not work = an addon thats really a 28 disk fix. First off, the nfo says to run "VKARTS.EXE" when there is only a VKART.EXE, secondly when you do run it, it says the sound config file is missing. So you NEED the 28 disk addon which somewhere in it has the file it was looking for before. So now you got a 230 meg <unarjed> game on your puter (22 disks + 28 disks = 50 disks). Now you want to play it, well you better hope you have a pretty fast computer, & a steering wheel type joystick. The game runs extremely slow and unplayable on a 486/33 and the mouse method of controlling it is impossible, and you can not use your keyboard for the actual game playing. The game is racing, but in go-karts, lots of different tracks, and options, including network. If you really like it I would suggest the need to buy it, unless you have 230m to spare. RATING: 68/100 <predicted on a fast computer> =Front Page Sports Football '96= Hybrid, 27 disks. If you ask me this one's gone a bit over the edge. Too much sophisticated options, and not enough hard core tackling. Plus I don't think I was even playing the game because even though I set the control for the k/b, all I could do was yell "BLUE 32, BLUE 32" and a bunch of other shit. It woulda been nice if they put a keyboard config in the game, but no they had to waste all the time making little detail shit like "humidity at the start of game" and a million other weather factors. All in all, it's just another brick in the wa.. er I mean football game on the shelf. Some docs would be nice. RATING: 63/100 =Torin's Passage= Legacy, 38 disks. Doesn't work, what did you expect. RATING: NA/100 =Lion CD= Hybrid, 20 disks. YES! I love typing the lion.exe and getting shit that says "hr_hires.c #1.-1" and locking up my computer. Thats the kind of fucking shit that just makes my day! Damn, If only all games could do that. I even edited the stupid lions.cfg to my dir, and it still did that shit. BTW: Unless you feel like having the taipan whisper virus, get the fix, which is simply the hybrid install.exe w/o a fucking virus, unless of course you don't believe me that it does not work. RATING: NA/100 =Extreme Pinball REG= COL, 5 disks. Why is it some no-name group can manage to put togeth- er a game to work, damn it's about time too. It's the full version of the pinball game, it's got 4 tables, all nicely done, except for the fact that they all have too many ways for your ball to go straight down the center of the pinball machine and lose your ball. Otherwise it's the same as all the rest, pretty much. The usual `dot-light animations' in the game. RATING: 72/100 =Radix, Beyond the Void= Since it's still the same game, here's the quote from review2.txt of the shareware version. SW: "Anothe....heart pound...zzzz..OH sorry, um right, another heart pounding Epic Megagames. Doom atmosphere in a ship, wow something new <G>. Annoying soundtrack, and crappy sound effects. Maybe the other two missions in the reg. version will really kick ass! Pff right, and maybe dragon will release something in english (j/k guys ya know i love ya). Not much else to say about this one. RATING: 41/100" REG: The registered version has two other missions and the game still is the true quality Epic that we know (it sucks). Unless you drool over games like descent, then you'll probably fall asleep over this one. RATING: 41+2 more missions = 43/100 =Rayman (Non Playable Demo)= The demo takes you through parts of the game, in actuality showing you how to beat it. It's a nice 3D Scrolling Jump and run type game, similar in my opinion to Earthworm Jim. Looks like a pretty fun game if you like those Super Mario type games. =The Dig (FLW)= FLW, 38 disks. It's nice to know that when a group fucks up on a release, that their is another group right behind them to fuck up too! I mean how long would it take for these geniuses to realize that their subst method does not work? The moron who packaged it probably substituted the drive WITH the cd rom in it and went "Er, gee Mr. Wilson, it works!" Come on wake the fuck up. RATING: NA/100 =Pool Champion= Tdujam, 24 disks. A good windows based pool game, similar to virtual pool, but a little less virtual, and more role playing. You play against certain characters with different artificial inteligence. The game play good and the graphics are not as dull as virtual pool. However tdujam fucked this one up, because after you play your first game, it's missing the animation of the characters reaction, and so the game closes. Other than this minor fault the game is what you would expect a pool game to be. RATING: 74/100 =Pro Pinball: The Web= DOM, 19 disks. Damn, seems like everything is too big this week. 19 disks for a single table. Although the nfo criticizes it much more than it should. The gameplay seems normal, and it has the now standard `dot-light animations'. However the abstination of music may make you think the game is duller than it actually is. It's got the usual ramps and multi balls and all that shit. RATING: 62/100 =Ecco The Dolphin= Tdujam, 10 disks. Far too many problems to name, plus the fact that it woulda been best run under a pentium/60 as the nfo states, makes this one unreviewable. RATING: NA/100 =Pro Team Soccer= RoR, 400k. Oh come on guys, I mean don't take me wrong, but WTF IS THIS SHIT?! Did you find this lying around on an old 5 1/4 floppy? Ugly ass soccer game (must i describe to you what 400k of crap looks like). The shit is programmed pretty bad to, like waiting around an hour before kick off. Don't waste your time on this. RATING: 9/100 =Fist Light Action Fighting Game= RoR, 14 disks and Hybrid dupe, 6 disks (Both exactly the same, how I have no idea) I don't know why the nfo (BOTH) refers to this as a "mortal kombat and sf" type game b/c it's neither. It's a Double Dragon type game, but of that `foreign-chinese' type. Pretty shitty movement, graphics, and gameplay. Nothing to get all excited about. RATING: 39/100 =Jigsaw Power= Tdujam, 16 disks. It takes pictures (BMP/AVI/PZL, etc) and it cuts it into pieces that you fit to make a puzzle. Why people enjoy doing this, I don't know, but I know they do, b/c losers in my school sit their playing some shit just like this on the leet Macs for hours. The only thing is, I have a program just like this, except its a minor 39k and this is like 30 or so megs. RATING: 57/100 =Cog Hill Golf Course= Razor, 4 disks. It's a golf course for links386, must I really try to install this to disk, just so I can tell you "It's a golf game." I mean we all know or should know what links386 is like, this is just yet another of the million courses available for it. It's not like it's going to turn the golf course into some MK type game or make the people in the background nude, so I don't think there's a need to rate/review it. =Worms CD= ACC, 48 disks. It's not even really the entire cd, since it doesn't have the music files. This one just had the 80+ megs of .avi's that are in a way fun to watch, but then who the hell wants to see them again after once. Anyway that's the only difference, and of course the game doesn't just subst. like the nfo's always say to do, so here's some install help. -Install nfo: (1) Unarj <x -y -v> all the files into any dir you want. (2) Run setup.exe and install it to any dir other than where it is unarjed to. (3) In the dir you unarjed the shit, type: "xcopy *.* /e <X:\dir\you\told\setup\to\install\to>" (4) Then change all the directories in the `install.bat' and `batch' files to whatever dir you told setup. (5) After that is done, make sure you have mscdex running, then subst your cd-rom drive or one past it for the dir you told setup to install to. (6) Run "WRMS.EXE" <not a spelling error>, make sure you got your mouse loaded, and note it takes a while to load up. RATING: 94/100 <Non-cd was 93 + 1 for avi's> =Beyond The Wall Of Stars= TUB, 26 disks. This thing runs like a storybook. You remember those stories that there'd come a point where you had to make a decision and then you would turn to a certain page? That's exactly what this is, but for win. It's got plenty of pics and moving animations, its not of top quality gfx, & neither is the sound, but it is a brilliant idea and done extremely well. I only got a chance to go through one game of choices, but I was drawn to it & couldn't stop playing. If you have some time, and you don't mind reading a little, check this one out, it's not your usual game. RATING: 78/100 =Tie Fighter Enhanced= Hybrid. Has the tai-pan virus AGAIN. Their packager obviously either hasn't realized it or is not bright enough to get rid of it. =Darkseed 2= Hybrid, 21 disks. Another adventure click and play, murder solving game. Your some dude, who doesn't remember what happened on the night of your high school reunion where some lady got killed. So now your a suspect, and you must figure out who really did it to protect yourself. The game has nice digitized animation of the characters, and gorgeous backdrops. The avis were cut to make this game downloadable, and they would probably make the game a lot better. I didn't seem to want to play this game very long as it got dull and boring. RATING: 58/100 =Fifa 96 (TFR)= TFR, 8 disks. Let's just say, stick with your other copy if you managed to get it installed, b/c this one is just as much of a pain if you have two different hard drives. =Shannara= (Courtesy of Woody) RazorCD, 27 disks. Better be asking for a new hd for Christmas, because this game takes up a whopping 101 megs! This game is a very good rpg game based on the Shannara book series. Unfortunately, the game suffers because the fight scene animations have been ripped out. The music is very cool, but the sound fx and voice have been ripped. The SVGA graphics look great in this game. The storyline is good, too. You have to use your items to solve various puzzles, travel to different cities, and fight monsters. And like all good rpg games, this takes place in medieval times. -NOTE: While playing the game, be sure not to read your journal, if you have written anything in it, the game will freeze. RATING: 78/100 =The 11th Hour : The sequel to The 7th Guest= (Courtesy of Woody) 4 CDs. Of course this game won't be ripped, but it needs to be reviewed since it's so cool. This game is absolutely amazing. Probably the best graphics I've seen on any game ever. Incredibly detailed SVGA graphics and video that looks better than tv. Has an awesome soundtrack too. Requires a 486dx2/66, and I'd recommend at least a p60. I'm running it on a p90 with a 2x cdrom, and I have to run the video in quarter screen because the double speed makes full screen video choppy. If you have a 4x or better, full screen video is no problem. The game takes place 70 years after the 7th Guest. You're a guy that needs to go after your girlfriend who's a reporter that went into the Stauf mansion and never came out. The puzzles and games are even harder than in the 7th Guest, but still very fun. Buy this one. RATING: 95/100 =EarthWorm Jim= (Review Courtesy of HellRaiser aka _HR_) Razor, 5 disks. This win95 game is a translation from a very popular SNES console game. This is one of the few console translations that do the original justice. Only sound ripped was music, all voices etc are here. The game play is extremely smooth. Not the slightest bit choppy, in any size window. And jaggies are only the tiniest bit noticable in full screen mode, in a smaller window they are totaly invisable. This game is a standard side scroller, where you beast big boss #1 to get to level 2 etc. The handling is pretty much ok with a joystick, though the keyboard makes it a little difficult. I have yet to see a dos action game run as smoothly with as much detail. Here is a perfect example of win95's capabilites when used right. One notice, the game dir MIGHT need to be in your path depending on your win95 setup. RATING: 95/100 =Hooves of Thunder= Tdujam , 15 disks. Unless you've got a knack for horses and betting or something like that, you're not going to have fun with this. You place bets, or manage a horse, watch the race, and try to become rich. And just like in real life, you'll end up losing all your money and becoming a bum. RATING: 60/100 =Bermuda Syndrome= ?, 18 disks. It's a combo of adventure (click + play) and the game "Out of this World". This is however only a demo/preview. Looks kinda neat, especially the amazon chick in the beginning who's got one tit showing. Bleh wtf am I talking about, it's just a drawing. Anyhow, the game's got nice music, but the actions are a little slow, and don't work as soon as you press the button. Overall the CD is probably going to be somewhat good. RATING: 62/100 <demo> =Rings of Magi= Tyranny, 1 disk. Cute little puzzle game. One of those brainteaser types where you really do have to think. It's a new idea, not some tetris wannabe or anything. Nothing special about the graphics or music. RATING: 57/100 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <*>GAME OF THE WEEK<*> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Nothing overall impressive this week, but the award would have to go to TUB for their release of Beyond The Stars. It's a game that we haven't seen the likes of much, if at all. It sure as hell ain't the best game in the past month, but for this week it was the only thing that was a fun thing to play. I'm not recomending this game as a must get, because to be honest there were no MUST gets this week. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <*>TOP 5 BEST SELLERS<*> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- *UPDATED TOP 5 IS UNAVAILABLE, SO HERE IS LAST WEEKS* ENTERTAINMENT 1. Hexen - Heretic 2 CD-ROM 2. Stonekeep Demo CD-ROM 3. Command and Conquer CD-ROM 4. Ascendancy CD-ROM 5. Rise of the Robots EDUTAINMENT 1. Winnie the Pooh storybook CD-ROM 2. Dr. Seuss Windows CD-ROM 3. Orgeon Trail II CD-ROM 4. Puut Putt Saves the Zoo CD-ROM 5. SAT version2 MPC CD-ROM PRODUCTIVITY 1. SoftRAM for Windows 95 2. Windows 95 CD-ROM 3. Microsoft Encarta 1996 - Windows 95 CD-ROM 4. Win 95 & SimCity 2000 CD-ROM bundle 5. MS-PLUS for Win 95 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <*>UPCOMING RELEASE DATES<*> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- WINDOWS CD Bttlgrnd:Gettysbrg 12/05/95 Chessmates 01/01/96 Congo 12/04/95 Dinotopia 12/11/95 Dragon Dice 01/01/96 Empire II 02/01/96 Gabriel Knight 2 12/18/95 Load Runner Ntwrk 12/04/95 Police Quest 5 SWAT 12/04/95 Romance IV 12/12/95 Space Bucks 01/10/96 Spr Bubsy/WIN95 02/01/96 T-Mek 01/09/96 This Means War 12/07/95 Tommy 03/04/96 WINDOWS 95 CD Allied General 12/11/95 Civilization 2000 03/01/96 Commodore64 15pk 12/11/95 Cyberspeed 12/05/95 Daedalus Encounter 12/12/95 Doom II 12/15/95 Shockwave 12/07/95 Solitaire DLX 12/13/95 St Trk Generations 03/01/96 Ult Doom: Flesh 12/15/95 Warhmmr:Horned Rat 02/01/96 WINDOWS 95 3.5 Ult Doom: Flesh 12/15/95 WINDOWS 3.5 Spaceward Ho! 12/06/95 MACINTOSH CD Aikman Football 02/01/96 Allied General 12/10/95 Atmofear 01/10/96 Chessmates 01/01/96 Conquest/New World 04/24/96 Daggerfall 01/01/96 Empire II 02/01/96 Heroes M&M 02/01/96 Mad Dog II 12/15/95 Outpost 12/18/95 Phantasmagoria 12/11/95 Rebel Assault 2 12/13/95 Ripper 02/01/96 Skins/Bighorn 02/01/96 Star Trek:tNG 12/07/95 Ult Doom 12/04/95 X-Wing Collector 12/13/95 MACINTOSH 3.5 Ult Doom 12/03/95 MACINTOSH & WINDOWS CD Wizardry Gold 01/15/96 DOS CD 3D Action Pack 12/15/95 Adams Pinball 02/01/96 AH-64D Longbow 01/01/96 Arcade Classics 12/04/95 Atmosfear 01/10/96 Battlcrsr 3000 12/08/95 Bioforge + 01/01/96 BRAIN DEAD 13 11/30/95 Braindead 13 11/30/95 Chronomaster 02/07/96 Clayfighter 2 01/01/96 Colonization Gold 04/01/96 Conquest/New World 04/24/96 Corporate Colonies 01/01/96 Crystal Skull 03/18/96 Cyberia 2 01/15/96 Cyberjudas 12/11/95 Cybermage 12/29/95 Daggerfall 01/01/96 Dawn Patrol 12/12/95 Descent 2 03/13/96 Descent II SHWR 02/01/96 Destruction Derby 11/29/95 Dragon's Lair II 03/01/96 Escalation 01/01/96 Extreme Pinball 12/08/95 Ganster Bundle 12/04/95 Grand Prix 2 01/15/96 Grand Prix Mgr 12/13/95 Gretzky NHLPA 12/12/95 H! Zone 12/15/95 HARVESTER 12/10/95 Hyper 3-D Pinball 12/12/95 Jack The Ripper 11/30/95 Jagged H2H 03/01/96 JET FIGHTER III 01/01/96 Jetfighter III 01/01/96 Klingon 04/01/96 Konquest 03/01/96 Kyrandia Trilogy 12/12/95 Lost Admiral II 12/01/95 Madden NFL 96 12/10/95 MAGIC/GATHERING 03/01/96 Master of Antares 03/01/96 Mastr Lvls Doom 12/08/95 Maximum Roadkill 02/15/96 MetalLords 02/01/96 Might & Magic Trilogy 12/04/95 Mile High Club II 01/01/96 Mortimer 01/10/96 DOS CD Mortimer 01/10/96 Navy Strike 12/01/95 NBA Live 96 01/01/96 Nemesis 03/01/96 Net Mech 12/11/95 NFL Football/Aikman 01/10/96 NFL Qback Club 12/08/95 [email protected] 02/06/96 Northlands 03/01/96 Pax Imperia 01/15/96 Pinball Classics 02/01/96 Pro Pinball:Web 12/08/95 Promised Land 02/01/96 Psychc Detcv 12/18/95 RBI '96 03/05/96 Red Ghost 12/12/95 Ripper 02/01/96 Screamer 12/12/95 Sensible Soccer 01/10/96 Sensory Overload 02/01/96 Shadows Over Riva 02/01/96 Silent Hunter 12/15/95 Space Hulk 2 01/10/96 Sport Hits 2 12/12/95 Spr Strt Fighter 11/30/95 St Trk Judement Rites 01/01/96 Star Control 3 02/06/96 Starship 02/01/96 Term:Future Shock 12/11/95 Third Reich 05/01/96 Top Gun 12/11/95 Toy Story 01/01/96 Unnecsry Rghns 96 12/06/95 Vision of Glory 01/01/96 Visions/Glory 03/01/96 ------------------- Warcraft II 12/04/95 <---- THAT'S TOMMOROW!!!| Warhammer:Dark Crs 12/11/95 ------------------- Whiplash 02/21/96 Wing Commander 4 12/19/95 Wipe Out 11/29/95 Wolfenstein 3D 12/12/95 Wooden Ships&Iron Men 01/01/96 Zone Raiders 12/01/95 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <*>CORRECTIONS<*> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -None, I'm so damn perfect sometimes <G>. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <*>LEGAL MUMBO JUMBO<*> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS MAGAZINE IN NO WAY WHATSOEVER, CONDOLES THE PIRATING, STEALING, OR ANY OTHER ILLEGAL MEANS OF OBTAINING SOFTWARE. I AM IN NO WAY RESPONSIBILE FOR YOUR ACTIONS AS A RESULT OF READING THIS MAGAZINE, NOR HAVE I DONE ANYTHING ILLEGAL TO OBTAIN THE REVIEWED GAMES. IF YOU LIKE THE REVIEW OF A GAME THEN BY ALL MEANS PURCHASE IT LEGALLY AND SUPPORT THE SOFTWARE COMPANY. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <*>CLOSING<*> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Sorry for the late timing of the day, but I like to have the review as up to date as possible, and this is when time allowed it to be released. -ANY AND ALL MAGAZINE GROUPS HAVE PERMISSION TO USE THIS IN THEIR MAGAZINE, AS LONG AS IT HAS NOT BEEN EDITED IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM -I was, for a day, w/o an account so I missed a few things AGAIN, but I got someone to help me out in reviewing them. -Federal Law prohibits editing and dispensing or something. You may not edit this file and spread it w/o the expressed written consent of The New York Yank.. oh snap, anyway the point is: Feel free to spread this wherever as long as I don't get in trouble for it, and as long as it has not been edited. -Please note, due to my refusal to install that crap you know as Win95, I am of course not able to review any win95 games. -That's it for this week, hope it was of help and thanx to Woody, and HR. -Ionizer (Game Reviewer/MALiCE Courier) Comments/Complaints send to [email protected] (NO QUESTIONS OR REQUESTS) .a$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$a. $$' . `$$' `$$ ' `$$' s `$$ $' $ $$ $ $$ a a $$ $ $$ $ $ssss$$ $ $$ $ $ $$ $ $$ $ o $$ $$ $ $ $$ sssss$$ $. $ $$ $ $$ $ $ $$ $ $$ $$. $ ,$$ $ $$ $ $ $$. $ ,$$ $$&@%o%@&$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&@%o%@&$$$ $$' o '$$$ $ $$' s `$$ `$$$$$ $$ $ $$$ $ $$ $ $$ $o $$$$$ $$ $ $$$ $ $$ $ $$ ~' o$$$$$ $$ $ $$$ $ $$ sssss$$ %. ^$$$$$ $$ $ $$$s s$$ $ $$ $$ $$$$$ $$. $ ,[email protected] [email protected]$$$. $ ,$$ $$ $$$$$ `$$&@%o%@&$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&@%o%@&$$$$$$$$$$$$$$hd' ---=[ 4. Reviews ]------------------------------------------------------------ PBA Bowling Reviewed by Avalon Blue This is a very nice bowling simulator for Windows From Bethesda Softworks. I had downloaded the demo quite some time ago was eagerly awaiting the full release, since I'm a bowling fan and there's so few bowling games available for the PC. The graphics in the game are perfect. The main window shows the bowler and lane from behind, exactly as you would see if you were sitting behind him keeping score. This is where the animation takes place, and it too is top-notch, with a little window popping up showing the bowler's reaction to a strike or gutter ball. An automatic scorecard occupies another window, and two more windows show the bowler's lane markings and a close up of the pins. The entire effect is much like Links386 Pro even down to the way the ball is thrown, with the familiar power/spin wheel. The sound effects are entirely appropriate, with an audible difference between knocking down a pin or two and nearly getting a strike. The amount of power also has an effect on the sound, as gently rolling the ball down the lane produces a more muted sound than whipping the ball at full power. I really found this to be particularly well-done and it's a perfect compliment to the great visuals. After a painless, hassle-free installation, you get to choose and name your bowler, his or her clothing color, ball weight and color, and the level of difficulty. The difficulty levels are beginner, intermediate, and pro. I always choose beginner level for games like this until I get the hang of things but I quickly found that on this one, beginner is much too easy. I could literally stand in one spot and bowl strike after strike, so I bumped it up to pro. I soon found this setting to be a bit too hard because in addition to the power I was putting on the ball, I also had to quickly set a spin level. Most of my balls were going into the gutter. I backed off to intermediate level and, like Goldilocks and The Three Bears, this proved to be just right. There's a little bit more time to adjust the power and spin before release, and controlling the ball was not nearly as difficult. It was exactly the right combination of challenge and ease of play to make the game enjoyable. I highly recommend PBA Bowling to anyone who, like me, has been waiting for a good bowling game for their computer. I can't think of anything about it that I dislike and the great thing about bowling is that everyone knows how to play, so this is an especially good game for parties and get-togethers. Destruction Derby Reviewed by The Black Knight This latest Psygnosis title brings rock'em-sock'em fun to a scene filled with too many racing clones. Players can choose from three general modes of play: Stock Car Racing, Wreckin' Racing, and Destruction Derby. Stock Car Racing and Wreckin' Racing provide a selection of up to six different tracks, ranging from the city streets to the ocean. Each track provides its own quirky twists and turns, along with appropriately designed scenery (look out for Lemmings standing on the side of the road!). The visual presentation of the game rivals the style of Sega's "Rally Championship," complete with a camera which whirls around to give different perspectives of the track. Play was smooth on a P75, however, an option menu allowed items such as trees and smoke to be toggled off to salvage processing speed at the expense of esthetics. I found driving in Stock Car mode to be somewhat constricting, and downright frustrating at times. It seemed as though the cars weren't designed for doing much besides going straight, so drifting into the barriers at every turn became frustrating. The real racing enthusiast won't find much solace in this mode. There's no tweaking of RPMs, the cars are provided as-is. Wreckin' Racing is where the fun begins. It looks just like normal stock car racing, expect this time you better plan on creating a few fender benders if you plan on winning! An icon of your car appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen along with six different sensitive points. As you continually get smashed, the icon turns from green to red - indicating you're close to biting the dust. Interestingly, you can drive around the track backwards if you like - but the head on collisions are killer! The Destruction Derby is one of the most innovating features I've seen in PC racing for years. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen any destruction derbies for the PC. You and about twenty other cars begin on the outer perimeter of a large bowl. As soon as the flag is dropped everyone pumps the accelerator and sets their sights on the enemy. Terrific sound bites add to the enjoyment of pulling off a particularly crushing collision. You'll hear the announcer exclaim, "Whoa, what a hit!" on many occasions. You'll even hear the opposing racers retort when you hit them: "I'll get my revenge!" You race until your vehicle simply can't take any more punishment. The winner is chosen based on a point system - the better the hit, the greater the point value. Each of the three modes (stock car, wreckin', and derby) allow you to compete at difficulty settings ranging from rookie, amateur, and pro. In addition, when you've completed a race, the game allows for a playback of the previous match. You can save replays of your favorite struggles to the finish line, or even save the smash which won you the derby. During the race the announcer offers a hardy "That will make a good replay!" If you're tired of the same boring racing simulators, grab a copy of Psygnosis' "Destruction Derby" for a rush. ---=[ 5. Interview - Orion - PWA Founder ]------------------------------------ INQ : Why did you retire from PWA? Orion: I retired because my work was done. With the help of the council and many other people, we got PWA to the top and remained there for quit some time. So they didn't need me to hang at the top anymore, they can make and have made thier own desisions on the group and what is best for the group for the last year. Let the council get the credit, not me for the work in PWA now INQ : Did the awareness of the crackdown on NTA members influence your decision? Orion: I decided a few weeks before the Mikeysoft incident. Just was coincedence the day after Mikey gets popped - Oh I meant to say he was in a coma, I retired. I spoke of the retirement with Rambone and Blackie before hand and against their better judgement I retired. You get tired of doing something day in and day out for 8 years, need a break sometimes. INQ : On the NTA subject, you mentioned that there was an internal narc in NTA, where is the truth to this? Orion: Rumors are floating, yes. I need not say who the rumors point to, it has been all over the scene already. I meantioned it because of coincedence of the chain of events, that's all. If asked to be in a court of law and produce evidence, I can not. Only gut feelings, and that is enough for me. INQ : Back to PWA - Who runs PWA now? Orion: The Council and the Sr Members do. The council has the final say but its a democracy as it has been since its founding almost 4 years now. I never ran it as a dictatorship. That's not my style. INQ : On the SCuM merge, how did that affect PWA? Meaning - looking back before SCuM and after the merge. Orion: Effect is - it only made PWA more of a force in the scene. Before SCUM PWA was on its full group hiatis. After Blackhawk's accident and bust we decided to take a well needed vacation. Then the chance came to me for a PWA/SCuM merger and I went with it to get new blood and good people into PWA. I believe it worked out well. INQ : Why does PWA allow people to idle in their group for a long time? Orion: Laugh! Depending on the person. If a person has busted thier ass for a long time and has done enough things to make the group a better one, they are intitled for a vacation. This is only a hobby, not real life. The other ones are just passed over, we don't catch them from lack of communication which is a problem with a large group at times... But that is up to the Council and Sr's now INQ : As a retired member of such a respected group, is there still a threat to you although you do nothing but play Monopoly? Orion: Threat as in Law - No not at all, and there never was. FBI has been to my house many times, they come and have coffee and we talk, they get frustrated and leave. Can't bust someone just for talking about piracy. That's all I did. I just pointed people in the right direction and offered my experience to those that wanted it, real simple. And for the record, Monopoly lost its flare after two weeks. :) INQ : Do you still play a kingmaker in the scene although you are retired? Orion: Kingmaker, no I wasn't when I was active why should I be now. I kept to my group and only my group, didn't nor did I care what others were doing. Played around with the other leaders of the groups telling them takeovers and things like that, but me as a kingmaker, no. I get respect from the people that know what I have done and accomplished with PWA; that's all. INQ : Do you think that an internal power struggle will bring down PWA? 5 Council people - there should be some conflict Orion: No, I choose the people in Council because each one is good at a certain thing and together they complete a whole. They are adults not kids and all know this is a hobby. INQ : PWA has been around for four years which has gone through it's worse and better times, what lies ahead for PWA? Orion: Hopefully just alot of fun, that is what is was formed for and that is what it stands for. I would like to see it remain at the top, but if they go down to releasing 10 megs a month it wouldn't matter, as long as old pirates can have a place to call home and get away from the blood thirsty competition then I will be happy. This interview was conducted by Raptor on December 2, 1995. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ .___________ .____________ /^\__.________._________.__________ l \_________l__ \ \ \ l \ | \ \ \____/ \ | | | __. \___ : \ \____ . \ | .__| | \| _| \ . \ | \.____/ /_____ \ | | __/ :____/ _| \ | \ .___| | _. | · \ | | \ : \ \ | : | \ \ | |_ / . | | | | | | | \ | / | | |_______|_______|____/|______|_____|_______|_________/_____________|______/ ··:=============================================================[MaNoWaR!]=:·· ---=[ 6. Articles ]=---------------------------------------------------------- Pixar Corporation Pixar was originally a small computer animation based company, it was later bought from ex Apple Computer co-founder Steven Jobs. Jobs had originally paid well over 10 million dollars for the company, which is now as of November 29th, traded publicly on the NASDAQ stock market. What does this mean? In a nutshell, Pixar is making over a billion dollars in revenues' thanks to their little wonder, "Toy Story." Many of you might realize that Pixar is the computer software company that releases mega hits on the computer software graphics market such as Pixar Typestry, versions 1 through 2, in current release for Microsoft Windows. The movie "Toy Story" was created on over hundreds of Sun Microstations incorporating the latest SPARChip Technology in the time span of 3 years. Many users of high-end graphics programs such as 3D Studio and Caligari trueSpace will see that there are three axes to these images, which exist only as mathematical formulae. They have width, height, sides and backs. The animators have pinpoint control. The characters' lips are seamlessly matched to the actors' dialogue. As the best fully computer animated feature length film created by Pixar studios, "Toy Story" fully exploits the power and potential of such computer power only rarely seen at the cinema (however there is a Saturday morning cartoon show that is also computer animated called "Reboot", it airs on ABC at early Saturday mornings). It was ["Toy Story"] created by members of Pixar corporation and with some creative help from Disney both teams were lead by director John Lassater. Lets find out a little bit more of Pixar's billion dollar gold pot, "Toy Story". "I'm Buzz Lightyear, - Space Ranger.", was what Tim Allen said for his character role "Buzz Lightyear" in the movie hit, "Toy Story". Besides Tim Allen, the movie also employs the talents of Tom Hanks, multi-Academy Award winner as the role of "Woody" the leader of a small pack of toys in a little boys room. The movie scenario goes along as Buzz Lightyear is the new toy on the block, who thinks he is really human and a "Space- Ranger that can fly. Woody is greatly troubled by this as his position as leader might be usurped by Buzz. Towards the end of the film, Woody and Buzz become pals and try to end the evil ways of the neighborhood bully of toys - the average weird kid next door. Mercury Also , look out for disney's web page on www.toystory.com for some awesome screen shots of the film! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Net vs. Boards - Write-In Reply If I may I'd like to comment on the Net vs. Boards issue brought up in a previous INQ. Now I may be incredibly nieve and certainly don't claim to be an expert in all warez issues, but it seems to me that the scene (especially the Net scene) needs some central body to deal with releases and eliminating dupes. Now I know you maybe thinking "Just what we need another guy spouting the praises of centralizing/unifying the scene" but really that's not what I mean. On the contrary I think competition is the driving force behind the scene and I don't believe this body/commitee should have any real power other than determining which group get's credit for a release. In reality this might help to reduce dupes if all the groups were aware of their competitiors releases. Perhaps this commitee could consist of the elders from all groups wishing to participate. The commitee (assuming those egos could co-exist) would keep each other apprasied of releases and hopefully create an official if not friendly lines of communication between groups. This way a release to the Net has equal status to a release to some WHQ board. I'm sure many of the big races would still occur on major boards, but a Net release would carry equal weight assuming it was reported to and verified by the commitee. Well that's just my 2 cents! Of course if everyone feels like Raptor ("As far as I am concerned, if I receive one groups' release before another then that "other" is the dupe") and doesn't really care about dupes, then a committee would be a waste of time. Dazed This possibly could work, but with all greta solutions that have been thrown at the scene - it just would not work properly. First, a committee of sorts would have to be outside leaders and group members due to bias conditions. Jimmy Jamez, not to rag on him, is extremelt bias, so he would not qualify as a judge but he is one of the top leaders of the scene. Most games group now hardly get along. I like to see FanFan and The Renegade Chemist on the same committee. Second, if groups are doing "devious" tricks to each other to get a release, what makes a person think that they could not fool a committee into believing their release is out and workable. This committee is almost a 24/7 day job along with much need to test software. Can't forget about the fakes and non- workable releases. Lastly, a good group will hardly ever dupe. Many groups have people who call two or three different places to dupe check. Then there is the art of ripping properly and cracking. All this is ran like clockwork and if a committee is an obstacle, then it will definetly not work. Especially if you have to report to them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ .__________ .___________ .__________ _________. .____________ l |___l___. \_____| \ \ l___l__ \ | / \ | \ \ . \___\ l \ \ \ |___\ | \ | : \ \ | | \ | | \ | . \ ._| | / \ | ._| . \ | | | :____/ \ __/ | \ :____/ | | \ | | .__| . \ \ | .__| | | | \ | | / \ \ \ \ | / \ | | \ \ | | | | | \ | | | / \ \./ \ | | | \__/ | \ /___________|_____\_______/__________/___/|______\_____\___________/_____/ ··:=============================================================[MaNoWaR!]=:·· ---=[ 7. Internet ]=---------------------------------------------------------- INQUiSITION has a World Wide Web page site. Please come by and check it out. You can grab the Previous issues of INQUiSITION there plus the WWN archives. INQUiSITION - http://www.hooked.net/users/tails/inq Here is list of other excellent pages: DOD - http://spl.co.il/zino Razor 1911 - http://ionet.net/~razor/razor1911.html The Review Board Online - http://www.bcpl.lib.md.us/~wdaddino/trb.html If your group has a WWW page, please leave us a note and we'll advertise here. ---=[ 8. Announcements - TDUJam and Company Retire ]=------------------------- Hello there, Just wanted to drop a line to announce that TDU-JAM! officially retires from the Scene. Why? Mainly because the leadership has to face up real life and think about what the future holds for them outside this dreamworld. But also because we hoped that everybody would follow the example and mold their priorities on getting quality CD releases out there. All there is besides us is a bunch of obnoxious and frustrated characters who serve only their delusion of grandeur when ripping games. Our personnal goals (to be the best, and shut-up the pretences of our competition) were met years ago with the dominion of PENTAGRAM and GENESIS, and TDU-JAM just follows in the line of outstanding achievements. We have gone way beyond our wildest expectations. We've worked hard for your benefit, and in fact, way beyond the call of duty. We are sure that you have enjoyed our work. Good luck for the future, but we have to move on to other things now. The Digital Underground ceases to exist as such as of now. Fanfan la Tulipe & TDU-J! bid the Scene farewell. The handle and the Label are retired. Fanfan la Tulipe, Wayward, Werner & Tardy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We still like to announce that our good friend, Pieman needs support. Please contact his business if you have any hardware needs. High Speed Tech 718-833-4949 Located in The Bayridge Section of Brooklyn New York ---=[ 9. Weekly Releases ]=--------------------------------------------------- Well, Lurch here again with yet another warez list. This is is not as complete, and done in a much shorter time. (Within 2 hours) So you can understand why the holes are there, and why its all screwed up. INQ has been having a few co-ordination problems lately, so unfortunately this part is pretty low on the priority scale compared to some others. Sorry about this, I can only promise you that we will improve. Special thanks have to go to StudSter who provided us with the release list on such a short notice. Though the list is not complete, I can assure you that the major releases of the days are listed and accounted. ╒═══════════════════════════════════╤══════════════════════════════════╕ │ GAMES │ APPS │ ├─[ 2nd ]───────────────────────────┼─[ 2nd ]──────────────────────────┤ │ Carmen Sandiego Deluxe Edition │ │ │ Romance Of The 3 Kingdoms Pt4 RCD │ │ ├─[ 3d ]───────────────────────────┼─[ 3d ]──────────────────────────┤ │ Hooves Of Thunder TDU │ │ │ Shannara RCD │ │ │ Riddles │ │ │ MW2 Ghostbear Legacy TDU │ │ │ Bermuda Syndrome │ │ │ Battles in time RZR │ │ ├─[ 4th ]───────────────────────────┼─[ 4th ]──────────────────────────┤ │ Flight Sim Toolkit Update │ CDR Publisher v3.61 PWA │ │ Civnet Update │ Dr Solomons AntiVirus v7.54 │ │ Pressure Drop for Win95 CD │ HeapAgent for NT Cracked PWA │ │ War Craft 2 HYBRID │ Fund Manager v1.0 win95 │ │ Hi OCtaNE CD uPdated New Tracks │ Master VB4 2nd Edition │ │ Planet Siege ROR │ ORCAD PCB 386 CRACKED │ │ │ Ray Dream Studio Release │ │ │ VisualBasic 4.0 │ ├─[ 5th ]───────────────────────────┼─[ 5th ]──────────────────────────┤ │ IceBreaker for Win RCD │ Jump Kids Kindergarden │ │ IceBreaker Full Resolution HBD │ PagMaker v6.0 Full Rip 95 │ │ 360 Points │ Dec DCE WinNT │ │ Intel Proshare 95 │ Pmaker 6.0 Final Cd │ │ Studio Audio Workshop v5.1 │ Groupworks v1.0a │ │ Agent v.99c PWA │ Digital Dead SS │ │ ACAD Library #2 │ Family Online Guide 95 │ │ │ Hallmark Card Maker Win95 Win │ │ │ MS ODBC │ │ │ Tech Data Catalog December │ │ │ Tech Data Catalog November │ │ │ points │ ├─[ 6th ]───────────────────────────┼─[ 6th ]──────────────────────────┤ │ Tel Aviv Scenery for FS 5.0 │ Visual Voice 32bit TAPI Win PNT │ │ Jack The Ripper HBD │ Word Secuirity │ │ Haifa Scenery for FS 5.0 │ lotus word pro 96 RBS WORKING │ │ Island Casino RCD │ ACAD Library #2 │ │ Virgin WorldOne Atlus Interactive │ Asymetrix Web 3D v1.0 │ │ Trophy Bass Outdoor Sportsmen Win │ Caddy 11 │ │ Hodji N Podji │ Ray Dream Studio Textures │ │ DiME CiTY CD DESiGN │ Rhinocom for os2 │ │ │ Software Compatibility Test NT │ │ │ Ray Dream Studio Models EIRG │ │ │ Partition Magic for OS2 PNT │ │ │ Microsoft Backoffice SDK Final │ │ │ Nashville Build 999 │ │ │ December NAV 95 update │ │ │ Lan Workplace 5.0 DOD │ │ │ Lan Workplace 5 Floppy DOD │ │ │ Hodji N Podji │ └───────────────────────────────────┴──────────────────────────────────┘ ---=[ 10. Top 5 Boards ]=----------------------------------------------------- These Boards were rated by their peers. The number is comprised of LD traders who frequent boards. If you believe this rating to be incorrect, send in your ratings or give them to a trader that can get them to me. Please, do not submit ratings in if you do not frequent boards. Scores are based on percentile up to 120 Top 5 Boards 1. Park Central 109 2. Beyond Akira 59 3. The Wall 47 4. The Digital Underground 19 5. Street Spydrs 15 Others: 2112 (13), X-Factor (12), State Of Devolution (10), Southern Comfort (9), Snake's Place (8), Last Rights (3), Warp Zone (1) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ )\_________ _____ _________________ ____ ________ ( ( | ) ) |____)\____/ (_____/ \ \ \ | / / \ o O ) \ \ ) | / ) |(____/( | )___/ ) ) (___ /_ | ( / _|___ \ |____ |____/ \_ / / / ) / \____( / ( _) ) \ \ | ( ( (___ / ( | | \ / ) ) | \ | | | \__________|___________)_____(___________/______|____)_____|_________| ---=[ 11. Closing ]=----------------------------------------------------------- Another issue is produced to the masses. Hopefully you enjoyed this issue of INQUiSITION. We have plenty of interviews to cover and other other topics to touch. If you wish to join INQ - please send us your EMAIL address and a SAMPLE. If you want a subscription to INQ, E-Mail: [email protected] INQUiSITION will have weekly meetings on Wednesday's at 9p Central. The Inquisition Staff: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Raptor [Editor] Lester [Editor] [Staff] Avalon Blue · Cyberphreak · Darwin · GFK · Ionizer · Jimmy Jamez · Lotug Lurch · Mercury · Mr.ZigZag · Operator · Riot
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