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Crack number 20.
  • Text / NFO file or scene release
  • Lord Blix, writer credits
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************************************************************************** Crack #20 - "WILLOW" (Lucasfilms/Mindscape) Well, gang, it's been nearly a week since the last release and we were getting restless to put another first-run crack out. Thanks to all of the boards nation-wide and out of country who have been calling and applying as BSPN boards. A special thanks goes to The Viper from dropping what he was doing and popping by his local software shop, six hours after the program was put out on the shelves. As usual, give us a call for the newest cracks - first! Why wait? Call today for the latest software... Other BSP First-Run Cracks: Bad Street Brawler * Uridium * Harrier Combat Simulator * Blockbuster * California Dreams Casino * Shiloh: Grant's Trial in the West * Rampage * Where in EUROPE is Carmen Sandiego? * Blackjack Academy * Death Sword * Impossible Mission II * and many, many more. ..the first again, Bentley Sidwell Productions. The Celestial Woodlands Temp. Offline Sysop: The Ranger The Forbidden Passage (713) 489-7779 Sysop: Mr. X Notes: Do NOT unARC the archives in WILLOW1.ARC or WILLOW2.ARC. The game does it as is needed. [F10] Returns you to DOS Entering "WILLOW /S" allows you to reset the program to support EGA, CGA or Tandy 1000 mode. This also lets you change other options. To start a section of the game, point your wand at a bold-faced word or phrase on the scroll. Press ENTER or FIRE to play that mode. 'til later - LB *************************************************************************
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