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1994 January 26

  • Text / BBS
  • Daze, writer credits
[+] Configuration Copy text
Capture file opened 26-Jan-1994 00:49 ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Fatal Future goes down! ======================= Once apon a time there was a bbs called Fatal Future...... Well, hm? Anyway, I just spoked to the sysop (Mindbender), and he told me that the situation was kinda messed up. First of all, today (1993-01-24), the police was and picked him up him from the school (whadda babe!!), then they took his computer, including _all files, userlist, etc for further investigations.. The computer he ran Fatal Future on was just a few days old and it was reported as 'stolen' by the "™resunds-brigde-development-project". WiCO, Psycob & Air-Jordan have already been taken 'down-town' and spend 24-48 hours at the police. They're suspected for break-in & recieving goods with stolen computers and such things. Anyhow? What'll this result in? First off all, Fatal Future will be down/dead? for unlimited time, i.e. he don't know when or if he'll put up the system. That's for the future to show, thats it! Please DON'T call the bbs-numbers again!, b'cos that might be annoying, don't really know if a voice will be pluged in or something, but still..You'll notice if the #:ers will be moved or the bbs re-opened. Then what? The police _might find a whole got-damn f**king elite-board, with lotsa wares, letters, numbers, pbx:es, at&t's, you name it!, how nice, NOT! They might also try to take down the piracy scene here in Sweden. So what-ever, you, user on Fatal Future do, watch out!, if you got the same password on some other boards as on Fatal Future, PLEASE change it! This is for your _OWN security ONLY! Then, all sysops around the country, change Mindbender's password or delete his account!! They're also some rumors (probably true!) that the police grabbed three other computers full with board-names, NUP:s, bbs-accounts, 020-dials, voice-#:ers, etc from Psycob, Air Jordan, and WiCO. It'll be a trial within one month. And well, I've now spoken with Mindbender, WiCO, Air-Jordan and Wild Thing. They're kinda dispanded from the scene right now, so that's why I'd to enter this "Blow away tha pigs" message. Thats it! This message was written in 100% bad english by: DAZE / oh-are-you-interested? Greetings to.. Mindbender, Wild Thing, Wico, Air-Jordan & Psycob.. - Greed kills!
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