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Lands Of Lore 2 - Guardians Of Destiny. by Real Cocoheads

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    .,∙▓^▓∙,._.,∙▓^  ⌐ REAL COCOHEADS PROUDLY PRESENTS ¬  ^▓∙,._.,∙▓^▓∙,.

           Lands Of Lore 2 - Guardians Of Destiny / Westwood studios

           SUPPLIER: Amplifier               # OF DISKS: 75
           CRACKER: Nihil & Make             RELEASE DATE: 04.12.97
           RIPPER: Make & Nihil              PROTECTION TYPE: CD + OTHERS
           PACKAGER: Make's P166             RATING:85%

 .,∙ ⌐ RELEASE TYPE ¬ ▓∙,._.,∙▓^ ⌐ SOUND CARDS ¬ ^▓∙,._., ⌐ OS SUPPORT ¬ ,._.,

   GAME        [X]  FIX [ ]    SOUND BLASTER     [ ]    DOS  [ ]  *NIX [ ]
   PATCH/ADDON [ ]  OS  [ ]    GRAVIS ULTRASOUND [ ]    3.X  [ ]  '95  [X]
   APPLICATION [ ]             ROLAND            [ ]    NT   [ ]  OS/2 [ ]

        .,∙▓^▓∙,._.,∙▓^  ⌐ INSTALLATION INFO / NOTES ¬  ^▓∙,._.,∙▓^▓∙,.


        INSTALLATION NOTES: UNRAR X where ever you want!

        IMPORTANT: Full game and ripped game saves are NOT compatible!
                   During the game you will run into so called special
                   events. Your screen turns full black but the mouse
                   pointer is still visible (no more animations..)
                   Now the game expects you to choose an operation you want
                   to do. You can always go back to 3d-world by moving the
                   mouse pointer on the bottom of the screen and clicking
                   (pointer shape turns into yellow arrow). That may be the 
                   only thing you can do in this special event, but often 
                   there is some other actions available. You should return
                   to 3d-world and save your game. Then enter the event again
                   and try clicking the mouse randomly on the screen 
                   (center is a good idea) and the game may do something else.
                   The only way to find this out is TRYING..

        WHAT WAS RIPPED (RAPED <- dis was Moonlord/PDM idea) :
        All Animations, All sound, few PCX pics and DOS-files!

        And ONCE again RC releases UNRIPPABLE game and now it is even under
        disk limit. Many elite-group members came to us and said that
        Betrayal in Antara is still unrippable because it isn't under disk
        limit, HECK it was possible to rip it under that but we didn't want 
        to lose few minor things from the game itself. And we heard a lot of 
        complains from those same elite-group members about our .nfo file. 
        We do this for fun and masses not for those FEW elite asswise! 
        When we was ripping LOL2 few elite crackers said that we can't rip 
        this because it uses Blowfish crypting and if we can rip it under 100 
        disks it is a fine result ..
        (100 disks was our first target.. heh..
        it went under that with a first try..)

        BLOWFISH MY ASS!!!

        Some files were just compressed with very uneffective LZ-variation...
        By the way you can find comp.asm and decomp.asm from bonus dir. 
        If you don't need them just delete bonus dir.
        We had to decompress those files to get better (about 30%) ratio with
        WinRAR. (That's why this release is under 75 disks)

        Thanks to Gambit and Frangel for their original LOL2 file support.

Nihils personal notes:

        Wolverine(RZR): I WON our little bet :) wanna make new bet?
                        Blowfish my ass! :)

        Dogfriend(CLS): So why someone can do something that no-one else can :)
                        <g> like LongBow2 (Mafia) and RC:s little releases!

        Idmud(PDM): I like your fixes.

        Grudge(CLS): I like your Diablo update cracks.

        Beowulf/Wolverine(RZR): You are good crackers.

        Mafia: Damn you guys were fast heh heh we also planned to release LB2
               but what the heck best one wins! Nice release if it works 100%

Nihils personal greets:

        Blackbull, Lurk_err, Acp, Pharao, Musashi, Byte_asc, Dstalker, Misha,
        GradX, Hmphood, China Blue, oCt, Crazy, Sneezer, Muna, Black Nimbus,
        Hawkeye, Zzu, Honker, Sativa, Jeppe, Julle, Geeli, Mthd, Eci, Linel,
        Wolverine, Toast, Scottie and all other who i forgot!

Nihils Groups greets:

        All of ya! Stop group wars and spend your energy to release stuff.

Make's personal greets:

        Zzu, Honker, Muna and other RC members i know.
        (Very short, errr... I KNOW NO-ONE :/)        

External notes from other members:

        Orginal games supplier needed or if you have so called "unrippable"
        game send em to us.

        RC is mostly couriers but when there is a release this good just 
        hanging around and no-one else is able to do the job, I guess at such 
        time we can bend our rulz.      -Muna

        Hardware needed. NOT! Releasing stuff is for fun not for money making!

        .. ... ... ... ...

                                           Yours: Nihil & Make and rest of RC