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Inquisition, 11 by Inquisition (INQ)

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Master vs. Malice.
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▄███▄ ▄ ▄▄▄ ▄█▄ ▄██▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄█▓█▄▀█▓█████████▄▄▄ ▄▄███▄ ▄█▀▓██▀▀ ▄▄▄██▀▄▄███▀ ▀ ▐████▄▀█▀ ▀▄██████▄ ▀█▀▄█ ▀▀▀▄▀█▀▀▀▄ ▀█▀▄██▄▀█▀▄ ███ ▀█▀ ▄▄█████▀▄██ ▄▄ ▄██ ███▄▀ ▄▓ ▐███ ▓██▀▀▄▄██▌ ▓█ ▄██ ▀▄█▀ ██▌ ▓█ ███ ▄▄████▓██▀▄▐███ ▓█▐▌█▓ ████ ▄███ ▀▀▀▀█▄▄▄▀▀▓███ ██ ▀███ ███ ▓██ ██ ███ ▀█▀▄ ▀▓█████ ███ ██ ▀██ ███▌ ███▐███▓ ████▌▐▓██ ▄██ ▓██▌▐██ ██▌▄██ ███▌ ▀ ██████ ▀████ ▀████▀▄▄████ ▀███▄▓████ ████▄▀▀▀██▄▀███▌ ▀█ ▄█▀ ▀▀ ████ ▄ ▐█████ ██ ▀▄ ▀ ▀██▄ ▀▀███▀▀▄▀▀ ▀ ▀▄ ▀▀█▄▀▄▀▀ ▀▀▀███▌ ▄██▄▄▀████▀▄█▄ ██▄███ JDaniels ▀▀ ▄▄███████▄██▄█████▄ ▀█▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀████▀▀▀ ▀ ---=[ Introduction ]=---------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Inquisition issue #11. Welcome back to Inquisition. Some have pondered and even said that we were dead, well to your dismay, we're not dead. This issue includes several interviews and articles. We are also sorry to inform you that we no longer carry Ionizer's Game Review. This decision was justified by his ignorance of publishing that we were dead, and by the conclusion that he used us as a method to distribute his reviews. Best of luck to Ionizer. Other things you will see missing from this issue is Jimmy Jamez Bias Util Report. Jimmy had to concentrate on his studies, so look forward next week for the Utils report. We still want YOU to write in comments on our publication, even if they are negative. We prolly will publish them in our next issue and one of the editors or writers will reply to them. To state to the scene, we are a news publication here to bring you the latest in the scene, whether good or bad. It's best to keep everyone informed, even the lamers. We also offer a subscription now - look for info in the Internet Section Please welcome our new staff members in INQ! - Raptor & Lester Send your articles, comments or suggestions to: - [email protected] - ---=[ Contents ]=-------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Letters to the Mag........INQ Members 2. Reviews...................Various Writers 3. Interviews................Various Writers A. Technic [PWA Cracker] B. The Speed Racer [Razor 1911 Leader] C. Ordnance [RtS Leader] D. Blitzkrieg-X [TDU-Jam Member] 4. Articles..................Various Writers A. Autonomy & Austhetics.....Darwin B. Ware Maker Information....CyberPhreak C. Scene News................Judge DRedd D. If Your a Lamer...........Lester E. You Might be Leet.........Lester F. Personal Opinion..........Gorefest G. Hybrid and TDU-Jam........Judge DRedd H. Master vs. MAliCE.........Everclear 5. Announcements A. AP Press Release - Blackhawk B. Microsoft Press Release - Blackhawk C. RoR Verification 6. Games Ratings.............Ukyo 7. Internet..................INQ WEB Site, subscriptions, and more 8. Warez Listing.............Lurch 9. Closing...................Raptor & Lester ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ._____. ._______.________.________________.______________________. |___ | |Oo. |_ Oo. |___Oo. |__. |______. |_______. |_. |O | |_____. |o |: | : .o| |Oo. |__. |__ : | |o _|___|_. |___|__| |____|_|: |___| |____| _______|O__ |____| |. | __| ___| |. | |. |__o ___| |Oo _. | o |__. | | | |: | __|: |. ._| | |.oO |_. | _|_. | | |_______|_______|______| |______|__________|__|______|________| ---=[ 1. Letters to the Mag - INQ Members ]----------------------------------- > Welcome to Inquisition issue #9. >PWA (Pirates With Attitude) - Strong week as always, but not perfect. PWA >shows this time some store pickup but also their store things were confusing >some times.. such titles as Toy Story Screen Saver & Internet in a Box for >Kids. I dont really find it cool to release kiddyware and screensavers under >such respected label as PWA. Anyway god will judge them :) Nice little write-up; but next time you might use god's name: Orion Excellent magazine BTW. Keep up the good work. Anyway god will judge you :) Mooncrow [PWA Member... retired PWA Council Member and veteran old fart] Raptor - Whoa-ho! Never thought that this guy would write in. Well Mooncrow, I am sure Jimmy will take that into consideration and Orion will use that comment to bolster his inflamed ego. Dudes! I love the mag! Keep it up. Don't listen to the fucking lamerz who say you ain't doing a good thing. I'll do all I can to help you out. I remember back when INQ was the WWN. I was on AOLame and we thought we were the shit when we got a copy of WWN. I remember the IMaGe dudes and all those fools. I heard IMaGe was dead. That sucks. Sorry to ramble on, just want you to keep up the good work. Layterz! Blackdeth on Undernet! Raptor - Well Blackdeath, we appreciate the comment. I am glad to hear that our mag is fluent on the Undernet. You guys keep reading on! Hey guys, figured I'd follow official channels to submit a letter this time. I'd like to submit a few feelings about releases, and the dupe war. Firstly, let me state for the record, that releases are won on the boards. As much as I hate to say that, that's the facts. The way to win a release is to get it to the others WHQ, or a majority of the boards. Slowly and surely sites are beginning to hold the same importance as boards, but that will still take more time. I've had many conversations and complaints on this matter. For a group to be able to win then they must be allowed access to the others WHQ. In cases like Hybrid and Park Central, when we try to upload on multiple accts, all our people are mysteriously knocked offline. I would think a Major board like that would have solved the odd line noise problem months ago. I was given a suggestion the other day that maybe using an account of a neutral person may help this line noise problem. An odd fix, but one we must try. And for that matter HBD has yet to beat us on our boards. They want to insist that PC is the end and where withall of the race. I have a hard time believing that one board makes the scene. One person does not make the scene. As soon as you give one person, or a small group that much power, then the scene is too tightly controlled. I WILL not allow this to happen. I will not have some over-inflated windbag tell me since it's not on PC that we lose. Now if others want to try and rewrite how releases are sent and won, then they better start to address the Net as a major factor. I've talked with many people from the competition, and they agree that the Net is the future no matter how much they hate to admit it. The biggest complaint is that there is no division between lamers and elites. There they are wrong. Lets face it, lamers can't access the cool sites like SCuMSite, LA, or RiSCSite. Most netters drool over the thought of accessing these stockpiles. That in itself shows seperation. Also the lamers don't have OPS, in #Razor only razor members have OPS so again seperation. No matter how hard the Old Schoolers fight, I will drag them into this century and onto the net. Just don't make the mistake of underestimating someone like me. ;) And as a closing, I'd like to state that INQ has really blossemed into a great mag. No fancy artsy, fartsy loaders, just good clean info. Ask any of my people on mass email list, they get a copy in email hot off the presses. :) Keep up the great work, DruidKin - Razor Net Director Raptor - Thank you Druidkin, and sorry for the lateness of this submission. I figured that this needed to be said, I went ahead a put it in the mag. I am also glad to hear that we have the support from Razor and that your mass email helps us even more. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ______________________________ ________________ ____\__ \ {____ _ \ __ \ |-------\ \ __ \ / / \ / / _/ ________/\ | / / ________/\ _/\_ \ /____/ \___________/\___________/______/\___________/_____/\ \ ~~~~~\________/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~syc\______\~ ---=[ 2. Reviews ]------------------------------------------------------------ Title = Pinball 4000 (c) Expert Group = Legacy Disks = One Article by = Minor Threat [DGt] Pinball 4000 provides nothing new to the pinball genre. But for a CD-Rip, which is only 1 disk, it is definitely worth grabbing; especially when you don't feel like playing a long complex game. Well Pinball 4000 is a pinball simulator; there are four themes of pinbball machines. Codename-X, a secret agent type machine, sucks considering the backround really has no relation to the name of the theme. Second, Fender Bender is a western car shop setting where you basically hit bumpers and other little gadgets that do certain things. Tennis is probably the most orginal theme; bumpers are tennis balls and, there is a nice scene of a stadium match in the backround. And finally Casino, this has one cool feature though there are little sub-games like blackjack and roulette. The negatives of the game are that the levels are way too simple, no real design seemed to be taken on the levels. I would have liked to see multilevel pinball machines with alot of different things to interact with; all this game provides are a couple bumpers and some hit-all-the-letters and get more points stuff. The game does have nice graphics and sound though, reminds me of a demo. My favorite level was Fender Bender; I liked the music. I tested the game on a 486DX/2 66, 12MB RAM, SB16, and Win95 (DOS Mode). The game installed easily, and I found no bugs. The setup is easy, the menu is real easy and the game takes no screwing around with. I suggest grabbing this 1 disk game which is pretty fun for a couple of hours. The company who made it seems to think there tilt feature is revolutionary, but I didn't even use it. I give the game a 4 out of 10. Nothin new, nice music and graphics. ---=[ 3. Interviews - Various Writers ]=-------------------------------------- A. Technic [PWA] Technic is one of the formiable crackers in the scene. His cracking abilities can be found in both PWA and DoD warez along with some individual cracks. INQ : To begin with, many people do not even know who Technic is. Can you give the readers a brief run-down of yourself? Technic : I am main cracker of PWA (Pirates With Attitudes). I also have cracked some stuff for DOD (Drink or Die) and other groups. INQ : How long have you been in PWA? Technic : I am unsure. Perhaps it has been only 6 months, but it seems like forever. INQ : So you were in PWA before the SCuM merge? Technic : Yes, quite a bit before that. INQ : Was there anything before PWA? Technic : There were many small, rinky-dink cracking operations, such as cracking requests for local boards. This, of course, is only on the PC. My cracking history goes way back to 1980 Apple ][ days. :) INQ : Some say that you are the best cracker in the scene. Not to be conceited, but do you think this true? Technic : No, I believe there are several equally good crackers out there, as well as several who are better than myself. INQ : Have you ever ventured to crack games? Technic : I have cracked many games on my own (not for groups); this is a side-effect of many groups releasing fuck-ups in the past. Basically, if I want to play something and it's not cracked, away I go at cracking it. INQ : So you can indeed crack games like the many utilities you have cracked? Technic : Yes, certainly. Games are generally easier to crack than applications. CD checks, as long as one knows MSCDEX very well, are trivial in nature. INQ : So why have you not decided to committ to a games group as a cracker? Technic : It's because of the downward trend of games releases. CD Rips are mostly shit (missing usually too much of the game and maybe not even working). Plus, I've always been more interested in cracking and using applications. Games get deleted once you win anyway. It really makes one wonder about the eventual fate of groups like Razor and Hybrid; will they follow TDU-JAM? INQ : When did you start cracking for DoD? Technic : I cracked a few things recently for DoD, maybe a few weeks ago. Cool applications like Soundforge 16, Soundforge 32, Speed Razor Mach III, and even a reg. key personalizer for SAW 5.1. INQ : Are there any problems with PWA concerning your cracking abilities with DoD. Technic : No, I don't think so. Because PWA and DoD are friendly rivals; there seems to be no problem. INQ : How much are crackers worth these days? Technic : Crackers are extremely valuable to groups these days. A good cracker, coupled with good suppliers, makes for an excellent group. Crackers are necessary to remove protection, remove serial #'s (or change them) to protect suppliers, et cetera. INQ : As a cracker, what is some of the hardest programs you came across to crack? Technic : Without a doubt, the hardest stuff to crack has been (and I stress the words 'has been') the notorious Sentinel Super Pro Dongle. Programs protected with such a dongle send strings to the hardware protection key, which are encrypted by the key, and returned to the program. INQ : What about Visual Basic programs? Technic : Visual Basic programs are tricky because they really aren't "programs" per se, but merely interpreted scripts. Misha, another famous cracker, will be working lots on this area. While I concentrate on Dongle protection with another cracker friend, Slava. INQ : Going back to PWA, what are your thoughts on the retirement of Orion? Technic : It's like it never happened, I'm happy to say, the reason it seems this way is that Orion never ruled with an iron glove. Nowadays, Orion still hangs out frequently, and everyone gets along like equals as always. INQ : What are your thoughts are the merge of SCuM and PWA? Technic : The merger was a necessary step to revitalize PWA. Many of the members of both groups seemed burned out on the scene. Some good, 'new blood' in a group stimulates older members. INQ : How many groups that are ran by 16 year olds are successfull though? Technic : Very few, as we see groups coming and going all the time. INQ : Indeed - Do you think it is best for a person to join a respected group before venturing on their own to form a new group? Technic : It depends on what that person wants to do for a group. If he wants to crack software, it makes no difference as long as he can crack stuff and show others his ability. If he wants to courier stuff, chances are that the person will be unable to join a top group from the beginning so he has no choice. And finally, being a senior doesn't mean shit if it's in a 5 person group. In fact, being a senior shouldn't carry all the weight that it does. INQ : Really? When you see Senior in a group, how much authority does that carry with you? Technic : I wouldn't really know the answer to that question, because I'm not a senior. From my point of view, seniors are like politicians, and the rest are filling various niches that need to be filled. INQ : Well Technic - you think we missed anything important? Technic : Yes, several things - let me address them: Technic : 1. Crackers need to be understood better and get more leeway from others. People constantly ask, "How long it will take to crack" something. This is unknown until we look at that thing. Plus, if we are using our bandwidth to download stuff to crack for the scene and furthermore tying up our machine with a debugger. We cannot do any leeching of files while cracking. We are generally 100% offline when debugging (there are exceptions, but mostly). Therefore it seems logical that they be granted more leeway in leech access on sites. ;) 2. The dongle movement is EXTREMELY important to all of us with the new generation of protection upon us, we will all need to cooperate more with each other. Several of the last cracks I did were shit. The only reason they were shit was because I had no dongle to work with when cracking the programs. These programs incude: all the Cubasis stuff, Speed Razor, 3DS Max pre-rel (both 0.10 PWA and 0.19 DOD and 0.24 if I release it), and finally one that wasn't released due to dongle crap: Real 3D v3.0 (and v3.3). Obviously, these are all killer applications that many of us drool over. Why don't they work? As I said earlier, the top-of-the-line dongles contain an encryption engine, with individual cells in the dongle memory holding seed values (algo descriptors). A program sends a string to a dongle and receives an encrypted string back, big deal? Yes. Suppose I send the dongle "1234" and it sends back some unknown?. The program then jumps to whatever ???? equals. Need that info in a bad way. Technic : Anyway, to cut to the chase, Slava and I are working on a way to get the dongle's goodies to crackers without the dongle ever leaving the rightful owner's hands. INQ : To the layman - what exactly is the dongle? Technic : A dongle is a hardware protection key that plugs onto your parallel port. It contains 128 bytes of EEPROM memory and some sort of controlling logic. INQ : What do you think about the mag INQ? Technic : I think it's great to read while taking a shit, calms the bowels. Seriously, I believe that INQ is a cool idea and, you & the rest of the staff are doing a great job. :) The fact that INQ is present on so many people's netscape bookmark list speaks for itself. As for the competition, hah! I haven't seen any! There's this guy named Reanimatr who has 170 bookmarks stored, all of the same site, Inquisition. Reanimatr is one of the fastest couriers I have ever seen, 2nd only to the great Hosis. INQ : It is a small rumor that PSX (Sony Playstation) will be soon available to everyone, how true is this? Technic : The PSX, if someone is able to send me some development tools, I'll be able to look into being the first, PSX cracker out there. Otherwise, the future of PSX lies in duplicating the software EPROM of a Developer Model of Playstation. In that way, the uncopyable lead-in area of the disc will make no difference. INQ : And for those who say they can duplicate PSX - What are the only way they can legitimately dupe PSX? Technic : Much is known about Playstation protection. If any readers have questions, they can do a Lycos Search and look up "CD2CD" for more information. INQ : Well Technic - I think that about does it, anything else? Technic : Nah, that wraps it all up. * This interview was conducted by Raptor on Saturday, December 23, 1995. * B. The Speed Racer [Razor 1911] INQ : Do you think that now as Cyber Angel and Tyranny are retired the floppy scene is dead? TSR : As far as the floppy scene goes it does look dead. INQ : As for Hybrid? TSR : Hybrid, I don't see releases from them in over 2 weeks, I know they owe some suppliers, including Zeus money for his phone bill. :) INQ : Well we CAN NOT assume; it is not official is what you're saying, right TSR : I havent seen anything from them in over 2-3 weeks let us assume they are. INQ : So now as TDU is gone and so is Hybrid, do you and the Razor crew see any more serious competition? TSR : At this moment, we see no visible competition but who is to say what lies in the future. I am not really worried about other groups coming out. INQ : Yes, I have to admit myself I think Razor's member list grows day by day? Any new patential suppliers? TSR : We are always on the lookout for potential suppliers and people who can contribute to the group in a positive way. INQ : What do you think about some new groups like LEGACy, ENERGY, NAPALM, et cetera? Do you think there will be any competition? TSR : Energy is a group that supplies sporadically mainly because they are only German; they have no contacts in the US or UK which is where most games come from. TSR : We have a diverse group of suppliers and talents managed along with great resources at our hands that makes us a force to be reckoned ith INQ : There was a rumour that you were gonna quit the scene after 1995; you did not what are your plans now? TSR : OK, what I did do however is distribute a lot of my duties around to other members giving them some added chores which would help the group out, so that nothing would be lost since I dont have the time to do so much. INQ : Now back to Hybrid, what do you think was the major reason they're dead? TSR : Well they don't have to many "decent" suppliers and financially they are BANKRUPT. I heard that they were going to file a petition to Chapter 13; I'm still waiting on the final word on that subject; fortunately under my guidance we have successfully maintaned a great budget, due to creative financing at RAZOR Industries. We find that we are in the positive side financially with money saved. :) INQ : Yes, that's a very important aspect. Well good luck to you and Razor in the future. It's not that often we can find you on IRC anything you'd like to add to our readers? TSR : Yes, actually. INQ : Please. TSR : I would like to especially thank the fans who worldwide download our games and play them, as we enjoy putting out these games for them. :) INQ : OK, I'm sure there are a lot of people who do play the games you put out, and before I let you go, I have one more question. INQ : A lot of readers are wondering, now as it's 1996 and things change who is the REAL leader of RAZOR 1911? As a leader I mean a person making the most importanat decisions, now that EOS is gone who's left? You and... TSR : Well we don't look at it as a single leader, because it is a group effort, and we are a team where we draw from each other's stregnths and patch each others weaknesses, but if you wanted to look at it that way it would be Pharaoh, Third Son, The GEcko, and myself. :) INQ : OK, we wish you luck in 1996. Thanks for your time! TSR : Thank you very much :) We enjoy getting every issue of yours since Druidkin ALWAYS puts out your issue on email to all the RAZOR guys on the net INQ : And as always RAZOR 1911 is on the top of the scene. This was an interview taken on the IRC with The Speed Racer. We all wish him good luck and health in 1996 and I guess we'll finish it right here. Thanks for you time. TSR : My pleasure. * This was conducted by by Judge DRedd on January 7, 1996 * C. Ordnance [RtS] On Saturday January 20th I conducted a short 2 hour interview with Ordnance, the Request to Send Senior (leader). Ordnance is a great guy who contributed greatly to the scene over the period of the last five years. During out last interview we felt that we circled on the RTS breakup and dispute, in turn we decided to do an interview with Ordnance strictly concerning RTS. Enjoy. - Lurch ([email protected]) INQ : To start off, i'd just like to ask you how RTS is doing right now. Ordnance : Certainly. Ordnance : We are currently stronger on the boards than we have been in a long time. Amazingly enough, we are accomplishing this through the dedication of our board traders rather than a board coordinator. We have not yet found someone suitable enough to handle RTS' board presence full-time. On the European front, however, Blacksmith is our coordinator and things are well taken care of. As far as boards, we have received a number of applications, but have not been pursuing any of the Big-10 boards just yet. The strength of our board team is steadily increasing, and I hope soon to earn some of the major board on that merit. Ordnance : As far as our Internet presence goes, the main sites are being handled very well by Eclipse and the dedication of our site operators and affiliates. People should expect to see much more of RTS on the Net lately -- we have the stability and resources to start spreading outwards. Ordnance : On the down side, Alice is on a leave of abscence and until his return or replacement, the European site team is on hold. The kind of turmoil now in the scene makes me feel it is not the best time to approach some groups. We may soon resume discussions with ROR, but otherwise our relationship with them is excellent -- many of their members have joined and are contributing to RTS. As far as PWA/RZR/CORP, we are in extremely good relation. And there is no reason not to extend that kind of relationship to DOD/etc, which I consciously intend to do. INQ : When you say that your board presence is currently one of the strongest it's ever been for RTS, do you mean RTS Affiliated boards or just the general presence of RTS tagged files on boards throughout the world? Ordnance : I would not say the strongest it has *ever* been. Rather, the strongest it has been in quite a while. We are having our share of achievements, but there is much more to be desired. Ordnance : By our board presence, I mean the major boards. The RTS board list has not grown much. Boards have been applying, but once again -- the top boards are in a stable state and nothing we are pursuing right now. That may soon change. Ordnance : Things are improving very much in the group lately, both in performance and morale. As long as we keep improving, I have no qualms about the size of our board list. Our presence is many times larger. INQ : When looking over RTS top charts, who would you say are currently RTS's most notable couriers? Ordnance : I recognize those who consitently stand above the rest with Senior Courier status. All those in our 01-01 have retained that position, with the addition of Tiger Claw, who has already caught the attention of our competitors on PC. Ordnance : It is inevitable that these people get offers from other groups. I have no problem with this tactic, am kept informed when it happens and what was discussed. I am very proud to say that none of our top traders have even considered leaving. Ordnance : With our current success and constant improvement, not to mention the attention and recognition we try to give each other, there is a true sense of brotherhood. And after all, it's this kind of group dedication which keeps the scene fun. INQ : Now I'd just like to ask you a few general questions about RTS and the way you run it. INQ : How do you keep in touch with RTS couriers,and do you know/evaluate each and every one personally? Ordnance : We have our irc channel, of course. I am very accessible through bot notes, try to keep the irc process open to receive messages. Often I am too busy to chase down complete strangers, but I will always make the time for any member. Ordnance : Once in a blue moon, and at request, I will make a series of calls to some of the couriers. I feel that the down-to-earth nature of a real human conversation can be the best reinforcer, or motivator. Ordnance : Of course, with a group this size, it is very important that the members make an effort to keep me informed. I deal with so many things in one day, and even at one time, that I cannot be aware of everything and go after people. Ordnance : As far as evaluating the couriers, they usually have either the sysop of a board or other RTS member to vouch for their performance, or lack thereof. If I see a member, I will ask how they are in general, and how they are doing on the board. Ordnance : I understand that not every response is going to be positive, the real world rightfully demands precedence over the scene. If they have the time but not the will, then I can only do my best to motivate them and try and discover where I and RTS have failed to keep them motivated. Ordnance : If the response is positive, and I'm glad that most are, the guys make it very well known. Without a dedicated BBS Coordinator, we do not have the luxury of critically looking at everyone's statistics. Then again, we are prospering without one -- and even so, would be responding the same way to the couriers whether we had the numbers in front of us or not. There is of course some checking where it is critical. INQ : In general what do you consider a disfunctional courier? Or rather, what are the minimum requirment of RTS in terms of meggage or uploads per a given ammount of time? Ordnance : A disfunctional courier is someone who cannot maintain a lot of effort over a decent period of time. Most everyone experiences brownouts, or find other priorities, but this is quite acceptable. If I have actually seen someone live up to their potential, but then have to take time off or all but retire, RTS will still accomodate them for a resonable amount of time. This varies on the person and situation. Ordnance : Those who do finally slip through the cracks, for whatever reasons, including inability to perform, are welcome to remain on the social side of RTS. This usually does not come with benefits, but we all enjoy the company. RTS tries to be a very friendly place. The standards are strict and high, but there is more to a group than knocking files here and there. Ordnance : As far as minimum requirements, RTS has none. All applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. It would be foolish to approximate the ups and downs of a trader with a straight-line minimum. INQ : To elaborate further on the current status of RTS's board couriering, exactly what places does RTS hold in specific regions of the world? (i.e. Europe, Asia, Australia, and the US) Ordnance : Some of our best traders are in Europe, notwithstanding the excellent way Blacksmith handles things. Australia is much overlooked by everyone, and deserves more, but we have presence there. On that note, I'd like to send a personal apology to Inf.:} As far as Asia, we have not at all come into contact or explored that scene. We do not have an interest in foreign releases, but I very much encourage the Asian scene to come forward and involve themselves. RTS will certainly do all we can when presented with that opportunity. Ordnance : Uncle Sam seems satisfied with our performance on the home continent. There's not much to elaborate on about the US, since it is almost always the perspective of my replies. Ordnance : I would like to see more activity in Canada. We have not had a suitable presence in Canada for quite awhile and appreciate those Canadian members we have. Consider us interested in others. Ordnance : As far as what we "hold" in these various regions of the world, I will not comment. I have knowledge of everything in RTS. Until other people from all sorts of different vantage points come forward and uphold that, there is no reason to try and define the breadth of our success. INQ : RTS has been a dominating force in the scene for many years. Through all of these you had been the leader, so I would venture to say that you had been on top of things for the past few years. What is your comment on the current direction taken by both Util and Game warez scenes, and more importantly your feelings about CD-RIPS from a courier's point of view? Ordnance : In RTS' second season I made a serious promise to not burn out, and re-iterate that promise regularly. I haven't been through enough catastrophe to change my relationship with RTS. It's a matter of maintaining my integrity through the thick and thin of the scene and life. By overcoming the pressures of RTS combined with the real world, I have only become a stronger person. I believe every ounce of time I put into RTS gives a return. I could care less about the non-profit nature of things. I am being education at the highest level through RTS, and all that's required is commitment. Ordnance : I don't feel like commenting on the performance of Util and Games groups, even in general. Releasing groups focus on the time-specific events of a release, as opposed to the clockwork machinery of a couriering group. Ordnance : They certainly do not garner the respect and support they deserve, and this both disappoints and upsets me. Everyone should take some time to reflect on the amount of time and effort groups put into handing them a finished product on a silver platter. Whether you enjoy the release or not, whether or not there was a mistake somewhere along the line, all of us in the couriering and releasing groups put in ceaseless time and effort. Ordnance : As far as the notion of CD-Rips, they are certainly a problem, but they are also a necessity. Unless they split the load of a cd-rip, couriers are very hard-pressed to handle an entire CD-Rip on their own. After all, no one wants to be associated with an incomplete upload. And with the large size of releases, these same board traders are finding that instead of themselves and their group competiting to get a hold of many small releases from here and there, they must be the first to those few large rips. So one could say that, for a board courier, the stakes are exponential. Ordnance : Conversely, trading over the iNet is exponentially *easier*. But the accessibility makes it that much more competitive. Not to mention the fact that, just like RTS, many other people are on absolute private or near-private systems. Ordnance : A lot of Net trading is a matter of convenience. Getting to the right people at the right places. And not all the right places will roll out the red carpet. RTS is going to bring its own carpet whenever possible. Ordnance : As far as those who actually Rip the CDs, I appreciate their time. The best of rippers know how to extract that wonderful 20mb animation that we don't care to see more than once. I encourage them to be minimalists and try to preserve the functionality or playability of a CD, rather than the glitz and burden of trading and using one. INQ : At this point I'd like to thank you for your time. It's been a pleasure talking to you, and we are all looking forward to seeing even more RTS tags in the near future. I'd like to also personally wish good luck to the entire RTS crew. Ordnance : Thank you for the sentiment. Ordnance : I've very much enjoyed being interviewed and appreciate the time you spend to bring INQ to all of us. D. Blitzkrieg-X [TDU-Jam] Out of all TDU-Jam's members, the only person I could find around was Blitzkrieg-X. A lot of you probabaly know him from being in RAZOR 1911 floppy. Since I was very interested of what had happened with TDU, this interview was very valuable for me. INQ : There were rumors that TDU-Jam is making a great comeback. Is that true? Blitz : Well, I spoke with Fanfan La Tulipe before the holidays. He said that there was some stuff he had to take care of in school, after that he was planning to make a comeback after vacations. INQ : Hmm, go on. Blitz : Well when I spoke to him again about 2 weeks later he confirmed that yes, TDU-Jam might come back in the scene, but The Digital Underground will not be it World HQ anymore, as the board is officially retired now. INQ : In last NFO's there were a lot of changes in TDU's NFO file, what's the story with its membership? Blitz : Well none of big suppliers went to any other groups, so basically it's gonna be the same membership listing with the leaders Fanfan La Tulipe and Wayward. INQ : Well thanks for the information. Since we are already here lemme ask you why EOS and you had quit RAZOR 1911 for TDU-Jam. And will EOS come back in TDU if it will make a comeback. Blitz : Well we went to TDU-Jam, as in cd game group we never actually quit Razor 1911 until floppy and CD sections merged in one RAZOR 1911 again, and we have chosen to stay in TDU-Jam. As for EOS, he will not come back on the scene at least for a while, because he have moved to a different state. INQ : OK. Good luck to you guys. Blitz : Thanks, same to you. * This interview was conducted by Judge DRedd * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ .___________ .____________ /^\__.________._________.__________ l \_________l__ \ \ \ l \ | \ \ \____/ \ | | | __. \___ : \ \____ . \ | .__| | \| _| \ . \ | \.____/ /_____ \ | | __/ :____/ _| \ | \ .___| | _. | · \ | | \ : \ \ | : | \ \ | |_ / . | | | | | | | \ | / | | |_______|_______|____/|______|_____|_______|_________/_[MaNoWaR!]__|______/ ---=[ 4. Articles - Various Writers ]----------------------------------------- Autonomy & Austhetics for the Internet Scene Hey, guess what? It's Darwin with a few words on a subject that's close to the hearts of many of you scenemonkeys out there : "The Internet And it's Effect on the Scene." Consider this a brief elaboration on that section in the Christmas Inquisition. This segment will focus on a very specific topic - what can be done to make FTP sites and the net more entertaining, competetive and generally fun for everyone involved. I think that there are specific steps that need to be taken, and I'll briefly discuss them here. First, the interface that files are traded through needs to change. This was started with the re-writing of unix ftpds, essentially hacking them to pieces in an attempt to institute ratios and STATS. This is a step in the right direction, because it shows that this scene is about more than just the software that is released. People care about groups, because the STATS that show up in the Top Uploader's list are often a direct result of the strength of the release groups a given courier trades for. For example, a PWA courier will have a ready supply of releases on a daily basis, allowing them to get files to sites first. The Weektop and Who's online recently pioneered by some excellent coders is also a great thing for the net scene. It makes people feel like they are directly competing with their fellows in the scene, minute by minute, hour by hour. We've seen how effective this is on the board scene, it's simply insane not to do it on the net. Continuing the interface, I think that the aesthetics of the sites needs some improvement. On most sites, you upload and the only feedback you get is a change in your stats and a warning if the files are corrupt. That's not much feedback, and it's not especially easy on the eyes. On the board scene, we have ANSi's, color menus, MODS, et cetera. Maybe it's because PPL is fairly simple to program, but I would suggest it's because there is a *standard*. I know it took quite a while to establish a standard for BBS's, but PCBoard is the clearly superior choice. Now, the challenge, as it was for those who hacked LSD in twenty-nine-thousand different ways, is to make a product that the scene will want to use and has many features and is easy to use. I believe a lesson should be taken from PCB, and make a standard way of databasing STATS and filenames (even file listings since last login?). If we have a standard way of handling data, then we can have a modding scene as prolific as PCBs, and the best design will succeed and be useful to the scene in the same way. This requires a choice and would only really be useful for those using ncftp or ftp, but those can be hacked by skillful coders as well. Second, I believe that the scene needs to be more selective in the amount of people given access to a given echelon of sites. The BBS scene had a barrier to entry - the difficulty of calling long distance and the balls to do it. The net scene has *no* barriers to entry, basically, anyone and their sister can do this, and do passably. However, when you have a pie being divided fifty ways, each individual trader gets less satisfaction. For example, group leaders functioning as traders, uploading to sites? What the hell? This makes no sense! A release should go to the group HQs, and then be spread from there by couriers! It just makes sense! If you take trading out of the hands of couriers, see how many motivated couriers you have. It's okay if it's the supplier, it's his software and his right, but leave the couriering to the couriers, guys. Lastly, I think that the proliferation of Courier groups is just plain ridiculous. There are people running groups who have done nothing more in the scene than hang out on #warez5 and #siteZ-ph0r-Lamers and think that they can compete? This isn't about a no-quota account, guys. It's about a scene, about networking people in release groups and the bbs scene, not just taking applications and calling yourself a leader. If you've never worked in a support role, you shouldn't even be considering a leadership role. Think about it, does a company hire a CEO that's never worked as a manager? I know you people think you're all pioneers and that you can pull a Bill Gates on the scene, but it's not going to happen. You have to spend time doing something, learning the ropes, before you jump into it. Consider yourselves amateur boxers - jump into the ring without training, and you're going to get beat to a pulp. Anyway, it's Darwin rapping to you all in there in the scene. You can reach me on irc if you want, you can find me in #INQ or wherever, mail INQ and I'll get it, et cetera. I've gotten some feedback from you all out there on my musings, and I really appreciate it. This is the stuff that I think about whilst trading, and I'd appreciate any interesting ideas you all have. Peace and fast trading to you all. -darwin [rts/pwa/xforce/razor/inquisition] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ware Maker Information I'm back! I know you all care. Well, I wrote one article in INQ before, and I'm back for MANY more! So RCN can step aside and all you other lame emags too. None of you compare to INQ. Now that is out of my system, I bring some of you disturbing news, and to others of you, this is what you already knew. INQ brings you the story of Ware Maker aka Charles ____. Yes, the one who used to call you and bother you for hours on his MCIs. It wouldn't have been a big surprise if he DID get busted, but the sad truth is that he quit the scene shamefully. Some say he quit to play Magic, and others say he quit because of grades. Well, according to Charles himself, the pressures of real life just got to him. When asked why he would lie to everyone, he replied that he didn't want everyone to call and bother him. Sounds funny coming from the boy who defines the word "bother." Well, when he found out that all the boards he was on deleted him, he came forward to a small group of people, and admitted that he had never been busted. The Warp Zone deleted his access after learning that he had been busted, and hearing that he was turning in numbers. Rumor has it that he is aching to be back on right now. All I can say is that it was his fault for lying to the scene. Well, Charles is feeling pretty sad without his console games and his warez, so if you want to get in touch with him, mail [email protected] or you could always call him, but I'm not mean enough to put that info here. You could always weasel it out of me on IRC though. Anyways, Charles told me he will buy his software now that he can't get on TWZ. He also told me this TOP SECRET info : he is coming back this summer to the scene! Shhhh, don't tell anyone! I asked him why he thought the scene would accept him back, and he kept babbling about whether or not he would use the handle Ware Maker. Oh well, he was supposed to call me. I'm so sad he didn't, but I bet after he reads this, he calls me. ;) --CyberPhreak Editor's Note: This article was edited to keep Ware Maker's last name and email address secret since this information is not important to the reader. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Scene News As for current news, BIG upsets in both utilities and games. We don't see any games at all, but we certainly see a lot of utilities, and like 25% of them are more than 45 disks! Yes, and they have been released by big groups too such as PWA, DoD and REBELS. The only games we have seen came from Legacy and Razor. Razor didn't show us anything REALLY good yet, as for LGC they do release, but mostly either budget small games or huge cd rips. Another yet game group entered the scene, Arcade; let's see what will happened to them. Also NaPaLM is entering the game competition; it's lead by Prophet and DaViolator. Couriering groups are entering the scene as well some new names are Master, Blitzkrieg and MiRACLE couriers. Let's see what they can do. fATE is definitely doing a great job giving RiSC competition. You can add to it MaLiCe as well. Unfotuanetly those guys do not have much to spread yet this year. In the conclusion, let's hope that it's just January, which never had been a great month for the scene, hopefully we'll see something good next month. Good luck. - Judge DRedd - P.S. If there any artist who would like to help out and make a logo for DIZ and NFO for ARCADE'96, please join #ARCADE or MSG me on IRC. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You Might Be A Lamer If.. I'm sure you all have your definitions of what a lamer is. But, I felt I would tell you why you MIGHT be a lamer. Webster's defines lame as: 1. crippled. 2. stiff and painful. 3. poor and inefectual. But, in Lester's Dictionary you might be a lamer if: You might be a lamer if you think DOOM 2 is a new ware. You might be a lamer if you start 4 groups in the span of 6 months. You might be a lamer if someone in #warez950 tells you they are Roland of The Wall, and you believe him. You might be a lamer if you run a courier/release/cracking/coding/ppe group. You might be a lamer if you run a 1 node 14.4 board. You might be a lamer if you run a 10 node PD front warez board. You might be a lamer if you had to change your handle to make yourself look cool. You might be a lamer if you think FATE is the best couriering group. You might be a lamer if you hang out in #fatefiles. You might be a lamer if you are an AOL Pirate out for equal warez. You might be a lamer if you pay for a netcom account. You might be a lamer if you have a shareware releasing group. You might be a lamer if you have been interviewed in RCN. and the final reason you might be a lamer is! If you think RCN is a good magazine! And in closing, I'd like to define to you what Reality Check Network means in Webster's opinion. - Reality: The quality or fact of being real. - Check: a sudden stop. - Network: Radio, TV, a chain of transmitting stations. Now, in my dictionary Reality Check Network means: A bunch of people who jumped on the bandwagon of warez mags, but are complete and total lamers(see above to find out for sure), and provide no real service or information that is important to the scene. The things they print are meaningless and have no real story to them. So! - Reality: a lamers view of the scene. - Check: a sudden stop. - Network: a chain of lamers transmitting worthless information. -Lester [DOD/MALICE/RAZOR/INQ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You might be leet if.. I thought I would give you another installment of Lester's Warez Dictionary. You might be leet if you are interviewed in INQ. You might be leet if you have 5+ nodes. You might be leet if you are a kiss ass. You might be leet if you run a 15 node all warez board. You might be leet if you pay a group leader money. You might be leet if you are on my friends list. You might be leet if you win the weektop on those fastah warez boards. You might be leet if you get greeted in a leet groups nfo file. You might be leet if another group tries to steal you. You might be leet if you get busted. -Lester [DOD/MALICE/RAZOR/INQ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Personal Opinion In my personal opinion, RCN is an all around decent magazine. IF you are just getting into the scene and want a scoop on what is going on. But if you frequent any decent channels on IRC and actually talk with the people that are sometimes written about and/or mentioned in RCN you will quickly wade through the line of shit that is written in this magazine and notice that what the authors are writing about is just simply for the masses. That is just a brief summary of what the magazine consists of. My only real complaint about the magazine is their lack or unwillingness to actually take forth and contact such groups as DoD, PWA, MAliCE, Razor 1911, et cetera and get the latest in NFO's. I have went from being in DTC to moving on and joining MAliCE and DoD, which took place close to 3 weeks ago. I have since then been taken out of the latest DTC NFO and have been put in the latest DoD NFO and MAliCE NFO, which I have yet to see appear in RCN. I personally believe if RCN is trying to gain respect on the scene, and write/interview certain people, I think they should first look at what they are offering (group NFO's, Warez lists, credits, et cetera) before they try and fuck anyone over or write about meaningless bullshit... Gorefest [.oOo.DOD/MALiCE.oOo.] -01/21/96 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hybrid and TDU-Jam Another issue is Hybrid and TDU-Jam. There was a lot of rumors about TDU's come back. Well am I missing something big or it was just another rumor. I believe it was. Now we have to make a conclusion that TDU-Jam after doing a great job on CD games is finally gone. But, the big question is....is Hybrid gone too? Well read the RCN issue 9 and see how unprofessionally Rebel Chicken writes about the Hybrid leaders. If he wants to make a joke of them, I do not think he can. After all Legacy is not that good to be proud of, although I have to admit that quantity of releases is high, but later about it. Back to RCN, when RC tries to say that Hybrid's leaders are on welfare and if they will not eat a lot they will be back by the middle of February. Common! What kind of statement is that? I personally think that Hybrid was the cleanest group EVER! Which tried to be CLEAN in competition, avoid any fights, and they did! They were also definitely on the very top of games last year. My opinion and prediction is that most likely Hybrid will not come back as HYBRID anymore. We can expect suprises, but I do not think there is a chance. There could be another new group coming that would contain crackers and/or suppliers from Hybrid (whoever wished to stay) and there are some more people as far as I know from TDU that are still "unemployed." - Judge DRedd - P.S. January 17th, Hybrid had released their first game supplied by ZEUS which was called Space Dude. It also contained a message in NFO that over the vacation, Celestical Wizard and BlueWater were married. I am not sure if it was a fake release or not, simply because I didn't get a chance to check it. Sorry! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Master vs. MAliCE As you may probably know, Master challenged malice to an upload contest on malice's courier hq, malevolence. The results are as follows : ╒══════════════════════════════════════════════════╤══════════════════════════╕ │ [MS] CWTU v1.00: Custom Weekly Top Users PPE/ULs │ [01/01/96] -> [01/08/96] │ │ 6 Day Total: 880 Files / 1,197,263,586 Bytes ··· │ ─────────────> [DAY 7/7] │ ╞═════════════════════════════╤════════════════════╧═════╤═════╤══════════════╡ │ ##. User Name │ CITY/STATE │Files│ Upload Bytes │ ├─────────────────────────────┼──────────────────────────┼─────┼──────────────┤ │ 1. Dxfer │ MALiCE/PNC/CORP/STR/LSPD │ 184 │ 264,458,682 │ │ 2. Over Drive │ -MALICE/PINNACLE/MSQ- │ 171 │ 256,490,934 │ │ 3. The Dealer │ -=MALICE/MASQUE=- │ 130 │ 178,236,693 │ │ 4. Nytemyst │ -=MALICE/ROR=- │ 105 │ 125,297,336 │ │ 5. Duke Nuke │ -=MALiCE=- │ 79 │ 114,268,639 │ │ 6. White Cracker │ -=[RAZOR 1911/MASTER]=- │ 65 │ 89,800,307 │ │ 7. Egoistic Fate │ .:[ sYsOp ]:. │ 39 │ 45,737,468 │ │ 8. Viper Krynn │ =]$[= RAZOR.MASTER =]$[= │ 40 │ 40,940,528 │ │ 9. Captain Blood │ RAZOR PWA MALICE │ 23 │ 32,563,586 │ │ 10. Lightning │ .:[ MASTER / PANTERA ]:. │ 16 │ 20,045,299 │ ╘═════════════════════════════╧══════════════════════════╧═════╧══════════════╛ The contest definetly proved that when push came to shove, malice was going to rise to its potential. Being a member of MAliCE, I'd like to give all those couriers a big pat on the back for kicking ass. But this is old news, the big news is the alleged fATE vs MAliCE upload contest. This is not a total rumor; as I was in the channel where they were (Leodlion, G0D, Dorian, and a few others) planning an actual upload contest, to prove once and for all who was the best. In this channel, tempers were flying as the groups tossed insults at one another. If the contest was have to actually taken place, it was to have be set for now. I do not know if the contest is going on, but I do know for a fact that all the couriers in MAliCE were ready. Also Sys-Ops of specified boards WERE offering accounts to the fATE members to upload for the week. Personally, I think two of the best spreading groups out there, going after each others throats to prove who is better is very childish. You also have to consider the price the loser of this contest would pay, total humilation in the scene is probably the biggest thing. Wheter the contest was held or not is still uknown to me, but if anyone has any knowledge or comments, I would be very interested and would appreciate you to MSG me on the IRC. - Everclear ----=[ 5. Announcements ]=---------------------------------------------------- AP Press Release - Blackhawk Many of you probably have read this or at least seen it. Bascially, we getting a copy of this out to everyone to read and make your own judgement of what the press has to say about this incident. By TIM KLASS - Associated Press Writer SEATTLE (AP) -- After three years of building what he billed as the nation's biggest electronic pirate bulletin board service, Scott W. Morris was bored. The 25-year-old decided he would soon quit offering access to hundreds of pirated software products through his Assassins' Guild Bulletin Board Service, and instead use his 13 computers, 11 modems and satellite dish to start an Internet provider service. Morris didn't move fast enough. In April, his Lexington, Ky., home was raided by U.S. marshals who seized all his gear under a lawsuit filed by Microsoft Corp. and Novell Inc. And under a settlement announced last week, Morris agreed to pay $70,300 in cash and forfeit the computer hardware, valued at more than $40,000. He will also work as an unpaid consultant for the companies, assisting in other similar investigations. Microsoft and Novell are touting the settlement as the largest ever, and many industry analysts consider it groundbreaking in an area where there are few rules and regulations. "This case sets an important precedent for this industry," said Bob Kruger, enforcement director for the Business Software Alliance. "It sends a clear message to operators of bulletin boards who are illegally distributing copyright-protected software that they will be investigated and sued or criminally prosecuted." About 35 percent of business software in the United States is pirated, resulting in more than $2.8 billion in losses annually, according to the software alliance. Computer bulletin boards range from simple forums for information and opinion to highly sophisticated and complex exchanges for software programs. On pirate BBSs like the Assassins' Guild, linked with a loosely formed group of traders called Pirates with an Attitude, traders upload software they have acquired and download programs that have been uploaded by others. The traders, in turn, operate similarly with individual users. Through Morris' operation, interested parties had access to hundreds of programs from dozens of manufacturers, including Microsoft Windows for Workgroups, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Bob and Novell Netware. Morris had amassed 9 gigabytes of on-line data and more than 40 gigabytes of off-line data storage. He said he had 300 "very active users," accepted new ones only on reference from those already with him and purged all who went more than a month without logging on. "I did not cater to the individual user," Morris said in a telephone interview. He continues to work as a computer systems manager for a Lexington telephone installation company. Jim Lowe, a Microsoft lawyer, says all the material downloaded from Assassins' Guild amounted to more than $1 million in off-the-shelf prices. "This is the biggest one we've ever done, and I believe this is bigger than any one that law enforcement has shut down (in a criminal case)," Lowe said. "If you believe his own ad, he was sort of the king of the hill of computer (BBS) piracy." But Morris contends that his operation will be quickly replaced by others. "Taking my board down had absolutely no impact at all on the quantity of material moved," he said. Morris also claims that the pirate scene is a "valuable marketing tool for software manufacturers." "You have a much more mature audience ... who would download material to test it out," he said. "If the product really was good, they'd go out and buy it." But many manufacturers see no positive aspect of piracy, instead considering it a major threat to their businesses. Lowe said pirate bulletin boards pose a much larger threat in the future, partly as a source of software for counterfeiters who are relying increasingly on CD-ROM. Last fall, for example, a San Jose (Calif.) Mercury-News reporter found programs worth $700 in U.S. retail prices on illegally made composite CD-ROMs selling for about $4 each in Beijing. Programs downloaded from the Assassins' Guild were used in European-made composite CD-ROMs, Lowe said. Morris said one way to cut piracy losses is to make software that stops functioning within a set period of time, like the popular Wide World Web-surfing programs distributed over the Internet by Netscape Communications Corp. "They have that capacity," he said. "There's been a lot of moving towards that." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Microsoft Press Release - Blackhawk Once again, those who have read this carry on. This is Microsoft's Press Release of their so-called victory. Such a big birthday gift for them, they put the article on the Web Site - big ego boost for Billy. REDMOND, Wash., Jan. 12 -- Microsoft Corporation and Novell, Inc. jointly announced today they have reached a settlement with Scott W. Morris, who was doing business as the Assassins' Guild Bulletin Board Service (BBS), in what is believed to be the largest settlement ever with the systems operator of a pirate electronic BBS. The settlement concludes litigation filed by Microsoft and Novell in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky. Under the agreement, Mr. Morris will pay $70,300 in cash and forfeit computer hardware valued at more than $40,000. Mr. Morris also agrees to assist Microsoft and Novell in their continuing BBS investigations. The Assassin's Guild billed itself as the worldwide headquarters for two large pirate groups, Pirates with an Attitude (PWA) and Razor 1911. U.S. Marshals raided Mr. Morris' residence last April on the basis of plaintiffs' claims of illegal reproduction and distribution of copyright-protected software. The BBS had been offering access to hundreds of pirated software products, including those published by Microsoft and Novell, to users throughout the U.S. and around the world over its state-of-the-art system. Marshals seized 13 computers, 11 modems, a satellite dish, 9 gigabytes of online data and over 40 gigabytes of off-line data storage dating back to 1992. "This case sets an important precedent for this industry," said Bob Kruger, Director of Enforcement for the Business Software Alliance (BSA). "It sends a clear message to operators of bulletin boards who are illegally distributing copyright-protected software that they will be investigated and sued, or criminally prosecuted. It also sends a message to our industry that, large or small, no software publisher is immune from bulletin board piracy." "Online piracy is a growing concern for software publishers around the world," said Jim Lowe, Microsoft Corporate Attorney. "We are committed to working with industry representatives and law enforcement agencies to stop this trend. Pirates such as the Assassins' Guild are stealing intellectual property that represent years of development time and investment on the parts of publishers large and small." Both Novell and Microsoft are members of the BSA, an industry alliance formed to promote the growth of the software industry through public policy, education and enforcement initiatives. In 1994, the BSA estimates that software publishers lost over $15.2 billion as a result of software piracy. In the United States alone, the BSA estimates that 35 percent of the business software in use is pirated, resulting in losses of more than $2.8 billion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RoR Verification Well another thing that I'd like to point out is the conflict and the scandal in RoR. For those of you who don't what's going on nor have read RCN, I just want to refresh your memory. Gahn and Incarnate were planning on kicking tKLP out of RoR and run the group by themselves. RCN brings some facts that are very interesting, in the same time doubt. I really doubt that they could really get MSG's between Incarnate and Gahn for a 3 day period, and I'm very sure that neither of them (In. or Gn.) would give it to the public to view. Basically here is my side of the story and opinion. I didn't know anything about it until I read RCN's issue, but since I did, I did alittle of investigation work. I also know Gahn, Incarnate and tKLP, and here is my opinion. I personally never liked iNCARNATE, and although I don't know him well enough, I really have no respect for him. Gahn on the other hand has my respect and sympathy, and I also know for fact that he did cover tKLP a lot as he tried to save RoR's reputation. In the same time tKLP was not really that careful and had a lot of people dislike him for that. But, when it to a decision, all of RoR's best people stayed loyal and didn't want to be in a group without tKLP, and I think he deserves respect for it. Finally RCN was very careless on some info and got people confused as Hitex's article clearly states that Gahn stayed with RoR, but iNCARNATE was thrown out; the NFO of RoR states the same, but RoR's NFO which was in all latest releases doesn't have neither Gahn nor Incarnate. Therefore, I decided to call tKLP and ask him what happened. When I called him he was on the phone with Incarnate! Yep! So next issue expect FULL story from RoR, plus an interview with Cyber Angel, which will be definitely a #1 topic. Read INQUiSiTiON every sunday! - Judge DRedd - ---=[ 6. Games Ratings ]=----------------------------------------------------- Game : Tempest 2000 Group : Razor 1911 Number of Disks : One Great game, good graphics, not too hard. Old arcade goers will love this game. Too bad there had to be two releases. Music is good, sound effects are cool also. 80/100 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Game : Prophecy Group : Warez Pro Number of Disks : Five Adventure, point & click game. Good graphics, along with aood story which make an average game worth playing. Reminds me of a shrunken down monkey island. People who like these games would like Propehcy. 75/100 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Game : NCAA Demo Group : Reflex Number of Disks : Four Virtual Reality basketball. Looks VERY GOOD and waiting for the full version. Characters look much bigger and more detailed than those of NBA JAM and overall looks kick ass. Non-Playble. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Game : TimeGate Group : ROR Number of Disks : Fifteen Sequal to Alone In The Dark 3. Didn't work on my machine. No fucking clue why! Works on other systems and heard it was just OK. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game : Need 4 Speed Plus Group : MNW Number of Disks : Thirty-Five Same Exact version as before, except this one works! Looks just like the 3DO version, and if you have the space (80 megs!) get it. 70/100 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Game : Abuse Group : ? Number of Disks : Three Contra + Metroid = KICK ASS! Get this game if you are an action fan! Just plain rules! 85/100 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Game : William Arcade Classics Group : Hybrid Number of Disks : Two Well, not too much too say - old games that are identical to the older versions of the arcade games. If the graphics were improved like Tempest 2000 it would rule, but it's just too little, too late. At least in my opinion. Old arcade goers will love it. 70/100 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Game : 2 Fast 4 You Group : ? Number of Disks : ? Similar to Super Karts, a cool game especially with the english patch. If you enjoy racing games, this is a must have. 80/100 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Game : Thunder Hawk 2 Group : Razor 1911 Number of Disks : Fourteen If you like the helicopter point and shoot simulator type of the game, you should enjoy this one. Not like other simulators, this one doesn't take a year and a half to start the game. Sequal to PSX game of the same name. 80/100 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Game : Williams Fun & Games Deluxe Group : 4 Kids Only Number of Disks : Nine Pretty much a kid game, but enough cool stuff for all of us. Lots of cool music & puzzle stuff to keep you entertained. This game is not to shabby. 60/100 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well, as we KNOW the most Anticipated game EVER is going come out and i hope to God that the group who grabs it will rip it and have it work! (Razor PLEASE GET IT!) Of Course we all know we are talking about Magic: The Gathering. Game Of The Month (My Opinion): Abuse! Thanx for your leet time for reading this. Greets: Lester - Download Something! Hellraiser - #sweden shall feel our terror! D-Eagle - The Man With The Master Plan Devast - A.K.A. Bot Man StudSter - Coolio PS-X Fewl HOSER KING - You Should All Know Who This Is! Archimede - King Of The Console, on the Net! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ .__________ .___________ .__________ _________. .____________ l |___l___. \_____| \ \ l___l__ \ | / \ | \ \ . \___\ l \ \ \ |___\ | \ | : \ \ | | \ | | \ | . \ ._| | / \ | ._| . \ | | | :____/ \ __/ | \ :____/ | | \ | | .__| . \ \ | .__| | | | \ | | / \ \ \ \ | / \ | | \ \ | | | | | \ | | | / \ \./ \ | | | \__/ | \ /___________|_____\_______/__________/___/|______\_____\_[MaNoWaR!]/_____/ ---=[ 7. Internet ]=---------------------------------------------------------- INQUiSITION has a World Wide Web page site. Please come by and check it out. You can grab the Previous issues of INQUiSITION there plus the WWN archives. OUR NEW KICKASS PAGE IS UP! New design, new everything! Check it out! INQUiSITION - http://www.terminalp.com/inq Here is list of other excellent pages: DOD - http://spl.co.il/zino Razor 1911 - http://ionet.net/~razor/razor1911.html The Review Board Online - http://www.bcpl.lib.md.us/~wdaddino/trb.html fATE - http://www.ceic.com/fate . . ______ ______ . .:_\_ . \\_ . \_::. Featuring Super Nintendo Piracy Information, . .::./ ./ // ./__/.:::. . Password defeations, PSX Piracy (SOON) and :_<_____/<____ >_:. other gray area information . \/ . WWW: http://www.goodnet.com/~staheli Damaged Cybernetics If your group has a WWW page, please leave us a note and we'll advertise here. If you would like an E-MAIL subscription to INQuisition, please e-mail Lurch at [email protected] and ask for one. All I really need is your e-mail address (if it is not the same as the return address), and I need to know how you want to recieve the mag. If no specifics are there, I assume plaintext, and send you the mag that way, however you can ask for a UUENCODED copy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ :::::::|\::::::::/|:::::::::::::::::::::|\::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::____:| |_____:| |_________________________ ____________________________:: :/____:| |_____:| |______________________ /::/____________ ____________/:: :::::::| |::::::| |:::::::::::::::::::::/ /::::::::::::::::| |::::::::::::::: :::::::| |::/\::| |:::::_____::::::::::/ /|::::/-\:::::::::| |::::::::::::::: :::::::| |:/ \:| |/\::| _ \______::/ / |::::\_/:::________|::::::::::::::: :::::::| |/ /\ \| | \:| |_) ) __/:/ /| |::::___::/ _____/|::::::::::::::: :::::::| /::\ |/\ \| _ _/| (_::/ /:| |::::| |:( /__::| |::::::::::::::: :::::::| /::::\ |__) \ |\ \:| _>/ /::| |::::|_|::\_ \:| |::::::::::::::: :::::::| /:::::/\ |---\ \|:\ \| (_/_/:::| |___________) /:| |::::::::::::::: :::::::|/:::::/_/\|::::\_\::\_\____/::::|_______/______ /::| |::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/ /::::::::::::::::::::::::| |::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/ /___________________________________:::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/______________________________________/::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::| |::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::\|:::::::::::mdn: ---=[ 8. Warez Listing ]=----------------------------------------------------- Well, hey folks. Another edition of the warez list is here. This one is thanks to our friend Shatter [RiSC]. He's been a busy guy this week, trying to make a warez list and do his exams all at the same time, so if there are any screwups, cut him some slack. I am currently in shittly Linux PICO, so sorry about no hi ascii borders and the simple organization of the chart - but it's the best I could do in 1/2 an hour. Enjoy. - Lurch ([email protected]) - 01/17/96 - Airborne Express Shipping Software TUB 6 Disks tub-abs1.zip The Prophecy WPZ 5 Disks wpz-pro1.zip DEC Netview XFORCE 20 Disks xfnvnt01.zip 500 Nations SCSI 15 DIsks scs-na01.zip Kais Power Tools 3.0 FN 3 Disks fn-kpt31.zip TZ Mini Golf VIA 3 Disks via-tz01.zip Majjong Win95 ??? 1 Disk exl-mjg.zip Total Distortion For Win95 CD-RiP NFS 39 Disks nfs-td01.zip Space Dudes HYBRID 4 Disks spdude-1.zip Crystal Reports for Visual C TO 9 Disks to-crvc1.zip - 01/18/96 - Microsoft Golf Win CCG 7 Disk sccg-msg1.zip Exceed 5 for NT XDK ??? 16 Disks x5ntxdk1.zip - 01/19/96 - DMatch For Doom 1 And 2 ??? 19 Disks tub-dm01.zip Sideline Sports LGC 7 Disks l-sidel1.zip Ladies Poker CNA 34 Disks cnamov01.zip Web Compass MHM 13 Disks ????????.??? Card Collector 96 CD-RiP ??? 4 Disks cc96-1.zip C Rexx And Tools OS2Warp Enchanced ??? 18 Disks warptk01.zip Personal TaxEdge 95 Final CD_Win95 PWA 8 Disks ????????.??? Novell Appware ALM Builder SDK Win DRS 43 Disks drs-na01.zip Doom 95 ??? 3 Disks doom95-1.zip Exceed 5 NT XDK ??? ? x5ntxd1.zip MS Technet International TO 30 Disks to-tnd01.zip - 01/20/96 - SVGA Harrier ??? 2 Disks via-h01.zip Power BBS 5.3 ??? 3 Disks via-pb01.zip Touch DGN 7 Disks dgn-tou1.zip Crack dgn-touc.zip Nascar 3D Win95 ??? 5 Disks bbnasd1.zip ODBTalk For VisualAge C 2.5 NFS 5 Disks nfs_dev1.zip Civnet Smaller RIP ??? ? civnet-1.zip Airforce Commander ??? 5 Disks air1.zip Mystery Of The Museum ??? 3 disks mystery1.zip Watcom C v10.5 for OS2 MSQ 28 Disks msq-wc1.zip Reflection Suite v5.5 MSQ ? ????????.??? - 01/21/96 - Director Academic v4.0 for Windows CORP ? tc-dir01.zip Autocad C4 WinNT Win95 DOD 28 Disks dodac401.zip Solid Edge RC 3 PWA 48 Disks pwasde01.zip Netware Mobil PNT 5 Disks pnt-nwma.zip PaperMaster v2.0 PWA 3 Disks pm2pwa1.zip GNAT 301 ADA95 Compiler RAD 4 Disks rad-gd31.zip AntiVirus For Win95 DOX 1 Disk dox-aw95.zip AntiVirus For DOS DOX 1 Disk dox-ados.zip AntiVirus For OS2 DOX 1 Disk dox-aos2.zip Magneto PNT 1 Disk pnt-magn.zip CEMA Guide to Home Theater Win95 ??? 26 Disks cemaht01.zip - 01/22/96 - Stonekeep Full Voice Pack ??? ? vee-skp1.zip The Mask ROR ? rormsk01.zip Bill English Lesson CD ??? ? bill-01.zip MS Foundation Class Library Tech ??? ? msfclt01.zip Sound Blaster Program Kit ??? ? PR-SB01.ZIP Internet Yellow Pages ??? ? red-yw01.zip WinNT 4.0 Beta Build 1175 ??? ? EDG-NT01.ZIP Alien Invasion ??? ? rix-aiv1.zip Thors Hammer ??? ? l-thor1.zip Total Distortion Addon NFS ? nfstdao1.zip American Pie TUB ? tub-aap01.zip Impressionsts Calendar For Win CORP ? tc-imp01.zip Expert Astronomy ??? ? did-as01.zip ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ )\_________ _____ _________________ ____ ________ ( ( | ) ) |____)\____/ (_____/ \ \ \ | / / \ o O ) \ \ ) | / ) |(____/( | )___/ ) ) (___ /_ | ( / _|___ \ |____ |____/ \_ / / / ) / \____( / ( _) ) \ \ | ( ( (___ / ( | | \ / ) ) | \ | | | \__________|___________)_____(___________/______|____)_____|_________| ----=[ 9. Closing ]=----------------------------------------------------------- Another issue is produced to the masses. Hopefully you enjoyed this issue of INQUiSITION. We have plenty of interviews to cover and other other topics to touch. If you wish to join INQ - please send us your EMAIL address and a SAMPLE. Look forward next week to articles over various technology that affects the scene, such as 3D graphic card and an update on DVD. We will also cover PSX duplication. Also look forward to RoR news and the interview with Blackhawk (TAG Sys-OP) and Cyber Angel. If you want an EMAIL subscription to INQ, E-Mail: [email protected] INQUiSITION will have weekly meetings on Wednesday's at 9pm Central. All members should attend. The meeting will be held on the bot, but all are welcome to come to #INQ and voice your suggestions. The Inquisition Staff: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Raptor [Editor] Lester [Editor] [Temp. Editor] Lurch [Staff] Avalon Blue · Cyberphreak · Darwin · Dealer · Jimmy Jamez · Judge DRedd Lotug · Mercy · Minor Threat · Mr.ZigZag · Operator · Ukyo
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