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1991 February 23

This is a very unusual release by INC Classics Department. It is INC releasing what is basically Abandon-ware / Old-ware software.
  • Text / NFO file or scene release
  • Phantom, writer credits
[+] Configuration Copy text
INC '91 CLASSICS Department Proudly Presents: Beyond Castle Wolfenstein Written By: MUSE Software Supplied By: Phantom Packaged/Cracked By: Phantom Alright folx, you don't have to tell me - I already know. You have been waiting years for this INC release! But seriously here is the scoop on Beyond Castle Wolfenstein: Around 1983, MUSE Software created an ALLTIME cult classic by the name of 'Castle Wolfenstein'. Those of you diehard Apple/Commodore/PCjr fans could never forget this game. Even some of you who weren't around back then probably remember this game from a friend or aquaintance. The simple goal was to infiltrate Hitler's bunker, kill some people, and rescue the plans! In 1985, MUSE released another smash game - the sequel to Castle Wolfenstein called Beyond Castle Wolfenstein! This game had quicker action and even sported amazing CGA! (A breakthrough at this time). Instead of rescuing "plans", now you searched the castle for a bomb to plant in Hitler's bunker (you even get to see a very detailed Hitler marching around yelling "Heil!"). You can pick up daggers to stab people quietly, first aid kits to aid yourself if shot, and tool boxes to disarm the alarms that the German guards can set up! This game was and probably still is my all-time favorite strategy game. It is funny, fun, and back to the simple basics which used to make a game a classic. I suggest you take some time, un-teledisk this bitch and throw it on a disk. It will be worth it to some of you oldies, and even some of you young'ens out there in pirate land! INSTALLATION: This is not VERY difficult, but it can be a pain in the ass. Find yourself a 360k disk (Doesn't have to be formatted). Stick it in drive A: or B: and unteledisk the file BCW.TD0 onto the floppy. It doesn't take long. Then, turn turbo off on your computer, stick the floppy on your bootup drive, and cold boot your system. If you did it correctly, the CGA title screen should show up. GAME PLAY: Keep in mind we are dealing with a cerca 1985 game here! Q W E I O P A S D K L ; Z X C , . / ^ ^ | | These keys control These Keys Control Aiming the moving the guy around. gun. L fires the gun. H hols- S Stops the guy. ters the gun! The passes you see on the left are the passes you start out with. When a guard yells at you, you are best advised to go over to him, and stop. Then he will ask for your pass, offer him one that you have by typing in the various pass numbers. If you get the right one, then he will yell, "Heil!", and you can go on. This game is fairly intricate so I shall spare you all of the details, and allow you to discover them for yourself. This is a very cool classic, and I hope some of you will enjoy returning to your past! Happy Killing! oh BTW: Hitler's Bunker is on the THIRD floor, be sure to RESET your bomb once you find it - else it will explode in your hands, a very dirty site.. another BTW: If all you have is a 386 - 25, I seriously doubt this game will run on your system. You are welcome to try it out though! - Phantom SysOp of XTC Systems
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