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CiB v6.81. by Dark Society of Destruction BBS

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Emulating CIB.EXE in DOSee.

Use these tabs to make adjustments to the emulation

If the emulation is taking too long to load, you can turn it off.

Applying changes will reload the page and reboot the emulator

Changes will not be applied until this browser tab has been refreshed

DOS programs need a keyboard for user input

ENTER ↵ to select or continue
ESC to navigate back or exit
←→ ↑↓ are often used to navigate menus

Emulation too fast?
Set the emulator to use the 386 CPU configuration
Experiencing graphic or animation glitches?
Set the emulator to use VGA only graphics configuration
Need to turn off the audio?
Disable sound card support

Have no audio?
  1. Try Gravis Ultrasound hardware
  2. The song or audio file maybe missing from the program

Want to hack around in the DOS prompt?
  1. Mount the DOS tools drive with automatic run program turned off
  2. Then dir u: to list the utilities, some included programs 4dos.com cp.exe acidview.exe pictview.exe
  3. Use mount to list the emulated drives
  4. Learn the DOSBox commands

DOSee pronounced dos/see, is our emulator used to run MS-DOS based software in your web browser.

MS-DOS (Microsoft DOS) was the primary operating system used by PCs during the 1980s to the early 1990s and is the precursor to Microsoft Windows.

DOSee is a slimmed down, modified port of The Emularity.

The Emularity is a multi-platform JavaScript emulator that supports the running of software for legacy computer platforms in a web browser. It is the same platform that's running emulation on the Internet Archive.

EM-DOSBox is a high-performance JavaScript port of DOSBox that is applied by The Emularity for its emulation of the MS-DOS platform.

DOSee uses BrowserFS ZipFS and ZipFS Extras to simulate zip file archives as hard disks within EM-DOSBox.

DOSBox is the most popular MS-DOS emulator in use today and is frequently used by commercial game publishers to run games from their back-catalogues on modern computers.

DOSee, built on The Emularity, EM-DOSBox and DOSBox. Capture screenshot and save function built on canvas-toBlob.js.

[+] Configuration Select all
              ▄▄████▀▀▀▀████▄▄▄   ▀▀▀▀▀▀          █████
             ████▀▀      ▀██████ █████████▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀████▀▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▄▄
             ▀███▄▄        ▄▄▄▄▄▄ ███████         ████       █████
               ▀▀███▄▄▄▄▄████▀▀▀ ▄███████▄▄▄  ▄▄  ████▄▄ ▄▄▄███▀▀

                        Help documentation for CiB v6.81

                                done by Woody^DSD



    ├─1.0 ....... How to install     339b  14-01-1999  08:31
    │   └─1.1 ... Features          2628b  10-06-1999  13:32
    │     1.2 ... CiBKey options     468b  28-12-1998  09:40
    │     1.3 ... Other implants    1121b  17-01-1999  16:30
    │     1.4 ... The Speed          681b  20-01-1999  23:30
    ├─2.0 ....... Future plans       576b  14-01-1999  08:37
    │   └─2.1 ... Known bugs         622b  20-01-1999  18:31
    ├─3.0 ....... Credits           2029b  17-01-1999  16:03
    │   └─3.1 ... The beta team      146b  02-12-1998  17:02
    │     3.2 ... CiB poster         199b  02-12-1998  17:02
    └─4.0 ....... (c)opyright info  1247b  02-12-1998  17:03
        └─4.1 ... Disclaimer         113b  02-12-1998  17:45

--=(HOW TO INSTALL)=--------------------------------------------------=(1.0)=--
It's really easy to install, just execute the INSTALL.EXE, and let the
program lead you the way. The install program will copy all files needed
to C:\CIB directory, and it will update autoexec.bat. That means it will
write SET CIB=C:\CIB and add CiB to the path. Please make a "clean" directory,
to install from, for your own sake.

CiB has eight option/parameter that you can add, for quicker/better encryption.

  o /T "Terminate" will secure delete the encrypted file, if the file
    hasn't been decrypted before 24 hours. You can encrypt the file with this
    option. When you're decrypting the file, CiB will search for if the
    /T option has been enabled. If so, it will check if 24 hours has past.
    Syntax: CiB [files] [+|-] [/T]

  o /R "Reader" will attempt to read all *.txt files after encryption
    A "editor" will appear, it's just in first stage ... really bad scrolling.
    Syntax: CiB [files] [+|-] [/R]

  o /Q "Quick" feature is quicker encryption, the option will disable the
    progress bar, because it slowed the crypting process down really much.
    If you only encrypt small files under 100k, then it really doesn't
    matter much.
    Syntax: CiB [files] [+|-] [/Q]

  o /A "Automatic" feature, it's kinda a semi quick feature. It will enable
    the quick feature, if the file reaches over 100k.
    Syntax: CiB [files] [+|-] [/A]

  o /M "Mouse" feature, instead of typing the password with characters, you
    can now use the mouse to point on a coordinate on the screen, and that
    point (x,y,char) will be the encryption char. If you don't wanna "type"
    anymore, just press the square in the lower right corner.
    Syntax: CiB [files] [+|-] [/M]

  o /U: "Unite" feature, this new feature is like the key feature.
    It was requested by someone in odense-denmark. The feature will use
    the specified file to crypt the files, an alternative for
    password/mouse or key feature.
    Syntax: CiB [files] [+|-] /U:[file]

  o /X: "Execute" feature, all you have to do is make a file, for example
    LIST.CIB, in that file you describe what directories and files to
    encrypt, like this:
    Notice the ; before the file, this has to be there or else it won't work.
    Remember that you can always use wildcards, and the other options
    while using these features. You can only add 20 discribtions in the list.
    The only thing you can't use is /R while using this feature.
    This file/list HAS to be in the CiB environment, read more about
    the CiB environment in 1.2
    Syntax: CiB /X:[list] [+|-]

  o Encryption key feature, this feature uses 56byte password.
    To use keys to encrypt your files, I added the dos environments.
    Read more about the dos environments in 1.2 other implants.
    Syntax: CiB [files] [+|-] [Key]

--=(CIBKEY OPTIONS)=--------------------------------------------------=(1.2)=--
  o To make a key, execute the cibkey.exe with keyname as the option.
    An extra option for the key has been added, I found out that the key
    cryption wasn't that good. But don't worry! The "hacker" that debugs
    the CiBKey won't crack it anyway. Because he'll have to know what you
    typed anyways. But with the new option, you can add any file to the
    password. The file has to be 56 bytes or larger.
    Syntax: CiBKey [Key Name] [/F:[FileName]

--=(OTHER IMPLANTS)=--------------------------------------------------=(1.3)=--
This part is not features, just other things that saves time.

  o I've made a install program, it's much easier to "install" CiB now.
    Somebody didn't read the .doc file, so ... they didn't know that
    they should use the CiB environment (you know who you are).
    This install program will copy all files to c:\cib,
    remember that you may not be in c:\cib when installing, so please chose
    another directory to install from.

  o I added the dos environment for CiB to read the keys and the ansi.dat file.
    Make a directory C:\CIB, and copy all your keys to that directory (if
    you havn't installed CiB in the default directory.
    In autoexec.bat, add this: SET CIB=C:\CIB, and CiB will search in that
    directory for the keys, if not .. it will search in the current directory
    for the key, but it wont search for the ansi.dat in the current directory.
    If you've executed the install.exe file, you wont have to do all these
    things, the install program has aldready done the changes.
    If you want to use the /X: "Execute" option, the lists has to here too.

I tested the speed on my amd-k6 350 mhz with 131.072k sdram.
Maxtor 6ms harddisk, and (if it matters!) Asus p5a-b acpi bios,
Crypting a 50kb file.

In Win98 dos prompt + ansi, the speed was : 9993 bps.
In Win98 dos prompt - ansi, the speed was : 18321 bps.

With the /Q "quick" option enabled:
In Win98 dos prompt + ansi, the speed was : 13741 bps.
In Win98 dos prompt - ansi, the speed was : 31470 bps.

So as you can see, CiB without ansi is about 48% quicker,
and CiB with quick option is about 58% quicker .. so for the quickest
cryption, use CiB with /Q and no ansi, but still I recoment to use it
with ansi, because the ansi is really cool.
--=(FUTURE PLANS)=----------------------------------------------------=(2.0)=--

   o Future plans .... adding a editor for CiB, implanted in CiB, for those
     who can't seem to make this shit work. It will be a menu, where you can
     choose witch files that should be crypted, and what password/key to use.

   o Make CiB in delphi4 or vb6 for windows (currently working on that project)

   o I'm just learning c++, so CiB _may_ come out in linux version.

   o Add a new option, /F:[File]. This will "compress" all choosen files
     into one file (crypted ofcause).

   o Add /S "Subdir" feature, with this option on, CiB will scan all
     subdirectories for files to crypt.

   o Adding RSA encryption.

--=(KNOWN BUGS)=------------------------------------------------------=(2.1)=--
These bugs can be fixed!

   o The password checking isn't finished, sometimes it decrypts the file
     with the wrong password, without saying it's the wrong password.
     If seven characters of the password is guessed, it will decrypt the
     the file. BUT don't worry! the "hacker" CAN'T read the file, it's
     all crypted stuff anyway.

   o If you're trying to crypt a file on another drive, it can't find the file.
     Like this:  C:\CIB\CIB.EXE D:\FILE.DAT +

   o If you're trying to use CiB in plain dos, it will crypt the file twize
     (two times).


   o Spette			[My best friend]
   o Zhandia			[For all the fun on internet]
   o Sordid			[For taking care of DSD, and always ready to do
				 some serious coding/htp (and thanx for letting
				 me trick you :) heh)]
   o Zubfatal			[Thanx for helping me annoying people]
   o Profiler			[For ..... I think you know :)]
   o Deckard			[Cool drawings, hope you join DSD sometime,
                                 when your time in ImpactDk is over :)]
   o Sniper/Altitronic          [For some cheap computer stuff, and some
                                 funny parties]
   o Griffin			[For Hackers: CyberCity, looking forward to
				 hackers 2000, hope you could use my source.
				 And thanx for making guicib (a gui for
				 CiB in windows]
   o L8run			[Cool music, hope I see you on TP98]
   o Dena			[Looking forward to see you at --"--]
   o Rest of DSD		[Just do your stuff :)]
   o Darkman/VLAD		[Where are you? Foo ... no, fido .. guess not
                                 I can't seem to find you, please .... if you
                                 read this, call at 86301426 and contact me]
   o DarkFiber/VLAD     	[So cool virii stuff, enjoyed the Lady Death :)
				 like the source code .. not executing it ;)]
   o Virus II			[Nice to know you, hope you're going to earn
				 some money on your programs]
   o Nosferatu			[I'm sure you're gonna be the most hc hacker]
   o Bruce Schneier		[The author of blowfish]
   o Xuejla Lai & James Massey  [The author of IDEA]
   o Jibz			[For Apack, this is the best I've ever seen,
				 it beats all the known packers (at least
				 those I know of)]
   o Bugsy/Obsesion		[He's just a cool coder]
   o Don E. Groves		[For DgANSI 1.00]
   o G00FY			[It's a pity you closed down your board]
   o STa			[Never really heard of the group, but I guess
                                 Smorph is REALLY cool]
   o Saudarkar			[For hpangrib, the coolest hpa mag ever :)]
   o Pzoid			[Don't take my mail seriously heh]
   o Jane			[Just because you love me ;)]

   o All those I've forgotten ... Sorry mail me, kill me! I don't give a shit

--=(THE BETA TEAM)=---------------------------------------------------=(3.1)=--
Thanx to all the beta testers, who helped me test CiB v6.6 and CiB v6.8.

   o Virus II
   o Smiley
   o Dark Shadow
   o Solitude
   o Cerebrum
   o Sordid

--=(CiB POSTER)=------------------------------------------------------=(3.2)=--
CiB.ANS is a ansi file, that you add to your board to help me spread CiB
around the world. You may change the format (.ans) to any format that you
like, but don't change the main text or graphics.

--=((c)OPYRIGHT INFO)=------------------------------------------------=(4.0)=--
CiB is provided for you to use, However, it is NOT public domain, it is
copyrighted by the author. You may distribute CiB freely, as long as all
the files in the distribution archive remain intact, without any changes or
modifications. The distribution archive is in Zip format, however, you may
convert the archive to any format you choose, as long as the above
requirements are met.

It is a crime to alter, change, hack or modify any file in this archive.
Anyone committing a crime against DSD will be held liable and
criminal procedures will be invoked against the person or persons
accused of committing the crime.

You may make the .zip file available for downloading from your BBS
or homepage, you may upload it to any BBS/Site of your choice,
provided that you do not make any changes to the contents of the archive
(ZIP file). The archive and its individual contents may not be used by
any service that charges any money whatsoever, without the written
permission of the author.

The archive is:


If any of the files is missing, please get the hole package at www.come.to/cib

If the program pisses you off or gets you into trouble, IT IS _NOT_ DSD's fault


 That's all for now, check www.come.to/cib or home9.inet.tele.dk/woody for
 updates. btw.: please send me some feedback .. some changes or ideas for CiB
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