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Tunnels of Armageddon Docs. by Wastelands BBS

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                            Tunnels of Armageddon
                              typed by Rifleman

Well, looks like another game that THG didn't put docs out for.  Kinda
disappointing, but it gives me something to do, I guess.  This game is really
awesome, and is even better if you know what the keys are.  After playing
around and consulting others, I've come up with a list.

D    : Decrease speed
E    : Use smart bombs
F    : Increase speed
P    : Pause game
S    : Save game (when past level 4, 8, 12, and 16)
T    : Use spare energy (must be at a complete stop)
Esc  : Quit to main menu
Shift: Use auto-pilot
Up   : Move up
Down : Move down, decrease speed, move backwards
Left : Move left
Right: Move right
Space: Fire
Enter: Also fire

Yellow square: Gives you more stored energy
Green square : Gives you 3 smart bombs
Blue square  : Gives you auto-pilot

There's a few different gray squares, but I'm not sure what they do.  One of
them gives you special firepower.  Blue firepower destroys blue monsters.
Red firepower destroys all monsters.  Purple firepower destroys monsters and
walls.  While flying through a green tunnel, your speed increases, whereas a
red tunnel will decrease your speed.

Greets go out to: Patch (we should write another character editor.)
                  Winplace (get that 3rd node online ASAP.)
                  FiRM (The Knack is the best cracker there is!)
                  INC (Keep on releasing warez...)
                  PSI (Cheats are good things for us all.)
                  THG (R. Bubba, you're pretty damn good, too.)
                  NYC (Where have you guys been lately?)

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