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Pirates Analyze Warez (PAW) Reviewer Application To apply, fill out the required information below and attach a review of any new warez (preferably using the style of those already in the mag). Upload this application to the Apocalyptic Teacup BBS at (416) 527-8852. Other input (ie - new ideas, other articles, art, whatever) can also be submitted. References are required for permanent BBS membership. We are also taking applications for formal distribution sites. Again, fill out the below application and submit it to A. T. B. with a brief note detailing what you have to offer instead of a review. Call back in approximately 24-48 hours for additional information. Finally, we are in need of dedicated couriers both to distribute the magazine and to assist in obtaining the warez in the first place. Again, interested parties should fill out this application. __________________________________________________________________________ POSITION APPLIED FOR: [_] Reviewer [_] Site [_] Courier [_] Other ________ PERSONAL INFORMATION: Alias: ________________________________ Real Name: ________________________________ Group Affiliations: ________________________________ ________________________________ City, Province: ________________________, ______ Voice Phone #: (___) ___-____ Data Phone #: (___) ___-____ Source of Warez: ________________________________ ________________________________ Game Types Preferred: 1. _____________________________ (if reviewer app) 2. _____________________________ 3. _____________________________ References: ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ BBSING INFORMATION: Board Name (if any): ________________________________ Board Number (if any): (___) ___-____ Board Affiliations: ________________________________ ________________________________ Modem Type: ________________________________ Computer Type: ________________________________ Meggage: ________________________________ Software/Mailer: ________________________________ ________________________________ Years BBSing: ________________________________ Attach Sample Review or BBS Information Below --------------------------------------------------------------------------
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