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uncovering static a 64k intro presented at Assembly 2011 (in the pc demo competition like true elites) by Fairlight & Alcatraz code/visuals: smash / fairlight synth: gopher / alcatraz music: reed / fairlight 2d graphics: destop / cncd http://directtovideo.wordpress.com requires windows xp or later, directx9.0c, a geforce 280 or better (or ati equivalent). native / recommended resolution: fullscreen 1280x720. due to unfortunate circumstances the 64k intro competition at asm was sadly cancelled. instead of holding this back we thought we would play with the big boys. hope they can handle it. the compo being cancelled was only one thing in a long string of bad luck during the last few days. crashes, problems and logistics were all against us. but we're still here. this is completely realtime in every way. the only precalc is to compile the shaders. the synth is based on physical modelling; the rendering on distance field manipulation; the lighting on raycasted ambient occlusion. rumours of the demise of 64k appear to be somewhat exaggerated.
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