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Adrenalin Magazine Interview with Line Noise [INC] Founder / Current President of International Network of Crackers Conducted By: Ricochet / Sir ReaL [O3/93] RIC: To start things off, my name is Dave. How are you doing lately? Is everything in your personal life going okay? LN: Yeah, you could say that. RIC: Can I ask how old you are today at the time of this interview? LN: 17. RIC: What are some of your hobbies outside of BBSing? LN: Oh, I play all kinds of sports. Sports are my other major part of my life and my girlfriend I guess. RIC: What sports do you play? Any for your school? LN: Tennis now, but you know, my real loves are basketball, baseball, and football. I don't play those for the school, I play tennis for the school, but I love following professional teams like the Heat, and keeping up with sports. RIC: What type of car do you have? LN: An Acura Integra. Want my license plate? <heheh> RIC: Do you think the scene is moving downhill or uphill from what you see today? Do you like where it is heading today? LN: Definitely downhill. I would tend to agree with most. RIC: Can you give me a history of your past accomplishments starting from the days before MCM and when you first started using the computer? LN: Well, I first started using the computer at a very young age, 5 years old, actually. I mean, I obviously wasn't programming at 5 years old but, just fuckin' around with them. These were even before PCs. These were like Zenith machines, like, with disks triple the size of 5's. I got into that shit because my dad was into that stuff. Barely anyone was playing around with computers back then. RIC: When did you first start your own cracking group? LN: Shit, I can't remember the exact year. Probably around, '87...'86. Something like that. RIC: How old were you? LN: I couldn'ta been any older than 11 or 12. RIC: And you started up MCM? Miami Cracking Machine? LN: <heheheh> You have to keep in mind, I've always been thought of by everyone around here as the mature one. I always wanted to be an adult if you know what I mean, and I never acted my age. RIC: Why did you first leave the scene with Cool Hand in charge? Was there some particular event that occurred that made you do so? LN: It's very simple. Trying to balance a girlfriend and my computer, was very tough.But money also is an issue. It's spending the money on a girl- friend or spending the money on a computer, I mean, what do you think you get better enjoyment or better results out of? RIC: How do you think Cool Hand did while he was in charge of INC? LN: He did a great job for the group. Let me put it this way, he did a better job than I expected. RIC: What do you think of the recent number of releases by The Jet under the name of INC w/ members like The Barbi Twins and Traci Lords mentioned? Did you have any prior knowledge or approval of these releases? LN: <heheheh> That's Jerry for ya. Yeah, it doesn't surprise me. People are taking the scene way too seriously. I know how they feel since I used to do it myself, you know, take it way too seriously. You gotta just lay back and laugh. You know when you see someone put out "Barbie", instead of going out on the boards and criticizing and yelling at everyone, why don't you just sit back and laugh. RIC: So you think it's pretty much a joke right? LN: Yeah, well, obviously he doesn't have my authorization. RIC: He keeps doing it though. LN: But, it's funny isn't it? <heheh> RIC: The first few times it was funny, but it's getting kind of annoying now. LN: Well, it's not like it's ten megs of the stuff. RIC: He released X-Wing too. <hehe> LN: Well, he's not listed as an official member, so it's like any other person doing the same thing. RIC: What do you personally feel about artwork such as ANSi/VGA? Do you like any group in particular that you've seen or do you not really pay attention or care? LN: Artwork? I'm really not familiar with the names out there. The only two I'm familiar with are iCE and ACiD. Past that, I wouldn't even know their names. I couldn't distinguish an iCE piece of art from an ACiD. RIC: What groups in the past gave INC the most competition? LN: The most competition? That had to be THG I guess. Way back when FiRM and PTL were around, you know at the beginning, they were the toughest I guess you would say, back then. Only because we didn't, especially I didn't really know what I was doing at the time. You sort of learn while you go. I probably took one or two games from one of those groups in the beginning, you know with MCM. But, then again, that was MCM. I would say that FiRM would be another of the hardest ones, with Barimor, and all them. They really had their act together, with Lord Zombie, and one of their crackers down there, I don't remember his name. But in any case, they really had some good sources, but nothing was compared to THG when they came around. We're just sitting there putting out games left and right, and all of a sudden, we see some group putting out games. We're like, "Where the hell did this come from!?". I go off for like a week, "What the hell is that!?". And you keep checking and checking. Believe it or not, I still get games basically the same way I used to. But they introduced a brand new system called... Can you guess? Called, Distribu- tors. Apco.. you name 'em. More or less American though. They introduced the world to 'em. But I was sort of familiar with that stuff, 'cause I had dabbled around in a few Amiga groups before, you know, trying to help out the Amiga groups, and I knew this shit was going to happen one day. I was just hoping it wouldn't, because it made it so much expensive for everyone. It really turned into a business industry. RIC: Do you still call any systems around the US? If so, can I ask which ones? LN: I haven't really tried to, I really haven't had time to lately. How old are you? RIC: 17. LN: Are you a senior in high-school? RIC: No, Junior. LN: Oh, well, one of the biggest pains of your life will be applying to colleges. That's taken so much time out of my life this year, it's unbelievable. RIC: Where have you applied to? LN: I just went crazy. I applied to 12 schools. RIC: Applying for scholarships and all that? LN: Yeah, that too. Not that I have the best grades in the world. <hehe> Taking SATs, and shit like that. That's just the biggest pain of your life. I know you take them as Juniors too, but it just takes so much time and I started my own business. RIC: Do you resell things, like a dealer? LN: No, I do computer consulting for people. RIC: Does it pay well? LN: Tell the pirates out there, that if there's one thing they learn from computers, it's to use it in a positive way. Just compare how much I could have done five years ago. You can make a 100 bucks an hour doing it. RIC: How many people come to you? LN: I advertised in local newspapers, I advertised everywhere. The only problem is you need some overhead to get started with, but I had that saved up already. RIC: Do you have the people come to your computer? Or do you go to them? LN: No, what I do is I get them set up with computers. The most of the people that I've been dealing with are seniors in high-school. They go off to college, and they need a computer. If they don't need a computer by now they'll need one in college. You need the word processor. To not have a computer, you're really hurting yourself. Almost everyone realizes that these days. I get parents calling me, and wanting computers. My job is to sit down with them, and tell them what they need. They tell me what they want to do, and I tell them what kind of system they need. I'll even go as far as finding where they can get the best price for it, because I'm always on the lookout for the best prices for myself. RIC: And you get paid a lot of money for that? LN: <hehe> Yeah, you could say that. RIC: What were some of the biggest systems you used to call when you were actively participating in the events occurring in the BBS World? LN: Good boards come and go. There were so many. Barimor's Final Frontier was always one of the best out there. The PITS has been out there a while. Candyman's board was popular, Candyland, whatever. It depends where you start from, Plutonium Mines , when PTL was around, was one of the most popular ones.. Rockin' Ranch. RIC: How did you rate your own board? LN: I never concentrated on my board. I put the group before my board all the time. I never really cared about the board. People will go out and get a 3 gig drive, and I'll spend my money getting all these games for the group. RIC: What do you think of all the changes that is occurring to INC these days? Do you like this better or prefer the old group? LN: Well, that's a very simple answer, because what we're trying to do is get it back to what it used to be. RIC: Are there any BBS softwares you especially like or prefer to call? LN: I openly say I hate ViSiON-X. I think one of the best softwares ever written is Celerity. I love Celerity. It's probably one of the best Forum clones. You know, I've heard of Oblivion/2. I haven't seen the recent ones in fairness. But, I always thought Celerity was better than LSD, or anything else that I met. But,LSD was right up there also. RIC: What are your opinions on the busts occurring more frequently today? Do you think there is enough reason for paranoia? LN: I think more and more, the busts have to do with not groups like us, but groups like NTA and stuff like that who put out utilities. I've always said you'll never get busted for games. You just won't. RIC: Have you ever experimented with Hack/Phreak things? Or did you stay away from it? LN: Well, you'll see that not many people stay in this business too long. And it is a business right now. The reason is, because they either get busted or get scared. I'll say that I did phreak, like when I was really young. I would phreak with stuff that was completely safe. Like 0488's. You know when there was no tracing on those. It was gorgeous. It was beautiful. You could hack like 20 of those a minute, and there's absolutely no tracing on those. There's people out there who think they can play number games, but I don't think it's worth it. RIC: What do you think of the Grim Reaper? Do you think he's a NARC? LN: I don't know if he is or if he isn't. He's never provoked a thought in me that he was the kind of person that I should stay away from. Whether he's a NARC or whether he isn't, he supposedly has these great sources of software, and people say that's the reason he gets them, because he's a NARC or whatever. You gotta know that, there only certain ways you can get software these days. There's only so fast it can go. Number one, I don't believe in putting out betas. To get a final version of something, I guess the fastest thing to do is know someone in the company, and even that doesn't last too long, because someone out there doesn't like you, and someone is going to bust you on it. RIC: Did you hear about Ford Perfect's supposed bust? LN: Nope. But, number one, I will say something in people's defense. When I left initially, and Cool Hand was still in the group, people made up shit so bad. "Neil died on an airplane." and stuff. Ford Perfect just may have left. So, I don't believe a word people say. If he got busted, he got busted, and he probably deserved it. RIC: ..and the biggest question of course for the Adrenalin readers, is there going to be an _expected_ revival of INC? LN: Oh yeah, March will be a great month. The one thing that I would say to everyone out there is: Whatever you hear, about people, who's in INC, who's not in INC.. People are having large discussions about who's going to be Vice-President, who's going to be this, who's going to be that, and they're so stupid. <heh> Really, the fact is that we haven't been putting out games, and no one should be arguing if no one is putting games out. March should be a very good month. RIC: Are there are greets you'd like to give? Go ahead.. LN: I'd like to speak to Cool Hand again. Ken, if Ken's out there. I haven't spoken to Ken in a while, Slavelord. RIC: Did you hear about his "Dateline NBC" incident? LN: Yeah, I did. That was interesting. I was jealous. <hehe> RIC: You were jealous? LN: Yeah, I was pissed off. I wanted to be on there. <heheh> RIC: <heheh> Well, that's about all the questions we've got for you. Thanks for your time, it's been a blast.
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