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He Secrets Of Life And Time. by Crackers With Pride

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            __________          _             _      ________          
            |                    \     /\    /       |      |
            |                     \_ /    \_/        |______|
            |                                        |
            |__________                              |

                         CWP-CRACKERS WITH PRIDE-  PRESENTS:
                           THE SECRETS OF LIFE AND TIME         

           OK, here is another registered animation.  We shelled out our
           money, so try to enjoy it!  This is some teaching this about
        times and dates and shit.  If you are studying this sorta thing in
          school, then it might help.                
            There should be sound the whole way through, if you don't
        hear sound through the whole thing, then load your MIDI and CMF
        Just type RUNME, to run it.., have fun!
   Greets go out to:  RAZOR, TDT, PENTAGRAM, TRSI, NEXUS, PIL, and all the 

                 MEMBER BOARDS OF CWP-

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            Blue Union (WHQ)             909-NOT-4YOU            1

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            The Hackers Haven            714-FIND-OUT            6

            Pirate Barn                  206-UP-YOURS            3 
            Warez Edge                   XXX-CALL-NOW            2

                        MORE SOON TO COME!!!!!!!!

         If you are interested in becoming one of the following for CWP,
         then call the HQ and leave feedback to the sysop.
                We are looking for---   PEOPLE TO GIVE US WAREZ
                                        New Members with a lot of $$$
                CALL NOW!!!  
             Remember, if it's new, and cool, and hasn't been released
                yet, then WE WILL RELEASE IT.

                               CWP Member list:

                         SUPERMAN- President      
            Members--   Agent Orange, Dark One, Duke Leto,
                        Tuff Guy, Omni Crawn, Black Magik, Lucky Starr,
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