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Batman: The Movie Cracked by Lord Blix --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Graphics: CGA/EGA/VGA Controllers: Keyboard/Joystick/Mouse Sound: Internal Speaker Cracker's Notes: This was another exciting import from the European contacts. The protection on this one was pretty interesting, although standard, for European. It uses a variation of the older ('83-'84) Broderbund disk checks made merciless through the use of heavy encryption and interrupt-driven (Int 0Ch) "in-program" usage (shades of older Taito releases for you Int 69h fans) Well, I'm not going to belabor the point. The was a pain in the ying/yang, but it's done (45 minutes and 12 grey hairs later) By the way, thanks to one of the owners of Europe, Mr. M for his contribution and all of the Humble folks, too numerous to mention for their help. Included someday will be a complete list of members which we hope will become standard with all of our cracks and releases. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- +-----------------+ |The Humble Boards| +---------------------+-----------------+------------------------+ |Candyland (615) 834-3333 Candyman | |HMS Bounty (2 lines) (215) 873-7287 Fletch | |The Badlands (904) PRI-VATE Lowrider | |The Slave Den (904) 376-1117 The Slavelord | |SpamLand (508) 831-0131 Eddie Haskel | |Plato's Place (4 nodes) (618) 254-5263 Mr. Plato | |The P.I.T.S. (718) THE-PITS The Pieman | |The Crack in Time (201) 573-0449 Master Blaster | |Edge of Insanity (206) 868-1435 The Shocker | |Iron Fortress (508) 798-3363 Predator | |Ghost Shadow (213) 221-6861 Ghost Master | |Elusive Dream (317) 452-1257 The Toyman | |Final Frontier (602) 491-0703 Barimor | |Tinseltown Rebellion (713) 453-2153 The Viper | |The Wall (716) 691-5945 Pink Floyd | |Black Ice (904) 377-1325 Chaos | |Downtown +31-5750-29313 BamBam | +----------------------------------------------------------------+ For an 8x10 glossy of your favorite Humble Guys member, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: The Humble Guys! The Humble Guys! P.O.Box 24541 Post IESTANTE Nashville, TN 37202 P.O. Box 99960 7200 Pace Na Zutphen, Holland Send us anything that you deem appropriate. If you can supply us with games, give us a call at any of the above listed boards.
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