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|F2of7| _____________________________________________________________ A.P.I American Pirate Industries News Letter Volume I written on July 13, 1989 Written by: Mind Shadow Edited by: Laughing Gas ____________________________________________________________ This might look a little unprofessional compared to some other newsletters, but you have to remember this is our first newsletter. We are trying to make it as informative as possible. Right now we don't care about style. Later on in future issues we will work on the format of our newsletter. Right now the purpose of this newsletter is to tell you who we are, what were going to do, how we came about, and who is in API. The first order of business I have to take care of is answering the question Who is API? And what are they going to do? Well, to answer those questions I must also include our history. So here goes...about 3 months ago I was trying to start up a group called KORT (Knight's of the Round Table). I had no idea that there already existed a group called TKRT. (And TKRT was a loser cracking group stealing cracks at that) When I found out I abandoned the idea of starting up a group because I met Laughing Gas. We both has the same idea. We wanted to have not a hacking group, but a pirate group that gave out information on new products, clues to games, and any other business doings in the pirate world. I met Laughing Gas and he suggested a group called API and asked me to join. I agreed and that is basically how we came to be. API is not like your regular group that cracks games and joins sysops of boards. We may have a branch that will perform these duties, but as of right now, our main goal is to INFORM the pirate world of new games, when their coming out, our own personal opinion of the game, clues to games, the docs to the game, some fixes for the game, and any other important issues that may come up. You may make the analogy of a newspaper to us. We will have information, some editorials (in future volumes), classifieds, advertisements, and upcoming products. We may include a Blacklist, but other groups seem to have taken care of that problem. Some people may think that we are just going to be like a falling star, flickering briefly and then dissapearing. We have no intention of being a falling star. We are here to stay unless we get negative results from this newsletter. Let me explain what I mean by a newspaper. We are going to start the newsletter off by any important issues that have come up in the pirate world. We will allow sysops to place an ad in the newsletter advertising their board, and any other information they may want to include. Also we will have an editorial section letting the users express their views. For example the subject of Guns or China. In the classifieds we would put messages concerning the sale of an HD, or modem, etc. Getting back to the news part we would have a pirate section in general like the front page of your newspaper. Then we would have a phreak section on busts or anything interesting, a hack section concerning VAX's, UNIX's, etc., then an anarchy section. I am not real thrilled about having this section, but people have expressed their approval of having one. That about sums up what the API newsletter will be, and what we will be doing. A second issue of business I may want to add is that we don't want ANY problems with any cracking groups. We in no way are trying to compete with you. One, we are NOT a cracking group, and two, we try to get any new information from the cracking groups themselves. We are working in conjunction with the groups trying to help them spread information all over the country. Like NAP/PA's goal is to unite all the cracking groups, ours is to spread information throughout the pirate world. Other current members of API include Laughing Gas, Sturm Brightblade, piro (like's his name in small letters), Missing Link, me (Mind Shadow). We currently are looking for new members who have excellent knowledge in the field of phreaking, carding, hacking, and anarchy. If you are interested in becoming a member then follow the directions on the API application. To sysops who would like to become a drop site for the API newsletter, follow the instructions on the Drop Site application. We have alot of future plans, but what happens remains to be seen. I'm am pretty positive everyone knows that the PCP has changed the format for their password and their rates. Well you might have not known that MCI has gotten 1400 more lines around the nation. Don't ask me why. I doubt they could put an ANI on each one, so phreaking with MCI MAY be less dangerous than sprint or AT&T. Well, that concludes our first newsletter....Oh yea I almost forgot..I would like to say a few things about Phoebus Apollo. Those of us on the East Coast will sorely miss Gates of Dawn, but besides that, we will also miss the person running Gates of Dawn. A real swell guy, well-liked by everyone. Good luck in California, and K.I.T. with the pirate world. Nothing like the Sun.... Well, that definitely concludes our first newsletter. I hope you have enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to your opinions. Please, tell us what you thought of the newsletter. What we could change or improve, or what we could add. We only can get better with user support and criticism. I hope this newsletter has given you some information you didn't know before, and the next one should be out by the latest... ..October. So to sum it all up...I would like to thank everyone who has helped API out in the criticism and help. Until next time.... Mind Shadow [2 Hype] ______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________END_______________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: NIRVANAnet(tm) & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Jeff Hunter 510-935-5845 Rat Head Ratsnatcher 510-524-3649 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408-363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 415-567-7043 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 415-583-4102 Specializing in conversations, obscure information, high explosives, arcane knowledge, political extremism, diversive sexuality, insane speculation, and wild rumours. ALL-TEXT BBS SYSTEMS. Full access for first-time callers. We don't want to know who you are, where you live, or what your phone number is. We are not Big Brother. 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