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  • Last modified Apr 19, 1993 1:38:38 AM
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  • ARJ - ANSI / BBS
  • Cerebrus, design, art credits
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[+] Configuration Copy text
Hiya... welp this is my first ANSiMation, and my first ANSiMovie at that! Hope you like it, this thing took a looooonnnnnnngggggg time to make. To view it, just type: "TYPE SDALOST1.ANS" and off you go, it may be a little slow if you're not using ZANSI.SYS (This is ALOT faster than standard ANSi.SYS... I might just include it in my next release!) * If anyone would like me to make an ANSiMovie, contact me at any board in the 408... preferably UnderWorld... Thanks to... Alast for yer time and patience... Night Demon fer yer support, and encouragement, it means alot!... Shadow PhanTom for... umm... well, just cuz!... Sharp... welcome to the group!... The WeezE, well, I decided for this one to be my own, so I didn't use the ANSi I asked for... oh well, maybe we could do a collaboration on an ANSi?? How about it?...