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aberham retires. by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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hello, this is aberham,

i am quitting the scene because of being thought of as narqing mpower. i did not
narq mpower contrary to what people believe and i understand the evidence that
points to me but i didn't narq the site. i dont know who did but if it was a
siteop of another site i wouldn't be suprised. the person had the same password
on the hotmail account as i had on every site, i was not logged into netcom when
the email was sent. when i was removed from mpower for using auto refresh i
basically quit the trading scene because i was sick of trading and wanted to do
more supplying and help out my rls groups for a change. i was never  bitter
about WiZE or getting booted from mpower. i understood what i did wrong and
never questioned him kicking me off.  if you talked to any of my friends you
would get the same answer, i never tried to get my account back. i hope he gets
the site back up and i wish everyone well in the scene, and if you dont believe
me you dont have to, i have nothing to lose in writing this because i've decided
its time to move on. at this time i wish to give specific people thanks and good
luck wishes for the future because i dont wanna talk to them in person because
of this.

TSlayer-thanks for letting me in swat and making it a better group, good luck
and keep swat alive man.

GreenBack-your prolly one of my best friends on irc and you were one of the
first ones to give me a chance and be a courier for GASP :)  i wouldn't of
gotten anywhere without you. i hope GASP lives on for a long time because it is
a really fun group(even though i left it for thunder :( )

Blunga-i really enjoyed your porn pages :)  i have also known you for a long
time and hope you keep GASP alive.

maloo-you are the one who got me into thunder and made my couriering potential
alot better with your shells :) even though i haven't seen ya in awhile, thanks
for everything.

nagumo-my supplying buddy from swat and gasp :) you taught me alot about
supplying and got me into swat, you were an awesome friend and i heard you went
to premiere, hope you rock over there :)

RELMan-you are the best, fucking best cracker i ever known :) it was a pleasure
to be friends with you and we sorta rocked GASP and swat for a little bit with a
short burst of rls's i hope you keep having fun with premiere and siege :)

|}eepfear-you kinda got me started with letting me in zerohour, i owe alot of
stuff to you, thanks :)

t800-you got me on all the best sites and helped me out  alot, hope thunder
keeps rocking for a long time :)

DarkTroop-you also got me on all the best sites :) thanks for everything even
though we sorta had a fallout when you found out i might leave thunder :)

[Tyrant]-you are a really cool guy and i think iNF has alot of promise under
your supervision, you can make it a great group if you really want to, trust me.
keep topping sites and couriers will follow you.

well i guess this is it, its been a fun year on the warez scene and i leave now
with no regrets. i feel it is proper that i leave because if i came back maybe
some people would actually believe me but alot wouldn't trust me, so i see no
point in coming back. so goodbye to all and keep the scene rocking.

"honest" aberham "lincoln"  =)
aberham.denies.narqing.mpower.and.retires.txt 80x61 Font