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______________________________________________________________________________ API Membership Application American Pirate Industries - 07/12/89 - ______________________________________________________________________________ Fill this out and return it to Laughing Gas or Mind Shadow. (We can be found on any good pirate board. Surf Shop, TRM, Hacker's Den, etc.) Section I. ______________________________________________________________________________ Personal Information - The following will be keep in a paper file for reference. It will not be stored on any electronic media and will be made available for no one except the Executive Branch of API. Alias : Any other Aliases? List em: REAL first AND last Name : Age : Voice Number : Data Number : Work Number : This will be placed on a piece of paper and this part of the file will be trashed. Section II. _____________________________________________________________________________ General Information - this information will be made available to all members of API, and won't really be used in determining whether or not you'll become a member, it's really just to have on file. What type of computer(s) do you have?(List only names, [ie IBM, C=64, Amiga, Apple, IBM/XT, AT, etc...) : What is the highest baud rate of your modem? : How many megs of storage space do you have ALL together? : How long have you been calling pirate boards? : Do you run a BBS? : Does it support: Piracy (Y/N): Phreaking (Y/N): Hacking (Y/N): Phraud (Y/N): Code Posting (Y/N): Card Posting (Y/N): Software : Fone Number (including area code) : Highest baud : Storage in Megs : Location : Any comments: [> [> ___________________________________________________________________________ This part of the application is actually like your resume. The better it is the better chance of you becoming a member of API. Answer all questions truthfully and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Are you a member of any other computer group? (NAP/PA, : CHiNA, PTL, Etc.) It is assumed you pirate, correct? : Do you phreak? : Can you hack? : Do you have any knowledge of carding or phraud? : Do you program? : If so, what languages [three lines]: 1> 2> 3> Have you ever cracked any games? If so which? : Section IV: ______________________________________________________________________________ This part of the application I really don't find it terribly important, but we have some people who THINK they can hack and phreak. We are just checking. If you can answer these 5 questions then basically you can answer all the other questions sysops usually put on their infoforms. Please Define:(not long) 1) NAP/PA- 2) CIS- 3) UNIX- 4) Blue Box- 5) DNR- There, that wasn't that long and complicated was it? Now for the 2nd part. Explain in detail how to phreak, (if I know you, then forget it. If I don't then start typing.) 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Well, this about sums up the application part for being a member of API. One other application is: To be a distribution point or dropsite for our stuff. That's about it. Return this to Laughing Gas or me on Solsbury Hill II or like I said. Any self-respecting board out there. Thanks for your time in filling this out, and you will be contacted shortly. Mind Shadow [2 Hype]
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