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Swedish ISP raid prompts backlash. by Theregister

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Swedish ISP raid prompts backlash - theregister.co.uk

By John Leyden 14 Mar 2005 at 17:24

Workers suspended after Bahnhof bust

A raid by Swedish authorities last week against Bahnhof, Sweden's oldest 
and largest ISP, has been hailed by Hollywood as a major blow against 
movie piracy. But questions have been raised about whether the 10 March 
raid, orchestrated by Swedish anti-piracy organisation Antipiratbyrån, 
and involving the seizure of data involving thousands of users, might 
have violated the country's strict data privacy laws.

The raid against the Stockholm offices of Bahnhof involved the seizure 
of four servers holding 23 terabytes of data. Reuters reports the 
servers housed 1,800 movie files, 5,000 software application files and 
450,000 digital audio files. Reuters, liberally quoted a Motion Picture 
Ass. of America (MPAA) spokesman who described Bahnhof as a "haven for 
high-level internet piracy for years" and home of "some of the biggest 
and fastest servers in Europe".

Bahnhof said that it does not condone illegal file sharing. The ISP has 
reportedly suspended two staffers, suspected of hosting vast quantities 
on warez on its systems without management permission, pending further 
inquiries. Bahnhof has issued a statement (in Swedish) expressing 
concerns that data involving as many as 20,000 users was seized during 
the raid. The raid against Bahnhof is not the first anti-piracy bust in 
the country but it's reportedly the first to take place without any 
advance notice.

Reg readers inform us that the Swedish Data Inspection Board is to 
investigate alleged collection and computation of personal data 
conducted by the Swedish antipiracy office in connection with the 
Bahnhof raid. This remains unconfirmed since we were unable to reach 
anyone at the board for comment. Bahnhof chief exec Jon Karlung is yet 
to respond to Reg requests for an interview that might clarify the 
current state of play. «
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