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2007 February 25

TNT vs. Unleashed, UNBAiSEDGOATS.
  • RAR / NFO file or scene release
  • Super Nova, design, art credits
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[+] Configuration Copy text
Lamer Alert! Lamer Alert! Lamer Alert! Lamer Alert! Lamer Alert! Observe the previous attempt(s) to STEAL a TNT crack: 02-04-2007 Doom.3.and.Resurrection.of.Evil.v1.3.1.UPDATE.CRACKED.Incl. Win.98.FiX-Unleashed Let's get this out in the open up-front. You wonder why the rest of this NFO file sounds insulting and is full of profanity and extremely harsh words? Why don't we just say ""other rls is stolen, use this proper one instead. -end of nfo-""? It is because this is not the first time Unleashed has done this. Our arrogant, insulting attitude in the culmination of years of conflict with these "Unleashed" people. We are quite frankly FED UP with them! Unleashed copied (meaning STOLE) code from the previous TNT crack of this game: 05-25-2005 Doom_3_and_Doom_3_Resurrection_of_Evil_v1.3_KeyCheck_Crack-TNT Quote from that old TNT NFO file: v1.3 added more checks over v1.2. It does a local CD-Key check now as well as the previous online CD-Key check before you can even gain access to the Main Menu. This crack will allow you to play Single Player without a valid Key so that you may try out the game some more BEFORE YOU GO AND BUY IT. Now, go buy the game and show ID SOFTWARE that you love their work! -END QUOTE NOTE: Last we checked, the keys made by any scene keymakers no longer worked and still caused to game to say you were using an invalid key (before the main menu even loads). Using firewalls or modified windows\HOSTS files to try and by-pass a protection is lame and amateurish. A scene release should work without having to HACK your Windows or run lame firewalls. Look at: ".\PROOF\DOOM\*.txt". You can see a disassembly comparison of the old 1.3 TNT crack versus the stolen 1.3.1 "crack" from ~Unleashed~. It is best to load them up on top of each other and Alt-Tab or switch between them. You can obviously see how they copied our method (by patching the exact same locations when there were 100s of different ways it COULD HAVE BEEN DONE). And it definitely was OUR METHOD because as you can see in the quote above "v1.3 added more checks over v1.2". We are the only group in the scene to have ever found, understood, and then cracked those NEW checks they added from 1.3 and upward. Finally, if you have ever looked at a previous ~Unleashed~ NoCD crack, you will remember that they never do any cracks similar to our methods. Most of their "work" is simply allowing the checks to FAIL, and then changing a conditional jump (ie JE ###### or JNE ######) to an unconditional jump (ie JMP ######) to skip over the Failed CD check error messages (ie: Please insert the game disc). Talk about half-assery. That is the full extent of the ~Unleashed~ "knowledge" of the "cracking scene". Lol! Also, ~Unleashed~ STUPIDLY copied our "TAG" as well! Yes it is true; we tag about 99% of all of our releases with data to identify the crack as a TNT original. Usually it is data that is NOT EVEN PART OF THE CRACK. We might change some part of the code that doesn't really need to be changed, as a secret way of tagging it. The thieves don't know which parts are the tag and which are really needed for the crack to function. It is extra stuff we do just to purposefully tag it. We do it because we are egotistical, prideful assholes that want everyone to know that TNT cracked the game they are playing. Also, they are tagged to catch STUPID thieves that copy our cracks and/or tags without realizing that they are TAGGED. We just LOVE catching and exposing thieves. And the only reason why they tried to make a Win 98/ME fix for it too, is because they already had our old NFO file and old CRACK that they were busy stealing. If they had tried to crack it on their own, they would have never read our old NFO file and never known it needed a Win 98/ME fix, nor HOW TO FIX IT. Thief thief, there is a thief in my backyard! WORKING: Their stolen release also has non-working "Win 9x fixes", seen in these 2 error messages when launching "their" *cough* (stolen from TNT) cracks: Main EXE: DOOM win-x86 Jan 16 2007 15:36:51 DedServer: DOOM win-x86 Jan 16 2007 15:41:40 Couldn't get OS info Shutting down OpenGL subsystem ...shutting down QGL -END error message That is the blue-coloured Doom Console window, which also means that the game will not even start. All you can do is close it and then stare at a Windows Desktop! So what happened? Well in 1.3.1, id Software introduced new OS detection methods to see what VERSION of Windows you are running upon. The detection methods fail to determine the Windows version on Win 9x systems, which means secondary cracks are needed to make a WORKING Win 9x fix. We have taken care of this for you. -END WORKING If this information is not enough for you to de-affil, purge, and ban the thieves of Unleashed, then read the following: TRUTH.NFO (the exposing of the history of a thief group) PROOF\*.* (and all sub-directories. This contains various scene released NFO files by TNT, Unleashed, and *others* for you to compare and contrast. It is best to read a release from the THIEVES\ dir first, then to next read the corresponding PROPER that came out afterward in either TNT\ or SCENE\. This way you understand why ~Unleashed~ is always being propered. There is more than enough truthful information to warrant the banning of Unleashed 1000x over! Read the idiotic ~Unleashed~ comments in their NFO files and then read the replies from other groups. You can plainly see that Unleashed is completely retarded and doesn't have a clue about what they say, nor a clue about how to crack. And if you just like humour, read all of the little quotes at the end of all the NFO files. There are lots of insult, boasts, and jabs that the groups take at one another. Very funny! There are plenty more missing NFO files but it is such a chore to find them all. This is more than enough for now. ** One that you don't wanna miss is: Postal_2_Apocalypse_Weekend_UNLOCKER_READ_NFO_FOR_SCENE_NOTE-RVL check the TNT.NFO comments there as well. Cya! Some people will say: "ah shut up TNT, who cares what Unleashed does. Why should it matter to you? If they wanna steal shit, what business is it of yours? Just leave them alone and let them make their releases in peace." Yah well... You know what. When a hard working group like TNT sees another group making tons of broken non-working releases and tons of stolen stuff, it really rubs us the wrong way. We can't just ignore it. And the icing on the cake is that we now have PROOF they stole one of our cracks. Stealing is one of the most insulting things in the scene, other than narq'ing on another group and watching them end up in a prison cell. Someone STOLE your hard work and tried to pass it off as his own. Tell me that such an event would not irritate you? Tell me that you would just shrug it off and forget about it the next day? Tell me it would not upset you to see the thieves getting added to even MORE SITES and getting leech slots for having stolen YOUR HARD WORK? Or for having stolen public shit from the web, while on the other hand, your group was doing the work on its own (the HARD WAY, the REAL WAY)? The things Unleashed have done in the past and those they are continuing to do are completely unacceptable in the scene. If you would care to debate that issue, then by God, WE ARE ALL EARS!
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